How to Prospect Using Attraction Marketing

Are you using Attraction Marketing to build your MLM business? As a network marketer, don’t you wish for a scenario whereby enthusiastic prospects are eagerly calling you to find out more about your business opportunity and to inquire about how they can join your team?

That surely would be an ideal situation. Meanwhile, for masters of attraction marketing, such a scenario is neither a utopia nor a mere wishful thinking.

When people like you as a person and are interested in what you’re doing with your business, they usually keep up to date with all your activities, hoping to learn from you.

Now, what is attraction marketing? Does it work, and or how does it work? In what ways can you incorporate attraction marketing strategies into your network marketing business?

Attraction marketing is primarily concerned with providing valuable contents to your potential customers (and even existing ones), such that they’ll count themselves fortunate to know you.

And as a result of the valuable information you supply them, these prospects in turn are often willing to consider any product or program coming from you or recommended by you.

Attraction marketing is a way of leveraging on trust and goodwill. For that reason, I must warn you early on that the benefits of attraction marketing are usually not reaped instantly, any more than we can make people to trust us from day one.

Therefore if you decide to implement attraction marketing in your MLM business (which I strongly recommend), then know that you are embarking on a long term strategy that will slowly but surely build you a strong customer base and loyal following.

In attraction marketing, you are to shift your focus away from immediate sales or recruiting. The main idea is not to concentrate on sales, but rather to first create a friendly atmosphere that engenders trust.

You should focus on providing resources and training which benefit your PROSPECTS FIRST! Now, that may sound a bit strange to some who have become enamored with traditional prospecting methods.

But to succeed in applying attraction marketing techniques, you must first learn about people’s purchasing philosophy and change your focus. When people patronize your business because they have begun to trust you, your company will grow at a deeper level and at a more accelerated rate.

Does it work? Well, why else is it getting more and more popular in the online marketplace? The fact is, this strategy has always worked for every online marketer willing to go for the long haul.

When fully and patiently implemented, attraction marketing guarantees bigger long term growth and profits for your business. It will keep willing prospects coming to you, eager to get registered.

The basic approach in attraction marketing is rather simple. It revolves around providing valuable information to your prospects. The idea is to demonstrate to them that you truly and fully understand the business you are into, and that you understand it a bit more than the other marketers they might have encountered in the past.

Now, this claim of yours is only proven when the information you give solves practical problems for your prospects. Further, you follow this up by teaching them aspects of their business they may not have thought of.

Of course, this calls for two things on your part: (1) that you have a clear knowledge of what your prospects are trying to achieve with their businesses and (2) that you are knowledgeable enough to comment on ways they can do it better.

Marketers who are perceived as placing a high value on the interests of their clients often have a huge loyal following. That is attraction marketing.

Ever since this marketing concept got crystallized a few years ago, it’s proven to be the most effective method of prospecting for both online and offline customers. And it works in every industry segment.


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Are you ready to start your home business? No amount of time spent preparing to launch your MLM business will deliver the goals and dreams you have set for it unless you……finally take action to implement your business plans.

Successful people take action and unsuccessful people procrastinate. In fact, successful people not only take action, but they do so at the very first opportunity, now!

When presented with opportunities that would change their lives, unsuccessful people will continually put off the commencement date.

They would rather spend eternity learning and strategizing, fine-tuning, calculating, etc. To them no time is the right time. So they keep waiting for that ‘perfect’ moment when everything would be just right. Unfortunately, such moments don’t ever come.

My dear friend, I have a word of wisdom for you from of old: nothing will ever be attempted if first all conditions must be right!
Having learned the basics of that home business you desire to run, I invite you to just take action right away. Just do it and see what happens.

Along the way, keep taking note of your progress, or even the lack of it, so you can reflect on it later. The truth is that you’ll never drive a car if first you have to know every single part of a car, how many persons have had an auto accident, how you’re going to be able to maintain your car, what safety record you’re likely to have, what type of other road users you’re likely to meet, and what your general driving experience would be like, etc!

You see, most of these things naturally fall into place the moment we get going. It’s like that fog you see some days when you look out your window early in the morning. A few feet away from where you are it seems to cover everything as far as your eyes can see. But what happens when you set out despite the fog?

It takes care of itself; it clears off every step of the way as you go! Imagine that you had to wait until every bit of it was cleared from the horizon? Either you wouldn’t have gone anywhere, or you’d have set out way too late.

You get the idea. It is no different when it comes to starting a home business. Do not let fear of failure paralyze you. Do not indefinitely put off your launch date. Do not think you can possibly understand and clear all relevant questions or concerns about the business before you can start. That’s not necessary. There’ll always be a few gray areas.

That is why starting a business requires a measure of faith. But your anticipation of success has to be stronger than your fear of failure. There would be no huge corporations or small firms today if everybody had waited until everything was perfect. Imagine that! That means we wouldn’t have the likes of GM, Citigroup, Chevron, Microsoft, Compaq, etc.

Something else I need to mention is that you don’t have to insist on starting big. If you have sufficient funds to hit it off big time, well and good, at least for your personal ego.

But really, considering that you’re still testing the waters, it’s actually advisable for you to begin on a relatively small scale, so that any mistake made or money lost due to “rookie errors” may not have a profound effect on you. Trust me on this, it’s always better for a newcomer to start small and then scale things up gradually.

Remember that no one can make you successful but you and your actions. If you’re going to have success in that venture you’ve been contemplating, you’ll have to take action, now! It’s only by starting to implement the many things you’ve learned about home business that you will have an inspiring story to tell tomorrow.

But if you continue to ‘get ready to get ready,’ then you may only have tales of “would have” and “should have” to tell many years from now. I bet you won’t let that happen, would you?

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MLM Prospecting is one of the most important tasks you have to perform in your MLM. The reason? Prospecting creates leads. And leads create customers which help keep your business alive and growing.

Now, are you wondering what emotions have to do with MLM prospecting? A lot. For one thing, we humans are emotional creatures, and engaging in Multi-Level Marketing hasn’t changed that fact. If anything, going into business only accentuates the emotional side of us—both negatively and positively.

In fact, if we are to be completely honest, we’ll have to agree that we—all of us—tend to react emotionally in the face of a new business opportunity, ranging from unpardonable skepticism to pitiable gullibility.

Either of these two extreme feelings can seriously hamper your efforts to build a solid MLM business if you don’t manage them well.
The more pessimistic or delusional you are about things, the less control you’ll have over your network marketing efforts, especially prospecting.

The good news is that emotions can be managed, no matter your unique personality and underlying experiences. It won’t come easy, though. But there are definite steps that’ll help you to put your emotions in check while prospecting for your network business.

Realize that many of the things you’ll have to do to Succeed In Your MLM Business maybe counter-intuitive to your general disposition. Approaching and introducing business ideas to persons could be a fate worse than death for some of us.

But unless you hunt for potential clients (prospecting) and tell them about your business, how are people ever going to join you? So, even if you don’t feel like it, just do it anyway. And you know what?
The moment you continue to override your emotions and do what you’ve got to do, you’ll soon begin to FEEL LIKE doing it!

That’s how emotions work. And it happens faster the moment you begin to see positive results from your prospecting. Psychologists like to put it this way: “it’s easier to act yourself into feeling than to feel yourself into acting.” Enough said.

What if at the moment you’re passing through a rough patch in your MLM? Frustration can easily set in. That again is a product of your emotion. The best way to fight this sort of emotion is to inform yourself beforehand that frustration and feelings of discouragement are dues we all have to pay as we build our MLM.

Didn’t anyone tell you there’s going to be disappointments, broken promises, tiny commissions at first (if any at all), negative prospecting responses, humiliation and stress? OK, I’m telling you now! To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

The aim here is not to scare you, far from it. It is to help you overcome whatever negative feeling you may be having towards your MLM as a result of poor results. All the top earners in your particular network marketing company have all had to deal with these emotions and more. They kept on keeping on!

Haven’t all their perseverance been worth it? At least you now admire their paychecks and their lifestyle! Yours isn’t far off if you can keep negative emotions in check.

Consider all the reasons why you cannot possibly give up: As long as you continue in your prospecting efforts, there remains a certain hope that success will smile on you one day, soon. And that will mean financial liberation and an opportunity to work for yourself and build wealth for yourself and your loved ones rather than working to enrich someone else and their families; meanwhile, were you to quit, all these

hopes and dreams will come crashing to earth! You’ll then resign yourself, again to a life of serving other people—for life. Is that a more desirable alternative? I doubt it. I’d rather prospect to proper in my MLM.

Finally, remember, as pointed out at the onset, that emotions are a part of life. You would probably have to die to avoid having to struggle with one emotional feeling or the other from time to time. All you need do is learn how to manage them. Put them under control, and allow only the positive aspects of your emotions to influence your MLM prospecting efforts.

Emotions can be both liberating and paralyzing. It all depends on how we allow them to affect us. To succeed in your MLM, you’ll need to allow your emotions to take the back seat. Remember that prospecting is the lifeblood of your network marketing business.

Do not allow negative emotions to cripple your prospecting efforts. Of course, continue to fine-tune your prospecting strategies in harmony with what works in modern-day MLM prospecting.

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Facebook MLM Marketing Secrets


In This Article You will learn Hidden Facebook MLM Marketing Secrets. FACEBOOK, right now, is one of the hottest places to build your Network Marketing business, if you know how.


The advertising is free, and it is often many times more effective than some of the paid advertising methods. I can get about 10-15 people a day coming to my website, or contacting me about my business, from Facebook alone.


Marketing Tips:

1)    Make A LIST: Get a list of 50 or more Network Marketing companies. Why? because Network Marketers will be your target market. They already are in the industry you do not have to sell them on MLM.


But if you can help other network marketers reach their goals, you will often be the person in the industry that they look up to and, if you follow this plan, a percentage of them will come to you asking to join your business.


That’s right, no more chasing family and friends, and anyone within three feet of you they will ask to join you! Your next target market will be people actively seeking home based business opportunities. You can find them in Facebook groups under topics like “entrepreneur,” or “work from home,” and big names in the industry like “Mike Dillard,” or “Donald Trump.”

2)    JOIN GROUPS: Search 10 Facebook groups a day related to each company, or name, on your list. Join them. Don’t join more than 4 per day. If you join to many groups at once Facebook will delete your account trust me. I’ve been kicked off and I am speaking from first hand knowledge. They have much stricter rules than other social sites. So build your friend list wisely.

3)    POST: Post a short advertisement on the Wall of each group you joined. You can be creative here, but follow these guidelines: a) don’t market your business opportunity when you first introduce yourself to people b) provide valueable information that your target market can use, c) don’t come off as a salesperson and d) keep it short.


Trust me on this, if you want to learn how to use Facebook to promote your business, don’t lead with your business and compensation plan, you will be completely wasting your time.


I’ll explain the reason for this in greater detail in some of my other posts. Add a link at the end of the post that sends them to your website. Don’t use your MLM Company’s website for this.


You need a personal site, with a lead capture page to get their contact information and then learn how to promote yourself as a leader. You can find this information at MLM SPONSORING SECRETS   if you are a network marketer interested in this type of tool and training for your MLM or online business.

4)    ADD FRIENDS: Pick one of the groups each day and add between 10-15 new friends a day. Write out a short message ahead of time that says A.) How you found them on that group, and B) that you are trying to connect with people in your target industry. If you get a Pink warning from Facebook, quit for the day, and scale down your promotion the next time or wait a couple of days before you start again. Remember too many warnings and Facebook will delete your account.

5)    START A GROUP: Create your own Facebook Group. This is the best way how to use Facebook to promote your business. The group should NOT be about your network marketing company. It should be about a useful marketing or networking strategy that can be of benefit to all network marketers. Here are some examples “Twitter users group,” “How to get free leads for your MLM,” “How to use Facebook to promote your MLM business,” and “MLM networking group,” use your imagination.

6)    INVITE: After you have 150 friends who are all in the Network Marketing industry, send them all an invitation to join your group that you started. Repeat this every100 friends that you ad to your friend list.

7)    Motivation AND TIPS: Once or twice a week and send your group an e-mail of some of your Motivational messages or strategies for marketing your MLM business or anything that you can think of that would be of interest to your group.

8)     INTRODUCE: Go to the Friends tab, then to Recently Added, each day. Create a list with the date (left hand side). Select the new friends one-by-one (by clicking on the right) and add them to the day’s list. Go to the Inbox tab, then to Compose. Use the list as the address; it will insert all the newly added friends.


 Send them a message introducing yourself as a mentor, MLM coach, entrepreneur, or any title you like that positions you as an expert in the industry.


 Don’t worry, if you’re not an expert yet, all you have to do is know a few more things than they do about how to use Facebook to market their business, and you are instantly an expert on that topic. And, of course, follow my training, and you will not only become an expert, but a top earner in the industry. And lastly, in your message to them, invite them to join your Facebook group.


 9)    Share information: You will soon start receiving e-mails from other Network Marketers asking for advice and help on other topics. Continue to educate yourself as you go, and help everyone you can.

10)    PROSPECT: At this point you will have created a warm market of the best prospects you could ever have. Current Networkers, they already understand network marketing you do not have to sell them on network marketing.

Bonus information: Update your “What’s on your mind” status at the top of your page every day with MLM tips and direct them to your blog so that they can learn more about you and other information that might help them build their business.

These Internet business tips can have a huge impact on the success of your MLM business.


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