Get Serious! Connie Podesta Review

As motivational cum entertaining speakers go, Connie Podesta is top rate. It would seem she knew early in life that speaking was her calling. And so she went on to add professional touches to innate talents. What we now have is a natural humorist who employs compelling laughter to deliver insightful solutions to real world problems.

With a bachelor’s in communications and business, and a masters in human relations, Connie has both the passion and the credentials to speak and to teach. And she has remained a top-rated public speaker and educator for over three decades. Her experience spans corporate sector, healthcare, and education. She is a renowned keynote speaker.

And she has delivered countless keynote speeches to educators at such forums as the NESA (National Elementary School Association) National Secondary School Association, as well as the American Association of School Administrators.

Connie Podesta is also a well-known expert in the psychology of human behavior, which in turn makes her a sought-after figure in sales and marketing. And as one of the industry’s leading personalities in sales strategies.

Connie has been using her talents as an author, board-certified therapist, comedienne, and Radio/TV talk show host to deliver customized, maximum-effect presentations and books that have paid off for corporations and inspired millions worldwide in areas as diverse as sales, relationships, leadership, customer relations, personal success, etc.

She is the sort of speaker who brings everything she’s got to the platform. Very often while speaking to corporations of all sizes, such as at sales events, company functions, and similar forums, Connie uses a rare blend of humor, substance, and style to educate listeners on how a shift in attitude and behavior can change the game and deliver long-lasting results for both corporations and individuals.

It is no wonder that most persons who have attended her seminars or used any of her recorded works often feel compelled to try out some of her suggestions. Connie has authored three books, including the award-winning “Life Would Be Easy If It Weren’t For Other People” which continues to receive rave reviews among publishers and others.

But public speaking remains her forte, and she has spoken on countless topics and subjects, including “How To Be the Person Successful Companies Would Fight to Keep,” “Everyone Thinks They Can Do My Job, But Nobody Wants It,” and “If We’re Going to Win This Race, We Need to Run in the Same Direction” etc.

Can this hilarious speaker help you in some way?

It’s an accepted fact that humans often need something or someone to inspire them to reach greater heights. And I’m sure you the reader are human. Moreover, all motivational speakers seem to have this unique ability to make us look inside of ourselves for the solutions to our problems, rather than blaming our woes on factors outside our control.

The fact that motivational or inspirational speakers have continued to gain in popularity would suggest that this approach to problem-solving surely works.

So, in my opinion, if Connie Podesta happens to be organizing an event in an area near you, make arrangements to be in the audience. Her funny way of presenting very serious issues and her sheer mastery of communication techniques make lessons easy to understand.

And if you’re into sales and marketing, you surely would welcome sales strategies that have worked so well for her and her numerous clients.

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Dare To Dream Again!—Chris Widener Review

CHRIS Widener is one of America’s finest public speakers. For close to twenty years he’s been involved in leadership training in business, community, and non-profit organizations as well as political communication. He is the founder of “Made For Success” one of the world’s leading companies in personal development.

Through personal experience and close association with some of the world’s most successful personalities, Chris has acquired a wealth of experience that he now shares with those who come in touch with him.

And talking about personal experience, Chris Widener is a living proof of an African proverb which states that “what does not kill you makes you stronger”—depending of course on how you react to the challenge. Mr. Widener was only four years old when his father died. At age nine, he was forced to live with relatives. Of course, such instabilities at such a young age took their toll on him.

Before he turned 12, he was into drugs and alcohol. Through personal discipline and the help of mentors, he was able to overcome all those obstacles and has since gone on to achieve a level of success that defies his early childhood.

For years now, he’s devoted most of his adult life trying to help others turn their life around or at least go beyond the ceiling that the circumstances of birth set before them.

Not that Chris Widener limits his influence to those struggling financially. Indeed, he has worked with some of the most successful families in this country, helping them to strengthen various aspects of their personal and professional lives. So, surely there must be ways you can benefit from his experience and expertise.

“Dare To Dream”, one of his finest works, encourages us to keep dreams alive—or to start dreaming again! Chris helps people to identify dream killers, so theirs won’t die. He teaches his students how to override individuals who tell you that your dreams are “impossible.” He also outlines certain blueprints that must be followed by anyone who wants his dream to see the light of day.

Isn’t it true that so many persons need to re-ignite that passionate flame that used to burn inside of them—to achieve some cherished goals, to make a difference, or to change the(ir) world? But a few years without tangible results, most drop their dreams, concluding that it’s unachievable. Wrong!

Truth is that most of us are just one idea or one person away from hitting that cherished breakthrough in life. Chris Widener is right when he teaches that most persons who decide to quit often do so a few years or even a few months too early! Just a little more perseverance could’ve taken them to the “promised land!”

So are you looking for ways to keep yourself motivated till you achieve your target? Do you need a speaker with real-world experience, one whose sales and marketing techniques have been proven to work in every market segment? Then, in my opinion, Chris Widener just may be all you need.

With over 1500 presentations, 9 books, 85 audio and video programs, and more than 450 articles on leadership and motivation, you’re sure to find in him the inspiration and experience you need to change your life, your community and your world!

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