Do You Know John C. Maxwell? A Review

John C. Maxwell. Pretty popular name. But the personality behind the name is anything but common. In my frequent visits to business and government offices, I come across this man’s works more often the works of any other author.

It would seem some business and political leaders actually dedicate entire sections of their bookshelves to works by John C. Maxwell. And ordinary folks just can’t imagine a book collection that doesn’t include at least one of Maxwell’s classics.

Born in Garden city Michigan in 1947, John C. Maxwell followed his father into the Christian ministry, receiving bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees in ministry-related disciplines, including 5 honorary doctorates of divinity degrees.

For more than 25 after that, Maxwell led churches in California, Indiana, and Ohio. But it would seem the church environment didn’t quite provide him the complete avenue to make the sort of impact on people that he craved.Thus in 1995, Mr. Maxwell drastically scaled down religious engagements to devote more time to public speaking and writing—especially writing.

Driven by a passion for leadership and a desire to add value to the lives of people, John has spent decades researching and writing on leadership principles, teaching publicly, and generally inspiring and motivating people everywhere.

He founded INJOY in 1985 in San Diego California with the sole aim of developing leaders of excellence and integrity. The company was later moved to Atlanta Georgia in 1997. “Maximum Impact” was established a few years after that, again with the aim of training leaders who would make a positive difference in the lives of those around them.

Typically, John Maxwell’s trainings are done through large events as well as corporate training programs organized across the United States and Canada. Outside North America, his trainings are accessible through high quality resources in the form of books, audio and DVD coaching kits, as well as monthly mentoring subscriptions.

Today, he’s an internationally recognized author and leadership expert. He has over 50 books under his name which together have sold some 16 million copies. John C. Maxwell is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Business Week Best-Selling Author.

As at the last count, three of his books—Developing the Leader within You, 21 Indispensable Qualities Of A Leader, And 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership—have each grossed over a million copies in sales. He is one of only 25 authors and artists listed in’s 10th Anniversary Hall Of Fame. All told, John C. Maxwell organization’s has trained over 2 million leaders from around the world.

What can you learn from this great author and speaker?

The fact that john C. Maxwell has written dozens of books means that there is hardly any subject under the sun that he hasn’t touched in one way or the other. Every one of his books and other products are designed to help the reader learn to make the best of one’s talents—or the lack thereof.

He believes that nothing pre-disposes a person for success or failure. And it’s hard to disagree with that since we are daily surrounded by lots of talents that got misdirected and wasted, as well as average persons who’ve achieved astounding success through resilience and focus.

By thus helping individuals to make the most of their unique circumstances in life, this renowned mentor has helped millions to beat the odds and become a source of inspiration.

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Get Serious! Connie Podesta Review

As motivational cum entertaining speakers go, Connie Podesta is top rate. It would seem she knew early in life that speaking was her calling. And so she went on to add professional touches to innate talents. What we now have is a natural humorist who employs compelling laughter to deliver insightful solutions to real world problems.

With a bachelor’s in communications and business, and a masters in human relations, Connie has both the passion and the credentials to speak and to teach. And she has remained a top-rated public speaker and educator for over three decades. Her experience spans corporate sector, healthcare, and education. She is a renowned keynote speaker.

And she has delivered countless keynote speeches to educators at such forums as the NESA (National Elementary School Association) National Secondary School Association, as well as the American Association of School Administrators.

Connie Podesta is also a well-known expert in the psychology of human behavior, which in turn makes her a sought-after figure in sales and marketing. And as one of the industry’s leading personalities in sales strategies.

Connie has been using her talents as an author, board-certified therapist, comedienne, and Radio/TV talk show host to deliver customized, maximum-effect presentations and books that have paid off for corporations and inspired millions worldwide in areas as diverse as sales, relationships, leadership, customer relations, personal success, etc.

She is the sort of speaker who brings everything she’s got to the platform. Very often while speaking to corporations of all sizes, such as at sales events, company functions, and similar forums, Connie uses a rare blend of humor, substance, and style to educate listeners on how a shift in attitude and behavior can change the game and deliver long-lasting results for both corporations and individuals.

It is no wonder that most persons who have attended her seminars or used any of her recorded works often feel compelled to try out some of her suggestions. Connie has authored three books, including the award-winning “Life Would Be Easy If It Weren’t For Other People” which continues to receive rave reviews among publishers and others.

But public speaking remains her forte, and she has spoken on countless topics and subjects, including “How To Be the Person Successful Companies Would Fight to Keep,” “Everyone Thinks They Can Do My Job, But Nobody Wants It,” and “If We’re Going to Win This Race, We Need to Run in the Same Direction” etc.

Can this hilarious speaker help you in some way?

It’s an accepted fact that humans often need something or someone to inspire them to reach greater heights. And I’m sure you the reader are human. Moreover, all motivational speakers seem to have this unique ability to make us look inside of ourselves for the solutions to our problems, rather than blaming our woes on factors outside our control.

The fact that motivational or inspirational speakers have continued to gain in popularity would suggest that this approach to problem-solving surely works.

So, in my opinion, if Connie Podesta happens to be organizing an event in an area near you, make arrangements to be in the audience. Her funny way of presenting very serious issues and her sheer mastery of communication techniques make lessons easy to understand.

And if you’re into sales and marketing, you surely would welcome sales strategies that have worked so well for her and her numerous clients.

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Many people believe they cannot build a successful Network Marketing or Direct Selling Business due to the present state of the economy. But when you take a look at the performance of most network marketing and direct sales companies, you may see a reason to challenge that mindset.

The truth really is that Network Marketing also called “Direct Selling ” is one of the few recession-proof businesses out there. In reality, network marketing and the economy are not fair-weather friends.

Even in a good economy there always people who are looking for ways to better themselves financially or create more time freedom for themselves and their families. For most of these persons, network marketing has often provided the opportunity.

So this business thrives under all economic conditions. But if anything, network marketing performs even better during economic downturns.

The reason is that when the national economy is in bad shape, people are typically laid off from jobs. For those who do keep their jobs, incomes usually stagnate or are reduced. Needless to say that job opportunities inevitably become very slim.

What all this mean is that individuals are going to look for ways to make ends meet. And network marketing is usually one of the first options. And for good reasons.

One reason this business thrives even in bad economy is that people who are laid off from jobs and those who could not get one would typically want to get into a business of their own in an industry that takes small financial investment as compared with traditional business start ups or franchises.

And since a network marketing business can be run from home without a huge amount of capital, what it means is that an ordinary person can get started in their own business with relatively little money. In addition you can work your own hours, from home.

Again, most persons who wouldn’t pay attention to a network marketer when the economy is good may find themselves giving serious thoughts to MLM proposals in bad economy.

So prospecting becomes easier for a network marketer under a bad economy. That is indeed one reason MLM typically trumps all other business during recession.

In network marketing, many different types of products are sold, meaning you can always find your niche as a marketer. In these days there so many network marketing and direct sales companies to choose from. In recent years, some of the most successful ones are found in the liquid nutritional supplement sector.

This is understandable considering that people are now more interested in health and wellness than ever before. As a result, health and wellness products have become a big part of the MLM industry.

Since the companies themselves offer different compensation and growth paths, you have the option to choose the one whose compensation plan suits you the most.

So yes, network marketing companies are thriving worldwide and making people rich with generous compensations and commissions. Most persons have begun to realize their life dreams as a result of their involvement with network marketing. In turn, their success stories inspire others to give serious thoughts to this type of business.

But is success in this business automatic? That is another matter entirely. But let’s quickly say here that like everything else, success in Network Marketing Requires Knowledge And Dedication. But the rewards are well worth it.

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A Les Brown Review The Man Behind the Myth

Les Brown is one of the world’s top motivational speakers. As motivational speakers go, few come any more inspirational than Les brown. Ever since he dusted his own less-than flattering childhood, his life and his speeches have inspired not a few persons to put their past behind them and step into a life of triumph and confidence and of contribution to the human race.

Les is a firm believer that we all have locked within each of us the ways and means to unbelievable achievements. And if you ever listened to any of his speeches, you’ll agree that he has taken it upon himself to set as many people as would make themselves available on the road to achieving more than they ever dared to imagine. If you peep into his background you’ll understand why this guy thinks the way he does.

Les Brown was one of twin boys born to a mother who didn’t want them because their birth was to reveal the shame of her illicit affair. She went to great lengths to hide their birth; first, she gave birth to them in an uncompleted building.

And when that didn’t quite hide the secret, she arranged to have them adopted within their first month of life by a woman who herself was an unmarried domestic staff. Though the woman showed the young Brown lots of kindness and instilled some self-belief in him, his checkered childhood was always going to take a toll on him—for a while.

During his adolescent years he was gradually gaining a reputation for being an unruly and mischievous child. He had problems concentrating, and was soon labeled “retarded.” And he lived true to that label—until someone gave him another one!

To all intents and purposes, it was LeRoy Washington who redirected Les Brown’s course in life. LeRoy was quoted to have told Brown that “someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.”
That statement was to change Les Brown’s approach to life forever.

It was like a release from the mental fetters with which he had been hoodwinked for years. Having learned that empowerment comes from within, Les’ life was never going to be the same again. The former city sanitation worker steadily worked his way to the Ohio state legislature.

Then a chance meeting with Zig Ziglar, the great motivational speaker finally inspired Les Brown to harness his own public speaking skills. At the time, neither Les nor anybody who knew him thought he could make a great public speaker.

But as he said in one of his books “life takes on new meaning when you become motivated.” Les Brown’s foray and eventual success in public and motivational speaking owes more to the power of motivation than anything else.

His speaking career eventually blossomed and he began to speak to larger and larger audiences, including Fortune 500 companies.

So what can you learn from this great orator and motivator? Personally I have identified two key lessons we all can learn from Les Brown’s life and career: (1) Do not operate your life with a manual handed to you by others.

Simply put, do not allow people’s opinion of you to determine how you approach life and what you attempt in life. (2) Les Brown’s personal life and career achievements also prove that with the right Motivation And Inspiration, each one of us can go much further in life than where our family circumstances and environment left us. Now, that should be very liberating, don’t you agree?

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One excellent way to learn good leaderships skills is to start you own Home Based Business. It is the natural inclination of humans to want to be at the helm of things. People like to lead rather than be led. Whether this is due to the perks and privileges attached to leadership positions is not clear.

It is also unclear whether all those aspiring to positions of leadership fully understand their duties and responsibilities as leaders. One thing we do know, however, is that many persons in positions of authority have failed so miserably that you sometimes wonder how they got there in the first place. So I guess you would agree if I say that not everyone is fit to lead.

Of course, the implication is not that leadership qualities are inborn, whereby you are either born with it or you forget it. No. Leadership abilities can totally be learned and mastered, fortunately. In this article, I will discuss one vital way of developing leadership qualities: being a good follower (or servant) first.

I know that the very idea of serving others may sound repugnant to some persons. But unless you are only interested in having people at your beck and call or to have them scurry for cover at your mere presence, being a good servant is the surest method for grooming yourself as a future leader. After all, as a leader, you are primarily a steward of the financial, material, and most especially human resources of an organization.

Your responsibility is to deploy and utilize these resources in a way that produces the best results for an organization. And it often does not matter whether the organization is yours or that you are managing for others; your task as a leader remains the same.

Some qualities that are so vital for success as leaders are best learnt on the lower-level -patience, humility, self-discipline, empathy, determination, trust, and being long-suffering with others. These are qualities that will help any leader to endure the discouragements, disappointments and hardships associated with growing your business and managing people.

Furthermore, people who have observed firsthand the impact of either good or bad leadership are better placed to tell from experience what works and what does not. For example, has your boss shown you empathy at times when you experienced personal disappointments?

How did that affect your attitude toward him and the job? You know the answer! Also, what usually brings the best out of you; is it when your boss drives you like a task master, or when he guides you towards accomplishing set goals?

Whatever your answer, again you now know what works and what doesn’t. So if tomorrow you find yourself in a position of authority, would it not be true that the experiences from your various bosses will help you manage your subordinates to greater productivity?

Leaders in this category are sometimes referred to as “Servant leaders.” It emphasizes the fact that at heart, such leaders consider themselves as servants first before seeing themselves as leaders.

This reduces a domineering mentality in such leaders, and induces the subordinates to willingly corporate with the seniors. In the end, everyone benefits-the needs of subordinates are so cared for that they are able to reach their full potentials. While your organization benefits because your followers are then able to put in their best. And it creates a strong likelihood that such followers will adopt a similar leadership approach in the future. It’s a win-win method.

So, if it is your desire to be a good leader? Try and be a good servant first. That way you will more easily lead your followers to their financial success, and yours.

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David Wood: Article Marketing Is Supreme!

David Wood has finally answered this question Can one build a successful online business solely relying on low budget marketing techniques, such as article marketing and online videos?

Are expensive online advert campaigns inherently superior to the free or nearly-free alternatives? These are thoughts that constantly occupy the minds of newcomers to online MLM. And there’s no unanimity of opinions on the issue; the answer you get depends on who you ask.

But the achievements of David Wood, an MLM high flyer should help us to decide for ourselves once and for all which is better between paid ad campaigns and free lead generation techniques. This revelation should particularly appeal to those who are either new to Multi-Level Marketing or those who do not want to spend out of pocket money to generate leads for their online business.

David Wood is currently one of the most talked-about figures in MLM circles. The guy has been around in the MLM industry for quite some. First he had risen from grass to grace and then to grass again in network marketing.

At first he had used traditional marketing methods to promote his MLM business—cold calling, town meetings, chasing family and friends, etc. Even then he achieved a measure of success with those methods mainly due to his determination. But his success soon waned and he quit MLM.

When he showed up again in the MLM arena, he instantly dominated online forums. First he had launched a blog which in a matter of a few months had attracted over 25, 000 visitors. What is even more amazing was the fact that the traffic-sucking blog was promoted SOLELY by online articles, and yet it consistently ranked on the first page of a prime search engine—Google.

As a result of this remarkable feat, most online marketers are now re-examining their own attitude towards article marketing.

How does he do it?

David is easily the master of article marketing. And although he occasionally incorporates social media techniques such as YouTube, twitter, and the like, article marketing still remains his primary method of attracting traffic to his website and blog.

He uses well written and unique articles and tidy videos which he submits to various directories and websites for syndication and traffic. These articles and videos are then linked back to his blog or the landing page of his website.

I mustn’t fail to tell you one of the things that make David Wood’s article marketing technique so successful: he incorporates the principles of attraction marketing into his articles. He promotes himself in his article contents!

Yes, if you want your article readers to come look you up, then tell them who you are, what you do and how you can help them with their online business. This is without prejudice to providing your readers with useful information in your articles. These are the best ways to make your website buzz with traffic.

This strategy has worked so well for David Wood. At the moment he generates well over 50 leads per day exclusively using content marketing. No one ever thought this was possible before now. All attention appeared focused on how to generate leads with paid advert campaigns, i.e. purchased leads.But now you know it’s possible for you to get quality leads from free online articles.

So, if you want to build your online business using article marketing strategies that have worked so well for David Wood, you are in the right place just CLICK HERE.

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Does Your Spouse Opposes Your Home Business

If your spouse or partner is in full support of your home business, good luck to you. However, situations where a spouse is opposed to (or at least non-supportive of) our MLM business is more common than some of us may think.

And the reasons range from the cynical to the fairly reasonable—jealousy, time and financial commitments, fear of failure, etc. Because most sufferers of spousal non-support are women (especially housewives), we’ll look at this issue from their standpoint.

Rather cynically, some husbands fear that their wife may go on to achieve real success with their business and thus supplant them (the husbands) as the family’s bread winner. With their income suddenly becoming a supplementary one in the house, some husbands feel threatened and may thus resist a wife’s home business efforts .Isn’t that thinking queer?

But more realistically, some husbands who oppose their wife’s attempts at a home business do so on the basis of past experience. What sort of support do you expect from a husband who has failed severally at home business opportunities?

With all the good intentions, he may try to discourage you from an activity which in his opinion will only take all your time and other resources and yield nothing in the end.

Then there’s the issue of money. It’s hard enough to get your husband’s full consent on your spending your own money on a venture he’s not sure will succeed. But you may be asking for too much if you also ask him to fund the venture with his personal earnings!

The matter becomes even knottier if the family is already on a tight budget. We know you’re going into this thing in order to be able to help out with the family’s finances, but at this point, it’s hard for him to appreciate that, or for you to convince him.

And we haven’t even talked about how the business is going to affect the family’s time—such as for shopping and other outings. These too form part of the reasons some husbands resist.

The reasons are many and varied. But the good news is that things can often be worked out—that is, if there weren’t any pre-existing atmosphere of mutual hostility in the house!

You only have to start by finding out why your spouse is negative towards your home business. What are his SPECIFIC fears? Is it money, or the particular type of MLM you’re going into? Does he fear that his bread-winner status is threatened? Getting things out in the open makes it easier for you to deal with them effectively.

For example, if your husband fears that your efforts will end in failure (probably speaking from his own experience), the onus will now be on you to prove how serious you are about building a successful business.

Tell your spouse how you’ve spent time gaining business knowledge, learning the different aspects of the business you’re going into. He may possibly see what he did or didn’t do that you’re doing differently. And you’ll win him over without a fight!

Similarly, if your spouse is afraid that your MLM business will eat up family time—and that you probably will no longer perform your duties as a wife or mother, you can allay his fears. Demonstrate how you’ve organized your work in such a way that it won’t adversely affect family outings and others.

You could explain that when the business starts bringing in more money, you plan to hire someone to take care of things so you could take vacations with the family once in a while.

What about money concerns? There are two ways to handle this: (1) explain to your spouse matter-of-factly that you’re going into this venture primarily to improve the family’s financial situation. And yes, you’ll need some financial support to get started. After all, it often takes money to make more money. Most spouses will appreciate their partners’ concern for the family.

But what if your spouse is understandably concerned that supporting your MLM financially would mean missing a few bill payments? That could be tough.

But then you have the next option: (2) make some changes in your own personal spending, and carefully budget home expenses.

This will surely involve some sacrifices on your part. But giving up a few things will often spin off a few extra dollars to enable you run your business without disrupting the family’s budget.

It surely can be frustrating when your spouse does not support your home-business efforts. But this can be overcome. Communicating openly and tactfully with your spouse can often melt this ice of resistance by helping you identify and address his fears.

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Is it really worth it to spend your money on coaching and mentoring? Why don’t you just go to the library or do a Google search on anything you need to know concerning your MLM business?

In these days of the internet it could surely be tempting to think that we don’t really need anyone to sit us down and explain the best ways to approach our business.

There’s this prevailing but deceptive notion that virtually anything we need to know to succeed in any activity is just a few clicks of the mouse away. Oh yea? So how many persons have leaned how to play golf, drive a car, or fly a plane by reading a magazine? Wake up folks, we DO need mentors!

Have you ever paused to think about what life would be like without teachers—I mean the very first teachers in our academic life? Don’t you agree it would have been so difficult getting to learn the alphabet all by ourselves?

We would probably have begun to learn the basics of ABC and some arithmetic in our late teens! Thank God for teachers and mentors.
They help point us in the right direction, guiding and teaching us things we need to know in order for us to succeed in our various endeavors.

But for them, the only other option would’ve been to grope in the dark for long periods trying to figure things out through trial and error. The problem with that approach is, it would take far more time to know what works compared with having a mentor who already knows the ‘road map.’

So unless we are plain egotistical, it has to be admitted that having a business mentor provides us with numerous benefits. First, mentors are far more experienced than we are. They have probably been in the same industry you’re now just venturing into.

So they have gained a wide range of experiences and insights that could considerably help cut your learning curve. Additionally, they have made their own share of mistakes in trying to implement certain aspects of the business, which means they can help us take the better path and avoid committing mistakes that they have already made.

Simply put, they are in a position to tell you what works and what doesn’t. It is only the course of wisdom to leverage on such foreknowledge rather than insisting on making and learning from your own blunders.

Remember you may not be alive long enough and or be patient long enough to make all your mistakes in business! Many do give up out of frustration.

There’s yet another reason why mentors are worth having: due to their wealth of experience, length of time and accomplishments in the business, they will most likely have a wide network of people whose interests and industry experience you could further tap into.

You surely need a wide network of people if your MLM business must grow. Some of these people may become your target clients, or others who could be in a position to help spread your marketing messages to others who may be interested in your line of business.

Not to be overlooked too is the role that mentors play in motivating us. They can help you to keep things in perspective, by helping you make sense of some things that might probably have overwhelmed you.

Mentors also inspire their students, helping them to stay on track and achieve what some students never thought they were capable of achieving.

Yes, in the end, how far you succeed in your MLM business will owe a lot to your own Personal Growth efforts, especially your determination and self-discipline. But mentors provide valuable guidance that can make your path smoother.

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