Rising From the Depths—Tony Robbins Review

Tony Robbins—is there still anything to say about him that hasn’t already been said? Maybe not much. But since one of the duties we owe our website visitors include a review of reputable motivators and business leaders, we just have to add our voice to the growing accolade that Tony has continued to attract.

Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice if you ever attend any of his seminars or read any of his books is that Mr. Robbins truly believes that change is possible the moment a person sets their mind to it. And what is more, he shows his listeners just how to make that decision to change.

He expertly uses his own life stories and experiences to drive the point home. Born Anthony J. Mahavorick, he latter adopted the name Tony Robbins from his second step dad. Tony was once so broke that he had to steal food from a local store to escape starvation. At the time, he was living in a laundry room— someone else’s laundry room.

To take a girl to a dance, Tony once had to buy a 30-year-old suit from a thrift shop! Needless to tell you that he was constantly in debt at the time. Things don’t get any lower than that for a man. And he never denies the powerlessness and despair that he felt at the time.

That someone could rise from such abyss of hopelessness and worthlessness gives you the impression that anything is possible, doesn’t it? Here’s Tony Robbins who once had to take several buses just to get to his place of work.

Now he has amassed wealth in excess of $400 million. In one of his seminars he also told of an ordinary UPS worker who stuck to an investment plan and is now worth more than $78 million in cash and assets. If such stories don’t inspire you, what else would?

Tony has had remarkable success with his unique methods of teaching with touching, true life stories—his own and that of others. From Awaken the Giant Within, Unlimited Power, Lessons in Mastery, to Personal Power II, Tony Robbins’ products are designed specifically to, well, AWAKEN the giant inside of you!

Yes, this master motivator strongly believes that there’s more to you than what you’ve become yet. He believes that most persons are just one idea, one experience, or one inspiration away from discovering the potentials that are locked within every person—waiting to be awakened!

Not that Tony Robbins doesn’t have his critics. His health and nutrition beliefs for example have often been criticized by some who claim he misquotes scientists and skews up technical information. His advocacy of vegetarian diet has also come under criticism by those who claim Tony makes incorrect assumptions about the human body’s relationship with protein.

We don’t intend to join issues here. But there are just too many persons out there who affirm that they’ve had life changing experiences from Anthony Robbins products that it is worth your while to examine things for yourself.

The truth is most of his products fall within the self-help category, which typically don’t do much for those who start by being skeptical.
But if you are experiencing difficulties in any aspect of your life—business, relationships, finances, family, or personal emotions, chances are that you’ll find something positive and helpful in some of Tony Robbins products.

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Dare To Dream Again!—Chris Widener Review

CHRIS Widener is one of America’s finest public speakers. For close to twenty years he’s been involved in leadership training in business, community, and non-profit organizations as well as political communication. He is the founder of “Made For Success” one of the world’s leading companies in personal development.

Through personal experience and close association with some of the world’s most successful personalities, Chris has acquired a wealth of experience that he now shares with those who come in touch with him.

And talking about personal experience, Chris Widener is a living proof of an African proverb which states that “what does not kill you makes you stronger”—depending of course on how you react to the challenge. Mr. Widener was only four years old when his father died. At age nine, he was forced to live with relatives. Of course, such instabilities at such a young age took their toll on him.

Before he turned 12, he was into drugs and alcohol. Through personal discipline and the help of mentors, he was able to overcome all those obstacles and has since gone on to achieve a level of success that defies his early childhood.

For years now, he’s devoted most of his adult life trying to help others turn their life around or at least go beyond the ceiling that the circumstances of birth set before them.

Not that Chris Widener limits his influence to those struggling financially. Indeed, he has worked with some of the most successful families in this country, helping them to strengthen various aspects of their personal and professional lives. So, surely there must be ways you can benefit from his experience and expertise.

“Dare To Dream”, one of his finest works, encourages us to keep dreams alive—or to start dreaming again! Chris helps people to identify dream killers, so theirs won’t die. He teaches his students how to override individuals who tell you that your dreams are “impossible.” He also outlines certain blueprints that must be followed by anyone who wants his dream to see the light of day.

Isn’t it true that so many persons need to re-ignite that passionate flame that used to burn inside of them—to achieve some cherished goals, to make a difference, or to change the(ir) world? But a few years without tangible results, most drop their dreams, concluding that it’s unachievable. Wrong!

Truth is that most of us are just one idea or one person away from hitting that cherished breakthrough in life. Chris Widener is right when he teaches that most persons who decide to quit often do so a few years or even a few months too early! Just a little more perseverance could’ve taken them to the “promised land!”

So are you looking for ways to keep yourself motivated till you achieve your target? Do you need a speaker with real-world experience, one whose sales and marketing techniques have been proven to work in every market segment? Then, in my opinion, Chris Widener just may be all you need.

With over 1500 presentations, 9 books, 85 audio and video programs, and more than 450 articles on leadership and motivation, you’re sure to find in him the inspiration and experience you need to change your life, your community and your world!

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How to Achieve True Fulfillment and Contentment

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs ranks self-actualization (another name for true fulfillment) at the peak of human desires. And I am inclined to agree with Mr. Maslow. True fulfillment and contentment are two goals that should cap all our achievements. For without them, the question should logically arise: to what end were all those struggles? See what Tony Robbins Says About Reaching Your Goals.

As it is, true fulfillment is one objective everyone yearns to have in their life. But very few people end up having it. What is the secret? There are no secrets at all—just truths, universal truths and principles that surround us.

They only appear hidden from us because they are things a person can only see when one is ready to see them. The law is oh so simple, which is one reason many people overlook it.

The “secret” to having true fulfillment and contentment lies with following the things YOU really believe in and taking actions everyday to make your vision come true. Bear in mind that the emphasis is not so much on the dream itself as it is on what it means to you.

Because there isn’t only one way to self-fulfillment. What brings one person immense joy and deep satisfaction may not mean a thing to another person. And therein lays the problem: many people look for contentment and personal fulfillment with the prism that belongs to someone else! No, it ought to be idiosyncratic—unique to each individual.

So the first task before each of us, really, is to identify what it is that is most important to us. What are those goals that their attainment will ultimately give you the most happiness and ultimate fulfillment in your life? In truth, this is not too difficult to identify.

In our sub-conscious mind, there’s always one central thing we all yearn to be or to do. There’s always a thought deep down somewhere in our mind of where we want to be or what we want to be.

But what happens is that in the rush to meet unending commitments and deadlines on a daily basis, most persons spend little or no time at all focusing on the things that are truly meaningful to them.

At the end of the day, when many achieve the common goal that most persons are pursuing—higher education, good job, big cars, big houses, and maybe even lots of money— they discover that there’s still an emptiness inside. The happiness and contentment they craved still elude them.

True fulfillment and contentment will only come when a person pursues and achieves what matters most to them—and they are achievable.

So really, as far as contentment and fulfillment are concerned, the major challenge facing each person is to clearly identify what dreams or goals they wish to achieve.

The more we focus our powerful thoughts on our goals and dreams, the closer we get to realizing them. On the other hand, each day spent not following your dreams and goals only serves to take you further away from ultimate happiness.

In the end, the process isn’t really complicated, or is it? The major thing to bear in mind is that you have the right to choose exactly what you want out of life. And in making this decision, do not be guided by what everyone else is chasing.

Most people are chasing shadows, and that’s why most people are not happy. Join the few who have identified what is important to them. Follow your innermost thoughts. Then rest assured that true fulfillment and contentment is within your reach.

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