Online MLM Marketing or Offline MLM Marketing: which should you embrace as an MLM marketer? Actually you need both. I will explain.

Without going into any elaborate academic definition of marketing, we’ll quickly state here that marketing generally involves every customer-related task that a company or an entrepreneur undertakes in order to create awareness, satisfy a customer, or in an attempt to retain a customer or build a downline.

From the way we’ve described marketing above (which is the best way to describe it), it is immediately obvious that marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of running a business.

Consider the huge relevance of the 3 examples we pointed out in our definition: creating awareness; customer satisfaction; and customer retention. Imagine trying to grow your business when people don’t even know you exist (creating awareness)! Or surviving in business without making efforts to keep your customers happy (customer satisfaction). Or surviving and growing as a business entity without deliberate plans to retain your customers or downline. Now you get the point!

Meanwhile the development of the World Wide Web (the internet) has thrown open new marketing avenues. Marketers in both business-to-business and business-to-customer sectors are now increasingly using the internet for online marketing activities such as MLM Lead Generation.

But is it not true that there are both online and offline resources for achieving any and all of the above-stated roles of marketing? And if you can combine both traditional offline marketing tools with a number of web-based marketing resources for maximum effect, shouldn’t you rather do that? If you are in MLM business, your marketing efforts ought to include a sensible mix of both the online and offline tools.

Although you may regularly send out ad campaigns designed to direct prospects to your website, who you may eventually convince to join your MLM business, but consider how you can also Generate Daily MLM Leads through an offline tool: Drop Cards for example.

Imagine the look on someone’s face if after a conversation you reach into your wallet and pull out what appears to be a $100 bill (one of Dropcards’ denominations), telling the prospect something like “this is not all. Actually I can show you how to make at least 10 times that a month in your spare time”. These DROP CARDS can have your phone ringing of the hook.

Do you think that will grab the prospects attention? I think so too. You can literally drop these with numerous persons at a gathering without much introduction. And you can bet that quite a few of them will contact you—online or through phone.

That’s just one example demonstrating how an online marketer can leverage an offline tool for maximum effect. The truth is that a network marketer ought to constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to get a lead. Offline tools afford you specific times to do that (9 to 5 for example), while using Online Resources allows you to market 24 hours a day.

So, online marketing versus offline marketing, if you understand the game, there’s only a thin line dividing these two modes of marketing. One need not supplant the other. The two ought to work side by side, working hand in hand to help you build your MLM home based business. Since we are Network Marketers the key to our success is being able to Sponsor More Reps into out MLM Business.

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Brian Fanale The Internet Rockstar is one of the leading experts in the field of MLM internet marketing. He is one of three co-founders of MLM Lead System Pro.

This lead generation system is said to be a great tool for people to use. It can help people who are frustrated in their attempts to make money with their network marketing business get the MLM training that they need to help them have success with their present company.

MLM Lead System Pro can help anyone who is looking for a way to make money on the internet either through affiliate marketing or a traditional MLM. The system has been created by Brian Fanale and his business partners to help those who have an internet or MLM business build leads as well as generate more sales and profits.

It is unique from other products of this sort as it allows the user to customize the product to fit their specific needs.

In addition to allowing for customization, the MLM Lead System Pro which is used by Brian Fanale also allows for people to brand themselves. Branding is one of the most crucial aspects of the success of any business, but most of those who try to profit online try to brand their business and not themselves.

Using the techniques that are taught by Brian Fanale, those who are tired of trying cold calling and hounding family and friends to generate leads can learn branding secrets that will make the hottest prospects come to them.

Using MLM Lead System Pro is easy. It applies modern marketing technology that is user friendly and can be implemented by anyone who is looking to either create an MLM or improve the profit of their present MLM.

The product is easy to understand and can give even a novice at internet marketing the right MLM training that they need to become successful in their business.

There are other products on the market that are similar to that which is offered by Brian Fanale, but the MLM Lead System Pro is unique in that it helps you target the hottest prospects, allows for customization so that you will stand out, brand you as a leader and helps you build your own list instead of you building one for someone else and includes a front end sales funnel that creates multiple streams of income.

You can have full customization when you use this MLM training program that will show you how to control your email auto responders and promote an endless stream of leads.

Those who have used MLM Lead System Pro and have learned from Brian Fanale’s trainings have been pleased with the results and state that they have had much better lead generation success with this product than they have had with others that are on the market that are similar, but just not quite the same.

According to Brian Fanale, most people who fail at their MLM or internet marketing business do so because they use outdated techniques that might have worked ten years ago but no longer apply.

As the internet gets more sophisticated and advanced, it is also necessary to advance internet marketing techniques as well. Those who have an MLM or affiliate marketing business can learn how they can improve their business with the MLM training offered by Brian Fanale with MLM Lead System Pro.

For more information on how to Build your MLM Business using Attraction Marketing visit MLM Marketing Secrets.

Learn how you can Generate 50-100 Free targeted Leads per Day to Explode your MLM Business. MLM MARKETING SECRETS .

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Facebook MLM Marketing Secrets


In This Article You will learn Hidden Facebook MLM Marketing Secrets. FACEBOOK, right now, is one of the hottest places to build your Network Marketing business, if you know how.


The advertising is free, and it is often many times more effective than some of the paid advertising methods. I can get about 10-15 people a day coming to my website, or contacting me about my business, from Facebook alone.


Marketing Tips:

1)    Make A LIST: Get a list of 50 or more Network Marketing companies. Why? because Network Marketers will be your target market. They already are in the industry you do not have to sell them on MLM.


But if you can help other network marketers reach their goals, you will often be the person in the industry that they look up to and, if you follow this plan, a percentage of them will come to you asking to join your business.


That’s right, no more chasing family and friends, and anyone within three feet of you they will ask to join you! Your next target market will be people actively seeking home based business opportunities. You can find them in Facebook groups under topics like “entrepreneur,” or “work from home,” and big names in the industry like “Mike Dillard,” or “Donald Trump.”

2)    JOIN GROUPS: Search 10 Facebook groups a day related to each company, or name, on your list. Join them. Don’t join more than 4 per day. If you join to many groups at once Facebook will delete your account trust me. I’ve been kicked off and I am speaking from first hand knowledge. They have much stricter rules than other social sites. So build your friend list wisely.

3)    POST: Post a short advertisement on the Wall of each group you joined. You can be creative here, but follow these guidelines: a) don’t market your business opportunity when you first introduce yourself to people b) provide valueable information that your target market can use, c) don’t come off as a salesperson and d) keep it short.


Trust me on this, if you want to learn how to use Facebook to promote your business, don’t lead with your business and compensation plan, you will be completely wasting your time.


I’ll explain the reason for this in greater detail in some of my other posts. Add a link at the end of the post that sends them to your website. Don’t use your MLM Company’s website for this.


You need a personal site, with a lead capture page to get their contact information and then learn how to promote yourself as a leader. You can find this information at MLM SPONSORING SECRETS   if you are a network marketer interested in this type of tool and training for your MLM or online business.

4)    ADD FRIENDS: Pick one of the groups each day and add between 10-15 new friends a day. Write out a short message ahead of time that says A.) How you found them on that group, and B) that you are trying to connect with people in your target industry. If you get a Pink warning from Facebook, quit for the day, and scale down your promotion the next time or wait a couple of days before you start again. Remember too many warnings and Facebook will delete your account.

5)    START A GROUP: Create your own Facebook Group. This is the best way how to use Facebook to promote your business. The group should NOT be about your network marketing company. It should be about a useful marketing or networking strategy that can be of benefit to all network marketers. Here are some examples “Twitter users group,” “How to get free leads for your MLM,” “How to use Facebook to promote your MLM business,” and “MLM networking group,” use your imagination.

6)    INVITE: After you have 150 friends who are all in the Network Marketing industry, send them all an invitation to join your group that you started. Repeat this every100 friends that you ad to your friend list.

7)    Motivation AND TIPS: Once or twice a week and send your group an e-mail of some of your Motivational messages or strategies for marketing your MLM business or anything that you can think of that would be of interest to your group.

8)     INTRODUCE: Go to the Friends tab, then to Recently Added, each day. Create a list with the date (left hand side). Select the new friends one-by-one (by clicking on the right) and add them to the day’s list. Go to the Inbox tab, then to Compose. Use the list as the address; it will insert all the newly added friends.


 Send them a message introducing yourself as a mentor, MLM coach, entrepreneur, or any title you like that positions you as an expert in the industry.


 Don’t worry, if you’re not an expert yet, all you have to do is know a few more things than they do about how to use Facebook to market their business, and you are instantly an expert on that topic. And, of course, follow my training, and you will not only become an expert, but a top earner in the industry. And lastly, in your message to them, invite them to join your Facebook group.


 9)    Share information: You will soon start receiving e-mails from other Network Marketers asking for advice and help on other topics. Continue to educate yourself as you go, and help everyone you can.

10)    PROSPECT: At this point you will have created a warm market of the best prospects you could ever have. Current Networkers, they already understand network marketing you do not have to sell them on network marketing.

Bonus information: Update your “What’s on your mind” status at the top of your page every day with MLM tips and direct them to your blog so that they can learn more about you and other information that might help them build their business.

These Internet business tips can have a huge impact on the success of your MLM business.


If you are tired of struggling in MLM here is where you can find complete training from TOP Internet Marketers on how to market and build your MLM business and have people chasing you to join your MLM Business.  

Take a look at MLM Millionaires 

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If you have tried your hand at networking marketing before, you have likely struggled. Many networking marketing companies will encourage you to prospect wherever you meet people and this reduces your success rate with any prospect. The key to having MLM success stories is to find and focus on a target market. This article will talk about how you can bring that target market to you through various methods.

Many people dislike network marketing because they feel that everyone is pushy. Each network marketer is trying to get you into his or her downline without helping you understand how you can successfully build a downline. These network marketers do not understand who their target market is.

This is where you can make the transition from someone simply starting a business to someone solving a problem. When you are looking into a business opportunity, you have to think about what niche of the marketplace you will be involved in. There are millions of niches out there which you can get involved in and where people are looking for solutions to problems that they have. Your responsibility is to figure out what niche you want to be involved in and then listen to the customers who are within that niche. You want to learn their troubles, likes, and dislikes about this particular industry. This can help you determine your target market within the niche.

Once you understand your target market, it is easy. You will not be selling but rather guiding people forward with advice. People do not want to be sold to but they would rather buy. Do you see the paradigm shift within there? By understanding what your target market is looking for, you can provide that to them. This is known as attraction marketing. If you show that you care about what your customers are interested in, that is going to go a long way in developing your business. People will actively look for your business once you start to establish a reputation. This type of business will actually be fun for you. You will find that it will not seem like work either. You do not have to go out and push a product but rather provide knowledge and insight to those who come to you.

Have you ever heard of social networking? This will be one of the best ways to get yourself involved with your target market. Examples of this may include commenting on people’s blogs with solutions to problems that they are posing. Many individuals will use Twitter or other social networking sites like Digg or Yahoo! Answers. You want to interact with people in the communities they are involved with.

MLM success will not come simply through pushing what you have to offer. It is about understanding your target market within your niche and then responding to what they have to say. It is simple but not easy. This is the key to building a loyal customer following and eventually the way to build a long downline.

Learn how to EXPLODE your business by Mastering Social Networking!

Learn the MLM Sponsoring Secrets that the TOP PRODUCERS are using but, don’t want you to know!

Learn more about building your MLM money making business on the internet by using Attraction Marketing, visit: for MLM Lead System Generation information or give me a call 770-621-5860.

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“Finding Leads without Prospecting” and find other topics on MLM Lead Generation SystemNetwork Marketing at

To Your Success!

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Build Your MLM Business Using The Internet

One thing can be said about the Web 2.0 environment today; if you learn to use it correctly, it is one of the best ways to build your MLM money making business using the internet. It makes it possible to develop a network marketing strategy that has people looking you up and asking to buy into your program.

Those kind of results, although very possible do not happen overnight, and they do not happen by accident. In order to build you MLM money making business using the internet, you need to learn and understand how to use the tools available in order to build relationships with your potential customers.

The first step in successfully building your MLM money making business is selling yourself. After all, you are the reason people will buy into the system. In days past it was possible to drive traffic to a sales letter and let the letter convince people whether or not to buy. In today’s marketplace, your customers have seen and heard it all before. Most of them will not even bother to read the opening of your sales pitch, let alone stick around for the whole thing. You have to convince them to listen to you long before they get to your site. You do that by building your reputation.

You build your reputation by convincing people that you are an expert in the area you are working in. How do you become an expert? The first way is to tell people you are an expert. Remember, part of your business is selling yourself, so you have to lay claim to the title of expert. If you are not already an expert, then you need to become one.

While claiming to be an expert is important, it only works if you can back up your claim. That happens by publishing information that shows that you actually know what you are talking about. You should regularly write articles and have them published online. This can be either on your own website or blog, or by submitting your articles to one of the many free article hosting services.

Every time you publish an article, make sure that there is a way to have a link to your business website. If it is your own site that has the articles you can put the link right in the article. If your article is hosted by a service they will usually let you put the link in a short bio section at the end of the article. If people like what you have written, they will use that link to go to your site to see what you have written.

Because they have come to your site voluntarily, and because you have shown them that you know what you are talking about, they are much more willing to read your sales pitch, and more important, they are more willing to buy from you.

Web 2.0 is all about building relationships and gaining peoples trust. If you can learn to do that effectively, can not only build your MLM home base business on the internet, you can build an MLM money making business that exceeds your expectations. If you would like to know more about the MLM Lead Generation System tool I use to build my business, look at the MLM Lead Generation System Tab on the top of this page.

To Your Success!

Learn more about Building your Business on the internet by using Attraction marketing, visit: on MLM Lead System Pro or give me a call.

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If you have explored any of the Lead Generation Systems on the internet, you know that many of the systems being marketed are only designed to separate you from your money. That is why MLM Lead System Pro is the best lead generating system available in many people opinion.

So why is MLM Lead System Pro the best lead generating system? There are several reasons you should consider them. The first is that it is a fully integrated system. That means that all of the pieces you need are built into the system, and that they all work together for your success. Some systems do not include everything. They may talk about different pieces that are necessary for you to succeed, but you will have to go get them on your own.

One of the reasons this system was designed this way is because the people that developed it have spent years working in MLM home base businesses. They know first hand what works, and just as important, what does not work. You get to learn how to make the most efficient use of your time, and not have to waste a lot of time trying different techniques that are not effective. They developed a program that is based on proven systems that they have had success with over and over again.

One key concept that you will learn is how to effectively market yourself. In a Web 2.0 environment it is important that you learn how to build trust and get your potential customers to believe what you say is the truth. By learning how to tap into the different social networks you can build your reputation as an expert, and you will have people coming to you for solutions. Because you have taken steps to pre-sell your program, people come to you ready to buy.

MLM Lead System Pro has a complete training system. You are taught how to brand your self as a leader in your Primary business. Your also learn why it is important to market yourself and not your Company. Remember people do business with other people that they know, that they like and that they trust. So MLM Lead System Pro teaches you how to build relationships.

Through a combination of tools and techniques such as professionally designed landing and sales pages, learning how to build a mailing list, and how to do effective follow-ups, you can put together a program that will start to bring in profits right away. One of the frustrations with MLM systems is that you get frustrated at the lack of progress your business makes. When you start to see earnings quickly it helps to keep you energized.

If you really want to see why MLM System Pro is the best MLM lead generating system you should do some research. Check out what they claim, and then look around to see what others are saying. You will find that this system really does deliver quality results.

For more information on how to build your Primary Business using Attraction Marketing visit: on MLM Lead System Pro. If you would like to know more about the Lead Generation Tools I use to Build my Business look at the MLM Lead Generation Systems tab at the top of this page.

Learn how you can Generate 50-100 Free targeted Leads per Day to Explode your Primary MLM Business.

To Your Success!

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One of the easiest and most beneficial ways to build your Network Marketing or MLM Home Base Business is to write and publish articles in your field of expertise. With all of the Network Marketing and MLM Businesses out there today, you need to make sure that your potential customers know that YOU are the best of the best, and that not doing business with YOU would be a grave lapse in judgment. By writing articles prolifically and publishing them on your blog or on or other sites, you can drive traffic and get your businesses name out there, and the only investment you will be required to make is your time.

Of course, when you are building your Network Marketing or MLM Business, your time can be your most valuable asset. For that reason, it is important to understand the potential return you can expect for the investment. Luckily, you can expect to see profound and varied benefits in return for your article writing skills. Some of the benefits you can expect to see are: higher traffic on your site, higher search engine rating, increasing exposure and brand recognition, recognition of your personal expertise, more extensive and targeted mailing lists, and overall increase in potential clients and sales.

With all of these potential benefits, it is easy to see why article writing for Network Marketing or MLM Business success is becoming one of the fastest ways to advertise on the web and achieve MLM personal growth. You can’t enter anything in a search engine anymore without thousands of related articles being listed in the search results. The trend is really MLM in its most fundamental form. However, because of the growth of article writing as an advertising tool, it is essential that you write your articles properly to obtain the desired results and obtain the maximum benefit for your MLM Business. For example, the number one most essential rule of article writing is to make sure that your article is written with keywords targeted toward both your subject matter and that are also SEO friendly. This will get you a higher ranking on the search engines. But, do not forget to make your articles as informative and entertaining as they are SEO friendly (an aspect that tends to be overlooked), if your articles are nothing more than nonsensical, keyword laden ramblings, they are going to have an effect opposite of what is desired.

All in all, when utilizing article writing to build your Network Marketing or MLM Business, it is essential to do so with the same outlook you would have with any other form of advertising. Keep in mind that you are advertising not just your business, but also yourself. Be entertaining, be catchy, be funny, and be relevant. And respect your customers by keeping your articles informative, entertaining, and relevant. It will keep them coming back for more. Never forget that you are one of millions that are utilizing article writing as a method of building your Network Marketing or MLM Business. It is essential to do things to set yourself apart. Never forget that, while they are potential customers, your readers are people first. They are going to want from your articles the same thing they want from every other article they have ever read: entertainment and education.

Learn how to EXPLODE your business by mastering Article writing and social networking, to get this FREE information on your network marketing business visit:

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