Why are so many people joining MLM opportunities at this time in history? Network marketing has become the quickest means of earning supplementary income, as well as building considerable personal fortune.

And at the moment, there are so many companies and products to choose from. Added to that, the global economy has been in the doldrums for longer than everyone expected.

However, these are not the only reasons why many people are signing up for MLM opportunities.  We can adduce very many reasons why Multi-Level Marketing has been experiencing such a boom in recent times. It’s not possible to provide an exhaustive list. But here are what we consider the most important reasons why people join MLM.

Extra income probably ranks as the number one reason for most persons, if they have to be honest. The income from 9 to 5 jobs was never enough. So if there’s a way to do something by the side to augment daytime income, it’s always welcome. Most corporate workers therefore find a perfect ally in MLM.

Your regular job is not jeopardized. You can keep it by the side while testing the MLM waters. Which means if your experimentation with MLM goes awry, you can always fall back on your daytime job, and try again some other time.

Freedom is a very important reason why people join MLM. Most people will join a  home based network opportunity because it affords people the freedom to exert themselves as much as, or as little as they wish.

Consequently it is possible for stay-at-home moms, for example, to run a business and earn some income while at the same time being there for their children. This also means that MLM opportunities afford people the freedom to do the things that really matter to them.

Residual income: this business provides people the chance to earn residual income. It’s much the same thing as those musicians who’re still earning money from songs they sang in the 60s or 70s. In most companies, a network marketer can earn on the work of their downlines for life.

Tangible rewards: people are also joining MLM because it offers them the chance to drive their dream cars at a fraction of the price—sometimes simply as a bonus. Same goes for travelling the world and visiting interesting places at someone else’s expense! And for those distributing wellness products, you also get healthier while getting wealthier.

Independence: humans crave independence; control over our time, money, relationships, and more. Network marketing opportunities give people that luxury to do their own thing as they wish.

A chance to own a business: people are also attracted to MLM because of a chance to own their own business without losing an arm or a leg. Yes, working at home in the MLM industry provides people the opportunity to own a business with minimal start-up costs.

Moreover in MLM, your rewards are directly related to your efforts (even if you factor in the efforts of your downlines). This means that your efforts get rewarded faster than at corporate jobs.

The fear of layoff: the fear of corporate layoff is in the air—downsizing, outsourcing, off-shoring, etc. There are no more lifetime jobs these days. Meanwhile everyone knows that in MLM you don’t get laid off; you own your piece of the business, how enticing!

There are also big dreamers. Yes, some come into this business with high hopes. They are seeking wealth. And with the right attitude, why not? 

As stated earlier, this list can go on and on. But whatever brings you into MLM, remember to bring along the right attitude. Success takes time—and hard work.  

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Finding People to join your MLM business is a major daily task for the average new person. When it comes to MLM business, your most important job is to find people to join your business opportunity.

Making a grand list of all your friends and their friends, and talking to every breathing thing around you was how it was done years ago. But these are the days of the internet. 

And recruiting methods have changed. If you want to be successful in this business, you need to master ways of using the internet to get people to join your business.

There are both right ways and wrong ways to do this. Let’s discuss some of the right methods, recruiting techniques that have been proven to work.

Target the right kind of prospects: Remember that the internet is awash with solicitations to join numerous business opportunities. And nearly all of these are from people who don’t even know us from Adam. How do they even know what people want? They’re merely “me too” adverts. Be different: first find out what your potential customers are searching for.

For example, are you marketing telecommunications gadgets? Then by all means target marketing firms or others like them who would want to save on phone bills.

Similarly, if you’re marketing weight loss products, your best target could be someone who wants to lose weight to look good. You could also target mothers who want to lose pregnancy-induced weight gains.

Know what to say: once you’ve targeted the right kind of person for your MLM business, it’s important that you know exactly what to tell them to make them want to join your opportunity. Tell them how you can be of help to help them achieve their goals.

Utilize attraction marketing strategies:  this entails dealing with those who already know a lot about you and your business, as well as making them a part of the buying process. It involves providing your prospects with valuable information that help solve real problems for them, which in turn earns you their respect.

The main idea in attraction marketing is to take focus away from sales and instead create a friendly atmosphere between you and your customers. This helps prospects to perceive you first and foremost as a helpful friend who’s providing a useful service.

 And Do provide useful services by way of free information to your prospects—email courses, eBooks, newsletters, etc. But always make sure that they contain valuable information that people can use and benefit from. If you’re recommending a product, be sure they’re products that have high use-value, not simply those that’ll make you money.

The whole idea is to project yourself as a knowledgeable and sympathetic leader in your business segment. You can influence your prospects more in this regard if you continue to implement a strategy that helps them to get to know and trust you.

This includes promising less and delivering more. It also includes responding promptly to enquiries and returning phone calls. You should generally make the process of reaching you easy, and make yourself likeable.

Attraction marketing operates on the premise that people—all of us—prefer doing business with those we like and trust. Do you now see why one of the very first things you should do as a network marketer is to build a cordial relationship with your prospects?

If you target the right kind of people for your MLM, if you clearly identify their needs, and you position yourself as not only a leader in your niche, but also as one who can help them benefit themselves in their business,

if moreover you try to build cordial relationships with your prospects, be assured that you’ll have people begging to join your MLM opportunity daily.  You can visit my Lead Generation Section at the top of this blog to learn more about the tools I use to generate daily leads to my MLM business. 

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Getting rich in MLM is there any real truth to this dream. Can one get rich doing MLM, or are all the earning claims just a bunch of baseless hype? Well, I believe the only reason you’re reading this is because you believe (even if half-heartedly) that wealth through network marketing is real and truly possible. 

Scammers may have caused some damages to the reputation and credibility of Multi-Level Marketing. Besides, you may have personally attempted one aspect of Multi-Level Marketing or the other in the past which left a sour taste in your mouth. Not necessarily that you got ‘scammed’.

More like you couldn’t figure out how to make more money than you were spending in the business. Either way, do not throw the baby away along with the bath water; MLM is still the number one cost-effective source of real income for a new entrepreneur.

Network Marketing—What It Is? MLM and Network Marketing are two words that basically refer to the same activity. Yes, this is not a lecture class.

But see, unless you correctly understand what network marketing or MLM is, you won’t fully appreciate how it works and how to operate it. For example, there are some who see it as a pyramid scheme, approach it as such, and fail sooner than later.

Network marketing is basically a system of retailing products by using independent distributors. These independent distributors establish and manage their own sales force by recruiting other distributors to sell these same products.

Each marketer in this sales force is in effect a distributor who manages their own team or circle of marketers. Together they form a NETWORK of sales people for a particular product or company.

This sort of arrangement helps a company to save a lot in overhead expenses, most of which are then given out to distributors as commissions and bonuses. It is a strategy that is increasingly being put to good use by millions of home business owners around the world.

And the industry is churning out more millionaires than any other segment of the economy—most of which are reeling in recession, anyway. This industry trains you in several important areas, such as how to manage a business, how to sell, time management, staying motivated in the face of rejection, and so on.

How to Get Rich In MLM? Although your own personal talents and discretion must always come into play every here and there, but to entertain any hope of achieving long-term success with your MLM, there are a few things you must get right from the very beginning.

First and foremost, you will have to select the right MLM company to join. Listen, if you do this right you’ve done half of the job! It’s that important.

If you don’t get this right, nothing else you do will help. Some companies are just not solid. Others parade a line of products that just don’t sell. A few are outright scams. So ensure you do your search before joining. You could use the following criteria to identify a credible MLM company.

Find companies that have existed for five or more years. If a company has maintained a good track record for five years or more, there’s every chance that their products are good, and they are capable of further innovations and back-end support for their distributors.

Be choosy of what products to sell. The tag ‘network marketing’ does not magically turn a bad product to a good one! So why should you agree to sell a health product that you have reason to believe a doctor would condemn? Point is, only agree to sell products you have faith in.

Select a company that has a good back-end support for their distributors. Otherwise you’ll have to shoulder the responsibility of developing training and marketing programs and materials for your downlines. That could be too much load for one just starting out.

Having selected a credible MLM company, the next step is for you to evolve your own sales strategy. This involves deciding how you’ll generate leads and ways of supporting your downlines. In network marketing, more than half of your income will come from your team members. So you ought to give serious thoughts to who you recruit as your downline. It is better for you to have a few quality persons in your initial downline than to have every Jane and Joe and their cousins who won’t work!

Another strategy to adopt to ensure you’ll grow rich in MLM is to diversify your membership with a front end funded proposal. What this means is that you should lead with educational products or tools that appeal to your prospect even if they are in another company.

Find a lead generation system that provides this type of service. This will not only fetch you multiple streams of income, it will also reduce your risks. A front end funded proposal will help you eliminate your monthly fees in your primary business.

Having mastered the above, then automate your business by using internet recruiting strategies. Above all else, don’t ever consider quitting, no matter what initial negative results you encounter. In this and all other businesses, only those who outlast setbacks reap the rewards. Continue to learn everyday, improving in your targeting and follow-ups.

If you implement these tips AND teach your downline members to do the same, then you’ve laid a solid foundation for MLM riches. It is as good as guaranteed that you’ll reap the benefits in no time. 

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Brian Garvin and Jeff West are the two guys behind mlmreviewkings.com. As you may or may not know, mlmreviewKings.com regularly carries out systematic review of MLM companies, products, leading lights… you name it, and if it’s MLM stuff, chances are that review kings have examined it for you.

So you can say Brian and Jeff are rendering very useful services to network marketers. They’ve created what is regarded as one of the best online resources for people involved in MLM.

Brian and Jeff are internet marketing experts in their own rights. They have a combined 17 years of experience doing MLM. And they’ve done it all—Lead Generation, Search Engine Optimization, Software Development, Sales, DVD Development, Public Speaking Engagements, E-Book Authoring, etc. So in this business, Brian Garvin and Jeff West have done pretty much anything you can think of.

But what both men consider their best skill set is their ability to help all serious-minded network marketers to develop personalized and detailed marketing strategies.  And they are known to often go beyond the call of duty to help those who are determined to achieve some of their highest possible aspirations and income dreams.

They often do these by way of bringing out the hidden talents and creativity that’s present in everyone.

At the moment, Brian and Jeff have as their primary MLM business a company known as Tivita. With Tivita, Brian and Jeff are attempting to create a synergy between traditional direct response marketing and mainstream media adverts. The result is a new concept they refer to as ‘co-operative marketing’.

The whole idea behind co-operative marketing is to take the hassles of prospecting away from network marketers—most of who are having troubles with prospecting, anyway. Thus, as a marketer, you can outsource customer gathering tasks to Tivita and focus on other aspects of your business. Boy, that’s a lot of load taken off your shoulders! But it doesn’t come cheap.

So Should You Buy Into This Opportunity?  That ought to be a personal decision. But let me point out that the fundamental need that Brian Garvin and Jeff West are out to address with Trivia is real—customer acquisition.

And they are unique in this service offering. It is arguable if there’s any other company anywhere at the moment who is offering to get customers for MLM marketers in this fashion.

Of course, the downside of this strategy is that it is expensive. Put side by side with simple marketing tactics that are sure to fetch you loads of prospective customers, I would think that the money spent buying this program could be better utilized.

It obviously isn’t the best prospecting option for the newbie network marketer. There are far easier and cheaper ways to get people to join your opportunity than contracting it all out for a hefty fee.

But there sure are very helpful marketing tips you can learn from Brian and Jeff. They are veterans in this business, remember. So I suggest you subscribe to their newsletters and other free training stuff. You could also contact them personally as they are among the best trainers in online marketing.

In the end, whether or not you decide to buy into the co-operative marketing idea, you will still need to work hard before you can see success in your MLM.

Yes, it doesn’t matter what program you are using, if you want to prosper in this business, then you must learn how to market your own business attractively, consistently, simply, and honestly.

Not forgetting to take full advantage of internet resources. Basically these are the principles that have enabled Brian, Jeff, and countless other network marketers to achieve success with their MLM.

As a network Marketing Business Builder being able to attract daily targeted MLM leads to your business is the key to your MLM Success.

How would you like to attract 50-100 leads to your MLM business daily? Learning these MLM Marketing Skills will help you Explode your MLM business.     

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MLM success is something you have to work really hard at and sometimes it can be a long journey. Here are some MLM success tips that I would like to share with you that might help you find your way.

If you want to build an MLM business by using the internet, you would want to set up your own personal blog. Even if you are just starting out with your MLM this should be one of your main goals. Having a blog in place is a very important step in building your web brand.

Using your blog to build your business is a way to let people get a chance to know you and become familiar with the message you are trying to get out to the masses. Your blog is an important tool that helps you build your valuable list.

Most MLM Top Producers who earn income generated from their blog traffic know that the only way you can make money is by building a list and by getting and keeping the traffic coming to your blog.

There are many of ways of getting traffic and targeted visitors to your site, but your main goal is – how to keep repeat readers coming back to your blog?

If you are not able to catch and hold the attention of your target market then once they have visited your blog most likely they will not return. And to be able to build a relationship with your readers you need repeat visitors

One thing you need to think about is, what is your blog’s main purpose and how can you use your blog to brand yourself. Here are some tips you might find useful to make your blog interesting enough to keep your traffic coming and hopefully help you build a profitable business.

One mistake that new bloggers make is in their blog’s layout. People who are visiting your blog are not only looking for informative information and good content but they would like to have an appealing place to read the content that caught their attention. They also want to be able to navigate and find information on the site easy.

Your blog’s design needs to be simple to them and not to busy. What I mean by busy is that you do not want a lot of flashing banners and distracting music that would be taking their attention away from your message.

For this reason it is important not to have distractions that would cause them to leave your blog site prematurely. It also is important that the font that you use is easy to read. People who can not read your print easily and have to strain will loose concentration and this will cause them to leave your site.

Having animated graphics are ok, but I would only have a few on the main page of my blog. If you want to place graphics on your blog for your advertisements I would create a page on my blog to host all my banner and graphic ads. You do not want anything detracting from your blog’s message.

Another mistake new bloggers make is with their content. Some bloggers rarely update their blog and this is a mistake. If you only post new content on your blog a couple times a month, you will find that your readers will forget about your blog,

You need to have an active blog to be able to keep your target markets interest. When you are just starting out you need to make new post to your blog daily. This will help to keep fresh visitors coming to your site and with your ranking with google.

Blogging techniques are changing daily it was a time when blogs only had text content but now it is recommended that you should also have video on your blog also.

Studies show that if people can hear a message, see a message and read a message you stand a better chance of that person wanting to know more about the topic.

Now as a MLM professional your blogs main purpose should be for your target market to be able to get a chance to know more about you. Remember people do business with other people who they know, like and trust. Provide some interesting pictures, audio files and videos about yourself.

Offer a variety of information about yourself as well as your blog daily content and you will see that your target market will come back day after day to see what new information you are sharing with them..

It is also important that you continue to stay on point of your blog’s niche topic. If you’re blogging about MLM related topics, then all of your posts should be related to that subject area.

Providing daily valuable information to your blog followers about a subject that could help their business will build you a loyal daily following.

MLM success is achieved by winners and winners become leaders and Network marketing leaders have their own MLM blogs. Top Producers know that a blog establishes you as an expert in your field, and is important to establishing your web brand and generating daily leads.

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MLM Marketing-Free Or Paid Marketing Which Is Best?

Any online entrepreneur knows that their most important job is to have a high amount of traffic driven to their website on a daily basis. The more traffic that you have coming to your website means the more potential income for you to make. Without daily traffic to your site, you will not be able to make any money.

Since the internet has come into play many people have realized that now there are a lot of different options for getting traffic to your website. Even today, the debate goes on about which one – paid or free methods – work out better for the internet marketing entrepreneur.

When trying to build an online business your major goal is to drive a lot of traffic to your website, you have to make a choice whether to go with developing free traffic route or use paid traffic like Google pay per click (PPC) marketing.

As you know Free traffic will deliver the best ROI (return on your investment) because you will have no out of pocket cost. The problem you find is that in most cases the traffic you bring to your website may not be as targeted as a Keyword Targeted PPC Campaign.

There are many ways to generate free traffic such as articles marketing and using the social networks. If you choose to use the social networks then you would make use of the different social sites that are free.

All you need to do is put in the needed time and learn how to market on these sites. Create good quality content that will help you maximize your traffic driving strategies.

It is important to bring to your attention that simply having a profile on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Startupspace and other types of social networking sites does not guarantee automatic increase in your Web traffic. You need to know how market yourself and position your profile in such a way that attract the people that belong to your niche market.

The challenges that people face with using the free traffic method is that it’s a work-heavy marketing technique. In order to gain a lot of traffic on a daily basis, an internet marketer needs to constantly market their site to get their link exposed to their target market.

If you do not have 3-4 hours per day to put into marketing your website links then, free marketing strategies is not an option that will work for you.

Pay Per Click campaign traffic will cost you money to drive traffic to your site, but if you set up your campaign properly, then your ROI will be much higher and the advertising cost will pay for it’s self. If you’re using Ezine Article directories, you sometimes have to wait over 7 days for approval, but a Google AdWords campaign can be generating targeted leads in minutes.

While your cost will be much higher running a PPC campaign, so is your potential for huge profits. If you don’t know how to set up a good PPC campaign, you will risk losing a lot of money.

Most Adwords campaign such as Google has protection in place to help you monitor your accounts and to prevent any major losses from happening, such as you can set daily limits for your spending. Unfortunately, a lot of internet marketers set their limits far above what they can really stand to loose.

My suggestion for you is to use a paid and free traffic marketing strategy that combines both methods. You might want to set up a PPC campaign for a couple weeks out of the month and at the same create an Article marketing campaign with the Ezine directories – both with the same keywords.

A couple weeks later, you notice your Article is #1 in the Google SERPs. Would you want to continue the PPC campaign? Well that will be what your testing and tracking of conversion rates will answer for you. You might find that the PPC ad linking traffic directly to your capture page has a higher conversion than those who click through to the Article link.

Smart internet marketers understand the need to constantly track and tweak their marketing efforts. Learn and implement new marketing strategies. See what works best for your niche market. Then do not reinvent the wheel repeat your success!

As a Network Marketing Business Builder being able to attract daily targeted MLM leads to your business is the key to your MLM Success. How would you like to attract 50-100 leads to your MLM business daily? Learning these MLM Marketing Skills will help you Explode your MLM business.

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MLM Success really can be within your reach. Some of us assume that successful people either come from comfortable backgrounds or at least possess special skills that we do not have. This thinking is in error.

Truth is that the vast majority of successful people come from nothing but saw something—anything—that they were really passionate about, and which they decided to work on and maximize.

As Norman Vincent Pearle once said “empty pockets never held anyone back from success. But empty heads have”. If you have ever been passionate about something—anything—then your head is not empty.

You have the necessary ingredient to at least start something. But to keep going, you will need something to feed your passion. You can get this in the form of the numerous success stories that abound in every field of human endeavor.

Probably no other society presents a greater proof that people from all circumstances can turn their lives around than the USA entrepreneur culture. Grass to grace and rags to riches stories appear to be this nation’s most defining trademarks.

It is the one feature of our history that transcends both the industrial and the information ages. Meanwhile the successful global penetration of the World Wide Web has ensured that our present era, known as the age of the entrepreneur, is not missing that mark.

In fact, if anything is certain, our generation promises to produce more success stories than any other period in our history.

A recent study said that 10 million new millionaires will emerge in the United States between the 10-year period of 2006 and 2016. The study further revealed that prime candidates would be those involved in direct selling (i.e. network marketers), techies, home-based businesses, product distributors, and those in the wellness field.

Did you notice that a common thread seems to run through that list? It’s mostly made up of people doing their own thing, working for themselves! It’s no accident; the evidence is already here.

The majority of rags-to-riches stories theses days are individuals working for themselves in one form of home-based business or the other. We haven’t said that home-based businesses, multi-level marketing, internet-based businesses, or any other aspect of direct marketing are get-rich-quick opportunities.

Far from it, there’s no point telling you here that success will be instant when all evidence shows that it won’t. For most persons, success in network marketing takes a lot of work—hard work and smart work, dedication and patience.

Yes you’ll be working from home; but you’ll still need to work. You probably will need more discipline and commitment in this activity than if you were working for someone else. It sure takes commitment and concerted effort to continue to “network”, that is, meeting and recruiting useful contacts who themselves will meet and recruit other productive people.

It is the successful implementation of this strategy that guarantees growth and long-term success in network marketing. But when you consider the financial reward and personal freedom that this activity promises, you’ll agree that the initial labor is well worth it.

We’ve said ‘initial labor’ because in network marketing, if you work it right, then the time comes when you won’t need to put in the same level of efforts to generate comparable results. So after the initial period, the amount of efforts you decide to put in will mostly depend on the size of income you envisage for yourself, and how soon you want to retire.

Yes, you can retire and still command sizable income in network marketing or MLM. Doesn’t that appeal to you?
Why not consider how you can benefit from the many lucrative opportunities that network marketing offers?

The main skill you will need to learn is how to master attraction marketing and have a daily stream if leads contacting you about what you have to offer them as per your business or product.

You Can Visit my Lead Generation Tab for more information on MLM Marketing tools.

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