Why is MLM lead generation so important to your business growth? In network marketing, it is extremely important to generate leads. This is what will determine the size of your customer base, the size of your income from network marketing, and thus the success of your MLM business.

Nobody can succeed in this business without evolving an effective method of generating a steady flow of leads. The better the quality of the leads you generate, then the higher your conversion rates tend to be.

In the paragraphs to follow, we will explain why lead generation is extremely important to your MLM success. More importantly, we will also explain several sure ways you can generate leads for your business.

But what really is lead generation? It simply means coming up with a list of prospective clients you hope to contact and market to. In the early days of network marketing, it used to be known as ‘head hunting.’

That term isn’t misleading if you are aware of what lead generation used to entail, and still partly entails. Generating leads basically calls for spotting a target, stalking the target, and eventually killing (or capturing) the target.

The methods might have changed somewhat over the years and with the advancement of technology, especially internet technology. But every network marketer cannot get around it: you must hunt for and capture leads. That is how you get customers to buy your products and services or join your business opportunity.

Which business has ever succeeded without a steady supply of customers? Every business venture, MLM included, will last for as long as it is able to attract customer patronage. So lead generation is the life blood to your network marketing business.

But how exactly can you come up with quality leads? And how can you ensure a steady supply of such leads? That can be quite challenging. But the arrival of the internet and its numerous networking resources has made lead generation a lot easier than it used to be back in the days.

Nowadays, you have the luxury to choose how to Generate Leads For Your MLM Business. You can follow the conventional method of talking to close friends, family members, co-workers, current clients, or co-members of clubs and organizations you’ve joined.

This method, also known as offline marketing method, is not really as old-fashioned as it is made to appear.

For one thing, chances are at least some of these acquaintances will either buy into your opportunity or buy your products. Even when they didn’t buy, they may still refer you to their own friends and acquaintances, who in turn may refer you to others, and so on.

The important thing is that you always have a pool of prospects to whom you can introduce a product or a business opportunity.
Still on the above method, you should take advantage of every opportunity to market to people.

But you should do this sensibly so that people don’t begin to feel harassed. You could use Drop Cards or other well-addressed business cards. Give these to people you meet at seminars, wedding events, parties, etc. You can also leave Drop Cards at conspicuous locations at public places.

These are all ingenious ways of generating leads using the conventional or offline methods.

Secondly, and more importantly, you can also decide to generate your leads online, using internet tools. This includes signing up with a good Pay Per Click (PPC) search engine; writing well targeted articles and posting these at reputable article directories; utilizing social networking tools such as MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, twitter and others.

Without a steady infusion of leads, your MLM business won’t grow. And as we’ve pointed out above, you actually have options as to what route to follow in generating the leads which your network marketing business most definitely needs.

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MLM Recruiting is the most important aspect of running an MLM networking business. And for most networkers, it is also the most frightening. So wouldn’t it be nice to finally know what works and what doesn’t in network marketing recruiting? In order words, what do million-dollar MLM earners do in recruiting that the average networkers is not doing?

The truth is that MLM recruiting is not rocket science if you do it right. The following are guidelines you should consider ever before calling your first lead. Take these to heart and you should see a marked improvement in your recruiting rates, or ignore them and remain a friend of excuses.

Show Genuine Interest: Caring is one trait you must not ignore. Your primary focus should be on helping people and empowering them. All top recruiters in network marketing manifest a sense of caring and compassion toward their leads or prospects.

You show this by doing what’s best for your leads rather than what’s best for earning you quick bucks—which may not last. Supply useful information that will solve real problems or answer real questions for people. Remember, if you first care about people, chances are they’ll care when you eventually introduce your product or business opportunity.

Communicate Often: You are in Multi-Level Marketing. So you can’t help but to keep talking. But more importantly, you should communicate in ways that get your messages across. Talk frequently to a whole lot of people, but choose your words carefully.

Focus on the other person and keep the conversation flowing in that direction. Be friendly and non-manipulative in your communication with prospects (and pretty much with everybody!).

Don’t Sound Needy! Most marketers make this mistake. In your recruiting efforts, never give the lead the impression that their joining matters more to you than to them. If you “beg” them to join they won’t. So project a positive and dignified personality.

People are attracted to someone who is in some sense higher than where they are in life—higher in self worth, abundance, knowledge etc. This also means you should not become emotionally attached to your prospect. It gives the impression that you’re just out for the money, and away they fly once they sense that!

Make a Connection: This essentially means finding a common ground between you and your prospects. What are their needs or interests?  Connect to those needs and interests. The whole idea is to befriend your prospect. It is easier to recruit a friend than a stranger, isn’t it?

Continue to Learn: You see, knowledge drives this industry. So if you truly want to master MLM recruiting, then you just have to keep on learning and keep on improving in the various aspects of your marketing efforts.

This will put you in a position where you’ll always have value to give to prospects. The more problems you can solve, the more friends you’ll make. As far as recruiting is concerned, Knowledge really is everything.

Finally, Be Consistent in Your Recruiting Efforts: Consistency will see you through the rough periods that every business must experience. Follow up on leads and connect meaningfully with them. Remember that it may take longer to recruit some prospects than others.

These guidelines, if faithfully followed, should see you beginning to enjoy your MLM business, as well as becoming a recruiting guru. Moreover, I would think it’s impossible to succeed in MLM itself without implementing any number of these points.  

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Is MLM The Right Business For Everyone? You Decide

Is MLM the right business for you? The economy is hurting. And many people are gradually realizing that the HARDEST way to achieve financial security is to work for government or corporations. At the same time, MLM and other work- from-home opportunities are becoming more and more popular.

It is now commonplace to hear of very ordinary folks who only a few years ago were just getting by now commanding six-figure in annual income, working from home. Others have developed their network marketing businesses to a level where they now enjoy the kind of life some of us can only dream of.

 Unfortunately MLM also has some bad reputation. You probably know or have heard about someone who lost hundreds or thousands of dollars trying to run a Multi-Level Marketing opportunity. These things happen. But does that mean that MLM is a bad business? In view of the contrasting results people are having in MLM, it is pertinent to ask: is MLM right for you?

Multi-Level Marketing or network Marketing is a popular business choice for people who desire to make extra money from home. It has really evolved over the years. It is now promoted and practiced in virtually every country and every industry segment. 

The opportunity is real, and the vast majority of income claims are true. And, as opposed to get-rich-quick schemes, MLM are legitimate business ventures that can be approached in a most professional manner.

So, is MLM right for you? Well, let’s see: Do you really have a strong desire to make money running your own business? Do you enjoy working with people? Are you good at organizing, or are you willing to learn? Do you have a plan for success that you’ll stick to, come what may, for up to 5 years? Are you open to coaching and self-improvement?

Additionally, but not necessarily, are you a fast talker, or a public speaker? If you answered yes to most of these questions, then you’ll do well in MLM. It is right for you.

Start by choosing a dependable company with a good track record, proven products, uncomplicated compensation plan, and a rich pool of successful upline team leaders that are willing to work with downlines. This will take some searching on your part, but it is very important.

Do not fall for glamorous opportunities that sound too good to be true. Do your home-work well. This will prevent you from jumping from one opportunity to the other—which itself is a recipe for failure in MLM.

Once you’ve chosen a reliable opportunity, get focused. Do not be swayed by claims from other marketers in other opportunities (by the way, these may well be true, but who says you won’t have your own success stories to tell soon?). Don’t quit and don’t jump around. The winners in MLM are those who stay put and overcome all challenges.

The question of if MLM is right for one actually depends on an individual’s point of view. This business (MLM) does have its pros and cons. Having realistic expectations and observing due diligence before getting in are essential.

Consistent action and commitment are also very important. Above all, do not look at network marketing as get-rich-quick scheme. If you do, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment and failure.

Over all, I’m convinced that starting a MLM business with the right company is the quickest and easiest way to financial freedom today, provided you’re prepared to work hard, learn how to generate daily leads and work smart.       


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If you do not want to fail in your MLM opportunity there is certain knowledge and skills that you need to have. Have you ever read an ad that said you’d make more money in a week than you’d made in your entire life.

And that feeling pulled you irresistibly toward your dreams. It was an awesome feeling!  Finally you plunged—bought into the program, believing you’ve found the best thing since electricity was invented!

 And you’ve sacrificed a lot to see the profits you were promised, foregoing time with family, spending money out of family budget, working odd hours. Yes, you methodically worked the business plan as it was laid out. Yet, you couldn’t see any detectable sign of success. And now you’re seriously considering quitting.

If the above scenario describes your experience in network marketing, take heart. Fortunately you are in the majority, if that’s any comfort. Latest figures reveal that each week, some 175,000 persons start one form of MLM or the other. If you got your math right, it translates to 9 million-plus new MLM businesses per year.

 Meanwhile only about 5% of these, a tiny minority, will succeed with their business. The vast majority, about 95%, will fail! Reminds me of the Great Preacher’s words: “Many are called, but few are chosen” (Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible).

Fortunately nobody is destined to belong in the majority class; nobody is destined to fail. It’s all in the way we approach this activity called network marketing. Here are 6 clues on how NOT to fail in your MLM.

 It Takes Time: Sorry if that breaks your heart. Truth is, unless you win a lottery or something, you are never going to make a million dollars overnight. It takes time to create enduring wealth. And if any internet ads are telling you anything different, just move on!

Beware Of Scams: Your success in MLM begins with choosing a credible company to join. Unfortunately most “opportunities” out there are outright scams—they’re simply there to rip us off! So you’d better be careful with your credit card. Before deciding to join a company, research it—on Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, etc. Don’t be shy to ask someone what they know about the company. Ensure there are ways to reach the company on phone and through email. Call them to make enquiries and voice your concerns. And don’t join until you have a good feeling about the company its leaders. 

Stay Focused: A lack of focus is another reason many marketers fail. When you’re just starting out, remain with one MLM Company, and only one company (provided you’ve digested point 2 above). Jumping from one company to another will ensure you won’t ever get off the ground—you’ll keep starting over many times. Forget all the ads that keep telling you about the next best thing. It’s the same as what you have on your hands! So stay focused, stay committed, and fully work the plan you’ve got

Accept Responsibility: It’s like learning to drive a car. No amount of information on paper will prevent you from making a few rookie mistakes the moment you eventually get behind the wheel.

 Are you going to accept those mistakes and learn from them, or are you going to blame your driving teacher? So it goes with network marketing. Some of the most successful ones are those who take responsibility for both their failures and successes. After all you answer only to yourself here, it’s your business. So it’s up to you to make it work and take all the credits.

Have a Mentor: There are those who’ve been doing this before you. You need the successful and honest ones among them to help you out. In most network marketing companies, you’re often sponsored by someone. Observe carefully how your mentor or leader is faring in the business.

 If he sucks, then how can he help you to succeed? But if he is obviously succeeding with the business, you’d better find out how he does it. Don’t be shy to ask questions and seek clarifications.

 Explore the Power of The Internet: This is actually more like a marketing strategy. But it is good to quickly mention it here, because a major reason many fail in their MLM is that they go about marketing as if this is the late 70’s.

Old-school marketing methods won’t take you far in today’s MLM—harassing friends, relatives, and virtually anything that has breath and lives near you! It doesn’t work that way anymore. Remember too, if these ones do join, remembering what it took you to get them will paralyze their marketing drive. So it’s a dead end approach to marketing. Learn the new techniques of marketing your MLM online.

The 6 points above are tested and trusted guidelines or ‘laws,’ which, if carefully followed, will ensure you won’t fail in your MLM business. It goes without say that you’ll have to persevere since this is not a get-rich-quick activity. Yes, only 5% of new entrants into MLM may succeed, but that number can surely accommodate you.  

As a network Marketing Business Builder being able to attract daily targeted MLM leads to your business is the key to your MLM Success. How would you like to attract 50-100 leads to your MLM business daily?

Learning these MLM Marketing Skills will help you Explode your MLM business. You can visit my blog and website to find out more complete information on lead generation tips.


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MLM Marketing-Free Or Paid Marketing Which Is Best?

Any online entrepreneur knows that their most important job is to have a high amount of traffic driven to their website on a daily basis. The more traffic that you have coming to your website means the more potential income for you to make. Without daily traffic to your site, you will not be able to make any money.

Since the internet has come into play many people have realized that now there are a lot of different options for getting traffic to your website. Even today, the debate goes on about which one – paid or free methods – work out better for the internet marketing entrepreneur.

When trying to build an online business your major goal is to drive a lot of traffic to your website, you have to make a choice whether to go with developing free traffic route or use paid traffic like Google pay per click (PPC) marketing.

As you know Free traffic will deliver the best ROI (return on your investment) because you will have no out of pocket cost. The problem you find is that in most cases the traffic you bring to your website may not be as targeted as a Keyword Targeted PPC Campaign.

There are many ways to generate free traffic such as articles marketing and using the social networks. If you choose to use the social networks then you would make use of the different social sites that are free.

All you need to do is put in the needed time and learn how to market on these sites. Create good quality content that will help you maximize your traffic driving strategies.

It is important to bring to your attention that simply having a profile on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Startupspace and other types of social networking sites does not guarantee automatic increase in your Web traffic. You need to know how market yourself and position your profile in such a way that attract the people that belong to your niche market.

The challenges that people face with using the free traffic method is that it’s a work-heavy marketing technique. In order to gain a lot of traffic on a daily basis, an internet marketer needs to constantly market their site to get their link exposed to their target market.

If you do not have 3-4 hours per day to put into marketing your website links then, free marketing strategies is not an option that will work for you.

Pay Per Click campaign traffic will cost you money to drive traffic to your site, but if you set up your campaign properly, then your ROI will be much higher and the advertising cost will pay for it’s self. If you’re using Ezine Article directories, you sometimes have to wait over 7 days for approval, but a Google AdWords campaign can be generating targeted leads in minutes.

While your cost will be much higher running a PPC campaign, so is your potential for huge profits. If you don’t know how to set up a good PPC campaign, you will risk losing a lot of money.

Most Adwords campaign such as Google has protection in place to help you monitor your accounts and to prevent any major losses from happening, such as you can set daily limits for your spending. Unfortunately, a lot of internet marketers set their limits far above what they can really stand to loose.

My suggestion for you is to use a paid and free traffic marketing strategy that combines both methods. You might want to set up a PPC campaign for a couple weeks out of the month and at the same create an Article marketing campaign with the Ezine directories – both with the same keywords.

A couple weeks later, you notice your Article is #1 in the Google SERPs. Would you want to continue the PPC campaign? Well that will be what your testing and tracking of conversion rates will answer for you. You might find that the PPC ad linking traffic directly to your capture page has a higher conversion than those who click through to the Article link.

Smart internet marketers understand the need to constantly track and tweak their marketing efforts. Learn and implement new marketing strategies. See what works best for your niche market. Then do not reinvent the wheel repeat your success!

As a Network Marketing Business Builder being able to attract daily targeted MLM leads to your business is the key to your MLM Success. How would you like to attract 50-100 leads to your MLM business daily? Learning these MLM Marketing Skills will help you Explode your MLM business.

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