Why are so many people joining MLM opportunities at this time in history? Network marketing has become the quickest means of earning supplementary income, as well as building considerable personal fortune.

And at the moment, there are so many companies and products to choose from. Added to that, the global economy has been in the doldrums for longer than everyone expected.

However, these are not the only reasons why many people are signing up for MLM opportunities.  We can adduce very many reasons why Multi-Level Marketing has been experiencing such a boom in recent times. It’s not possible to provide an exhaustive list. But here are what we consider the most important reasons why people join MLM.

Extra income probably ranks as the number one reason for most persons, if they have to be honest. The income from 9 to 5 jobs was never enough. So if there’s a way to do something by the side to augment daytime income, it’s always welcome. Most corporate workers therefore find a perfect ally in MLM.

Your regular job is not jeopardized. You can keep it by the side while testing the MLM waters. Which means if your experimentation with MLM goes awry, you can always fall back on your daytime job, and try again some other time.

Freedom is a very important reason why people join MLM. Most people will join a  home based network opportunity because it affords people the freedom to exert themselves as much as, or as little as they wish.

Consequently it is possible for stay-at-home moms, for example, to run a business and earn some income while at the same time being there for their children. This also means that MLM opportunities afford people the freedom to do the things that really matter to them.

Residual income: this business provides people the chance to earn residual income. It’s much the same thing as those musicians who’re still earning money from songs they sang in the 60s or 70s. In most companies, a network marketer can earn on the work of their downlines for life.

Tangible rewards: people are also joining MLM because it offers them the chance to drive their dream cars at a fraction of the price—sometimes simply as a bonus. Same goes for travelling the world and visiting interesting places at someone else’s expense! And for those distributing wellness products, you also get healthier while getting wealthier.

Independence: humans crave independence; control over our time, money, relationships, and more. Network marketing opportunities give people that luxury to do their own thing as they wish.

A chance to own a business: people are also attracted to MLM because of a chance to own their own business without losing an arm or a leg. Yes, working at home in the MLM industry provides people the opportunity to own a business with minimal start-up costs.

Moreover in MLM, your rewards are directly related to your efforts (even if you factor in the efforts of your downlines). This means that your efforts get rewarded faster than at corporate jobs.

The fear of layoff: the fear of corporate layoff is in the air—downsizing, outsourcing, off-shoring, etc. There are no more lifetime jobs these days. Meanwhile everyone knows that in MLM you don’t get laid off; you own your piece of the business, how enticing!

There are also big dreamers. Yes, some come into this business with high hopes. They are seeking wealth. And with the right attitude, why not? 

As stated earlier, this list can go on and on. But whatever brings you into MLM, remember to bring along the right attitude. Success takes time—and hard work.  

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