One of the main ways to really get some great exposure on the internet for your MLM home base business or any other Online Business and to rank high with Google is to build your link popularity.

The more sites that are relevant to your niche and the more valuable information that you provide to people who are willing to link to your site, the more Google will reward you. One way to get this exposure is to write articles and to submit them to as many Ezines as you can.Remember, people go the net to get free information. If you give that freely, they are more likely to become your client. Remember also, that because other Web site owners and Ezine publishers write their own articles, they are also constantly looking for your how-to articles. Your articles can be published on hundreds of them!

Here are a few tips on what you can do to get that much needed exposure.

1. The more articles that you have out on the internet and the more sites that are linking to you will cause more people to begin to accept you as an expert in your field. The experts are the ones that people want to buy their products and get their information from. This is a win-win situation for you.

2. The more visible your site is on Google, the more visitors you will have. What could you do if you started to see 200 or 450 Targeted Visitors a day coming to your site? Would you be able to get more Customers and Reps interested in your product or opportunity? You bet you would.

3. If you gain enough link exposure and get enough daily search engine traffic, you can begin to automate your efforts. In short, you can start to make money while you sleep or go out and do other things. You will be gaining that much wanted financial freedom.

4. Post Your Article on your blog.

5. Submit your Articles to a Directory Of Private Ezines these Ezine owners have a huge targeted list that you can post your articles on solo. You can find a complete list and information here to start growing your home base marketing business.

6. Submit your articles to for your network marketing business. You can also submit to to get more exposure on the internet for your MLM money making business.

These Ezines will distribute your articles to 1,000’s of other directories for FREE. Be sure to have a catchy title for your article.
Use the Resource Box. This is where you will put information about yourself and your link to your website.

7. Market your articles to Forums, Chat Rooms and other Social Network sites. Do a search and find Forums and Chat Rooms that pertain to your niche market.

Link popularity is essential to driving traffic to your website. Using Article Marketing is a good FREE way to gain this kind of popularity and push your way to the top of the search engines.

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Build Your MLM Business Using The Internet

One thing can be said about the Web 2.0 environment today; if you learn to use it correctly, it is one of the best ways to build your MLM money making business using the internet. It makes it possible to develop a network marketing strategy that has people looking you up and asking to buy into your program.

Those kind of results, although very possible do not happen overnight, and they do not happen by accident. In order to build you MLM money making business using the internet, you need to learn and understand how to use the tools available in order to build relationships with your potential customers.

The first step in successfully building your MLM money making business is selling yourself. After all, you are the reason people will buy into the system. In days past it was possible to drive traffic to a sales letter and let the letter convince people whether or not to buy. In today’s marketplace, your customers have seen and heard it all before. Most of them will not even bother to read the opening of your sales pitch, let alone stick around for the whole thing. You have to convince them to listen to you long before they get to your site. You do that by building your reputation.

You build your reputation by convincing people that you are an expert in the area you are working in. How do you become an expert? The first way is to tell people you are an expert. Remember, part of your business is selling yourself, so you have to lay claim to the title of expert. If you are not already an expert, then you need to become one.

While claiming to be an expert is important, it only works if you can back up your claim. That happens by publishing information that shows that you actually know what you are talking about. You should regularly write articles and have them published online. This can be either on your own website or blog, or by submitting your articles to one of the many free article hosting services.

Every time you publish an article, make sure that there is a way to have a link to your business website. If it is your own site that has the articles you can put the link right in the article. If your article is hosted by a service they will usually let you put the link in a short bio section at the end of the article. If people like what you have written, they will use that link to go to your site to see what you have written.

Because they have come to your site voluntarily, and because you have shown them that you know what you are talking about, they are much more willing to read your sales pitch, and more important, they are more willing to buy from you.

Web 2.0 is all about building relationships and gaining peoples trust. If you can learn to do that effectively, can not only build your MLM home base business on the internet, you can build an MLM money making business that exceeds your expectations. If you would like to know more about the MLM Lead Generation System tool I use to build my business, look at the MLM Lead Generation System Tab on the top of this page.

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One of the easiest and most beneficial ways to build your Network Marketing or MLM Home Base Business is to write and publish articles in your field of expertise. With all of the Network Marketing and MLM Businesses out there today, you need to make sure that your potential customers know that YOU are the best of the best, and that not doing business with YOU would be a grave lapse in judgment. By writing articles prolifically and publishing them on your blog or on or other sites, you can drive traffic and get your businesses name out there, and the only investment you will be required to make is your time.

Of course, when you are building your Network Marketing or MLM Business, your time can be your most valuable asset. For that reason, it is important to understand the potential return you can expect for the investment. Luckily, you can expect to see profound and varied benefits in return for your article writing skills. Some of the benefits you can expect to see are: higher traffic on your site, higher search engine rating, increasing exposure and brand recognition, recognition of your personal expertise, more extensive and targeted mailing lists, and overall increase in potential clients and sales.

With all of these potential benefits, it is easy to see why article writing for Network Marketing or MLM Business success is becoming one of the fastest ways to advertise on the web and achieve MLM personal growth. You can’t enter anything in a search engine anymore without thousands of related articles being listed in the search results. The trend is really MLM in its most fundamental form. However, because of the growth of article writing as an advertising tool, it is essential that you write your articles properly to obtain the desired results and obtain the maximum benefit for your MLM Business. For example, the number one most essential rule of article writing is to make sure that your article is written with keywords targeted toward both your subject matter and that are also SEO friendly. This will get you a higher ranking on the search engines. But, do not forget to make your articles as informative and entertaining as they are SEO friendly (an aspect that tends to be overlooked), if your articles are nothing more than nonsensical, keyword laden ramblings, they are going to have an effect opposite of what is desired.

All in all, when utilizing article writing to build your Network Marketing or MLM Business, it is essential to do so with the same outlook you would have with any other form of advertising. Keep in mind that you are advertising not just your business, but also yourself. Be entertaining, be catchy, be funny, and be relevant. And respect your customers by keeping your articles informative, entertaining, and relevant. It will keep them coming back for more. Never forget that you are one of millions that are utilizing article writing as a method of building your Network Marketing or MLM Business. It is essential to do things to set yourself apart. Never forget that, while they are potential customers, your readers are people first. They are going to want from your articles the same thing they want from every other article they have ever read: entertainment and education.

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