Good Leadership qualities are important for success in both online and offline network marketing. Multi-Level Marketing after all is basically about creating a team of distributors and guiding each member of the team on ways to succeed.

To the extent that you are able to project yourself as a leader before your downline or prospects, to that same extent your network business will thrive. And vice versa.

A good leader is one who is able to teach and motivate others on how to practice success principles. In other words, he teaches subordinates how to benefit themselves. A leader is one whose personal example has won the trust and admiration of team members.

They see him as an authority in the business both because of his achievements and because of his useful ideas. Let’s now look at some of the most important qualities an MLM leader needs to display:

You Must Show Fellow Feeling: you must care how your downline members are doing in their business. You must identify with their feelings and show them how to handle frustrating situations that often arise in the business. This is very important.

Most new members would quit the moment it appears that you’re only using them to achieve your own goals. If you wholeheartedly direct and guide them on the path to success, they won’t care how much you’re making. They’ll see you as a partner in progress.

You Must Have Credible Results: you’ll be seen as a leader if you practice what you teach, AND if these teachings are producing observable results for you. In MLM more than in any other business, the phrase “if I can see it I can believe it” is the norm.

People follow leaders whose methods are proven to work, as is exemplified in the life of the leader. Really, you can only promise success to others if you’ve achieved or are achieving it yourself. You can’t give what you don’t have. Most prospects often feel like “what do you know about success when you don’t even have it?”

A Good Leader Must Add Value: what value are you adding to the life or business of your downline distributors? Leadership in network marketing is all about people following someone who shows them how to do things better—how to be better at marketing, how to use certain online tools to prospect (say YouTube or twitter), how to generate
free leads, how to convert leads to customers. Anything that helps team members or prospects on how to achieve the success they want to achieve with their business.

A Good Leader Must Keep Learning: you must continue to develop yourself and grow as a leader. Invest in yourself so that you’ll always have value to add to others who are following you. You might have learnt about attraction marketing as an effective way to get online leads.

Tell your prospects or members of your list exactly how they can implement the strategies of attraction marketing. Stay on top of things, and let your followers hear most tips on how to build their business first from you.

Be Unique: let there be a few things about you that your followers can’t quite get from another marketer. It could be the way you know and call everyone by their name. It could also be in the way you go beyond the call of duty to be of help when requested. Maybe it’s in the way you follow up on issues to ensure they’re resolved.

You Must Stay In Charge: Do not shirk your responsibilities as a leader. A leader is one who makes decisions and follows this up with appropriate actions. This could be challenging at times. But there’s no room for second thoughts once you’ve decided on something. Also, accept responsibility for the outcome of any actions you recommend—good or bad. You’re not supposed to be perfect.

But you must be seen to be truthful and honest. Remember too that you can’t do everything yourself. Sometimes as a leader you may need to delegate a trusted hand to take charge of some things pertaining to team members. But you must always keep an eye on how things are turning out.

Leadership is probably the single most important quality for building a thriving network marketing business. Therefore your efforts to improve in this aspect of your MLM business will bring rich rewards.

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