Tom Peters is generally regarded as one of the inventors of modern management principles and practice. A recent survey undertaken on behalf of the publisher, Bloomsbury, named him the “third most important management thinker alive today”. Fortune magazine once described him as “the uber-guru of management.”

The book “In Search of Excellence” which he co-authored with Bob Waterman has severally been crowned the “Greatest business book of all time.”

His name is Tom Peters. And few discussions about modern management practice are considered complete without the inclusion of one or two of his ideas. Born in 1942 in Baltimore Maryland, Tom peters studied Engineering at Cornell University. He went on to obtain higher degrees at Stanford (MBA, PhD).

Between 1966 and 1970, he served on active duty in the US Navy in Vietnam and Washington. He later cut his consulting teeth at McKinsey and Co. between 1974 and 1981, later becoming a partner in the firm. He then quit and established his own company, the Tom Peters Group.

After co-writing the bestseller, “In Search of Excellence” in 1982, which highlights best management practices among successful corporations, he later went on the lecture circuit, promoting the ideas contained in the book to business executives across the US and elsewhere.

Tom Peters is believed to have shaped the idea of modern management more than any other thinker in the past six decades. Particularly since 1982 with the publication of “In Search Of Excellence”, he has helped American firms in no small way to deal with competitive challenges to their global dominance.

Tom has gotten many American corporations to move away from business strategies based solely on numbers. Most firms and Home business have now improved their competitive edge by re-focusing on the basic drivers of all successful businesses which Tom identifies as people, customers, values, action-execution, a perpetual self-renewing entrepreneurial spirit, and culture, where culture strictly refers to a company’s unique and consistent way of doing things, what Tom calls “The way we do things around here.”

These points are supposed to be obvious. But not a few CEOs often overlook or at least downplay the importance of incorporating these values into their organization’s operations. But considering that these ideas have so very often helped even floundering firms to regain their competitive edge, it is gradually becoming obvious that these ideas will always be the bedrock and a major differentiator of business excellence, as well as the cause of constant and remarkably rapid slippages wherever they are overlooked even for a moment.

On his part, Tom Peters still unabashedly continues to hammer on the need to run a business based on these initiatives. It is the continuous positive impact of Tom Peters’ ideas on businesses that has led the likes of Los Angeles Times to describe him as a “foremost management inventor” as well as ‘one of the inventors of the management guru industry.

” The paper believes that “to a large extent, what American corporations have become is what Tom Peters has encouraged them to be,” describing him as “the father of the post-modern corporation.”

Are you are a MLM or Online business owner who haven’t been running your business in line with the thoughts outlined above, well, how has that been working for you? A lot of MLM business fail because people do not treat their home based business like a business.There is no denying the fact that business that are doing well must be doing many things right.

Conversely, those that are faring badly must be doing most things wrong. Why not put Tom Peters’ management ideas to work in your MLM or Home Based Business and watch out for positive effects?

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