Can you really make money online? Although the failure rate among online entrepreneurs is extremely high (routinely put at 95%), the fact still remains that everyday, every month and every year, millionaires are created online.

In fact, it’s been estimated that in its various facets, the internet is churning out more millionaires at the moment than any other segment of the global economy. And as the internet continues to open up more and more money-making opportunities each year, experts are of the view that the future holds even greater promises of online wealth creation.

So it is very possible to earn a comfortable supplementary income online. And quite a few internet entrepreneurs have gone on to become extremely wealthy doing various businesses online, especially when these begin to work full time on the web.

At the moment, the list of genuine online businesses is long and constantly growing. In fact, nearly all the economic activities that were hitherto transacted offline are now being offered either partially or exclusively online—banking, insurance, leasing, recruiting processes, marketing, advertising, written correspondences, airline, hotel, and vacation bookings, etc, etc.

In addition, several brand new business opportunities have sprung up purely thanks to the internet—blogs, websites, and the social media, for example. Each of these avenues is being harnessed by both web-savvy and ordinary folks to earn mouth-watering incomes online.

So most time you come across stories of internet geeks and webmasters making tens of millions of dollars from their online efforts, majority of the claims are both true and genuine. Yes, enormous fortunes are made online these days.

But seldom does success come to anyone in any activity without a definite commitment of time, energy, and other resources. The most successful people in any activity are usually those who are good in various aspects of the activity. They are usually good at motivating and convincing others to join them on the road to success.

This is because the internet thrives on joint or team efforts. The most wealth is made in that segment of online business which enables individuals to profit from the activities of others. This is usually in the form of Multi-Level Marketing or network marketing.

Many different types of products are sold these days through network marketing or MLM, liquid nutritional supplements being the most prevalent in recent years. These have become a big part of both MLM and online businesses due to increased interest in health and wellness among the populace.

The most successful distributors in MLM again are those who use online resources to run their business. Using their websites, blogs, emails, facebook, twitter, and other online platforms, they are usually able to locate, relate with, and recruit more new distributors than those strutting their stuff exclusively offline.

And since MLM is a game of numbers, the odds usually favor those who contact the most number of persons.Of course, MLM or network marketing isn’t the only business that brings wealth online. There are numerous other activities you can engage in and still grow rich without having to recruit people all that.

In Cost Per Action (CPA) activities for example, companies pay you specified amounts for each person you’re able to refer to their website and who fills a form with the company. There are also affiliate marketing where you are paid a percentage of every of a company’s product you make a customer purchase.

There are numerous other web-based activities that we can’t cover here. And it’s all making mega bucks for ordinary folks on a daily basis. So the internet is a goldmine which discerning entrepreneurs are currently exploiting to create wealth. Do you want your own share of online fortune? If So CLICK HERE for your FREE DVD ON HOW TO REALLY MAKE MONEY ONLINE!!

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Does Your Spouse Opposes Your Home Business

If your spouse or partner is in full support of your home business, good luck to you. However, situations where a spouse is opposed to (or at least non-supportive of) our MLM business is more common than some of us may think.

And the reasons range from the cynical to the fairly reasonable—jealousy, time and financial commitments, fear of failure, etc. Because most sufferers of spousal non-support are women (especially housewives), we’ll look at this issue from their standpoint.

Rather cynically, some husbands fear that their wife may go on to achieve real success with their business and thus supplant them (the husbands) as the family’s bread winner. With their income suddenly becoming a supplementary one in the house, some husbands feel threatened and may thus resist a wife’s home business efforts .Isn’t that thinking queer?

But more realistically, some husbands who oppose their wife’s attempts at a home business do so on the basis of past experience. What sort of support do you expect from a husband who has failed severally at home business opportunities?

With all the good intentions, he may try to discourage you from an activity which in his opinion will only take all your time and other resources and yield nothing in the end.

Then there’s the issue of money. It’s hard enough to get your husband’s full consent on your spending your own money on a venture he’s not sure will succeed. But you may be asking for too much if you also ask him to fund the venture with his personal earnings!

The matter becomes even knottier if the family is already on a tight budget. We know you’re going into this thing in order to be able to help out with the family’s finances, but at this point, it’s hard for him to appreciate that, or for you to convince him.

And we haven’t even talked about how the business is going to affect the family’s time—such as for shopping and other outings. These too form part of the reasons some husbands resist.

The reasons are many and varied. But the good news is that things can often be worked out—that is, if there weren’t any pre-existing atmosphere of mutual hostility in the house!

You only have to start by finding out why your spouse is negative towards your home business. What are his SPECIFIC fears? Is it money, or the particular type of MLM you’re going into? Does he fear that his bread-winner status is threatened? Getting things out in the open makes it easier for you to deal with them effectively.

For example, if your husband fears that your efforts will end in failure (probably speaking from his own experience), the onus will now be on you to prove how serious you are about building a successful business.

Tell your spouse how you’ve spent time gaining business knowledge, learning the different aspects of the business you’re going into. He may possibly see what he did or didn’t do that you’re doing differently. And you’ll win him over without a fight!

Similarly, if your spouse is afraid that your MLM business will eat up family time—and that you probably will no longer perform your duties as a wife or mother, you can allay his fears. Demonstrate how you’ve organized your work in such a way that it won’t adversely affect family outings and others.

You could explain that when the business starts bringing in more money, you plan to hire someone to take care of things so you could take vacations with the family once in a while.

What about money concerns? There are two ways to handle this: (1) explain to your spouse matter-of-factly that you’re going into this venture primarily to improve the family’s financial situation. And yes, you’ll need some financial support to get started. After all, it often takes money to make more money. Most spouses will appreciate their partners’ concern for the family.

But what if your spouse is understandably concerned that supporting your MLM financially would mean missing a few bill payments? That could be tough.

But then you have the next option: (2) make some changes in your own personal spending, and carefully budget home expenses.

This will surely involve some sacrifices on your part. But giving up a few things will often spin off a few extra dollars to enable you run your business without disrupting the family’s budget.

It surely can be frustrating when your spouse does not support your home-business efforts. But this can be overcome. Communicating openly and tactfully with your spouse can often melt this ice of resistance by helping you identify and address his fears.

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Looking for the Right MLM Company?

Now that you have decided to go into network marketing, it’s vitally important that you get involved with the right one. So, are there ‘wrong ones’ out there? Of course there are. This is an industry brimming with thousands of opportunities and hundreds of companies.

It’s only reasonable to conclude that there’ll be a few unscrupulous elements in there masquerading as genuine businesses. Unfortunately, their solicitations and offers may be the most enticing.

The purpose of this article is to show you how to look beyond the surface, how to cut through all the hype and find out the truth about that company you’re considering joining. I offer you 4 rules of the thumb that have never failed:

Rule No. 1. What Are They Selling? It ought to be obvious that this is the most important indicator of how credible a network marketing company is. For without acceptable, affordable, and reliable products, everything else comes to naught.

Unfortunately, in their quest for the most generous compensation plan, most newbies easily overlook this vital indicator. In the end what they have on their hands are worthless products that promise heaven but often fail to lift off the earth!

To ascertain if the products stand any chance to succeed in the market, do a little market research on it. Don’t rely on findings done by the company themselves (They shouldn’t serve as judges in a case involving them!) What is the general impression towards the product from the public?

I recommend that you also personally try out some of the products you plan on selling. Now what’s your sincere, unbiased impression? Would you recommend it to your own family members? If the product sucks, you are warned! If it rocks, you have the first green light.

Rule No. 2: How Old Is the Company? If you are thinking of building a solid home business, then you don’t want to deal with a company that hasn’t got any track record.

Your company of choice must have been around for sometime—say 5 years. And in addition to proven products as stated above, they should also have a large pool of successful and satisfied distributions.

Where will you get tips on how to excel in this MLM company if they lack good leaders? Moreover, how can you trust their compensation plan if none have consistently earned it over a period of time? So it’s vital that the company has a track record in these areas. I believe you don’t want to be used to test-run things in a new company.

Rule No. 3: Where Is The Money? There are two things to consider here, (1) what is the compensation plan like and (2) where does the bulk of your earnings come from; is it from the sale of products or from registering new members?

Generally there should be a fair balance between these two sources of income in MLM business. If it tilts heavily towards one side, you better watch it. If the money comes mainly through sale of products, you the distributor won’t “break even” soon.

Again, if it comes solely from registering new members, that may be an indication that the products aren’t easy to market. Or worse: it could even be a sign that you’re dealing with a pyramid scheme! They often sell no or scanty products. ALL EMPHASIS is on bringing in new members.

Rule No. 4: How Are Products Sold? Finally, how are their products marketed? What type of sales system is in place there? Again, there are two things to consider: first, your company of choice must leverage the power of the internet in their marketing efforts.

Gone are the days of door to door and word of mouth prospecting. Second, whatever system is in place must be one that can be easily duplicated by the average Joe. This is very important for your long term growth.

If the system is so complicated that you alone must do most things, then that would defeat the very purpose of network marketing, which is to leverage on the efforts of members of your team.

These are ways to analyze any network marketing company and opportunity. It is my hope that by following these tips you’ll be able to pick the best MLM company that can help you actualize your dreams.

If you are looking for a MLM This company might be for you:

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Are you ready to start your home business? No amount of time spent preparing to launch your MLM business will deliver the goals and dreams you have set for it unless you……finally take action to implement your business plans.

Successful people take action and unsuccessful people procrastinate. In fact, successful people not only take action, but they do so at the very first opportunity, now!

When presented with opportunities that would change their lives, unsuccessful people will continually put off the commencement date.

They would rather spend eternity learning and strategizing, fine-tuning, calculating, etc. To them no time is the right time. So they keep waiting for that ‘perfect’ moment when everything would be just right. Unfortunately, such moments don’t ever come.

My dear friend, I have a word of wisdom for you from of old: nothing will ever be attempted if first all conditions must be right!
Having learned the basics of that home business you desire to run, I invite you to just take action right away. Just do it and see what happens.

Along the way, keep taking note of your progress, or even the lack of it, so you can reflect on it later. The truth is that you’ll never drive a car if first you have to know every single part of a car, how many persons have had an auto accident, how you’re going to be able to maintain your car, what safety record you’re likely to have, what type of other road users you’re likely to meet, and what your general driving experience would be like, etc!

You see, most of these things naturally fall into place the moment we get going. It’s like that fog you see some days when you look out your window early in the morning. A few feet away from where you are it seems to cover everything as far as your eyes can see. But what happens when you set out despite the fog?

It takes care of itself; it clears off every step of the way as you go! Imagine that you had to wait until every bit of it was cleared from the horizon? Either you wouldn’t have gone anywhere, or you’d have set out way too late.

You get the idea. It is no different when it comes to starting a home business. Do not let fear of failure paralyze you. Do not indefinitely put off your launch date. Do not think you can possibly understand and clear all relevant questions or concerns about the business before you can start. That’s not necessary. There’ll always be a few gray areas.

That is why starting a business requires a measure of faith. But your anticipation of success has to be stronger than your fear of failure. There would be no huge corporations or small firms today if everybody had waited until everything was perfect. Imagine that! That means we wouldn’t have the likes of GM, Citigroup, Chevron, Microsoft, Compaq, etc.

Something else I need to mention is that you don’t have to insist on starting big. If you have sufficient funds to hit it off big time, well and good, at least for your personal ego.

But really, considering that you’re still testing the waters, it’s actually advisable for you to begin on a relatively small scale, so that any mistake made or money lost due to “rookie errors” may not have a profound effect on you. Trust me on this, it’s always better for a newcomer to start small and then scale things up gradually.

Remember that no one can make you successful but you and your actions. If you’re going to have success in that venture you’ve been contemplating, you’ll have to take action, now! It’s only by starting to implement the many things you’ve learned about home business that you will have an inspiring story to tell tomorrow.

But if you continue to ‘get ready to get ready,’ then you may only have tales of “would have” and “should have” to tell many years from now. I bet you won’t let that happen, would you?

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Developing multiple streams of income is very important in today’s economy. MLM and home-based businesses have taken the global economy by storm. This is partly because most persons are just now realizing that it doesn’t make sense to work for 40 years and then retire on ⅓ (one-third) of what was never enough in the first place.

And for another, stock investment has repeatedly proven to be a high-stake game that you should only play if you can foretell the future. As for real estate, well, how much money do you really have to begin with?

And if you’ve ever tried starting a business before, then you probably know how hard it is. The huge start-up fees and equally huge uncertainties mean that you are risking a lot in both money and emotions.

And what happens if no one shows up to patronize you when you open your doors for business? These things happen. And each time it happens, that’s someone’s dreams gone—along with their life’s savings and a piece of self-confidence, all gone.

This and many more are the challenges that are making everyone to rethink their approach to starting a business in this New Economy. Meanwhile most persons definitely need to establish additional sources of revenue to supplement what they’re making from their daytime job.

Call it plan B. After all, if our income goes out through multiple sources, shouldn’t we also try and earn from multiple sources? Getting another salary-paying job is out of the question.

Home-based multi-level marketing businesses have undisputedly become the major vehicle that’s now pulling many ordinary people out of poverty and providing countless others reasonable supplementary incomes.

It is the number one source of real income for a new entrepreneur. I strongly recommend you establish a stream of income for yourself in MLM. Those numerous testimonies around us are not all empty hypes.

Pioneered by the food supplement industry, home-based business opportunities abound in virtually every industry segment these days—telecommunications, insurance, healthcare, legal services, and of course food supplements.

Each presents a genuine home business opportunity that is capable of giving you a standard of life you never even imagined possible.
Most MLM opportunities are typically cheap to get registered in, and you don’t need specialized skills to succeed in them.

Each one typically requires you to follow a business model that’s already well laid out for you. Moreover most network marketing companies have training programs for new members. You surely need this training in order for you to understand both the products and their marketing methods.

In Multi-Level Marketing, your primary responsibility is to promote the products and build your downline. Once you get started in this way, whenever you sell the company’s products or sign someone up into the business, you earn a commission.

And whenever any of the people you signed up make a sale or sign up some more persons, you also earn a commission. You can make a substantial and recurring residual income in these two ways.

It could even get to a point where you are at the top of a really large chain of distributors. This will position you to benefit immensely from the efforts of many people who are following a well-laid-out business plan.

That is basically how network marketing transforms ordinary folks to multi-millionaires. Note that this is very different from pyramid schemes which typically involve paying those at the top of the pyramid with the MONEY contributed by newer members.

In pyramid schemes, no practical PRODUCTS are ever marketed. But in network marketing or Multi-Level Marketing, the products are at the core of the business; and they range anywhere from healthcare to telecommunication products.

In all, MLM is an excellent business model, and it provides a great method of developing a residual stream of income.



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Learning how to separate your MLM business from your home life is important for your success in MLM. Home based business owners have a unique benefit that many of the working population never get to a chance to experience.

They work from their own home office and they can set their own hours. They do not have to answer to a boss, a set schedule, or fight the morning traffic. In reality, they are in charge of their own destiny if they sink or swim it is up to them.

Working from home has its own problems that are very different from working a regular 9-5 job where you leave home each day and work in an environment that is separate from your home. Since you are your own boss, the challenge to you is the fact that you are solely responsible for the running of your MLM home based business, so you need to learn to run it efficiently.

Now that you are working from home you might find that if you have children you may have more problems to deal with then other people who work from home who do not have any kids. Children can bring a new challenge into the mix that stirs up more opportunity for interruptions and many times means less space is available for the work area that you will be need to use to run your home business.

The first thing you need to do when trying to balance your home life with your home based business is to find a space that is dedicated for your business only. It doesn’t have to be a big space – just so you have a spot to place your computer, printer, fax and other accessories that you may need.

The space that you choose should be where you can go to work on your business daily without any distractions, sometimes this is not always the case. If you find that your home has to much noise going on in the background then you might consider working very early in the morning or late at night. These hours might work better for you since your family members are in bed and you can concentrate on your business activities.

Many home based business owners love the flexibility they have with their time. If the kids have a school event, you’re free to shut down the office and go to that event.

If your spouse wants to go on a vacation or a family emergency comes up, then being an home based business owner allows you to take your laptop with you and check on your business interest no matter were you are as long as you have access to the internet.

If you’re just now starting working from home, and want to find an option that will deliver the most balance to your home with the least amount of distractions, then you might consider building your MLM through a front end funded proposal which offers affiliate marketing products on the front end. You will find that this is a great way to generate leads to your business daily.

A front end funded proposal is one MLM marketing strategy option that lets you simply work on driving traffic to your capture page. You do not have to worry about, creating a product, or dealing with outsourced services. But you can generate quick cash from multiple streams of income.

With a Funded Proposal System you can make money while generating an avalanche leads for your MLM business. Imagine the freedom this will give you while you are building your home based business.

When you understand what a funded proposal is and that many of the Top Producers use it, you will find that it is time for you to stop working from home for little or no pay and earn the money that you are was really worth.

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