The MLM funded proposal is a new strategy that Top Producers are incorporating in their marketing plan. If you’re not already running your networking business on the basis of this marketing concept, then it’s possible you’ve been short-changing yourself.

The Network Marketing Funded Proposal is easily the most important tool for helping you recover your advert and other campaign costs in record time. It is a system of front-ending and back-ending, which, in addition to helping cover your advertising costs fast, also helps to build you the solid network that you surely need to succeed online.

In a nutshell, MLM funded proposal works like this: First, you offer a front-end product which should essentially add value to your targeted prospects by answering an important question or solving some real problem. Second, you sell a back-end product, which should be the main business you’re marketing.

The philosophy of funded proposal is that while marketing, you should not focus solely on your MLM opportunity (main product) as your only source of income. Instead, offer a generic product that would appeal to the entire market or people you’re bringing into your campaign. That is called front-end marketing.

You probably know that as high as 95% of the people you initially bring into your marketing funnel are not going to join your business. Majority are listening to you with the hope of picking general information that’ll help them succeed in the business they’re already into.

So rather than lose all the money you spent in prospecting them, why not offer them an information product (at a cost, of course!) which teaches them how to be successful at doing what THEY WANT TO do? That can cover the entire cost of marketing them in the first place. And that is the first part of funded proposal.

Here’s the second part. Having provided necessary “tools” for your prospects which helped them succeed in certain aspects of their business, it becomes much easier to turn such customers into downlines or reps.

You now have established yourself as a leader in their eyes and have built a relationship based on trust and value. More importantly, you can now introduce big ticket back-end products. Trust me; sponsoring an existing customer is a lot easier than sponsoring a total stranger!

So take the easier route; quit pitching your opportunity on the front end, i.e. stop trying to sell your business opportunity the very first time you make contact. Begin by selling them an inexpensive information product that will assist them in some defined ways.

That way, you befriend them and build trust. If the prospects are willing to pay a small amount for a product or system that interests them, they’ll surely be willing to consider your back-end products.

Just make sure you find a Lead generation system that has such a program. One such system that is reported to be the industries best is called MLM Lead System Pro. Their front end Funded funnel has over 28 different products to sell (the front-end), and then develop the back-end of the product through network marketing.

The front-end gives you immediate cash to run your business, but it is the back-end that will provide you the residual income you require to have a long-term success as an MLM entrepreneur. Because you are building a relationship with your customers that many time turns them into business partners du to the fact that they sign up in your primary business.

The funded proposal has been described as not just the best way, but as the only way to do network marketing. The system is the surest way to generate fast profits for you. Which means you can afford to do more marketing, which in turn Generates Endless Leads for you.

And all the while you’ll be building a huge free list for your network marketing business through the back end.

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