How to Live a Life of Abundance

The world we are living in constantly creates abundance of everything, every minute. They all surround us—abundant wealth, abundant health, abundant happiness, relationships, opportunities, yes, abundance of every one of those things a person can ever wish to have.
Indeed, it’s been estimated that there are enough building materials in the United States alone to construct a befitting house for every man, woman, and child alive today. It was also proven a few years ago that the entire world population could comfortably fit into the land area of the U.S. state of Texas, with each family occupying a Texas-style mansion! (If you the reader need proof of this, I have it)

Meanwhile when you consider the number of the homeless in the world as well as the cost of relatively little pieces of lands everywhere, you’ll end up with the impression that we are seriously short of space and materials.

You see, scarcity is all in our minds. And the key to living a life of abundance is to open your mind, your eyes, and your ears. Abundant life is possible. But you’ll have to change the way you think and the way you perceive the world. Abundance is a state of awareness that you alone can awaken from within you.

The first step towards living a life of abundance is to understand that it comes from within and then manifests outwards. It requires you to give some attention to your emotional state.

It is a known fact that our emotional habits enable us to approach life in a certain manner, which in turn attracts certain events, situations, individuals, and relationships that are in congruence with our general outlook in life.

Say you’re someone who distrusts people, one is anxious, depressed, fearful and pessimistic. There’s every chance that these emotional habits will attract to you experiences that are in line with your emotions. Your thoughts affect your emotions, which in turn affect your actions and behavior. So be careful what you think and say to yourself.

Living abundant life does not necessarily mean being wealthy. Yes, abundant wealth inevitably comes to those who follow abundance principles. But that’s not the primary aim. Indeed, great wealth without abundance mentality could still leave a person miserable—or haven’t you heard of billionaires who committed suicide?

Ok hear this: in January 2009 both the New York Times newspaper and The Wall Street Journal featured the sad story of Adolf Merckle, a German billionaire who took his own life following what I would call a massive loss of perspective.

At death, his net worth was in excess of $9 billion! So wealth doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll live a life of abundance. But you’ll need to appreciate what is available to you. It means cultivating gratitude.

A life of bitterness, regrets, and self pity repels abundance. If indeed you have things you sincerely feel you should have handled better, acknowledge it, then forgive yourself and move on positively! Just don’t dwell on it perpetually.

It will also help if you list those things about you for which you are thankful. They don’t have to be grand achievements or possessions. And the list doesn’t have to be long—4 or 7 items may be OK. Go through the list before retiring to bed each night.

Even if at the moment you don’t think you have a lot in terms of material possessions, living your life with the abundance principle will do two things for you: one, it will increase your level of happiness and, two, it will prepare you to take advantage of opportunities when they do present themselves—and they will, since the world abounds with abundance.

So don’t dwell on your present condition—especially if it’s miserable. Stop seeing yourself as a victim. Allow yourself to entertain thoughts of joy and happiness. Continue to think positive thoughts and hold positive beliefs. Always be grateful for the things you do possess now—whether big or small. Whatever you have now can be used to make your life rich, abundant, and rewarding.

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Ever since THE SECRET was released a few years ago, this body of teachings has been attracting all sorts of comments. THE SECRET, both the movie and the story are intended to help us see that there is a secret behind the attainment of anything and everything – good health, relationships, all the way to money and riches.

But the approach it recommends for the attainment of these goals is what has left many wondering what to believe.

It would help if we can do a brief summary of these teachings, so that you, the reader, could compare the teachings with what you already know and or see what lessons there are to be learnt from The Secret.

Due to time constraints, we’ll examine only what The Secret teaches about money and relationship.

Ready, Set? Let’s go:

Money: THE SECRET teaches that money is a form of energy, a magnetic energy it is called. It further states that you are a magnate, attracting to yourself all sorts of things through the signals that your thoughts and feelings send out (this last sentence is in fact The Secret’s general assumption in its every teaching). It then went on to recommend how you can attract money to yourself:

Be clear about what money you want to have. Forget about how much you can earn; focus on how much you want. You must fall in love with money, regardless of how much of it you do have. Never think or talk about a lack of money.

Act from the mindset of already having and spending all the money you intend to have. Feel certain that money is coming to you, effortlessly. Force yourself to feel wealthy, look for and appreciate wealth wherever you go, including those of others.

Love yourself and believe that you are worthy of an abundance of money. Try and feel good; the emotions of joy and happiness are strong money magnets. Money is a mindset. It is either attracted to you or repelled from you depending on your thoughts.

Relationships: THE SECRET teaches that any and every relationship can be transformed. The relationships that we do have are reflections of our thoughts and feelings. To transform any relationship, it makes the following recommendations:

Love yourself first. Make a list of hundreds of wonderful things about you. Add to the list everyday. You are perfect. Think nothing negative about yourself. Believe you are deserving of anything you can possibly want in life.

Look for and only focus on the positive side of other people. Don’t ever criticize anything or anybody. Happiness is an inside thing.

Make your happiness the no.1 thing in your life. Don’t kill yourself trying to make others happy; just love and respect them enough and they’ll find their own happiness. De-emphasize those things about others that don’t make you feel happy.

And don’t expect people to behave the way you expect. Know you can control your happiness. It is a choice. And you can be happy despite what anyone else is doing.

Here Are My Thoughts: There are both universal truths and controversial statements in the teachings above. But since I’m by nature positive, I’ll focus only on the beneficial aspects of The Secret (or am I already being affected by its recommendations?)

Concerning money, you’ll agree that a person’s mindset has a lot to do with how much money they can make from an activity. A network marketer, for example, who doesn’t think he can make a comfortable living from this business, will not approach it with the seriousness it deserves.

So on that count the secret is right. But how about loving money for its own sake? We have to disagree there. We need money to take care of things, but an emotional attachment to it is often very destructive.

Coming to relationships, well, there isn’t much to disagree with there. You sure need to love yourself first in order to attract the affection of others. But are humans perfect?

The secret says so, I don’t know in what sense. But we should be flexible enough in our thoughts so that we’ll be willing to accept it when an obvious error is pointed out. It is the correction of errors and regular improvements that bring progress, for indeed humans ARE NOT perfect!

However the secret was on point when it states that happiness comes from within. I also agree that most relationships can be transformed. Same goes for its recommendation that we should all focus on the good side of others (praying they’ll do same for us!).

An MLM team leader can surely motivate his or her team members if they focuse on the little things they’re doing right, while de-emphasizing their poor results at the moment.

The principle is also great for inter-personal relationships. So, The Secret, it surely contains valuable teachings for the discerning mind.

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8 Habits That Bring Financial Independence in MLM

Does the prospect of being financially independent mean something to you? If you answered yes, welcome to network marketing.

It is your surest route to earning extra income from home to help with family budget, while gradually scaling your way towards the attainment of your grandest financial dreams.

But you must be prepared to learn and implement the techniques that would make that happen. Especially you should learn and master different sales and marketing techniques.

It’s amazing how many people believe that salesmen are born. Don’t believe any of that, unless you’ll also accept that a person is born a doctor or lawyer, or accountant. Yes, a few idiosyncratic traits may quicken our mastery of some of these professions.

But none of them can be practiced solely on the basis of what a person is born with. To succeed in these and any other profession, you need to be trained not only in the basic techniques of the profession, but also on how to apply these techniques to produce results.

In MLM, sales is of the utmost importance. It is a profession, too. Yes, in any trade, including sales, you’ll occasionally use some of your inborn abilities, but a lot of what will spell your success will come through education and training. And that is also saying that a failure to acquire these other traits have led so many network marketers down the path of failure.

So what are these habits that combine with sales to bring you financial freedom in MLM?

Be Positive In Your Attitude: success in any business is 90% attitude and 10% all other factors. Imagine the effect on your business if 90% of what powers it is destructive? We all need to discipline ourselves to develop constructive thinking habits.

Expect the best for your MLM business. Don’t think you can’t make it. Don’t think that being a salesperson reduces your status in any way. It’s all an attitude.

Just think of what will happen to the economy of this country if no salesperson takes any order for just 24 hours! So sales make the wheel of the economy to turn. Be glad you’re a part of it!

Have a Goal: little is ever accomplished without definite goals. So what is it you want to accomplish with your business? Is it to make enough money so you can send your children to a good college? To buy your dream car or house? To move to a choice neighborhood?

Whatever your goal, the important thing is that it must be so dear to you that you’ll be willing to do anything to achieve it. It also helps if your goals are realistic and time-bound.

Be Disciplined: when working for a boss, some of us rise up early, get ready and get to office on time. But when presented with an opportunity to be their own boss, some throw away those fine habits. At 11 am they are still in their bathrobe, or taking one more cup of coffee! How can a person succeed like that?

Be Enthusiastic: passion is like the fuel you need to propel you in your pursuit of financial independence. Enthusiasm has an energy all its own. You’ll especially need this to take you through the low points of your business.

Expect Rejection: yes, and plan how to react to it. Remember that sometimes when prospects say “no” to your solicitations, they are either asking for more time or more explanation from you. Indeed a “no” may actually help you improve your sales techniques. So don’t take it personal.

Be A Good Learner: MLM is a knowledge-based profession. How much you achieve often depend on what you know and who you associate with. So constantly update your knowledge in several areas of the business—prospecting, recruiting, marketing, etc. Also, surround yourself with good, selfless leaders in the industry.

Show Interest in People: remember that in MLM you are actually selling “assurances”. Yes, people buy only when they are convinced that you have their best interest at heart. So show genuine interest in people, be honest. It’s not all about the money. People have a way of knowing when you really care.

Manage Time Wisely: this may sound like item 3 above. But the emphasis here is on scheduling all your activities. Ensure necessary tasks are never left hanging. And avoid procrastination.

These are steps which if conscientiously implemented will bring you the financial freedom you’re expecting in your MLM business.

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Your MLM Prosperity Mindset

Having a MLM Prosperity Mindset is important for your online business success. Cultivating the habit of positive expectations toward their business could be a major challenge for some.

Reasons may be that they have failed at many things before now, or know someone who’s failed in a similar activity. So they find it a lot easier to fear for the worst. What makes this mental disposition dangerous is that it destroys the will to persevere.

Remember the saying “to the man with a hammer everything looks like a nail”. So if you generally fear that one big obstacle is lurking around the corner to knock you off, every little challenge will appear like that obstacle.

But to achieve prosperity, you need to think prosperity. We are not talking abstract wishes that are not backed by efforts. We are not also advocating a get-rich-quick mentality or even a mindless pursuit of wealth for its own sake.

We just trying to point out that you need to expect your business to prosper. At the same time, this article is intended to remind you that your efforts will be better directed and will have greater force if there’s a positive mindset behind them.

It wasn’t for no reason that Napoleon Hill said in one of his books: “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can also achieve”.

Now, how can you develop the prosperity mindset for your online business? Most persons are like that lizard-like creature, the chameleon. They allow the surrounding environment to determine their outlook. But your feelings and attitude ought to be an “inside out” thing.

To ensure you stay positive and achieve the prosperity you envision for your business, I suggest you internalize the following tips:
Use your imagination. We Humans are good at creative imagination. But most use their thoughts to manufacture fear, worry, and anxiety, all in the name of being “realistic” or “cautious”.

Rather than expecting only a bad outcome for your online business, wouldn’t it be a lot better to use your power of imagination to envision good outcomes for your efforts—good health, prosperity, wealth, and general well-being for yourself and those you love?

Remember, it takes as much energy to believe that something isn’t going to turn out well as does to believe it will turn out well. What direction would you rather use your energy?

Choose to be optimistic in the face of all circumstances. No situation is ever as bad as it seems, or even as good as it may appear. So it’s all relative. If you just try, you’ll discover that there’s good in all circumstances.

Even those that caused you pain may well have taught you what doesn’t work, thus narrowing learning curve. And too, it sometimes takes failure to finally succeed. The thing is that by focusing only on god outcomes rather than on bad, things will work out more in your favor.

Do not measure your prosperity solely in comparison with what someone else has achieved. It ought to be an idiosyncratic measurement; you against your goals or potentials. You’ll sooner get discouraged if you constantly compare your achievements to that of someone else.

Don’t tell negative-minded people any aspect of your plans or current efforts. Generally, the only people you should mention your plans to are those who are in a position to help you actualize them—those able and willing to help.

Finally, do not allow your prosperity mindset to become a get-rich-quick mentality. I should as well have told you at the beginning of this article that there are both good and bad prosperity mindsets—in fact the bad aspect actually outnumbers the good aspects.

That is why many online marketers advertize and sell worthless products to unsuspecting buyers. The sellers want to become prosperous—quickly. Now, that’s the wrong way to approach prosperity.

If it comes that way, it goes that way too—quickly. Does that not explain why bank robbers and even those who won lotteries seldom build enduring wealth? True prosperity takes time and lots of hard and genuine work. Remember that whatever energy you put out into the Universe comes back to You.

The points mentioned above are meant to help you develop the sort of mindset that leads to True Wealth and Prosperity in MLM or Any Business.

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