Who Is This Jerry Clark?—a Review

Jerry Clark is a legend in the Network Marketing industry. If you’re a network marketer or direct sales promoter, chances are that you’ve at one time or the other sought for MLM success tips from one guru or the other. Nothing wrong with that: you sure need directions to navigate your way successfully in the mazy world of modern network marketing.

And there are quite a number of people out there who claim to have what it takes to succeed in MLM. But very few really do. Most simply have their eyes in your pockets. The moment you purchase their “coaching” products, phew, there job is done! Next they’ll blame your lack of success on a set of attitudes they’ll claim you didn’t display. If you’ve been in network marketing long enough, you sure know what I’m saying.

So when I first heard about this Jerry Clark and his Club Rhino Inc., the first thoughts that ran through my mind was ‘here they go again.’ But in my usual approach, I felt I should at least do some search to know if he’s worth listening to or if I should go ahead and dump him where majority of the other so-called gurus already belong. Here’s what I found.

First I did searches on Google and Amazon. The searches returned several books, video and audio products produced by Jerry Clark, some of them in hot demand—including titles like “Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants”, “Murphy’s Committee”, “The Magic Of Influence” etc.

Not done, I dug further into his resources and was eventually brought to his main website, the Rhino Club inc. The site claimed to be dedicated to equipping individuals, especially network marketers with the insights, strategies, tools, and philosophies they need to actualize their MLM dreams. The website features lots of articles and other resources. One particular article caught my attention.

It was written by Jerry himself. He tagged it the “17 Words That Changed My Life Forever.” In the article, Jerry identified those 17 words to be the following: “For things to change, you must get a picture of what you want them to change to.”

You the reader, do you have any doubts at all that this statement is totally true? Ok, if you do, consider this: Suppose you went to a shop and got yourself a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. But somehow, the box has no picture of what the completed puzzle should look like.

Now, wouldn’t you have a much harder time putting the picture together? Definitely yes. True, you may eventually figure things out through trial and error. But isn’t it true that someone who had a clear picture of what the final picture should look like will be more than 100 times ahead of you? That’s the point!

Now, it’s good to ask yourself this question: is that person who solved the puzzle faster than you really more intelligent than you? Is their IQ really 100 times greater than yours? Or are they really 100 times better looking than you? We both know the answers, don’t we?
Through objective lessons such as this, Jerry Clark masterfully helps his students to deliberately live a clearly defined life. He believes that achievements are easier to make once they’re clearly identified.

This is in harmony with the way the human brain works. The brain, operating much like a magnet, it will start to attract in your direction the conditions, people, and circumstances that will help move you closer to the mental picture you’re carrying in your head, while at the same time repelling those things that do not correlate to that picture.

So, you say you desire a change in your life? Fine. But make sure you have a clear picture of what you want things to change to! Those are the words that have changed Jerry Clark’s life. He went on to become a millionaire while still in his 20s. Today he conducts seminars in over 35 countries worldwide. Could those words change your life too?

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On the one hand, success barriers are among the greatest sources of stress as well as impediments to your success in life. But on the other hand, one of the best ways to relieve stress and experience success is to overcome the barriers or obstacles that stand in your way. The good news is that all barriers can be overcome once a person can place their finger on them.

Now, let me ask you, what barriers are standing in your way? What obstacles are thwarting your progress in life and preventing you from achieving your goals? Barriers can be physical, mental or emotional.

But once you can figure it out, you are a lot closer to overcoming them and moving on with your life. Let me also add that some, indeed most barriers that we face, are self-imposed. Which also means that a lot of them are imaginary rather than real.

Now, I want to give you 4 tested ways to overcoming all sorts of barriers—either real or imaginary.

Be Sure About Your Major Aim In Life: Why is this important? Well, just imagine yourself at an airport.

The ticket agent asks you where you intend travelling. How do you suppose they’ll react if you answered that you are not sure, but that they should just issue you a travelling ticket? Crazy, did I hear you say?

Well, that’s what it is to be going through life without any clear, definite goal—crazy. People who are on such life journeys often lack resilience; every little challenge often forces them to make a detour.

To them, every inconvenience along the way is a serious barrier. But when you know very clearly where you’re heading and why you want to get there, you’ll be determined to remove whatever tries to stop your journey.

Compile A Success Journal: When we face tough challenges, it’s so easy to forget that we’ve had some successes in the past. Meanwhile these previous accomplishments can often serve as fuels that spur us on, like some sort of inner voice telling you “you are also capable!”

And it doesn’t have to be a major feat before it can count. For example, did you complete high school? Did you ever get an “A” in class? Can you swim? Were you highly commended or got an award for something you’ve done in the past? Also, have you attained any aspect of your current goal? Write all these seemingly minor accomplishments down as they are all emotional fuels you can burn during periods of self-doubt.

See Whatever Happens To You As Feedback: Whether the results are positive or negative, see them as learning points and label them as feedback. Then once in a while, step back and take an objective view of what really happened.

What often happens when you do this is that what initially appeared as very excellent and brilliant are not quite as great as we first thought they were. Ditto for those that seemed like utter failure.

Especially for the bad results, an objective appraisal makes for good course corrections. Seeing things in this light prevents a person from being too rigid in their approach. Rigidity makes successes short-lived, and makes failure total.

Be Willing To Start Again: There’s nothing wrong with starting over. In fact, we often do things better if are asked to do it again. But it’s strange how people abhor this idea when it comes to continuing with a business idea or some other personal pursuits.

Truth is that despite your best efforts, you could still stumble or fail along the way. When that happens, the only reasonable thing to do is to get back on your feet: start all over again! And if you take note of tip 3 above, your second attempt will surely be better than the previous one. Any number of setbacks need not kill your dreams.

So whenever you see an obstacle on your way, just keep these 4 tips in mind. Always remember that with only a little more effort, a little adjustment of your course, and a little more work, you can clear those barriers and accomplish your goals!

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Attention all future Numismatic Coin Collectors do you know that coin collecting is both interesting and rewarding. For one thing, it can easily become a good investment with a great payoff. And for another, even if your motive for collecting coins is not purely monetary, the truth still remains that considering their meticulous and beautiful craftsmanship, Gold and Silver Coins are a joy to own.

Owning one is like owning an interesting piece of culture. So any serious collector of Gold and Silver coins sees it as more than just financial investment.

Regardless of your motive for collecting coins however, there are steps you can take to preserve the value of your precious metals—your collection of Gold and Silver coins:

Even Before Storing, make sure that your coins are clean. Even then, be very choosy of what you use to clean your coins. Experts recommend the use of latex gloves along with solvents such as vinegar or lemon juice. And most importantly, no matter what you use in cleaning, clean less often.

Always Protect Your Coins From Moisture. This can generally be achieved by storing them in a locked box or cabinet to prevent exposure to destructive elements. Sealed plastic cases are best for your most valuable coins as these will prevent them from mistakenly being scratched during storage.

Handle Them Around The Edges. Also bear in mind that Gold and Silver coins require special handling. Even barely detectable dirt or sweat from your skin can gradually damage the fine finishing of your coin over a period of time. So will mistakenly dropping them on surfaces.

So while handling, I is recommended that you place a soft cloth beneath the area you are handling your coins, just in case it drops. This will prevent your coin from being scratched.

Invest In Coin Albums. This is perhaps the best way of protecting your coins from dust as well as from friction. And try and buy the albums made only for coin storage—not just any album. Otherwise the inner surfaces could still leave fine scratches on your gold or silver coins. And over time these friction can constitute significant wear and tear on your collection.

Avoid The Temptation To Constantly Clean Your Coin—as if glitter determines the value. The truth is that despite your best efforts, occasional exposure to air will still cause your precious metals to oxidize, and thus change color (they are metals after all!). Avoid the temptation to rub and clean each time this happens.

Avoid cleaning your coins as much as possible because cleaning will gradually damage the finish. Experience shows that most coin collectors find a coin’s original appearance preferable—even if the color has been altered somewhat.

Even wiping your coins with soft cloth (if done too often) will gradually cause small scratches that may not be visible to the naked eye. So generally, your coin collectible coins actually have greater value if you avoid handling them too frequently.

As a coin collector, maintaining your collectible coins should be a top priority to you. after all, what the purpose of collecting coins if the traits that made them attractive yesterday are gone too soon due to poor handling. Obviously the last thing you want to do is to knowingly or unknowingly devalue your collection. If you are guided by tips discussed here, that may never happen to your coins.

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Home-Based Business: How to Make It Work

There are specific steps you must take before you can succeed with your home based business. Specifically, you’ll have to establish and operate a system that ensures success. Does this sound like you? Are you the kind of person who hates giving a reason why something didn’t or couldn’t work?

Someone who won’t accept anything less than continuing success? Do you set goals and press on till they are met, no matter what? One who refuses to accept less from others than you accept from yourself? Then you’re good to give home business a serious shot.

It’s not going to be totally easy, of course, but with these traits flowing in you, you can meet the challenges required to succeed with a home business.

Give It Your Time: It doesn’t matter if your home business is not your main source of income at the moment, having decided to start one, you must treat it as something truly important to you.

Now, when someone or something is important to us we spend quality time with them, right? Your attitude toward your home business cannot be any different.

Probably you can only devote a few hours per week to your home-based business. But work on it EVERY SINGLE DAY. There’s really no substitute for persistent dedication in this business. No one who gives it only the odd hours can see success. It has never happened for anyone. A casual attitude towards their home business is one reason why over 95% of newcomers soon exit.

Select the Right Company: We are constantly assaulted these days to join one network opportunity or the other. Opportunities seem to abound everywhere. But their genuineness is another matter. To make your home business work, however, you have to be very selective about the company you decide to join.
It’s really strange how casually people treat this matter.

Many seem to act as if it doesn’t matter which company a person joins, as if all network marketing companies are just different roads leading to the same place! How mistaken! Do not join any company unless the answer to all the questions below is yes:

Does the company possess the fundamentals for continuous long-term growth? Is there a large and expanding market for their products? Are their products things that people GENUINELY need?

Will people have to re-order the products at fairly quick intervals (as opposed to one-time sales)?Do their products attract positive feedback from users?

Other things to consider include the nature of their support system, availability of cheaper alternatives to their products, as well as how easy it is for new members to duplicate their sales methods.

Teach Your Downline: If your home-based business involves recruiting new members, then bear in mind your success is intricately tied to theirs. This is both an asset and a liability.

There seems to be this baseless notion among most persons that in network marketing one can go on to prosper without doing much of anything at all. Well, I’m sure you don’t believe any of that crap.

Meanwhile, ensure that the people you recruit don’t believe that either. Otherwise they won’t work for their success, dragging you down with them. Insist that they commit themselves to following a success plan, just like you. Train them on ways to grow in the business.

Above all, do not recruit and abandon your downlines!
Have Some Money? It’s often been said that it takes money to make money. Forget what you’ve been told: home business is no exception.

Yes, the financial requirements here may not be in the thousands. But you DO need some money to begin with. You’ll surely need to pay to register with the company, to make monthly product purchases, prospect for and follow up on leads. All these call for money. In my opinion you’ll need an average of $200 per month to meet these obligations. And they’re important to building your business.

Home-based businesses are not inherently difficult to run. You only need to have a system in place and adhere to it. You should also teach those your recruit to do the same. In that case, you can make a home business work for you and your team.

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Does Your Spouse Opposes Your Home Business

If your spouse or partner is in full support of your home business, good luck to you. However, situations where a spouse is opposed to (or at least non-supportive of) our MLM business is more common than some of us may think.

And the reasons range from the cynical to the fairly reasonable—jealousy, time and financial commitments, fear of failure, etc. Because most sufferers of spousal non-support are women (especially housewives), we’ll look at this issue from their standpoint.

Rather cynically, some husbands fear that their wife may go on to achieve real success with their business and thus supplant them (the husbands) as the family’s bread winner. With their income suddenly becoming a supplementary one in the house, some husbands feel threatened and may thus resist a wife’s home business efforts .Isn’t that thinking queer?

But more realistically, some husbands who oppose their wife’s attempts at a home business do so on the basis of past experience. What sort of support do you expect from a husband who has failed severally at home business opportunities?

With all the good intentions, he may try to discourage you from an activity which in his opinion will only take all your time and other resources and yield nothing in the end.

Then there’s the issue of money. It’s hard enough to get your husband’s full consent on your spending your own money on a venture he’s not sure will succeed. But you may be asking for too much if you also ask him to fund the venture with his personal earnings!

The matter becomes even knottier if the family is already on a tight budget. We know you’re going into this thing in order to be able to help out with the family’s finances, but at this point, it’s hard for him to appreciate that, or for you to convince him.

And we haven’t even talked about how the business is going to affect the family’s time—such as for shopping and other outings. These too form part of the reasons some husbands resist.

The reasons are many and varied. But the good news is that things can often be worked out—that is, if there weren’t any pre-existing atmosphere of mutual hostility in the house!

You only have to start by finding out why your spouse is negative towards your home business. What are his SPECIFIC fears? Is it money, or the particular type of MLM you’re going into? Does he fear that his bread-winner status is threatened? Getting things out in the open makes it easier for you to deal with them effectively.

For example, if your husband fears that your efforts will end in failure (probably speaking from his own experience), the onus will now be on you to prove how serious you are about building a successful business.

Tell your spouse how you’ve spent time gaining business knowledge, learning the different aspects of the business you’re going into. He may possibly see what he did or didn’t do that you’re doing differently. And you’ll win him over without a fight!

Similarly, if your spouse is afraid that your MLM business will eat up family time—and that you probably will no longer perform your duties as a wife or mother, you can allay his fears. Demonstrate how you’ve organized your work in such a way that it won’t adversely affect family outings and others.

You could explain that when the business starts bringing in more money, you plan to hire someone to take care of things so you could take vacations with the family once in a while.

What about money concerns? There are two ways to handle this: (1) explain to your spouse matter-of-factly that you’re going into this venture primarily to improve the family’s financial situation. And yes, you’ll need some financial support to get started. After all, it often takes money to make more money. Most spouses will appreciate their partners’ concern for the family.

But what if your spouse is understandably concerned that supporting your MLM financially would mean missing a few bill payments? That could be tough.

But then you have the next option: (2) make some changes in your own personal spending, and carefully budget home expenses.

This will surely involve some sacrifices on your part. But giving up a few things will often spin off a few extra dollars to enable you run your business without disrupting the family’s budget.

It surely can be frustrating when your spouse does not support your home-business efforts. But this can be overcome. Communicating openly and tactfully with your spouse can often melt this ice of resistance by helping you identify and address his fears.

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Looking for the Right MLM Company?

Now that you have decided to go into network marketing, it’s vitally important that you get involved with the right one. So, are there ‘wrong ones’ out there? Of course there are. This is an industry brimming with thousands of opportunities and hundreds of companies.

It’s only reasonable to conclude that there’ll be a few unscrupulous elements in there masquerading as genuine businesses. Unfortunately, their solicitations and offers may be the most enticing.

The purpose of this article is to show you how to look beyond the surface, how to cut through all the hype and find out the truth about that company you’re considering joining. I offer you 4 rules of the thumb that have never failed:

Rule No. 1. What Are They Selling? It ought to be obvious that this is the most important indicator of how credible a network marketing company is. For without acceptable, affordable, and reliable products, everything else comes to naught.

Unfortunately, in their quest for the most generous compensation plan, most newbies easily overlook this vital indicator. In the end what they have on their hands are worthless products that promise heaven but often fail to lift off the earth!

To ascertain if the products stand any chance to succeed in the market, do a little market research on it. Don’t rely on findings done by the company themselves (They shouldn’t serve as judges in a case involving them!) What is the general impression towards the product from the public?

I recommend that you also personally try out some of the products you plan on selling. Now what’s your sincere, unbiased impression? Would you recommend it to your own family members? If the product sucks, you are warned! If it rocks, you have the first green light.

Rule No. 2: How Old Is the Company? If you are thinking of building a solid home business, then you don’t want to deal with a company that hasn’t got any track record.

Your company of choice must have been around for sometime—say 5 years. And in addition to proven products as stated above, they should also have a large pool of successful and satisfied distributions.

Where will you get tips on how to excel in this MLM company if they lack good leaders? Moreover, how can you trust their compensation plan if none have consistently earned it over a period of time? So it’s vital that the company has a track record in these areas. I believe you don’t want to be used to test-run things in a new company.

Rule No. 3: Where Is The Money? There are two things to consider here, (1) what is the compensation plan like and (2) where does the bulk of your earnings come from; is it from the sale of products or from registering new members?

Generally there should be a fair balance between these two sources of income in MLM business. If it tilts heavily towards one side, you better watch it. If the money comes mainly through sale of products, you the distributor won’t “break even” soon.

Again, if it comes solely from registering new members, that may be an indication that the products aren’t easy to market. Or worse: it could even be a sign that you’re dealing with a pyramid scheme! They often sell no or scanty products. ALL EMPHASIS is on bringing in new members.

Rule No. 4: How Are Products Sold? Finally, how are their products marketed? What type of sales system is in place there? Again, there are two things to consider: first, your company of choice must leverage the power of the internet in their marketing efforts.

Gone are the days of door to door and word of mouth prospecting. Second, whatever system is in place must be one that can be easily duplicated by the average Joe. This is very important for your long term growth.

If the system is so complicated that you alone must do most things, then that would defeat the very purpose of network marketing, which is to leverage on the efforts of members of your team.

These are ways to analyze any network marketing company and opportunity. It is my hope that by following these tips you’ll be able to pick the best MLM company that can help you actualize your dreams.

If you are looking for a MLM This company might be for you:

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The Law Of Attraction simple means we get out of life what we wish for. But before we can receive we first have to appreciate. Our thoughts determine what we get in life. In other words our wealth is determined by our thoughts.

People who have certain positive thoughts and perform daily activities in a certain order either accidently or on purpose get rich. On the other hand, people who have negative thoughts and who do not do things in a certain way daily, no matter how hard they work or how hard they try, remain poor.

Ask yourself a question: What would being wealthy mean to you? Do you feel you deserve to be wealthy? How would being wealthy change you?

In order to tap into the laws of the Universe we need to harness the energy of our own thoughts and feelings. We have to know what we want in life and ask for it. The Universe will give us our hearts desire if we truly believe we already have it.

The point here is to question your present way of thinking, to open your mind to new ideas, and to new ways of doing business. The more you stimulate your mind, the more you are open to the powers of the Universe.

“The Universe is a Masterpiece of Abundance. When you open yourself to feel the Abundance of the Universe, you’ll experience the Wonder, Joy, Bliss and all the great things that the Universe has for you Wealth, Health and Peace within.” ~The Secret~

What are (3) things that you appreciate in your life?

Your Thoughts, Comments and Questions?

To Your Success!
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Is Trump Network For Real?

Just about everyone in the United States as well as other parts of the world knows the name of Donald Trump. Trump Network Marketing is a multi level marketing plan that can not only allow someone to have their own business but also have an endorsement of Trump who is seen as one of the most clever and successful of businessmen in the US.

Many people wonder if the Trump Network Marketing is real. This is due to interviews that Donald Trump did on the Late Show and Tonight Show where he stated that if he lost his fortune, he would start an MLM to get it back. As it is now, many people trust the name of Donald Trump when it comes to an endorsement. They trust his business skills and feel that if a company meets his approval, then it must be good.

Donald Trump Network has endorsed several MLM companies. The plan that Donald Trump uses when it comes to making money online using network marketing can be clearly seen on sites that have offered products that people can sell to make money. Those who are in businesses that he endorse give him an endorsement for his help. The question is it the Trump name that is bringing prosperity to those businesses that have been endorsed by the Donald Trump Network Marketing Plan, or is it the marketing plan itself.

There is no doubt about the fact that Donald Trump is a larger than life personality. He has certainly learned to market his brand, which is himself. In addition to his savvy business skills, Trump also is loaded with confidence, a necessary skill when it comes to network marketing or succeeding in any other type of business. He also has a brand, which is his name, that he can capitalize on to make a success of MLM money making businesses.

Although the Donald Marketing Network is relatively new and there is still speculation among those who believe the rumor that Donald Trump did indeed lose his money in the 1990s and is now gaining it back through the use of his marketing company. This is a rumor that has been created by speculation. There is no evidence that Donald Trump lost his fortune at all. It is more than possible, however, that Donald Trump recognizes the profit potential of generating multi level marketing leads. The fact that he has let some companies use his name, as well as the success of these companies when it comes to growth and profit appears to attest to this fact.

It is still too soon to say whether or not the Donald Trump Marketing Network will be successful, although if it has the name of Trump associated with it, there is a good chance that it will work. Donald Trump has had his share of failures, but also magnificent successes as well. The Donald Trump Marketing Network is real, although it is still too soon to determine if the Donald Trump Marketing Network will be as successful as his many other ventures, only time will tell.

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If you have tried your hand at networking marketing before, you have likely struggled. Many networking marketing companies will encourage you to prospect wherever you meet people and this reduces your success rate with any prospect. The key to having MLM success stories is to find and focus on a target market. This article will talk about how you can bring that target market to you through various methods.

Many people dislike network marketing because they feel that everyone is pushy. Each network marketer is trying to get you into his or her downline without helping you understand how you can successfully build a downline. These network marketers do not understand who their target market is.

This is where you can make the transition from someone simply starting a business to someone solving a problem. When you are looking into a business opportunity, you have to think about what niche of the marketplace you will be involved in. There are millions of niches out there which you can get involved in and where people are looking for solutions to problems that they have. Your responsibility is to figure out what niche you want to be involved in and then listen to the customers who are within that niche. You want to learn their troubles, likes, and dislikes about this particular industry. This can help you determine your target market within the niche.

Once you understand your target market, it is easy. You will not be selling but rather guiding people forward with advice. People do not want to be sold to but they would rather buy. Do you see the paradigm shift within there? By understanding what your target market is looking for, you can provide that to them. This is known as attraction marketing. If you show that you care about what your customers are interested in, that is going to go a long way in developing your business. People will actively look for your business once you start to establish a reputation. This type of business will actually be fun for you. You will find that it will not seem like work either. You do not have to go out and push a product but rather provide knowledge and insight to those who come to you.

Have you ever heard of social networking? This will be one of the best ways to get yourself involved with your target market. Examples of this may include commenting on people’s blogs with solutions to problems that they are posing. Many individuals will use Twitter or other social networking sites like Digg or Yahoo! Answers. You want to interact with people in the communities they are involved with.

MLM success will not come simply through pushing what you have to offer. It is about understanding your target market within your niche and then responding to what they have to say. It is simple but not easy. This is the key to building a loyal customer following and eventually the way to build a long downline.

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Of all of the social networking sites, Twitter has most notably taken the web by storm in the last year. For this reason, getting in on the Twitter craze can be a highly effective method of building your MLM money making business. In two words, Twitter equals free leads. However, in order for Twitter to be an effective MLM and free lead building tool, it is essential that it is correctly and appropriately utilized for maximum benefit. By following a few simple guidelines, it can be a very lucrative tool, both financially and in the number of free leads it produces. In fact, many highly successful MLM business entrepreneurs swear by Twitter and its unrivaled ability to generate word-of-mouth buzz, thereby generating free leads.

First of all, do not underestimate the power of reaching potential customers in masses. Even if a large percentage of them are never going to be buying what you’re selling, reaching potential customers in bulk is the single most effective way to get your name out there, and in turn build up a comprehensive list of free leads. I mean, even if you have never owned a pair of Nike shoes, you can probably identify a Nike logo. Just getting your brand out there is the first step in building recognition. Twitter has roughly 5 million current members, and adds five to ten thousand more to that total on a daily basis. That is a huge potential free lead and customer base. (Even if a small fraction of those users follow you, each of these followers is a free lead. And if even a small fraction of those followers become customers, the income potential simply by utilizing this free social networking site is astronomical.)


Secondly, do not be afraid to put yourself out there. Follow the big fish. Let their free leads become your free leads. Chances are, when you follow someone, they will in turn follow you. And followers equal a free audience for your advertising. Don’t get discouraged if everyone you follow doesn’t start following you immediately. Followers are built over time, and every new one you get is one more free lead and potential customer. Also, don’t get frustrated if you lose followers. It will happen. However, to keep the loss of followers to a minimum, check out what some of the most successful (and most followed) people on Twitter do to maintain their base of followers. Almost universally, they provide their followers with something that they can find nowhere else. Some use links to obscure (and entertaining) news stories. Others simply keep their followers hanging on by making each Tweet a ‘to be continued.’ Keeping your followers hanging on your every word (or Tweet) is a great way to build loyalty. And if each of your followers refers just one of their friends, that doubles your number of free leads effortlessly.


Finally, you get 140 characters to Tweet. Use them wisely. Keep your Tweets informative, interesting and entertaining. Tweet often, but relevantly. Spam on Twitter is just as annoying as Spam showing up in your email inbox. The free leads you generate are invaluable, and you should recognize them as such. Keep your followers up to date, but do so in a relevant and non-repetitive manner. It is likely that you will lose followership if you come on too much like a salesman. Even though that’s what MLM is all about, being smarmy and pushy never helped anyone. Talk to your followers like they are your best friends, and it is likely that is what they will become. The trust and camaraderie that you build on Twitter can very easily turn into trust for and a willingness to do business with your Network Marketing Business.


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