Cedrick Harris is the man in internet marketing. How would you define a true business leader? If you are anything like most network marketers, you would agree that a major attribute of a good leader is their willingness to give of themselves and their resources to prospects ever before hoping to receive anything in return.

That’s probably the best way to start describing Cedrick Harris. Those encountering him on the phone for the first time are usually amazed by just how personable and helpful he is. It’s not enough how much a person knows.

How much of it is he able and willing to impart to others? That’s the crucial thing.

Meet Cedrick Harris, a top authority in attraction marketing, and a prolific recruiter. Cedrick’s forte is lead generation and phone prospecting. In addition, he is a Top Internet Marketer who knows how to generate leads both online and offline.

No wonder he is both a top earner in MLM Lead system Pro (MLSP), as well as a reference point in prospecting and closing sales over the phone.

Cedrick is indeed one of the most dynamic and influential leaders you’ll ever meet in the MLM industry. Without hiding behind the computer, he enthusiastically tells you all you’ll need to know to build a solid MLM business.

His attraction marketing system course (a CD course) covers in detail the online and offline marketing techniques that he uses in his business. As is usual with him, the CD is a fluff-free practical training stuff. As a network marketer, the things you can learn from Cedrick Harris come down to the following:

To succeed in MLM, you need some form of backing from someone who himself has succeeded. Not only will this drastically cut your learning curve, it will also save you precious dollars that would otherwise go into buying needless or useless programs.

To attract people to your business, you need to present yourself well. That surely is the idea of attraction marketing. It is based on the known fact that people join people before joining their business opportunity.

So how “attractive” are you to the people you are marketing to? It usually follows this format:

First you have to attain some level of success. Then you exhibit and talk about your success. Next you cite how people are achieving success through your coaching. And finally you find a way to convert these eager listeners to customers.

The above steps may appear to present a chicken-and-Egg dilemma. In order words, between success and attractiveness, which comes first?

Actually the principles of attraction marketing reveals that no matter what stage you are in your business, there’s always a way to make yourself attractive so that people will come to you. But this piece is not purely about attraction marketing as a strategy.

Meanwhile, from Cedrick Harris we also learn that it is Ok to give everything you can to prospects who deserve it. But have nothing to do with those who are simply wasting your time, even if these time-wasters have bought a product or two from you.

At his website, Cedrick actually describes how you may tactfully terminate a telephone discussion that’s heading nowhere.

So, can Cedrick Harris marketing techniques help you build your network marketing business? It most definitely can. And if you would like to learn more about these techniques you can get access to my FREE 5 Day Lead Generation course based on my Personal Trainer Mr. Cedrick Harris Lead Generation Techniques.

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Getting New MLM Distributors Off to a Perfect Start

You’ve got a new MLM distributor, at last the new prospect has signed up. Congratulations! Is your job done then? From now on, are you simply going to sit around and wait for when his commission checks (and yours too) begin to trickle in? Quite the opposite, your work has just begun!

If you don’t want him to fail or to have at best a snail-speed growth, then you are going to have to come up with ways to keep his interest burning.

The only way to ensure that is to QUICKLY guide your new distributor to a “Success Path.” Simply put, you need to do all you can to assist the new member to start seeing results sooner than latter.

That’s the only way they’ll stay motivated. And to achieve that, the new guy must be helped to start right.

Here are SIX steps to follow in ensuring that your new MLM distributor is off to a great start:

Ensure that they Use The Product: This is very important. From experience, haven’t you observed that using the products is both the best way to understand how they work as well as the quickest way to be sold on it?

Indeed, if the new distributor doesn’t make any efforts to use any of the company’s products, can they sincerely say they believes in them?

And if they don’t, then should you have even sponsored that person in the first place? Bottom line is, make sure your new distributor is sold and continues to use say 3-4 of the company’s products.

Product Samples: Some network marketing companies have product samples which they give to potential customers. If that’s true of your MLM company, then show your new distributors how to introduce and give these samples to prospective clients.

Many today that have joined network marketing opportunities are as a result of positive impression from the use of product samples. The point is that most persons won’t spend their money on items they aren’t sure will work. But after using a sample for free and getting positively impressed, many become loyal customers.

Retail Sales: Won’t it look bad if after discussing with a potential client your new distributor doesn’t even have any products on him to sell to the customer? How would he even make money without retail sales?

The truth of it is that new members make more money from product sales during their first few months in the business than from recruiting new members.

And you know what effect a few dollars in personal earning can do to the confidence of a new person! Let them decide what products are best for them. But ensure that your new distributor is supplied with a number of products the moment he or she starts to market.

Introduce Them to Your Own Upline: let your new distributor know who your uplines are—both the immediate and extended uplines, the notable ones among them. Make an appointment with them and have them welcome the new guy on board and promise to offer assistance when necessary.

Paperwork: there may also be need to take them through all the paperwork again, including application, product ordering, and any other tool used in your MLM company.

Also make sure they fully understands the company, including its compensation plans, as well as a good understanding of the company’s products and product line.

Finally, Review What Could Possibly Make the New Person Want To Quit: Yes, what things will discourage the new distributor enough to make him consider quitting?

This point is HUGE; forget that we are mentioning it last. Review “emotional landmines” ahead of time and tell your new guy the realistic expectations to have. Such frank talk will take them through the low points of the business when enthusiasm alone won’t be enough.

These are the things you should try and do the moment the prospect signs up to join your company. Review these points with him or her.

Never fail to commend their sincere efforts. And do not expect them to achieve in a month what took you years to attain! If you play your part well as a leader, chances are your new distributor will soon begin to rock, thanks to the solid start you gave them!

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Here are the 6 MLM mistakes you need to avoid when just starting out. Take it or leave it, Multi-Level Marketing, also known as network marketing or more loosely as home business has not only come to stay, it is also becoming a bit of a phenomenon these days.

It is now found in virtually every industry segment. And it keeps churning out millionaires in the millions, every year. At a time, it looked like the activities of scammers were going to seriously affect the growth and acceptability of this brand of business.

Not anymore. Discerning home business owners now know how to separate the wheat from the chaff. At the moment, it has become obvious that only you can prevent you from succeeding in this activity.

In other words, most times when persons fail in network marketing, it is often traceable to avoidable mistakes. Let’s now talk about 6 mistakes you should avoid when building your MLM business.

Avoid “Overnight Millionaire” Promises: Unless you win a jackpot (which means you’ve been playing, anyway), no activity can make you a millionaire in a fortnight. It’s really strange how often this bait has been successfully used by scammers.

But it’s even stranger how often people fall for it. Could it be that people no longer believe that hard work pays, or is there a more fundamental cause, such as the inherent greed in man?

Anyway, the point is, nearly all business proposals that sound too good to be true end up not being true. So going for any business that promises you’ll appear on Forbes 500 richest men in a few weeks’ time is worse than gambling. If you can hardly believe it, better don’t.

Avoid any and all network companies that place Undue Emphasis on Recruiting New Members: They probably don’t have credible products to market. Yes, I know, this is “network marketing,” but stay away from MLM companies where the incomes you earn are from payments submitted by new members and they do not have a real product.

That’s how illegal scams typically operate. No business with such a structure has ever survived for long.

Avoid Those That Lack Team Support: You can’t do it all. All businesses, most especially network marketing, depends so much on team effort. Especially when just starting out, you’re going to need various forms of support from both your upline and the company itself.

If the MLM company you are considering doesn’t posses any support structure, you’ll find it a lot harder to get on your feet.

Beware of those that parade Low Quality or Very Expensive Products: Just because a network marketing tag is hung around a product doesn’t make a bad product good. Don’t accept to sell products you’d have qualms recommending to a family member.

Also, don’t join a company whose products leave deep holes in the pocket. Even if you make sizable commission from the sale of one product, how many can you reasonably hope to sell in order to grow your MLM?

Reject Any That Promises Easy Money: Some methods of earning money may be easier than others, but none is totally effortless. You won’t ever make any serious money in any business if you don’t work hard and invest your time and other resources into it. So if any MLM company promises to make you rich just for joining, move on.

Avoid Any That Forbids You To Think!: “Join now; opportunity will be gone tomorrow.” Sounds familiar, right? Yes, they’ll make you think if you don’t join now you’ll regret it in your old age. It’s all scam! Real opportunities don’t try to impede your judgment.

There should always be room for people to join tomorrow and forever—yes, the business must have existed for quite some time, with proof it’s going to be around for the foreseeable future. That’s also saying you should not join any MLM company unless you’ve done some research on it.

I hope you found the above hints instructive. Failure to do these basic things has been responsible for the frustrations and failures experienced by many new network marketers.

But as the ancient Babylonians said, ‘every fool must learn’. What about you? Remember, it’s a lot better to learn from the mistakes of others: you won’t live long enough to make all the mistakes yourself!

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Your MLM Prosperity Mindset

Having a MLM Prosperity Mindset is important for your online business success. Cultivating the habit of positive expectations toward their business could be a major challenge for some.

Reasons may be that they have failed at many things before now, or know someone who’s failed in a similar activity. So they find it a lot easier to fear for the worst. What makes this mental disposition dangerous is that it destroys the will to persevere.

Remember the saying “to the man with a hammer everything looks like a nail”. So if you generally fear that one big obstacle is lurking around the corner to knock you off, every little challenge will appear like that obstacle.

But to achieve prosperity, you need to think prosperity. We are not talking abstract wishes that are not backed by efforts. We are not also advocating a get-rich-quick mentality or even a mindless pursuit of wealth for its own sake.

We just trying to point out that you need to expect your business to prosper. At the same time, this article is intended to remind you that your efforts will be better directed and will have greater force if there’s a positive mindset behind them.

It wasn’t for no reason that Napoleon Hill said in one of his books: “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can also achieve”.

Now, how can you develop the prosperity mindset for your online business? Most persons are like that lizard-like creature, the chameleon. They allow the surrounding environment to determine their outlook. But your feelings and attitude ought to be an “inside out” thing.

To ensure you stay positive and achieve the prosperity you envision for your business, I suggest you internalize the following tips:
Use your imagination. We Humans are good at creative imagination. But most use their thoughts to manufacture fear, worry, and anxiety, all in the name of being “realistic” or “cautious”.

Rather than expecting only a bad outcome for your online business, wouldn’t it be a lot better to use your power of imagination to envision good outcomes for your efforts—good health, prosperity, wealth, and general well-being for yourself and those you love?

Remember, it takes as much energy to believe that something isn’t going to turn out well as does to believe it will turn out well. What direction would you rather use your energy?

Choose to be optimistic in the face of all circumstances. No situation is ever as bad as it seems, or even as good as it may appear. So it’s all relative. If you just try, you’ll discover that there’s good in all circumstances.

Even those that caused you pain may well have taught you what doesn’t work, thus narrowing learning curve. And too, it sometimes takes failure to finally succeed. The thing is that by focusing only on god outcomes rather than on bad, things will work out more in your favor.

Do not measure your prosperity solely in comparison with what someone else has achieved. It ought to be an idiosyncratic measurement; you against your goals or potentials. You’ll sooner get discouraged if you constantly compare your achievements to that of someone else.

Don’t tell negative-minded people any aspect of your plans or current efforts. Generally, the only people you should mention your plans to are those who are in a position to help you actualize them—those able and willing to help.

Finally, do not allow your prosperity mindset to become a get-rich-quick mentality. I should as well have told you at the beginning of this article that there are both good and bad prosperity mindsets—in fact the bad aspect actually outnumbers the good aspects.

That is why many online marketers advertize and sell worthless products to unsuspecting buyers. The sellers want to become prosperous—quickly. Now, that’s the wrong way to approach prosperity.

If it comes that way, it goes that way too—quickly. Does that not explain why bank robbers and even those who won lotteries seldom build enduring wealth? True prosperity takes time and lots of hard and genuine work. Remember that whatever energy you put out into the Universe comes back to You.

The points mentioned above are meant to help you develop the sort of mindset that leads to True Wealth and Prosperity in MLM or Any Business.

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