What are MLM prospects really looking for when they join a business? Amidst the maze of distributors competing for the attention of prospective clients, why is it that some of them would decide to join you? Is it because of your company’s reputation, its superior products or maybe the compensation plan? No.

Otherwise they would have joined any of the other distributors from your very same company who came before you. Or is it that you’ve come at the right time? Neither. Around this same time they’ve been turning down other solicitations. So what is the attraction?

It is you! Yes, people join your network company because of you. Isn’t that great? Well, it’s a failure to understand this simple truth that’s kept many marketers struggling unnecessarily for new recruits or customers. The thing is that in MLM, people join people, not necessarily company, or products, or pay plans.

Those other considerations come soon afterwards. But first, people are attracted to someone they perceive as a LEADER in some way. This is not even unique to MLM. Throughout history, and in every circle of human activity, certain qualities and personality traits have always made some persons more attractive than others.

In MLM, that quality or trait that attracts leads more than any other is LEADERSHIP. Yes, here in MLM leaders are winners. People join those they perceive as an authority in the area they are considering. They join those they believe are capable of helping them become what they want to become.

Is that how you are projecting yourself before your prospects? More importantly, is that how your prospects see you?

The truth is that very little can be achieved in MLM without leadership. Is it for nothing that companies that distribute their products through network marketing lavish lots of incentives on group leaders?

Check out all the 6-figure monthly earners in network marketing; they are leaders who in turn imitate other leaders within the group. That’s how it works.

The way to gain the attention of prospects in MLM is to exhibit leadership qualities. So ask yourself: why would someone want to join me? What can the person wanting to join me hope to gain? Your answers to questions like these are a test of your leadership profile.

Becoming a leader though isn’t as hard as it may sound. You just need to start by massively educating yourself in your niche area. It is when you educate yourself that you increase your value and the value you can impart to others. If you have value to offer, people will come to you.

You should do everything you can to develop leadership in yourself. In fact, since MLM isn’t much different from any other activity as far as being a leader is concerned, I suggest you pick up any good book on leadership and begin to learn ways to exhibit the traits of a true leader.

Among other things, you’ll learn that leaders are not interested in who gets the credits as long as the goal is achieved. Leaders are constantly grooming those behind them to become leaders in their own right.

And as far as network marketing is concerned, helping your prospects to build large successful networks of distributors makes a lot of financial sense to both them and you, doesn’t it?

Personal financial rewards need not be your only motivating factor, though. Simply demonstrate a genuine commitment to see your prospects succeed. Do this by the way you interact with them online and offline. Show it by availing them of resources that can help them learn and grow faster.

If they observe these leadership qualities in you, they will be attracted to you. They will be more inclined too to treat their own downlines same way. Leadership Qualities will then spread throughout your network, and that would be mutually beneficial.

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Who can succeed in MLM is a very hard question to answer. How can you really succeed in MLM is a different task for each person. Fortunately MLM is not one of those money games where others have to lose before you can make money.

Even then, not all persons succeed in MLM. This is a fact we must all accept. MLM after all is a business, and as is true of all other businesses, there are traits and habits that must be cultivated before success can follow.

Now did I hear you say ‘can I do it?’? Well, let me begin by saying that anybody can succeed in any business endeavor, including MLM—provided they are willing to do what it takes to succeed in it.

There are certain habits that are necessary for success in every activity. People who have succeeded in any business did so because they possessed or developed those necessary habits.

Now instead of languishing in self-pity or wallowing in envy, wouldn’t it be better to try and find out what habits successful network marketers had cultivated that helped them succeed, and then try and develop such habits? Fortunately, habits can be learned.

Now, if all successful network marketers were to be assembled under one roof and interviewed, what common thread are we likely to notice in their answers to MLM success? Well, if you ever desired to master MLM success principles, then what you’re reading right now may well be the most important message you’ve ever read.

It turns out that successful marketers DO have things in common—but it’s not what you’d think. No, they were not all born geniuses. Some, like Mike Dillard, one of the industry’s top authorities, confessed that he ‘was NOT a born marketer’ and that when he first started out, his ‘mind would occasionally go blank due to nervousness.’

They also didn’t all have to cut their teeth in the corporate world as a prerequisite for success in MLM—many have actually succeeded in MLM partly thanks to spectacular failures as corporate employees.
Here are traits that the top dogs have in common that you should try and develop.

Determination: You should be determined to succeed even in the face of serious challenges. Have you noticed that in every business many people have failed at the same time many others have succeeded? It all comes down to one factor: determination. determination. determination. No, it’s not a typo.

Look friend, unless you have a strong reason why you cannot possibly quit, any other skill you may possess will come to naught—fast talker, eloquent speaker, great organizer, name it. There will be times when quitting seems like the only reasonable thing to do. These other talents won’t help you if you are not resolutely determined to continue.

Consistency: Do you have a reputation for finishing (or continuing) what you started? If you don’t, develop it, because you’re going to need it if you hope to succeed in MLM. Every business venture, just like a tree, requires time to grow and bear fruit, or profits.

Nothing worthwhile ever starts and grows over night. A measure of efforts and TIME must be invested into it, consistently. This is what guarantees success in MLM, or any other business activity for that matter.

Creativity: Creativity will help you to make inroads where other folks see only obstacles. As an independent representative, you need to be constantly thinking up profitable and problem-solving ideas of your own as well leveraging on those of other successful marketers.

Discipline: View your MLM business as what it is—a business. Yes you’re now working from home. But that’s no reason to adopt a lazy attitude towards the activity. Wake up when you should. Do what should be done and when they ought to be done. Take appointments very seriously—both online and offline appointments.

Without discipline, you cannot follow up on prospects; neither would you be at a training venue when you should. Meanwhile all these are vital to growing and succeeding in MLM. You simply can’t hope to succeed in anything without self-discipline, and MLM is no exception.
Be ready to learn: MLM is a knowledge industry.

Only those who continue to learn and implement new ideas can hope to achieve lasting success here. Lead generation and recruiting, for examples, are two MLM strategies which techniques continue to evolve.

Lead generation or recruiting methods of only a few years ago cannot yield good results today. This calls for continuous learning and fine-tuning of strategies on your part as a marketer. You also need to first love the products or services you intend to market before loving the money.

We can go on and on. But the idea in this article is not to dazzle you with an impressive list of dos and don’ts of MLM success principles. The top earners in network marketing actually have a reputation for keeping things simple. So if you can apply these six success principles in your MLM marketing, be assured that MLM success is within your reach.

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Finding People to join your MLM business is a major daily task for the average new person. When it comes to MLM business, your most important job is to find people to join your business opportunity.

Making a grand list of all your friends and their friends, and talking to every breathing thing around you was how it was done years ago. But these are the days of the internet. 

And recruiting methods have changed. If you want to be successful in this business, you need to master ways of using the internet to get people to join your business.

There are both right ways and wrong ways to do this. Let’s discuss some of the right methods, recruiting techniques that have been proven to work.

Target the right kind of prospects: Remember that the internet is awash with solicitations to join numerous business opportunities. And nearly all of these are from people who don’t even know us from Adam. How do they even know what people want? They’re merely “me too” adverts. Be different: first find out what your potential customers are searching for.

For example, are you marketing telecommunications gadgets? Then by all means target marketing firms or others like them who would want to save on phone bills.

Similarly, if you’re marketing weight loss products, your best target could be someone who wants to lose weight to look good. You could also target mothers who want to lose pregnancy-induced weight gains.

Know what to say: once you’ve targeted the right kind of person for your MLM business, it’s important that you know exactly what to tell them to make them want to join your opportunity. Tell them how you can be of help to help them achieve their goals.

Utilize attraction marketing strategies:  this entails dealing with those who already know a lot about you and your business, as well as making them a part of the buying process. It involves providing your prospects with valuable information that help solve real problems for them, which in turn earns you their respect.

The main idea in attraction marketing is to take focus away from sales and instead create a friendly atmosphere between you and your customers. This helps prospects to perceive you first and foremost as a helpful friend who’s providing a useful service.

 And Do provide useful services by way of free information to your prospects—email courses, eBooks, newsletters, etc. But always make sure that they contain valuable information that people can use and benefit from. If you’re recommending a product, be sure they’re products that have high use-value, not simply those that’ll make you money.

The whole idea is to project yourself as a knowledgeable and sympathetic leader in your business segment. You can influence your prospects more in this regard if you continue to implement a strategy that helps them to get to know and trust you.

This includes promising less and delivering more. It also includes responding promptly to enquiries and returning phone calls. You should generally make the process of reaching you easy, and make yourself likeable.

Attraction marketing operates on the premise that people—all of us—prefer doing business with those we like and trust. Do you now see why one of the very first things you should do as a network marketer is to build a cordial relationship with your prospects?

If you target the right kind of people for your MLM, if you clearly identify their needs, and you position yourself as not only a leader in your niche, but also as one who can help them benefit themselves in their business,

if moreover you try to build cordial relationships with your prospects, be assured that you’ll have people begging to join your MLM opportunity daily.  You can visit my Lead Generation Section at the top of this blog to learn more about the tools I use to generate daily leads to my MLM business. 

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Getting rich in MLM is there any real truth to this dream. Can one get rich doing MLM, or are all the earning claims just a bunch of baseless hype? Well, I believe the only reason you’re reading this is because you believe (even if half-heartedly) that wealth through network marketing is real and truly possible. 

Scammers may have caused some damages to the reputation and credibility of Multi-Level Marketing. Besides, you may have personally attempted one aspect of Multi-Level Marketing or the other in the past which left a sour taste in your mouth. Not necessarily that you got ‘scammed’.

More like you couldn’t figure out how to make more money than you were spending in the business. Either way, do not throw the baby away along with the bath water; MLM is still the number one cost-effective source of real income for a new entrepreneur.

Network Marketing—What It Is? MLM and Network Marketing are two words that basically refer to the same activity. Yes, this is not a lecture class.

But see, unless you correctly understand what network marketing or MLM is, you won’t fully appreciate how it works and how to operate it. For example, there are some who see it as a pyramid scheme, approach it as such, and fail sooner than later.

Network marketing is basically a system of retailing products by using independent distributors. These independent distributors establish and manage their own sales force by recruiting other distributors to sell these same products.

Each marketer in this sales force is in effect a distributor who manages their own team or circle of marketers. Together they form a NETWORK of sales people for a particular product or company.

This sort of arrangement helps a company to save a lot in overhead expenses, most of which are then given out to distributors as commissions and bonuses. It is a strategy that is increasingly being put to good use by millions of home business owners around the world.

And the industry is churning out more millionaires than any other segment of the economy—most of which are reeling in recession, anyway. This industry trains you in several important areas, such as how to manage a business, how to sell, time management, staying motivated in the face of rejection, and so on.

How to Get Rich In MLM? Although your own personal talents and discretion must always come into play every here and there, but to entertain any hope of achieving long-term success with your MLM, there are a few things you must get right from the very beginning.

First and foremost, you will have to select the right MLM company to join. Listen, if you do this right you’ve done half of the job! It’s that important.

If you don’t get this right, nothing else you do will help. Some companies are just not solid. Others parade a line of products that just don’t sell. A few are outright scams. So ensure you do your search before joining. You could use the following criteria to identify a credible MLM company.

Find companies that have existed for five or more years. If a company has maintained a good track record for five years or more, there’s every chance that their products are good, and they are capable of further innovations and back-end support for their distributors.

Be choosy of what products to sell. The tag ‘network marketing’ does not magically turn a bad product to a good one! So why should you agree to sell a health product that you have reason to believe a doctor would condemn? Point is, only agree to sell products you have faith in.

Select a company that has a good back-end support for their distributors. Otherwise you’ll have to shoulder the responsibility of developing training and marketing programs and materials for your downlines. That could be too much load for one just starting out.

Having selected a credible MLM company, the next step is for you to evolve your own sales strategy. This involves deciding how you’ll generate leads and ways of supporting your downlines. In network marketing, more than half of your income will come from your team members. So you ought to give serious thoughts to who you recruit as your downline. It is better for you to have a few quality persons in your initial downline than to have every Jane and Joe and their cousins who won’t work!

Another strategy to adopt to ensure you’ll grow rich in MLM is to diversify your membership with a front end funded proposal. What this means is that you should lead with educational products or tools that appeal to your prospect even if they are in another company.

Find a lead generation system that provides this type of service. This will not only fetch you multiple streams of income, it will also reduce your risks. A front end funded proposal will help you eliminate your monthly fees in your primary business.

Having mastered the above, then automate your business by using internet recruiting strategies. Above all else, don’t ever consider quitting, no matter what initial negative results you encounter. In this and all other businesses, only those who outlast setbacks reap the rewards. Continue to learn everyday, improving in your targeting and follow-ups.

If you implement these tips AND teach your downline members to do the same, then you’ve laid a solid foundation for MLM riches. It is as good as guaranteed that you’ll reap the benefits in no time. 

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Is MLM The Right Business For Everyone? You Decide

Is MLM the right business for you? The economy is hurting. And many people are gradually realizing that the HARDEST way to achieve financial security is to work for government or corporations. At the same time, MLM and other work- from-home opportunities are becoming more and more popular.

It is now commonplace to hear of very ordinary folks who only a few years ago were just getting by now commanding six-figure in annual income, working from home. Others have developed their network marketing businesses to a level where they now enjoy the kind of life some of us can only dream of.

 Unfortunately MLM also has some bad reputation. You probably know or have heard about someone who lost hundreds or thousands of dollars trying to run a Multi-Level Marketing opportunity. These things happen. But does that mean that MLM is a bad business? In view of the contrasting results people are having in MLM, it is pertinent to ask: is MLM right for you?

Multi-Level Marketing or network Marketing is a popular business choice for people who desire to make extra money from home. It has really evolved over the years. It is now promoted and practiced in virtually every country and every industry segment. 

The opportunity is real, and the vast majority of income claims are true. And, as opposed to get-rich-quick schemes, MLM are legitimate business ventures that can be approached in a most professional manner.

So, is MLM right for you? Well, let’s see: Do you really have a strong desire to make money running your own business? Do you enjoy working with people? Are you good at organizing, or are you willing to learn? Do you have a plan for success that you’ll stick to, come what may, for up to 5 years? Are you open to coaching and self-improvement?

Additionally, but not necessarily, are you a fast talker, or a public speaker? If you answered yes to most of these questions, then you’ll do well in MLM. It is right for you.

Start by choosing a dependable company with a good track record, proven products, uncomplicated compensation plan, and a rich pool of successful upline team leaders that are willing to work with downlines. This will take some searching on your part, but it is very important.

Do not fall for glamorous opportunities that sound too good to be true. Do your home-work well. This will prevent you from jumping from one opportunity to the other—which itself is a recipe for failure in MLM.

Once you’ve chosen a reliable opportunity, get focused. Do not be swayed by claims from other marketers in other opportunities (by the way, these may well be true, but who says you won’t have your own success stories to tell soon?). Don’t quit and don’t jump around. The winners in MLM are those who stay put and overcome all challenges.

The question of if MLM is right for one actually depends on an individual’s point of view. This business (MLM) does have its pros and cons. Having realistic expectations and observing due diligence before getting in are essential.

Consistent action and commitment are also very important. Above all, do not look at network marketing as get-rich-quick scheme. If you do, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment and failure.

Over all, I’m convinced that starting a MLM business with the right company is the quickest and easiest way to financial freedom today, provided you’re prepared to work hard, learn how to generate daily leads and work smart.       


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If you do not want to fail in your MLM opportunity there is certain knowledge and skills that you need to have. Have you ever read an ad that said you’d make more money in a week than you’d made in your entire life.

And that feeling pulled you irresistibly toward your dreams. It was an awesome feeling!  Finally you plunged—bought into the program, believing you’ve found the best thing since electricity was invented!

 And you’ve sacrificed a lot to see the profits you were promised, foregoing time with family, spending money out of family budget, working odd hours. Yes, you methodically worked the business plan as it was laid out. Yet, you couldn’t see any detectable sign of success. And now you’re seriously considering quitting.

If the above scenario describes your experience in network marketing, take heart. Fortunately you are in the majority, if that’s any comfort. Latest figures reveal that each week, some 175,000 persons start one form of MLM or the other. If you got your math right, it translates to 9 million-plus new MLM businesses per year.

 Meanwhile only about 5% of these, a tiny minority, will succeed with their business. The vast majority, about 95%, will fail! Reminds me of the Great Preacher’s words: “Many are called, but few are chosen” (Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible).

Fortunately nobody is destined to belong in the majority class; nobody is destined to fail. It’s all in the way we approach this activity called network marketing. Here are 6 clues on how NOT to fail in your MLM.

 It Takes Time: Sorry if that breaks your heart. Truth is, unless you win a lottery or something, you are never going to make a million dollars overnight. It takes time to create enduring wealth. And if any internet ads are telling you anything different, just move on!

Beware Of Scams: Your success in MLM begins with choosing a credible company to join. Unfortunately most “opportunities” out there are outright scams—they’re simply there to rip us off! So you’d better be careful with your credit card. Before deciding to join a company, research it—on Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, etc. Don’t be shy to ask someone what they know about the company. Ensure there are ways to reach the company on phone and through email. Call them to make enquiries and voice your concerns. And don’t join until you have a good feeling about the company its leaders. 

Stay Focused: A lack of focus is another reason many marketers fail. When you’re just starting out, remain with one MLM Company, and only one company (provided you’ve digested point 2 above). Jumping from one company to another will ensure you won’t ever get off the ground—you’ll keep starting over many times. Forget all the ads that keep telling you about the next best thing. It’s the same as what you have on your hands! So stay focused, stay committed, and fully work the plan you’ve got

Accept Responsibility: It’s like learning to drive a car. No amount of information on paper will prevent you from making a few rookie mistakes the moment you eventually get behind the wheel.

 Are you going to accept those mistakes and learn from them, or are you going to blame your driving teacher? So it goes with network marketing. Some of the most successful ones are those who take responsibility for both their failures and successes. After all you answer only to yourself here, it’s your business. So it’s up to you to make it work and take all the credits.

Have a Mentor: There are those who’ve been doing this before you. You need the successful and honest ones among them to help you out. In most network marketing companies, you’re often sponsored by someone. Observe carefully how your mentor or leader is faring in the business.

 If he sucks, then how can he help you to succeed? But if he is obviously succeeding with the business, you’d better find out how he does it. Don’t be shy to ask questions and seek clarifications.

 Explore the Power of The Internet: This is actually more like a marketing strategy. But it is good to quickly mention it here, because a major reason many fail in their MLM is that they go about marketing as if this is the late 70’s.

Old-school marketing methods won’t take you far in today’s MLM—harassing friends, relatives, and virtually anything that has breath and lives near you! It doesn’t work that way anymore. Remember too, if these ones do join, remembering what it took you to get them will paralyze their marketing drive. So it’s a dead end approach to marketing. Learn the new techniques of marketing your MLM online.

The 6 points above are tested and trusted guidelines or ‘laws,’ which, if carefully followed, will ensure you won’t fail in your MLM business. It goes without say that you’ll have to persevere since this is not a get-rich-quick activity. Yes, only 5% of new entrants into MLM may succeed, but that number can surely accommodate you.  

As a network Marketing Business Builder being able to attract daily targeted MLM leads to your business is the key to your MLM Success. How would you like to attract 50-100 leads to your MLM business daily?

Learning these MLM Marketing Skills will help you Explode your MLM business. You can visit my blog and website to find out more complete information on lead generation tips.


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