Tracey Walker’s success story in network marketing is as inspirational as it is educative. Here’s a lady whose success has added to what we’ve always been told but which most have refused to accept, namely, to make a real impact in network marketing, you must learn from those who’ve been doing it well. Period. Anything else will only amount to gambling with your money and time.

Like nearly everyone else, Tracey came into MLM after experiencing some financial fluctuations arising from the los of a job. With an MBA in marketing from Florida A&M University in 1999, she was doing pretty well financially until 2002 when she was laid off.

Along with her father, she later set up a real estate firm and moved back to her home state of Illinois. Soon she was doing well again. But the housing slump soon struck, sparing neither large nor small firms. So again, Tracy Walker was struggling financially.

It was at this point that someone first introduced her to network marketing. Her individual personality and background in marketing ordinarily predisposes her for success in network marketing. But it won’t come on a platter of gold.

Starting in 2007, she started investing lots of time and efforts learning and implementing numerous marketing strategies, including making endless presentations all in an attempt to succeed in MLM. But her success was minimal at best.

She was obviously approaching network marketing much the same way she had approached the businesses she practiced before coming into MLM. But this woman is a no-quitter!

Her breakthrough in network marketing finally arrived when she decided to do the only sensible thing: ask the masters for help!
Now throw in Daegan Smith and a few fundamentals of network marketing, and what you get is a complete change in strategy and a fresh look at marketing opportunities that would transform Tracey Walker’s MLM business within a short time!

She was later to be invited by Daegan to co-author a book series on MLM training, called “The Power of Leadership.” That alliance would further establish her name among the most respected and most successful MLM trainers and marketers. Her credibility got a massive boost, and riding on the wings of that success, she has simply been attaining one marketing feat after another.

But it soon became obvious to Tracey that her downlines were not following along. It’s a common problem that thousands of high-flying marketers often face in building their MLM business—the absence of duplication.

This energetic lady was generating numerous leads per day and sponsoring scores of new members into her team. But unless these downlines are doing the same things she herself was doing, her progress and impact would be seriously halted.

If she could find a way to train her downlines to implement at least two-thirds of her strategies, then she would not only set her company on the path of massive growth, she would also have succeeded in putting thousands of network marketers on their way to individual success.

Being a positive and determined person, Tracy set out to address those issues. We can narrow down the lessons from Tracey Walker’s success to 3 factors:

No one knows it all. And unless you are willing and able to learn from those before you, you’ll struggle for long. Perseverance and determination are indispensable attributes in business—any business.

The need to be selfless. Successful marketers are never selfish or self-centered. They realize that this is a people’s business where your success is so often tied to that of the next person. So everyone in the team works for the growth of all team members.

These are among the attributes that have helped Tracey Walker to attain massive success in just three years in network marketing. Are you going to adopt these habits in your MLM business? Then I may well be writing about you in my next Post!

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If you’re an author, or an article writer by any other description, you are no doubt interested in techniques that will increase your article production. But of even greater importance is how to improve the quality of the articles you write.

There are several quick, simple and easy ways to boost your article writing quality and production. Below are two broad techniques that have proved helpful to both well-known authors and ordinary writers. They should work for you, I believe!

Start Early In the Day: Early birds are still fortunate! I’ve personally discovered that starting my writing early in the day trumps both lunchtime and after-dinner efforts.

I’ve observed that I’m more productive at that time of day, and I guess that shouldn’t be hard to imagine. For one thing, the brain has just rested and is now primed for new challenges.

As a result, creative thinking and imagination are at their peaks just after a good night’s rest. Now those are my thoughts. But I guess I’m not alone. It’s a well documented fact that many successful professional writers and authors get an early start with their writing.

Many start to write as early as 5:00 or 6:00am, with nearly all already at their writing desk by 8:00 am. As I pointed out earlier, an early morning writing time allows your freshly-rested mind to jump-start your writing day with quick ideas.

Starting your writing task early in the day is also important for yet another reason: if you do most of your writing from home whereby quite or private moments are rare, that would be an added reason to begin your writing task early in the day. Such early morning sessions will help you accomplish more long before the hustle and bustle of the family’s day gets underway.

Choose a Distraction-Free Environment: Although a noted author, J.K. Rowling reportedly once wrote at a coffee shop, still your best bet is to imitate most professional writers who often deliberately seek out isolated and quite places to do their writing. Prolific author, Stephen King, for example usually writes at the lonely loft of his home, sometimes for days or even weeks away from public view.

I don’t know how you, a budding writer could do a better job than the masters of the art if you choose to write at the market square! The thing is that writing quality articles is challenging enough in its own right—you don’t want to be dealing with self-sabotage at the same time by exposing yourself to distractions. Imitate successful writers, apply tested techniques.

No matter what you think, it’s near-impossible to produce a tidy, in-depth and authoritative piece of writing of any sort with the phones ringing or message alerts constantly popping up, people chattering and puttering all around you. Personally I write in a quite, private part of the house, away from my wife and kid, and certainly devoid of phones and visitors.

Bottom line is, when you write in a tranquil place, you accomplish more. At the moment, I seriously doubt that J.K. Rowling still writes the continuing editions of Harry Potter and Friends in a coffee shop or any other public place!

If you take these points to heart and apply them in your article writing schedule, you’ll almost certainly see an increase in the quality and depth of your articles. It will also boost your production rate.


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Your MLM products or your Business what do you talk about first? As a network marketer, which should you project: your products or your opportunity? The answer is none. I’ll tell you why.

If you’ve been observing recent trends in network marketing, the major shift has been a departure from the huge emphasis previously placed on products and network opportunity. This shift is not without reason. At the moment, the major emphasis is on you and the prospect.

The thing is that when we start by projecting our product or business opportunity, we often have to talk to so many people before being able to convert one into our business or product. It’s like trying to sow seeds in an unprepared soil. The odds of any of it germinating and flourishing are very slim.

Compare that with sowing your seeds in a well cultivated garden! Now you know what I’m saying. The old-school MLM psyche with its emphasis on product and opportunity may make it sound logical to lead with your product. But wake up, times have changed!

Unless you’ve first warmed yourself into the heart of a prospect, don’t even consider telling them anything about your ‘wonderful product’ or ‘unique compensation plan.’ And if you think that a 5- minute conversation constitutes a relationship, think again.

Quickly introducing a product to a prospect after only a brief discussion gives you away as another self-serving marketer, intent on selling a product to someone who may not even need it.

So, if you want to attract leaders into your network business, don’t start by introducing products to them. Of course no attempt is made here to discount the importance of excellent products or rewarding opportunities.

The point is, people don’t like to be sold. And unless you first build a trusting relationship with someone, all hypes about your products or opportunity will fall on deaf ears.

So then what? Start by projecting what YOU are! A prospect wants to be comfortable with your person first before they can consider what you are doing. You are the first thing a prospect is judging, not your product, not your business opportunity.

It isn’t without reason that network marketing has so often been called a “people business”. Yes, in this business people join people to benefit from what people are doing.

So lead with YOURSELF, not your product, not your opportunity. Get that?

Now what does this involve? Leading with yourself basically means being people-centric, or people oriented. That means always looking for ways to benefit people.

You should concern yourself with trying to understand your prospects, working with them, and training them in some ways. Of course, this pre-supposes that you have something of value that people need. If you don’t, work at developing your expertise in certain areas first.

The aim is to project you as someone who is knowledgeable in several areas of online business. For example, do you know that so many marketers in this day and age still do not know how to effectively use the internet to reach their target market?

There are millions of others who are struggling in network marketing because they do not know the right way to prospect for new clients. Still others are yet to hear what you are hearing now—that leading with products or opportunity is a road to nowhere!

So there are many ways you can come in and project yourself as a compassionate authority to your prospects. As long as you have information that can help their business which they didn’t know previously, they’ll pay attention.

And because you’ve demonstrated your expertise to these prospects, what happens is that the next time they need help in any area of their business, you’ll be the first person they’ll come to.

And if you’re marketing any product they need, they’d rather buy from you than from someone else they neither know nor trust. So wouldn’t you rather lead with YOURSELF?

By giving of yourself generously and without asking anything in return, you’ll be building a long-lasting relationship that will benefit you, you clients, and your business for a lifetime.

As a network Marketing Business Builder being able to attract daily targeted MLM leads to your business is the key to your MLM Success. How would you like to attract 50-100 leads to your MLM business daily?

Learning these MLM Marketing Skills will help you Explode your MLM business. You can visit this website MAKE MONEY ONLINE to find out more complete information on Money Generating Skills.


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How to Create Wealth with Your MLM Business

If you ever had any doubt that wealth through MLM was possible, welcome to this article. On the other hand, if you’ve always believed that MLM is a means to great wealth, but just didn’t know how to make it happen, welcome too. Wealth through network marketing or MLM is real and truly possible.

It doesn’t matter what your experience has been, MLM is still the number one cost-effective method of substantial income for the average Jane and Joe. And quite a few marketers have actually gone on to strike it rich in this activity, all legitimately.

Multi-Level Marketing is a system of marketing company products through the use of independent distributors. These distributors typically establish and market their own sales force and recruit other distributors to sell these same products. These form a network of sales people for a particular product or company.

This arrangement frees the manufacturers of the chores of retailing along with the attendant advert and other marketing costs. The manufacturers are happy to share most of these saved costs with distributors by way of commissions, bonuses, and profit sharing plans.

It is a business strategy that is increasingly being put to good use by millions of home business owners worldwide. And in a global economy mired in recession, the MLM industry continues to produce mega-millionaires.

How to Create Wealth with Your MLM Business: To have a story of success to tell in your online MLM, there are specific things you need to get right. Although your personal talents count for something, that alone won’t take you far. Listed below are 4 things that will guarantee your success in network marketing:

Select the right company: this is hugely important. If you get this part wrong, you’ll struggle for long! A lot of MLM companies out there are not solid. And quite a few are outright scams. Even among those that are genuine, some have a line of products that just don’t sell—either due to very high price tags, or low quality products.

So make sure you do a careful search before joining an MLM company. Basically, you should focus your search on those that have been around for at least 5 years and have a good track record. Focus also on companies whose products receive good reviews. Your company of choice must also have a reputation for back-end support for distributors.

Have a steady supply of leads: remember that in MLM, by far the larger percentage of your earnings will come from the efforts of your team members. This means that the more people you bring into your network, the higher your earning potential. Need I tell you what happens if you run out of people to recruit? I guess not.

Fortunately lead generation is now made easy by the availability of several online recruiting methods. But you also need to give serious thoughts to who you recruit into your team.

Don’t bring in those who aren’t ready to learn or work. They could sabotage your good efforts. Better to have a few credible downline team that are fully committed to implementing the strategies that would guarantee success for all of you.

Diversify: This means that you should lead off not with your business but with a funded proposal. You should join a lead generation community that offer this type of system. This would make adverts and prospecting easier for you.

Diversifying with a front end funded proposal will not only bring you multiple streams of income, it will also spread your risks in such a way that the bad fortune your company closing wouldn’t bring an end to your income.

Automate your business: this is specifically saying you should market your business on the internet. You need to master online recruiting techniques. This is a sure way of ensuring you’ll have a steady supply of leads, which is so vital for your growth and success in MLM. There’s simply no limit to the number of persons you can market to as long as you are strutting your stuff on the internet.

Above everything else, do not ever consider quitting. There may be times when quitting seems like the only reasonable thing to do. Continue anyway. No business is without setbacks.

MLM is no exception. The millionaires you often hear about today in this business are people who simply refused to quit when the average person would have done so.

You must continue to learn and improve on various aspects of your MLM business — prospecting, recruiting, self-branding, marketing, follow-ups, etc. These are ways to build wealth with your online business. And it goes without saying that you should also teach members of your team to implement these strategies too.


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MLM Lead Generation—3 Secrets

You probably know that daily lead generation is a crucial part of building and growing a MLM business. Any deficiency in this respect will spell doom network marketer. It doesn’t matter whether you’re operating your business predominantly online or offline, you’ll need to come up with a proven method of generating steady leads.

It is from this leads that you’ll be able to convert some into your business opportunity. If truth be told, lead generation is the only ‘secret’ that the masters of network marketing employ to garner massive following and huge income.

So if you desire to see your MLM business grow rapidly and at a deeper level, then you have no choice but to do something about how you’ll generate consistent leads.

Fortunately, the presence of numerous internet resources have meant that lead generation is no longer as difficult as it used to be in years gone by. With a little dedication and research, the average network marketer can easily learn the various online techniques than could put steady leads at their disposal. We’ll examine a few of these now.

Have An Opt-In Page: When you take a look at the websites belonging to top MLM marketers, you’ll discover that most of them are equipped with opt-in pages. The only purpose of these opt-in pages is to capture leads for the site owners. The webmasters have these opt-in pages plastered all over the online marketplace.

The idea is that the more people who come across these invitations, the greater the chances that some of the visitors will respond. And each response is a lead generated. If you are to duplicate this method, the trick is to make the whole process attractive for your website visitors.

Endeavor to channel loads of traffic to your opt-in pages, such as by pitching to people who you perceive to be in some way interested in MLM business. And in doing so, ensure you don’t engage in any form of spamming.

Position Yourself As An Expert: One of the most effective ways to attract MLM leads has always been to position oneself as a teacher and an expert rather than as a marketer of anything. But it’s only in recent times that this approach is being fully appreciated by most marketers. Successful marketers are those who take steps to position themselves as experts in their niche market.

They brand themselves as people who not only possess extra knowledge and information, but also ready to help prospects with their marketing problems. And you can bet it; the online marketplace is filled with numerous newbies and long-time strugglers who are all looking for ways to solve one knotty problem with their MLM business or the other.

Thus, by positing yourself as able and willing to assist, potential prospects are sure to pay attention, providing you sound convincing from day one. When you do that intelligently, people will flock to your site or blog for more information.

Many will freely give you information about themselves once they believe you can help them out in some ways. And you’ll have them following you for as long as you have valuable information to share.

How else do you define steady leads? In fact, leads generated in this manner are of high quality, very likely to respond favorably to any products or programs you may introduce somewhere down the line.

Utilize Social Media: Unknown to many online marketers, social media sites like YouTube, Linkedin, Facebook, etc are excellent avenues for lead generation. But there are many more social sites. These are places you can project yourself and your business opportunity for massive exposure.

By providing valuable contents on these forums, you’re bound to make good connections with numerous people who in turn would want to contact you.

Lead generation is very important for a network marketer. But as I have pointed out, it need not be too difficult to come by. I encourage you to employ any or all of the steps mentioned in this article to generate constant leads for your MLM business. Should you need further details on practical ways to implement any of these techniques, I’m here to help you.

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Call Those MLM Leads!

Are you calling your MLM leads? If you’re going to see any success in your MLM business, then you have to frequently communicate with some of those leads you’ve generated. Part of this involves picking up the phone and calling some of them.

Failing to do this, then you’re just lying to yourself, and you might as well say bye to those big dreams—the exotic cars, the big house, the overseas trips and lots of money.

You see, in a typical 9 to 5 job it’s possible for you to just show up in the morning, then pretend to be working, and still earn your normal bi-weekly paychecks. Of course you also have to find ways to keep your idleness away from your boss. And you always can!

How about displaying a similar attitude in network marketing? Forget it. It just isn’t possible. I mean, yes, you can pretend to your upline leader that you’re prospecting hard, show up at weekly opportunity meetings and product launchings. But in the end, really, it’s either you’re working your MLM business or you’re not. Your results will reveal all! And you’re the boss here.

Working an MLM business is all about the results we turn in. And we can’t fake any of it. So if you’re not determined to set to work and be consistent in doing so, probably you’re not cut out for a MLM business after all! Rather than trying to lie to yourself, which you can’t, it just may be that a different occupation, say a salary job, might suit you better.

You know, running a MLM business is somewhat like trying to lose weight. What if the person wanting to lose weight is secretly cheating on his diet? Will there be any drop in his weight as time passes?

Well no! So a lack of commitment to the weight loss program will hurt none other than the person himself. So should he be surprised if months or years later his weight remains the same, or worse?

It’s the same in MLM. Despite the fact that you can’t fake certain things to yourself, a lot people still try to do so. They sit in their home offices and do everything else but call their leads.

But know that if you’re not talking to prospects on a regular basis and consistently recruiting new distributors into your MLM business, then there’s no way you’re going to be creating residual income. It’s that simple.

By this I mean you should prepare yourself on ways to respond or react to what a prospect might say. Specifically you should know how to react to a “no” response. Some marketers see it as a “failure verdict,” sort of a proof that they can’t do network marketing. Those are the sort of feelings you are to guard against as you call your leads on the phone.

Two authors, Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz have a book titled “Go for No.” The book believes that getting as many No’s as possible is actually helpful in sales. I encourage everyone involved in sales, especially network marketers, to read it.

Other books that might help prepare you as you call your leads include “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson, and “Eat That Frog” by the master motivator himself, Brian Tracy.

Do not content yourself with hiding behind the computer and doing Facebook or writing a blog or two as your sole method of reaching out to prospects. Internet resources do have their place, and it’s primarily to generate leads for you. But you should take it up from there.

By all means pick up the phone and call those leads. Some are actually expecting your call!

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6 Sure Ways to Achieve Your MLM Goals

What are your MLM goals? Are you a dreamer? Common, I don’t mean to sound sarcastic! In fact I’m encouraging you to have some dreams and goals for your business. For without goals, towards what will your energy be directed?

And without dreams, where will the energy or inspiration come from in the first place? So, you see, dreams do have their place. And goals are simply indispensable if you are to have success in MLM, or for that matter any business.

So what goals do you wish to accomplish with your home business? No doubt you want to eventually earn enough from this activity to finally quit your daytime job. Which will also mean that you desire to make enough money from here to enable you give yourself and or your family the standard of life your current job simply forbids you. Great ambitions!

Setting a clear goal for your business is important. But following through with this goal is what will insure their attainment. Achieving success with your business entails a series of processes of which goal setting is just one. Here are 6 other things you’ll need to do to help you achieve your goals and thus make your MLM dreams a reality:

Always Keep Your Goal In View: In the game of Football, every player has the end zone in mind in their every move with the ball, even when they’re obviously not looking at the post. The goal post thus becomes the object towards which they direct their efforts.

They keep it in view. You should do no less with your business goal! In your every effort with your MLM, always reflect on how this affects your overall business goal. Keeping your goal in view is the best way to stay focused and remain motivated. Also, if you’re faithful and true to your business goals, you have a far better chance of achieving them.

Review Your Goals Often: You should review your goals often, preferably everyday. This helps you know how you’re apportioning your business resources as well as what things have been accomplished.

And whenever one aspect of the overall goal has been attained, cross it out of the list and move on to your next goal. If you know your goals and see them over and over again, you will be more inclined to stick to them until they’re attained.

Avoid Negative-Minded People: You’re sure to encounter people who’ll tell you “it’s not possible!” “It won’t work!” they are dream killers! You may not be able to totally avoid them. The most you can do is to ignore them as often as they show up with all the ‘reasons’ why your goals are just unattainable.

You cannot achieve your goals in MLM unless you determine to put all these kinds of people out of your life. Never mind that they’ll be among the first to show up by the time your determination pays off! And that takes us to the next point.

Be Determined! It’s impossible to overstress this point. Look, there’ll surely be times when a number of factors will make it look like quitting is the most reasonable thing to do. And detractors as discussed above will always want to make your mind up for you. Refuse to give in! Be determined, and stay focused on what you’ve set out to accomplish for yourself.

Stay Motivated: Look for ways to re-charge your spiritual and emotional battery. Listen to motivational audio recordings or speakers. This will help reinforce your believe in yourself and your abilities—the assurance that you are capable of achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself. This is so vital in combating the influences of negative people and even the effect of occasional poor results from your sincere efforts.

Keep Improving: Yes, aim at becoming an expert at what you do. You cannot achieve your business goals unless first you become real good at different aspects of your business. In network marketing, for example, you’ll need to master prospecting, recruiting, lead generation, and more. So spend time perfecting your skills in these various facets of doing the business. Your success in each aspect of it in turn serves as a motivation that you can master the rest as well.

So set a goal for your business, stick to it, stay motivated, and keep improving your in your skills. These are the things that’ll ensure that your MLM goals will be achieved. And when your goals are attained, your dreams will have materialized!

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MLM Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight!

Will MLM success happen for you? I like to win. I strive towards success in everything I do. Success is so important to me that I’m usually prepared to do everything it takes and wait as long as it takes to attain it.

I’m sure success means that much to you as well; that’s perhaps the only reason you want to continue reading this piece. Good. That means we are on the same page. If not, then read and become wise!

There is no doubt in my mind that network marketing is the quickest and easiest way to achieve financial freedom today. But even as I wrote that last line, I was a bit uncomfortable with my choice of words—QUICKEST and EASIEST. Because I know a lot of people are going to interpret those words to mean “next week” or “in a month.”

When we say that MLM is an easier and quicker route to financial success, we’re only saying in comparison with other businesses which will take a minimum of 7 to 10 years to build you real wealth, if things go well.

It’s important to spell these things out because there is this totally witless notion that seems to have persisted in MLM, namely: all you need do is just hop in, and in a year you’ll be rich. Don’t believe any of that even for a minute. Success and financial freedom doesn’t happen overnight in MLM.

If you are ever going to succeed in this business, you’re going to work and WAIT for it. Indeed, there is no substitute for PERSISTENT hard work and dedication in this business. Don’t ever think you’ll succeed in MLM if the only time you work on it is when there’s nothing else to do. It’ll never work out.

But network marketing or MLM is not inherently difficult to implement. The problem is that so many people come into this business with the belief that they won’t need to do anything at all to prosper—and prosper fast! I don’t believe that.

And I don’t teach any of that to those I recruit into my MLM business. I tell them right from when I’m prospecting them that success has rules. To succeed, a person needs to consistently follow a success plan.

Part of this plan involves committing the necessary resources that financial success requires. The most important success ingredients in network marketing are knowledge, persistent hard work, patience, training, and money.

Yes money!

I know that last item may go contrary to what you’ve often heard concerning MLM. But don’t be deceived; it takes money to make money. You surely need money to join your network opportunity; make monthly product purchases; engage in some form of marketing so as to generate leads; follow up on leads.

Yes, in MLM the start-up capital requirements are relatively small—say $200-$400 monthly. But a failure to commit even that little sum into the activities mentioned above may keep your business grounded.

Meanwhile, even after starting right, there is still a minimum period it’s going to take you to start seeing your first commission checks. For most new marketers, this won’t happen sooner than 6 months. Part of the reason is this: in network marketing, most of what makes you money comes from the efforts of your downlines. Now a rich downline is not built overnight.

It’s going to take time and effort on your part. Also, your sales skills will continue to improve with every sale you make (or even fail to make!). This won’t happen in one week either. Hasn’t it been said that ‘practice makes perfect’? I can go on and on.

The point is, no worthwhile achievement is ever made without real efforts. MLM has all the potentials to give you all the financial freedom you desire. But it won’t happen overnight.

Success takes time and right actions. Continuous learning, fine-tuning of your strategies, as well as consistent application of lessons learnt are what will guarantee your financial freedom in MLM.


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Jonathan Budd may well be the next big thing in the ever-evolving world of MLM. That is if he isn’t one already. At the moment Jonathan Budd has become a phenomenon of a sort.

He is currently the youngest entrepreneur to earn a seven-figure income in network marketing. He is the creator of the internet tool known as the Online MLM Mastermind System.

Who Is Jonathan Budd In The MLM World?

Jonathan is an online network marketer, trainer, and program developer. He started as a MLM struggler. He Tried numerous prospecting and recruiting strategies before he began to see some success in his MLM.

He is quick to admit that his eventual success in network marketing is mainly due to his conviction that the internet holds the key to success in modern day network marketing. Thus he was determined to learn all there was to internet or online marketing.

In the end this young guru has literally conquered the world of online network marketing. He is now devoting most of his time coaching and mentoring MLM entrepreneurs on ways to prosper in their MLM business.

Jonathan Budd has coached and guided thousands of his students to achieve higher levels of success in their network marketing business. He has also developed a wave-making tool that makes it easier for marketers to find leads and sponsor new distributors into their business.

Does his Online MLM Mastermind System Really Work?

The Online MLM Mastermind System is Jonathan Budd’s best known contribution to online marketing. It is a complete system for online network marketers. It is not an eBook, but rather a program designed with network marketers in mind.

The creator no doubt drew from his prospecting and recruiting woes. He knows that majority of online marketers are having trouble building a rich email list, which is so vital to marketing online. He has therefore put together a system for capturing the contact details of your prospects (lead capture pages); writing a good sales letter; a tracking and a list-building system.

The program also includes training videos on various online-marketing-related topics—PPC, social networking, etc. And recently he has even integrated auto-responder facilities into the system.

In my opinion, Jonathan Budd’s Online MLM Mastermind System is a useful tool for anyone who markets their business on the internet. Provided you know the basics of internet marketing, such as how to set up and use an auto-responder, the Mastermind System could do you a lot of good.

But don’t think that this seven-dollar CD is the save secret all to your MLM challenges. Some who have purchased the program had thought that it absolved them of their other obligations as entrepreneurs.

For example, the system doesn’t cancel the need to brand yourself as a leader. Jonathan himself continues to do that, and it is one reason he continues to attract the sort of attention we all give him (which he deserves by the way).

In the final analysis, Jonathan Budd is one great mentor and marketer. And his programs, are very helpful tools for modern day online network marketing.

But it is your ability to take his marketing strategies, internalize the knowledge, and use it to brand yourself and promote your business that will bring you the kind of results that Jonathan is seeing in his online business.

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Can MLM Really Make You Money?

Can a person really make a comfortable living doing MLM? It’s one of the most frequently asked questions these days. And I’ll start by telling you that the answer is an emphatic YES! You can, but you have to do it right.

In my opinion MLM is the most wonderful business concept ever invented. This is a system where ordinary people can Achieve Extraordinary Success by promoting a product or service.

Here’s a business model where people do not succeed because others failed, instead, rewards (in commissions) are distributed among a team of people across the “network.”

We know many people have gotten their fingers burnt trying to run an MLM business. But don’t we also know numerous folks who have built an unbelievable fortune with their network marketing business?

So that’s the point; for every one person who fails in MLM, there are several others who have succeeded in this same activity. The difference lies in how MLM or network marketing is approached.

One thing is sure: MLM is the easiest method to make money on the internet these days, especially for one just starting out. It doesn’t matter what educational qualifications you have.

This is one platform on which a professor and a gardener have an equal opportunity to succeed. Here, it is the strength of your desire and mental discipline that determine your success.

Imagine earning substantial income from a business activity even when you are no longer working as hard as you used to. That’s MLM. This is one business in which you can decide to work hard fro one year or two, and then decide to take things easy.

This is because some money-making processes in network marketing are virtually automated—either to bring residual income or to run on auto-pilot, requiring just occasional input from you.

But to succeed in MLM, you have to wean yourself of the work-for-salary, or work-for-the-boss mentality. See yourself as an entrepreneur. Think like one. Decide that you are going to stick around with your MLM business until you see the result you expect.

Be inspired by the many MLM success stories (and yes, majority of the earnings claims are no empty hypes, many are true!) Fight discouragements—either as a result of self-doubts or due to negative comments from “friends.”

To make money from your MLM business, you also have to pay strict attention to your marketing strategies. It is not for nothing that this business is called Multi-Level Marketing. Even if you decide to call it by its other name, Network Marketing, the term MARKETING is still very central.

You see, it doesn’t matter what aspect of this business you choose to do, you’ll have to master the basics of marketing. And here, I mean marketing both yourself and your product or service.

Something else that’ll ensure you’ll make money in MLM is your consistency and focus. Once you’ve chosen a reliable company, product or service to partner with, remain focused. Don’t jump around, and don’t stop to implement your strategies.

Remember that all worthwhile achievements take time. Overnight riches rarely occur in MLM, if ever. A measure of consistent efforts and time will have to be invested by you before you’ll see any success in your MLM business. On the other hand, impatience and vacillation are sure to bring failure.

Of course, there’s need to constantly update your strategies. Know that MLM is a knowledge industry. Only those who stay on top of things will achieve lasting success in this industry.

Various aspects of network marketing keep evolving—lead generation, prospecting, recruiting, and marketing itself. This calls on you the marketer to continually update and fine-tune your strategies so that both you and your products will remain “hot” or attractive in the market.

Network marketing or MLM can be very lucrative. Get involved in some aspects of it today. If you are new to this activity or would want to learn sure ways of making money with your MLM, I invite you to get my FREE 5 Day Lead Generation Training Course.


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