Do You Have The Drive To Succeed?

How passionate are you about your business success? Are you so fired-up that you just can’t wait to get started, willing to confront and surmount all obstacles that show up along the way?

Of all the success principles that are known to man, passion comes first. Let me tell you what happens when a person is passionate about something. Passion generates the drive that keeps one going for as long as it takes to achieve an objective. And as it turns out, success is more of a journey than a destination.

Again, success may take longer for some than for others, as indeed all journeys are not of same distance. So what if your success is taking longer than you expected? Passion will provide you with the drive to continue the journey. It’s hard to find any successful entrepreneur who isn’t passionate about their business.

When you have the drive for success, it releases inner energy from within you. And this will propel you irresistibly towards the attainment of your goal. Passion unlocks the doors of your imagination; it makes you more creative as you then begin to think only in terms of attaining your goal.

You’ll no longer fear failure and all the things that could cause it. Indeed, when you have the drive to achieve a defined goal, you are bolder, more decisive and courageous in your pursuit of that goal.
More than that, being passionate helps you to stop being hesitant for too long.

Having decided on that business or goal which you believe holds some promise for you, a passionate person doesn’t wait for a moment longer before taking action. Therefore whenever you find yourself dithering on two opinions for too long, you may just need to ask yourself: “Am I truly passionate about this business?”

Chances are that you’re not. But you’ll need to develop it if the goal means something to you.Now how can you develop the drive to be successful in whatever you do?

Have Your Goal Clearly Defined. Can you aim at a target you can’t even see? Impossible. So unless you’ve told yourself what success means to you, you can’t go for it with all the energy you’ve got.

It is only when you’ve decided that you do not like where you find yourself right now, and you’ve chosen where you’d rather be, that is when your inner strengths and passion will be directed towards the attainment of that status. So, can you say precisely what it is you’re aiming at? I’m waiting…..!

You also have to Be Consistent. What happens is that when you stay focused and consistently apply success principles, positive results are bound to come. At first they may be small. But for a passionate person, that is all they need to fire them up. The small results often serve as a confirmation that they are right on track to achieving the bigger dreams they are chasing.

Then, Love What You Do and try to do it better. When you have the drive to succeed, you’ll value everything that is related to your business. For example, what is the competition doing? How can you upgrade your products and services? What about customer service and business promotions? These are areas that may need your attention to ensure that your success won’t take too long.

As long as you are passionate about success, you’ll always have the drive to learn and do what needs to be done to ensure the success of your business, or the attainment of whatever goal you’ve set for yourself.

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How to Build a Successful MLM Team- 5 Tips

One common characteristic of successful MLM marketers is their ability to build a thriving team. Meanwhile sponsoring people into your team is the most challenging aspect of network marketing. Those who successfully tackle the challenge invariably go on to become the superstars of network marketing. And those who fail in MLM usually were unable to build successful teams.

But there is more to building a solid, thriving MLM team than simply sponsoring people into your network. You must also be able to keep these new distributors burning with zeal and enthusiasm. Below are five tested ways of doing that:

Be Committed To Your Business Success: this means you should not keep failure as an option. Above all, it means that you will stick to your business through thick and thin. This mindset is necessary because there will surely be dull moments and tough times as you progress in your business.

In fact, it is most likely that you will not see much progress in your MLM business within the first few months—maybe even a year. So you need to resolve beforehand that initial poor results will not make you beat a retreat.

Remember that success in this business comes only after a momentum has been established; meanwhile most newcomers into MLM give up just when that momentum is about to set in! Do not be one of them.

The first few persons you recruited into your team are likely to observe and imitate this trait in you. And you are well on your way to building a solid team!

Be a Leader: it is practically impossible to build a successful team of network marketers if your new guys do not see you as a leader in some ways. For example, how can the new distributors take you and the business seriously if you cannot answer simple questions they may have regarding the network company?

This calls on you to demonstrate leadership qualities. Above all, you should be knowledgeable; learn all you can about the company, the business opportunity, the compensation plan and all. Avail yourself of all resources the company has provided. Watch training and orientation videos.

Get ideas from your upline and other leaders in the company. This will provide you with positive information. Your team members will then see you as a leader and want to imitate you.

Be Motivating: different things motivate different persons. But in network marketing, perhaps nothing is more inspiring than great results.

So share your achievements with your team members. But also make it a point to include obstacles you had to overcome to achieve those results. The later part is even more inspiring than merely telling them what you have achieved.

Mind What You Tell Them! DO NOT ever express your occasional concerns or frustrations about the business to your downline! Your UPLINES are the only persons who should hear such worries. This is very important.

If you waver in your confidence or commitment to the business right before your team members, you are killing their spirit. And they will leave faster than you! Rather, make it a rule to always discuss matters relating to the business in a positive and encouraging manner. And always commend their efforts at building their business.

Empower Your Team with Helpful Tools: besides your personal efforts, endeavor to provide your downlines with other resources that has helped you or other leaders in the business. This could be books, CDs, DVDs, or internet resources. Such materials often help in duplicating success.

Building a successful team is the only way a network marketer can realize their dreams. It starts with your own commitment to your business. Then with you reaching out to your team members in ways that will keep them building with confidence so they will become leaders themselves. When leadership qualities spread in your network of business partners that is how success stories are made in this business!

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The desire to be lucky is as old as the history of mankind. It is just as strong now in this our jet age as it was five thousand or more years ago when men dwelt in caves.

Everywhere and during all ages, people have often hoped to be favored by the fabled goddess of good luck. Or have there not been times when even you yourself looked at someone and reasoned ‘lucky her ’or‘ I wish I was like him’?

So I guess I am in good company if I ask the question: What percentage of life’s success stories can truly be attributed to luck, and which to hard work? It is one of those questions whereby the answer you get depends on who you ask. So I decided not to ask anyone but myself. In search of answers, I read countless personal development books and autobiographies.

My finding and the conclusion I have drawn from my inquiries into this matter is what I have decided to share with you in this article.

Perhaps the most interesting book I read on the subject was “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George S. Clason. In the book, Clason described mother luck as ‘an impatient and fickle-minded goddess who does not waste her time on anybody who is not prepared.’

That sort of sums up everything else I discovered in my examination of successful people. Forget the lottery winners. Forget also the wealthy inheritors. If luck must favor you, there is something you must do: work hard at whatever it is you are doing.

Throughout life, opportunities will keep presenting themselves to all men in every profession. Some grasp the opportunities by taking quick and consistent action. And they go on to achieve their life’s desires. But the vast majority of people often hesitate, procrastinate, and needlessly delay taking prompt and decisive action. Or when they do, their commitment is feeble and so they soon give up. And what happens? You guessed it; they fail and consider themselves unlucky!

But the main idea I am sharing with you here is that a person’s “luck” is enhanced when they prepare themselves very well and take advantage of opportunities. This is opposed to the idea that luck is merely a desirable outcome that happens to a person without any real effort on their part.

Listen, luck can be attracted! When a person is determined to succeed in life, he takes advantage of all available opportunities; he works hard, learns more about his trade, and seeks ways to overcome obstacles. Luck can not ignore such a person for long. In fact, luck finds him out!

Yes, I know there are a few persons who became wealthy through sheer luck; such as those who won jackpots. But don’t you agree that as far as financial success stories are concerned, these are the exceptions? It isn’t the rule. Trust me on this, playing the game of life on the basis of blind chance is extremely risky.

We can further sum things up this way; the chances of succeeding in life through sheer luck is so remote that anyone who goes about life counting solely on luck to see them through may well end up a failure.

On the other hand, there doesn’t exist anybody who diligently worked at an activity and who did not achieve a measure of success. Yes, levels of success may vary, but all who put their heart to what they do eventually see good results.

So get luckier by working your MLM business harder and smarter! Recognize and take advantage of opportunities that regularly present themselves. That way, when luck comes knocking, you will be prepared for her bounties!

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MLM Home Business—Why You Should Start One Today!

If there is ever a perfect time to start a MLM home-based business, it is now. The global economy is still mired in an economic crisis rated to be second only to the Great Depression of the 1930’s. People have been and are still being laid off in record numbers.

Jobs and professions once considered secure no longer offer the security they once did. There is much uncertainty in the air. Even those who have jobs at the moment cannot guarantee that they will stay employed next year and the year after.

As for those already out of job, well, there is little basis for job prospects since at the moment it is much easier to lose a job than get one. Looks like the era of corporate jobs is coming to an end, right?

Nobody will mourn the demise for long though, because there are already alternatives— MLM home based businesses! At the moment, the story over here is much different: while virtually all other sectors of the economy are busy shedding weight, home-based businesses are simply growing in leaps and bounds.

Most persons have now realized that they can achieve more financially if they work for themselves. Indeed, what sense does it make to spend the first 40 years of your life working for someone for an income that seldom stretches between two pay checks?

And if you are fortunate to retire on the job (a rarity these days), do you really fancy living the second stage of your life on one third of an income that you remember was never enough? There is a better alternative, and many have found it. Have you?

Indeed, home-based businesses, particularly network marketing have taken the global economy by storm. As Paul Zane Pilzer stated in one of his recent books, the home based business industry is creating more millionaires now than at any other time. This sector alone (The numismatic Industry) is a billion-dollar-a-year industry world wide and over a 10 billion dollar industry in the U.S.

So this is the perfect time to start your own home-based business and thus position yourself to be part of the massive growth tha is taking place. Hundreds of new millionaires are forecast to emerge in this sector in the next few years.

Another reason why you should get in now is that this is one of very few businesses that thrive under a bad economy such as the one we are facing now. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, as many persons lose their jobs, they are frantically searching for ways to solve their financial problems. And home-based businesses, which guarantee supplementary income at minimal start-up capital often come handy.

Secondly, home-based businesses, especially network marketing has the real potential to make a person rich. And this is true even during economic recessions. Stories abound (and they are mostly true) of individuals, ordinary folks who went into network marketing merely as a way to keep afloat financially, but who within a few years ended up generating monthly incomes far in excess of what they earned per annum in the corporate world.

Surely these are enough reasons for you to want to seriously consider starting a home-based business today. The truth is that most opportunities in the new economy favor the individual entrepreneur. And if you work it right, it’s very possible you will achieve success far beyond your dreams!

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Achieve MLM Success through a Positive Mindset

Developing a positive mindset toward your business is a problem for most people. One of the main reasons being that a lot of us allow the surrounding circumstances to dictate to us what we think and what we believe.

Unfortunately MLM has more than it’s fair share of negative reports—pyramid schemes being paraded as genuine network marketing business, worthless products are being sold by fraudulent marketers, and there are also outright scams out there.

These are just a few of the many negative elements surrounding this business. And we’ve not even said anything about the normal challenges you’ll face as one trying to build a business. In view of all these, some find it easier to give in to negative thinking.

Incidentally, we humans are a product of our thoughts. So many times our worst fears are confirmed, just as our grandest dreams can often be realized! And quite often when we change our thought pattern, next follows changes in our lives too. Or as one philosopher expressed it, “when we change the way we look at something, what we are looking at often seems to change.”

So, as a network marketer, is your mindset toward your home business important? It most certainly is! I invite you to spend a few minutes with me in this article as we examine ways you can develop a mindset of business success, health and wealth.

Control Your Imagination: Is it not true that we are free to use our imagination the way we please? But if you observe closely, there are often times it appears as if our imagination is using us instead!

Or how else do you explain situations where people mostly think up negative outcomes for their endeavors, rather than positive ones? Meanwhile it takes as much effort to imagine blissful scenarios as it does to imagine fearful ones!

So, having known what effect your mindset can have on your actions, wouldn’t you rather use your creative mind (your imagination) to ‘manufacture’ constructive thoughts rather than destructive ones?

Remain Positive And Optimistic: Be determined from the onset that no matter what happens, you’ll respond with a positive attitude. Focus on what good there are to be found in every situation—and there always are.

Even in your relationship with people, focus on their good aspects and don’t expect too much. And in your business, the fact that a particular strategy didn’t deliver expected results doesn’t mean the business as a whole is a failure. Simply try another means of achieving that same result.

Say you tried generating leads using social media and didn’t see much success, don’t conclude that leads are inherently hard or impossible to generate. With a mindset that says IT CAN BE DONE, you’ll quickly move on to other methods.

A positive mindset could even make you to reappraise your approach to that same approach that initially failed. In a nutshell, a positive mindset will always find a way around a problem, whereas a negative mindset only sees every little obstacle as a reason to quit.

Expect The Best For Your Business: In life we often get what we confidently expect. Not that it happens miraculously, but our subconscious mind has a way of coloring our actions in ways that determine what we get in life, either good or bad.

So have the belief that your home business is set up for success. Your whole being will key into this mindset and will channel your physical, mental, and spiritual energies toward thoughts that will make success a reality.

But if on the other hand you fear for the worst for your business, well, your mind will keep presenting you with thoughts that could confirm what you are afraid of! It’s the way the human mind has been proven to work.

As a home business owner, your mindset sure counts for something. No, it doesn’t replace the need to work hard to achieve success. But your set of thoughts toward your business, if positive, will keep you firmly on the path to success.

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6 Sure Ways to Achieve Your MLM Goals

What are your MLM goals? Are you a dreamer? Common, I don’t mean to sound sarcastic! In fact I’m encouraging you to have some dreams and goals for your business. For without goals, towards what will your energy be directed?

And without dreams, where will the energy or inspiration come from in the first place? So, you see, dreams do have their place. And goals are simply indispensable if you are to have success in MLM, or for that matter any business.

So what goals do you wish to accomplish with your home business? No doubt you want to eventually earn enough from this activity to finally quit your daytime job. Which will also mean that you desire to make enough money from here to enable you give yourself and or your family the standard of life your current job simply forbids you. Great ambitions!

Setting a clear goal for your business is important. But following through with this goal is what will insure their attainment. Achieving success with your business entails a series of processes of which goal setting is just one. Here are 6 other things you’ll need to do to help you achieve your goals and thus make your MLM dreams a reality:

Always Keep Your Goal In View: In the game of Football, every player has the end zone in mind in their every move with the ball, even when they’re obviously not looking at the post. The goal post thus becomes the object towards which they direct their efforts.

They keep it in view. You should do no less with your business goal! In your every effort with your MLM, always reflect on how this affects your overall business goal. Keeping your goal in view is the best way to stay focused and remain motivated. Also, if you’re faithful and true to your business goals, you have a far better chance of achieving them.

Review Your Goals Often: You should review your goals often, preferably everyday. This helps you know how you’re apportioning your business resources as well as what things have been accomplished.

And whenever one aspect of the overall goal has been attained, cross it out of the list and move on to your next goal. If you know your goals and see them over and over again, you will be more inclined to stick to them until they’re attained.

Avoid Negative-Minded People: You’re sure to encounter people who’ll tell you “it’s not possible!” “It won’t work!” they are dream killers! You may not be able to totally avoid them. The most you can do is to ignore them as often as they show up with all the ‘reasons’ why your goals are just unattainable.

You cannot achieve your goals in MLM unless you determine to put all these kinds of people out of your life. Never mind that they’ll be among the first to show up by the time your determination pays off! And that takes us to the next point.

Be Determined! It’s impossible to overstress this point. Look, there’ll surely be times when a number of factors will make it look like quitting is the most reasonable thing to do. And detractors as discussed above will always want to make your mind up for you. Refuse to give in! Be determined, and stay focused on what you’ve set out to accomplish for yourself.

Stay Motivated: Look for ways to re-charge your spiritual and emotional battery. Listen to motivational audio recordings or speakers. This will help reinforce your believe in yourself and your abilities—the assurance that you are capable of achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself. This is so vital in combating the influences of negative people and even the effect of occasional poor results from your sincere efforts.

Keep Improving: Yes, aim at becoming an expert at what you do. You cannot achieve your business goals unless first you become real good at different aspects of your business. In network marketing, for example, you’ll need to master prospecting, recruiting, lead generation, and more. So spend time perfecting your skills in these various facets of doing the business. Your success in each aspect of it in turn serves as a motivation that you can master the rest as well.

So set a goal for your business, stick to it, stay motivated, and keep improving your in your skills. These are the things that’ll ensure that your MLM goals will be achieved. And when your goals are attained, your dreams will have materialized!

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MLM Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight!

Will MLM success happen for you? I like to win. I strive towards success in everything I do. Success is so important to me that I’m usually prepared to do everything it takes and wait as long as it takes to attain it.

I’m sure success means that much to you as well; that’s perhaps the only reason you want to continue reading this piece. Good. That means we are on the same page. If not, then read and become wise!

There is no doubt in my mind that network marketing is the quickest and easiest way to achieve financial freedom today. But even as I wrote that last line, I was a bit uncomfortable with my choice of words—QUICKEST and EASIEST. Because I know a lot of people are going to interpret those words to mean “next week” or “in a month.”

When we say that MLM is an easier and quicker route to financial success, we’re only saying in comparison with other businesses which will take a minimum of 7 to 10 years to build you real wealth, if things go well.

It’s important to spell these things out because there is this totally witless notion that seems to have persisted in MLM, namely: all you need do is just hop in, and in a year you’ll be rich. Don’t believe any of that even for a minute. Success and financial freedom doesn’t happen overnight in MLM.

If you are ever going to succeed in this business, you’re going to work and WAIT for it. Indeed, there is no substitute for PERSISTENT hard work and dedication in this business. Don’t ever think you’ll succeed in MLM if the only time you work on it is when there’s nothing else to do. It’ll never work out.

But network marketing or MLM is not inherently difficult to implement. The problem is that so many people come into this business with the belief that they won’t need to do anything at all to prosper—and prosper fast! I don’t believe that.

And I don’t teach any of that to those I recruit into my MLM business. I tell them right from when I’m prospecting them that success has rules. To succeed, a person needs to consistently follow a success plan.

Part of this plan involves committing the necessary resources that financial success requires. The most important success ingredients in network marketing are knowledge, persistent hard work, patience, training, and money.

Yes money!

I know that last item may go contrary to what you’ve often heard concerning MLM. But don’t be deceived; it takes money to make money. You surely need money to join your network opportunity; make monthly product purchases; engage in some form of marketing so as to generate leads; follow up on leads.

Yes, in MLM the start-up capital requirements are relatively small—say $200-$400 monthly. But a failure to commit even that little sum into the activities mentioned above may keep your business grounded.

Meanwhile, even after starting right, there is still a minimum period it’s going to take you to start seeing your first commission checks. For most new marketers, this won’t happen sooner than 6 months. Part of the reason is this: in network marketing, most of what makes you money comes from the efforts of your downlines. Now a rich downline is not built overnight.

It’s going to take time and effort on your part. Also, your sales skills will continue to improve with every sale you make (or even fail to make!). This won’t happen in one week either. Hasn’t it been said that ‘practice makes perfect’? I can go on and on.

The point is, no worthwhile achievement is ever made without real efforts. MLM has all the potentials to give you all the financial freedom you desire. But it won’t happen overnight.

Success takes time and right actions. Continuous learning, fine-tuning of your strategies, as well as consistent application of lessons learnt are what will guarantee your financial freedom in MLM.


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Dani Johnson, A Story of Determination—A Review

Who is Dani Johnson and what is her claim to fame? It’s hard to write a review of this network marketing superwoman without acknowledging the formidable obstacles she had to surmount on her way to MLM Success, as well as all the value and inspiration she has brought to the home business community.

Dani Johnson is now a household name in the MLM community. She now makes her money in the millions and has authored numerous home business training materials. But her story hasn’t always been that interesting.

At the time she came into network marketing, she was among the poorest persons in the America; with only $2.03 to her name, probably even less, since she was also in debt. At the time, she was living right in her car. That is if the ramshackle stuff actually qualified to be called a car!

Meanwhile she was only 19. Which was good: It gave her enough time to make her mistakes and start all over, if necessary. And fail she did. But after several months of failing and going deep into debt, she finally got it right.

The right training and mentoring made the difference. Less than six months later, she was averaging $20,000 per month in income. And within her first two years in MLM, Dani had made her first million. And she was barely 22. The rest, as they say, is history.

Let’s focus on how a review of Dani Johnson’s achievements can benefit your MLM. For one thing, Dani has worked with numerous network marketers, helping many to overcome both personal and business-related obstacles.

Majority of these persons are now seven-figure earners in their businesses. She has a reputation for teaching only what she herself has practiced with good results in her business.

And she has many resources designed to help you achieve personal, financial, and even spiritual goals. Her resources range from workshops, live weekend seminars, tele-coaching, one-on-one coaching, to recorded seminars and classes.

Her coaching covers such areas as how to prospect, how to take inbound calls, as well as how to close sales. Most importantly, she is simply passionate about helping people overcome whatever obstacle is standing between them and their dreams.

Dani believes that you should not beg people to join your business. She teaches that with the right approach, people will indeed beg you to recruit them.

My Final Thoughts: As I stated earlier, Dani Johnson’s strategy sure works; that’s why she’s been so successful! And if you are building your business along the methods laid out by Dani, then her resources are among the best you’ll get in the industry.

However, several of Dani Johnson’s strategies may not suit you if you’re marketing your MLM predominantly on the internet. Indeed the world has moved on since the time Dani came up with her prospecting and recruiting strategies.

It may well have been the best approach then. But today, it’s a lot easier and often brings greater results to leverage technology and the internet to reach hundreds of thousands of prospects online, and establish some form of relationship with them, rather than cold-calling several individuals who have no idea what your are doing.

Online prospecting strategies have been proven to be both cheaper and easier to implement. Especially since network marketing itself is a game of numbers.

It’d be more cost effective to target say, 1000 persons online per month, knowing that probably only about 5% of these will sign up in the end—that’s 50 persons.

If you’re prospecting mainly offline, you can at most target 50 persons in a month. If even 10% of these sign up, what does that amount to? Less than 3 persons. Plus, you’ll spend more using traditional methods.

Dani Johnson is a respected MLM figure. And her methods have worked well for both she herself and her large crowd of students. Whether or not it will work for you depends on how you want to market your MLM, especially how you intend to get leads.

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Can you become one of the Top Flying MLM Recruiters? Is it true that MLM recruiting is getting more and more competitive? And that more and more marketers now have to chase fewer and fewer clients? I don’t know how you’d answer both questions.

But to the first question, my answer is maybe. As for the second question, my answer is an emphatic ‘I don’t think so!’

Yes, recruiting may be getting more competitive, but not necessarily more difficult. If anything, technological innovations and, permit me to say it, the global economic downturn have all combined to actually make prospecting and recruiting a lot easier than it used to be just a decade or two ago.

The evidence is in the numbers. On the one hand, more and more network marketing companies are reporting back-to-back growths in all aspects of their operations—product sales, new distributors, revenues, product lines.

On the other hand, more and more network marketers are making it big in this business now than at any other time in the history of MLM.

If indeed the market outlook is bright, then there’s only one thing that could be holding you back from reaping the gains of Multi-Level Marketing: recruiting. Yes, your recruiting habit could be the missing link in your MLM.

Make no mistake; Recruiting Is The LIFEBLOOD of any MLM business. So if you hope to stay competitive in today’s MLM world in which so many marketers offer similar products and services, you’ll have to continuously upgrade your recruiting skills.

There are no two ways about it; the top earners in MLM are those who realize that recruiting is an art that has to be mastered and constantly upgraded.

Below are 4 recruiting tips to help you sponsor more reps into your MLM business:

Be A Caring Friend: You’ll need to build a relationship with your prospective client so that he begins to trust you. This may take time. But until the prospect has reasons to believe you genuinely care about his interests, he isn’t going to join your MLM.

Even if he or she appears to be slow in making up their mind, go at their pace, addressing one thing at a time. Never try to rush things; it only makes people suspicious.

Understand Your Prospects Concerns and Address what matters to them: On meeting a new prospect, some marketers proceed as though they were programmed to give a recorded speech before ever listening to what a prospect had to say. Wrong!

Finding out your prospect’s goals and dreams is the best guide to what information you need to give him. Don’t go on boasting about the size of the MLM company you represent, their compensation plan etc if the person isn’t interested in all that.

He may have seen bigger MLM companies and more generous plans, but didn’t join. Your addressing his needs (and maybe fears) could make all the difference.

Communicate Well: Your presentation is only as good as how well it is understood. Ultimately this is what will determine how many people you’ll recruit; how well your message is understood. Coming to a level where your prospect gets the message is obviously more useful to both of you than simply speaking to impress.

Finally, but VERY IMPORTANTLY, Cultivate The Follow-Up Habit: Do you know how many solicitations to join a business the average person receives in a day, a week, and in a month?

The point here is, unless you follow up on the prospect, various other concerns will soon relegate your message to the remotest part of his consciousness. So follow up, remind him at reasonable intervals. But do this with discretion, so you don’t end up harassing the person.

Recruiting is a skill, and it can be developed and mastered. Any recruiting tactic that does not put the prospect first, does not portray you the marketer as a friend, attempts to answer questions a prospect is not interested in, or one that does not include regular follow up contacts will not take you far.

On the other hand, implementing the recruiting strategies outlined above is sure to turn you into a great Sponsor and a Recruiting Machine!

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MLM Top Producers have a few things in common no mater what company the represent. If success or failure in MLM (and pretty much any other activity) can be pinned down to one single factor, it is habit.

Yes, we know that sheer luck, bad-timing, and things going this way rather than that can all play a part in how our efforts turn out.
But, everything considered, it seems obvious that a person’s habits in life play a FAR GREATER role in determining how things will turn out for them than any number of those other factors.

That is what often determines who succeeds and who will fail even among people of comparable talents.

The scope of this article won’t allow us to examine the general population. So we’ll only be comparing Apple for Apple, so to speak.

For obvious reasons we’ll be considering the common traits or habits that runs through all successful network marketers, even when these live across continents and barely know themselves.

These habits also hold true among successful people in other occupations. But let’s focus on MLM, after all that’s why you are here!

Here are Seven common habits you’ll observe in every successful network marketer:

They are dogged in their Determination: they decide from the beginning that they’ll see the business through, no matter what. This is a mentality or attitude that states that there’s success waiting for you somewhere, but that you have to pass through several hurdles to claim it.

Is that your attitude? Just know that you can’t succeed without it, because every business comes with a set of challenges. Only a ‘no matter what’ attitude can see you through any challenge.

They are Flexible: what if you discover that your methods aren’t working, will you get out of your comfort zone and do what will bring a change? Successful people are flexible and hold themselves accountable for what’s happening in their business; they don’t blame it on their sponsors or the company. Passing blames only entrenches a mistake, ensuring they won’t ever get corrected.

They get their Priorities right: it’s not enough to be working hard all day. Successful people in this business are well aware that only two things bring money in MLM: product sales, and recruiting new members.

So they spend over 90% of their time on these. Enough said.
They learn from their mistakes: every human in every activity will make mistakes. In themselves, mistakes are not altogether bad.

Our response is the key thing. Whereas unsuccessful people often quit at the point they discover they’ve been terribly wrong, successful people (in every business!) see these flops as opportunities to refine their approach—and they often come up with a better way to approach things.

They’re not in a hurry: success takes time. It typically takes the average person 4-7 months to start seeing results from their marketing campaigns, and maybe even longer to earn their first reasonable check in MLM. Are you willing to wait? Successful network marketers are usually prepared to be patient.

They keep learning about what works: nothing else will keep you ahead of the pack in MLM more than constantly educating yourself about the best and latest methods to market your online business. Moreover, the way this business works, those who know the most will attract the most prospects and customers.

They don’t bet on a cure-all method: successful people do not believe that there is “one last secret” to MLM Success, for, indeed, there is no such thing.

It is the assumption that there is a single panacea to success in MLM that drives impatient MLM newbies into the hands of scammers. If there’s any secret to MLM prosperity, then it lies in consistently implementing the strategies listed above, no matter the initial result.

Finally, remember that success is a journey, not a destination. As such, it is the continuous movement in a particular direction that will see you Succeed In MLM. When you practice the success principles outlined above, they become a habit that will surely earn you the success you desire.

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P.S.: If Your Upline Does Not Have a Step-By-Step Blueprint For Success, Check This Out (Unless You Already Have Too Many Leads) –

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