Attention all future Numismatic Coin Collectors do you know that coin collecting is both interesting and rewarding. For one thing, it can easily become a good investment with a great payoff. And for another, even if your motive for collecting coins is not purely monetary, the truth still remains that considering their meticulous and beautiful craftsmanship, Gold and Silver Coins are a joy to own.

Owning one is like owning an interesting piece of culture. So any serious collector of Gold and Silver coins sees it as more than just financial investment.

Regardless of your motive for collecting coins however, there are steps you can take to preserve the value of your precious metals—your collection of Gold and Silver coins:

Even Before Storing, make sure that your coins are clean. Even then, be very choosy of what you use to clean your coins. Experts recommend the use of latex gloves along with solvents such as vinegar or lemon juice. And most importantly, no matter what you use in cleaning, clean less often.

Always Protect Your Coins From Moisture. This can generally be achieved by storing them in a locked box or cabinet to prevent exposure to destructive elements. Sealed plastic cases are best for your most valuable coins as these will prevent them from mistakenly being scratched during storage.

Handle Them Around The Edges. Also bear in mind that Gold and Silver coins require special handling. Even barely detectable dirt or sweat from your skin can gradually damage the fine finishing of your coin over a period of time. So will mistakenly dropping them on surfaces.

So while handling, I is recommended that you place a soft cloth beneath the area you are handling your coins, just in case it drops. This will prevent your coin from being scratched.

Invest In Coin Albums. This is perhaps the best way of protecting your coins from dust as well as from friction. And try and buy the albums made only for coin storage—not just any album. Otherwise the inner surfaces could still leave fine scratches on your gold or silver coins. And over time these friction can constitute significant wear and tear on your collection.

Avoid The Temptation To Constantly Clean Your Coin—as if glitter determines the value. The truth is that despite your best efforts, occasional exposure to air will still cause your precious metals to oxidize, and thus change color (they are metals after all!). Avoid the temptation to rub and clean each time this happens.

Avoid cleaning your coins as much as possible because cleaning will gradually damage the finish. Experience shows that most coin collectors find a coin’s original appearance preferable—even if the color has been altered somewhat.

Even wiping your coins with soft cloth (if done too often) will gradually cause small scratches that may not be visible to the naked eye. So generally, your coin collectible coins actually have greater value if you avoid handling them too frequently.

As a coin collector, maintaining your collectible coins should be a top priority to you. after all, what the purpose of collecting coins if the traits that made them attractive yesterday are gone too soon due to poor handling. Obviously the last thing you want to do is to knowingly or unknowingly devalue your collection. If you are guided by tips discussed here, that may never happen to your coins.

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Are you into the buying, selling, or collection of Numis Network Gold and Silver coins? Truth is, even for those who engage in it merely as a hobby, coin collection is a most exciting and fulfilling activity. It is surely one of very few hobbies that pay you to participate in it!

But as with every other activity, dealing on gold or silver coins is not without mistakes. Indeed since the average person still sees coins (especially “ancient” ones) as mere objects of curiosity, fraudsters continue to play on people’s naivety and gullibility.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re buying or selling, if you pay too much for a worthless coin, or charge too little for a rare one, they could become mistakes you’ll live to rue for the rest of your life.

As a treasure hunter, take the next few minutes to learn a few tips that could help you avoid costly mistakes in the buying or selling of coins.

Is It Really Rare? Most novice buyers of gold and silver coins are often deceived about the rarity level and hence the true value of certain coins. The facts are that most of these coins thrown around by some marketers are really commonplace stuffs that are neither rare now nor going to be rare anytime soon.

Unless you have a way to really tell the difference, the only way to avoid this costly mistake is to disregard all those calls inviting you to buy some “ancient” or “rare” coins. Experts are often in the best position to help you determine the true value of most coins.

But you can also begin to educate yourself by attending coin auctions and studying auction catalogs. Keep yourself abreast of happenings in the coin marketplace. And avail yourself of the services of major coin graders.

Are You A Collector Or An Investor? Either way, see your coin collection activity first as an investment. Therefore think about the investment potential of those coins you want to buy. Yes, there are many reasons for buying coins.

And yes, the pleasure of having a rich collection is important. But even as a collector, would you really buy coins whose value or significance you don’t like? So in as much as the beauty and historical significance of a coin can make them attractive, it is the value of the coin that’s most important. In the end, that is what will determine their resale potentials.

Don’t Buy Low-End Coins: The process of coin grading appears complicated for some. But it is one skill you should acquire if you really don’t want to be ripped off. This is because many dealers tend to sell low-end coins at what novice buyers would consider to be big discounts.

These dealers will explain away obvious imperfections noticeable on the coin surfaces. Meanwhile expert graders know that even the minutest scratch on a coin surface determines its place on the grading scale.

In fact, magnifying devices are often used to detect certain dents that may appear invisible to the naked eye! The bottom line is that you must know precisely the category into which the coin you’re buying belongs, and pay not a penny more than it’s worth.

Pay Attention To Storage: The beauty of gold and silver coins is that their value increases with time. But that is only if they’re properly stored. If they are subjected to considerable wear and tear and the devastating effects of the environment, their value will drop substantially.

For starters, do not store your coins in a moist environment, as this will start a chain of chemical reactions that may permanently damage your treasure. Ensure you totally degrease the coins before storage.

Avoid storing in PVC cases or wrapping with cardboard 2x2s. Considering that your gold and silver coins are a part of your investment, you should consider spending some money to provide quality storage for them.

If you adhere closely to these four tips, you’ll be able to buy, sell, and store your silver and gold coins without making costly mistakes along the way.

Buying Gold and Silver Coins right now could be the best decision you ever make during this economic meltdown. There is a huge economic storm that is coming to a breaking point, and people holding on to dollar related assets are going to suffer the loss of financial security. There is a lot of talk out there about a recovery in the economy. Let me just say one thing for sure. There is NO recovery! Just look around you and see the jobless rate.

Gold and Silver coins are what you need to be holding right now, because Gold and Silver are an important hedge against inflation. If you would like to learn more about collecting and buying Gold and Silver Coins CLICK HERE!

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Numis Network Numismatic Coins—What Are They?

What is all the buzz about Numis Networks Numismatic Coin Opportunity? Paper money may be the staple of our modern world. But it hasn’t always been that way. Before the arrival of our entirely artificial money, the banknotes, silver and gold once performed all that we now do with banknotes and checks.

Yes, several other scarce articles have all played their parts in times past. But it’s safe to say that none of those other mediums of exchange quite elicits the appeal that silver and gold have retained down through the ages. Till this day, gold and silver retain many of the essential properties of money. And the appeal is not about to wane.

In recent times, an entire industry has developed purely devoted to the collection and selling of gold and silver coins—the numismatic coin market. It is a global market which worth is estimated to be in excess of 100 billion dollars.

What Really Are Numismatic Coins? These are coins which market value are not determined by their precious metal content, but rather by their rarity, condition, mint date, and unique marks. Numismatic coins are sometimes referred to simply as COLLECTIBLE COINS.

Meanwhile gold and silver collectible coins have intrinsic value and a large demand which ensure that collectors are sure of fair prices for their precious metals should they decide to cash in on their stuff.

In fact, until December 31, 1974, Americans were not permitted to own gold bullion. After F.D. Roosevelt’s 1933 “gold call-in,” numismatic coins were all an American could possess. And no, it wasn’t such a big disadvantage really, since the prices of Numis coins (as they’re sometimes called) were determined more by collectors’ interests rather than the value of their gold or silver content.

Numismatic or collector coins often sell at huge markups, sometimes at prices several times that of their metal content. Gold and silver bullion coins on the other hand sell at small markups over the value of their metal content.

Indeed, a network market has even developed around numismatics—the NUMIS NETWORK. The network aims at helping people to generate substantial income through collecting numismatic coins and leveraging themselves on a multi-level marketing arrangement.

Numis gives members access to well preserved, high-grade silver and gold coins from mints around the world. The network deals mostly on collectible coins—those whose value are determined by rarity, collectors’ demand, and condition. Metal contents are sometimes considered as well.

Collectors of gold and silver coins don’t have to worry about the state of the national or world economy. Above all else, gold and silver are globally recognized as a dependable store of value. And they seem to fare even better when the economy is in doldrums.

As an example, while the economy has been struggling for the past ten years, the price of gold has more than doubled within the same period.

And according to CPM Group, a New York metals consultancy, silver will continue to out perform gold in price appreciation mainly due to huge industrial demand for silver which has consistently outstripped supply since 1990.

So Silver and Gold are among the few items on the face of the earth that stay in demand in their natural state for generation after generation. Meanwhile numismatics helps you benefit from it all. So in my opinion, learning how you can engage in numismatics via MLM can make you a better collector, buyer, seller, and preserver of collectible coins.

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Throughout history, people have always engaged in different activities that they consider as pastime. It is interesting to note that the same activities that serve as serious, money-yielding professions for some persons are at the same time approached by others as a form of hobby—with equal zeal and passion!

Thus we have professional football players and those who engage in it as hobbies, same goes for basketball, the playing of musical instruments, golf, etc.

When people see Coin Collecting as a form of hobby, it means that they find that activity pleasurable and they thereby spend their time collecting different kinds of coins. They may occasionally cash in on their past-time, but what it means is that they do not engage in it primarily for financial gains—the monetary value of the coins they are collecting.

When the primary focus of coin collecting is the monetary value of the coins rather than the gratification of an individual’s curiosity, then it is no longer deemed a hobby but an investment.

The History of Coin Collectiing: Collecting and hoarding coins due to their current or anticipated financial value dates back nearly two thousand years. History tells us that the main reason earlier generations collected coins was solely for the value that those coins would someday attain.

But coin collecting as art pieces—hobby—is a much later development. In fact this pastime was originally referred to as “the hobby of kings” because ancient coins were so valuable and rare that only kings were capable of collecting them and keeping them as mere ornaments.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a king (or queen) today to engage in this pastime. Indeed, coin collection is longer limited to people who are relatively well-off. Anyone can now consider coin collecting as their hobby.

As a result, the popularity of coin collection has continued to soar since more and more people now collect coins as hobbies. That is why its tag has now changed from “THE HOBBY OF KINGS” to “THE KING OF HOBBIES”!

Why So Popular? Numismatics (the professional name for coin collecting) is now considered one of the fastest growing hobbies. This is mainly due to the ease of access to coins these days—both old and new.

Imagine what quantities of coins have been made available by the introduction of the EURO over a decade ago. Scores of western and Eastern European currencies literally became candidates for Numismatics—especially the coins.

And since the value attached to coins (financial or otherwise) increases with its age and rarity, you can bet that a few decades or a few millenniums from now (if we live that long) those readily available assortment of coins from different parts of Europe today will one day become priceless articles.

Thats not to say that coin collecting should only target rested currencies. No. Anyone who wants to start coin collection can start at any time, anywhere, and with any currency—new or old. Some people actually start their coin collecting with the very ones in their pockets—their change.

This phase is referred to as the “accumulator” stage since the coin collector tries to accumulate as many coins as they can, starting with the little changes the get when they make minor purchases.

But whether it’s for fun or for the purpose of making money, the collector can always get better at it by visiting coin collecting websites, where valuable tips are available for free. Are you ready to start the hobby? Remember Coin Collecting is the Hobby Of Kings!

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