Dennis Waitley—an Objective Review

You might be asking yourself who is Dennis Waitley? From the locker rooms of some of the world’s most popular athletes to the boardrooms of fortune 500 corporations, from the control rooms of the National Aeronautics And Space Administration (NASA) to the meeting rooms of conventioneers, Dennis Waitley has been inspiring, challenging, entertaining and informing audiences around the world for over 25 years.

The Sales and Marketing Executives Association of America recently named him the business speaker of the year. Toastmasters International also did the same, and he has just been inducted into the International Speakers’ Hall Of Fame.

With over 10 million audio programs now selling in more than ten languages, such accolades can hardly be an exaggeration. And in case you didn’t know, Dennis is the author of such best- sellers as “The Winners’ Edge” “Seeds Of Greatness,” “Being the Best,” “Empires of the Mind “The Joy of Working,” and at least 12 other non-fiction books. His audio album, “The Psychology of Winning” is presently the best-selling product on self-mastery.

It is no wonder that Dennis Waitley is today one of the world’s most sought-after public, motivational, and inspirational speakers. Dennis Waitley is a former navy pilot, having graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis. He also holds a doctorate degree in human psychology. He has counseled winners in nearly every field—Apollo astronauts, super bowl champions, sales champions, leaders in government, etc.

In the past ten years, he has served as the Chairman of Psychology for the U. S. Olympic Committee’s Sports Medicine Council, where he was responsible for performance enhancement of all U. S. Olympic athletes. Waitley is a founding director of the National Council on Self-Esteem as well as the President’s Council on Vocational Education.

Only recently, he received the “Youth Flame Award” from the National Council on Youth Leadership in recognition of his exceptional contributions to high school youth leadership.

What else do we need to know about this motivator and achiever? Perhaps a better question ought to be: what things can we learn from Dennis Waitley? And there are many things that his life teaches us.

Among them is the fact that success in any activity has as much to do with the inner person as with external factors. It is not for nothing that whether counseling athletes or business leaders or high schools students, Dr. Waitley lays much emphasis on a person’s state of mind.

For, when this is properly attuned towards the job or goal at hand, all other things seem to fall into place. Conversely, when the mind isn’t primed for the task at hand, then even the best of external circumstances will count for a little.

Study after study has proven the fact that most battles are often won and lost first in the sub-conscious mind. Self-belief, self-esteem, positive affirmation, a good measure of self-confidence, as well as the belief that one is worthy and capable of good performance have all been identified as factors that give individuals that little edge that makes all the difference. Failure to apply these principles has made failures of potential champions.

Dr. Dennis Waitley has spent the past quarter of a century helping individuals to understand and incorporate these principles in all that they do. The large audience he has continued to attract is proof that this approach to life does work.

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T. Harv Eker: Think like a millionaire

Few other personal stories make for better reading than that of this fellow, T. Harv Eker. He may have a book titled: “From Zero to Hero in Only 2 ½ Years”. But if he’d consulted me, I would have suggested a different title for that book: ‘From Zero to Hero to Zero to…’ For a fact, that is what the story of his life looks more like—at first.

T. Harv Eker literally went from being a barely surviving wannabe businessman to a fulfilled, hugely successful millionaire in only two and half years. To his credit, he’s always dreamed of becoming a millionaire, and always believed that the dream was totally realizable.

And after numerous failed attempts at various businesses, he finally hit the right cord when he opened some of the first retail fitness stores in North America.

The stores grew very fast, and within two years it had attracted the attention of a fortune 500 company which bought a part of the business—and Harv Eker’s dream was realized, he became a millionaire instantly! But then, he lost it all—almost as fast. Due to a combination of poor investments and a lack of money management skills, Harv lost his fortune even faster than he had made them—within two years!

But who is T. Harv Eker?

Harv Eker was born to European immigrants who arrived North America with only a few dollars to their name. Growing up in Toronto, Canada, life was tough for young Harv. There was never enough of anything in the household, forcing the young T. Harv to enter the labor market at the tender age of 13. He did all sorts of menial tasks to make extra income for the family: delivering newspapers, working at local fairs, ice-cream shops and more.

Only a stubborn believer would be in such circumstances and still dream of becoming a millionaire one day! But Harv Eker was made of such stuff. Through a dint of hard work, he was eventually able to study at New York University, and maybe just then, his millionaire dream started to look like it might really be possible. And now, as they say, the rest is history.

Soon after losing the fortune he made from the sale of his fitness stores, Harv Eker really began to reconsider the way people, including he himself, think about money and wealth. He then realized that if he was going to achieve true financial success and retain it, he had to use a different blueprint from the one he’d been applying. He did, and he began to succeed at a deeper level.

Now, this globally admired founder and president of Peak Potentials Training Inc., is using those same techniques that have worked so well for him to equip and inspire thousands around the world to achieve financial goals and build lasting wealth. His best-selling book, “Secrets of The Millionaire Mind” and the accompanying “Millionaire Mind Seminars” have attracted hundreds of customer reviews.

True, some observers have claimed that most of the contents of “Secretes Of The Millionaire Mind” come straight from the works of popular authors Robert T. Kiyosaki and Robert G. Allen. I tend to agree with these critics to an extent. But really, if the techniques work, should it really matter who said it first?

As with most motivational products, his products may be effective for some persons and useless for others. Will T Harv Eker’s techniques be effective for you? You alone can decide that. But only after you have examined and applied his techniques and principles in your life and your MLM or Online business.

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Joseph McClendon—an Insightful Review

Joseph McClendon is a Master Trainer Who helps Network Marketer Develop the mindset to build their business. Since the 1986 meeting with renowned author and speaker Anthony Robbins, Joseph McClendon’s career has been on an upward swing.

After meeting and teaming up with the masters of the art, Joseph has mastered the technology and skills of teaching and influencing. He has thus become extremely competent at helping people overcome their fears, feelings of inadequacy, phobias and other emotional challenges that hinder many from doing things they would want to do.

After working and learning from the master trainers, Joseph McClendon is now a master trainer and motivator himself. He now serves as a Head trainer and instructor at Tony Robbins aptly named “Mastery University”, which is attended by entrepreneurs, business leaders, company executives and others desiring a greater quality of life for themselves or their companies.

His clientele spans across 46 different countries. Working with Anthony Robbins, McClendon has authored two best-selling books: “Power Thoughts” and “Unlimited Power, A Black Choice.”

Joseph McClendon is the founder of the Succeleration Research Group, a consultancy firm that focuses on peak performance coaching as well as workshops and seminars for business owners worldwide.

This followed an impressive career at CBS records. And for some seven semesters now, Joseph has served as an instructor at the University Of California in Los Angeles, where he teaches advanced communication, human influence, leadership and human re-engineering at the university’s engineering and management extension program.

On numerous occasions, McClendon has been called upon to provide corporate training and more for many fortune 500 companies in the United States and elsewhere. As a recognized expert in sales techniques and marketing psychology, he has helped many business professionals to overcome behaviors, internal and external obstacles that often impede sales results.

He has provided them with the influence, skills, mindset and other tools that give people the competitive advantage necessary to prosper in the modern ultra-competitive marketplace. In the end, many corporations and individuals have been helped to boost sales and improve their bottom line.

Can Joseph McClendon help your MLM or Online business in any way? Well, the crowds that his seminars continue to attract would suggest that he must be doing something beneficial to all these attendees.

Moreover, the legendary Anthony Robbins could not have been wrong in inviting Joseph to work with him as an instructor and co-author. Nor would the UCLA want to risk their reputation by contracting Joseph McClendon as a trainer if his instructions weren’t top quality.

So what does all this suggest? That you give your life and your business a boost by incorporating the tips taught by expert trainers—such as Mr. McClendon. Most successful individuals and corporations would readily admit that they owe much of their success to insightful information picked from one mentor, expert coach, help book or similar sources.

McClendon himself readily tells us that his breakthrough as an expert occurred after the 1986 meeting with mentor Anthony Robbins, who till date continues to have a positive influence on Joseph.

So, where would your own breakthrough come from? That is for you to say. But really, even you can’t even claim to know it at the moment. But much like luck, breakthroughs often follow from the things we do or the company we keep. Seldom does luck or breakthroughs happen to those who do nothing.

So hire a coach today, attend seminars related to your business niche, read books—increase your knowledge and experience, and you would be increasing your chances of success. Those surely are some of the things the life of Joseph McClendon teaches us.

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As far as the personal development industry is concerned, Darren Hardy is one of the better known names. A product of the success principles that he teaches, Darren has been engaging and inspiring audiences with his messages of personal achievement for close to two decades. Darren was still in his teens when he became a businessman. And by age 27 he was already a self-made millionaire.

Ever since then, he has not looked back. Over the years, he has led several business ventures, including two television networks devoted to personal development—The People’s Network (TPN), and The Success Training Network (TSTN)—which together have produced and launched more than 1,000 television shows, live events, products and programs with some of the world’s famous experts.

Darren Hardy is the force behind Success magazine—he’s both the Publisher and Editorial Director. He is also an accomplished businessman, author, keynote speaker, private equity investor, corporate advisor and a mentor to some of the world’s top athletes.

As a respected figure in the personal development industry, Mr. Hardy has often had to wine and dine with leading experts in human performance and achievement. He also regularly interacts with many of today’s top CEOs, innovative entrepreneurs,MLM Networkers celebrity athletes, entertainers and Olympic champions. His aim: to gain an insight into the secrets of their extraordinary success.

Is it any wonder that today Darren Hardy’s expert knowledge cuts across many fields? The reason is simple: success principles apply in every field of human endeavor. They work wherever they are conscientiously applied. This is perhaps one of the most important lessons we can learn from Darren Hardy. Success does not discriminate. Once you follow the principles of success, your life will attract success like a magnate.

Darren also teaches his audience to think of ways to make positive impact in the lives of those around them. Truth is that we are constantly making an impact on those around us through the things we do or do not do.

So shouldn’t we try and make the impact a positive one? As Darren Hardy puts it, both Adolf Hitler and Abraham Lincoln made a difference to their world. And both men are equally remembered today, one for the problems he created and the other for the problems he solved.

So, what are you known for at the moment? And how would the world or your family or friends remember you years after you’re gone? You don’t have to be a world leader or a famous person to make a difference. Regardless of status in life, we are all capable of adding something to the world—let’s make it a positive one!

Darren Hardy’s unique method of teaching helps his students to adopt a benevolent approach in their pursuit of wealth and individual success. Indeed he teaches that success means much more than money.

Darren’s passion for personal development and for touching lives is at the heart of his business and personal philosophy. He is committed to helping others realize their potential so they can live richer and more fulfilling lives.

Each month on the pages of Success Magazine, his blog and elsewhere, Darren regularly distills some of the best information on personal development and success principles and strategies, mixing them with his own street-tested principles of success. Why not take advantage of his wealth of experience? Always remember: success principles don’t discriminate.

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Mark Victor Hansen the Phenomenon—A Review

People have heard of Mark victor Hansen From Bangladesh to Birmingham, England, and from Los Angeles to Toronto, Mark Victor Hansen has been delivering keynote messages of possibility, opportunity and action which have brought profound changes to the lives of over 2 million persons in 38 countries.

Mark Hansen was born in January 1948. At the moment, he’s one of America’s most gifted inspirational and motivational speakers. He is also a business trainer and a prolific author. Mark is best known as the founder and co-creator of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book titles.

No doubt, Chicken Soup for the Soul which he co-authored with his business partner Jack Canfield has done more to bring Mark to limelight than anything else he’s been involved in. And yes, the series have turned out to be quite a revolution, Time Magazine calling it “the publishing phenomenon of the decade”.

Chicken Soup for the Soul books are clearly among the most successful publishing franchises in recent times. As at the last count, over 140 million copies have been sold worldwide (some 60 million in North America alone), along with some 100 licensed products.

No one knows for sure the reason behind the “chicken soup” title. But what we do know is that the first chicken soup book, published by Health Communications, Inc., sold over 2 million copies within a very short time. And the subsequent titles have only upped the ante.

But Mark Hansen’s influence goes beyond those awesome series. His lively and enthusiastic speeches traverse various media. He’s severally appeared on Oprah, CNN, Eye To Eye, and The Today Show.

Mark bas Also been featured in The New York Times, Us News and World Report, Time Magazine, and The Entrepreneur Magazine.
Mark Hansen has spent the past 26 years assuring people everywhere that the standard of life they all crave is easily within reach if they can commit themselves to creating it. His talks have been known to produce immediate effects on hearers.

No, it isn’t anything magical: Mark Hansen just happens to have this ability to speak in ways that awaken people’s innermost feelings. He shows listeners how to recognize and rise up to the limitless possibilities that life offers us all.

He shows people how to seize the opportunities that come their way, and points out specific ways to act to ensure that the seminar doesn’t end up being just another “really great speech,” but rather one that will gradually begin to reshape their attitudes and their lives.

Audience members often report that during and after attending Hansen’s seminars, they experience a surge in their desire levels, self-esteem, moral, and inner drive. And this seems to awaken their creative thinking abilities, making them to approach challenging situations from a new perspective. Obviously that is how lasting changes are initiated.

Being a lover of books, Hansen is currently working on a new book due to be released in September. The book will be co-authored with Robert Allen with the title “Cash in a Flash,” which is coming hot on the hills of another New York Times best seller “The One Minute Millionaire.”

Before then, Mark Hansen had co-authored yet another book with Art Linkletter, with the title “How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life.”

Mark Victor Hansen continues to focus his efforts on helping people from all works of life to remake their dreams and visions, firmly believing that a lot is still possible for most persons.

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Objective Harvey Mackay Review

Meet Harvey MacKay, one of America’s most popular and entertaining business speakers. Toastmasters International once named him one of the top five best speakers in the world.

Mackay is perhaps best known as the author of three business bestsellers, Including “Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty”, “Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive”, “Beware Of The Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt”.

The New York Times lists his books among the top 15 inspirational business books of all time. Harvey’s books have sold a total of more than 10 million copies worldwide. And they have been translated wholly or in part into some 37 languages and are selling in 80 countries around the world.

Harvey Mackay is a nationally syndicated columnist for United Feature Syndicate, whose articles appear in more than 50 national dailies. At the moment, he sits on the board of the Minnesota Orchestra, and he is a former director of Robert Redford’s Sundance Institute, as well as the University Of Minnesota Carlson School Of Management.

He has lectured in some of the nation’s most prestigious universities and business schools, including Harvard, Stanford, Michigan, Cornell, Wharton and Penn State universities.

Harvey Mackay had a very humble beginning. He was born in Saint Paul Minnesota in 1932 to Jack and Myrtle Mackay. The family lived in a modest apartment, and one of their most cherished dreams was to own a house of their own one day. Family income was meager, so little Harvey had to bring in the little he could earn at the tender age of eight.

But he did go to college, finishing from the University of Minnesota with bachelors as well as from Stanford University Graduate School of Business Executive Program. Harvey is a sports enthusiast and was at one time ranked the #1 tennis player in the state of Minnesota.

He ventured into business early in life. In fact at 26 he successfully purchased and resuscitated a failing envelope company. The company, now known as MacKay Mitchell Envelope Company is currently one of America’s major envelope manufacturers, producing nearly 25 million envelopes a day, employing over 600 staff, and doing in excess of $100 million per annum in sales.

One thing very central to Harvey’s business, which every reader of his books will easily notice, is his ability to stay competitive in the modern cut-throat world of business. And as borne out by the title of one of his best sellers, Harvey has also mastered the art of ‘swimming with the sharks without being eaten alive’ that is, without sacrificing personal integrity or hurting others in the process.

He teaches that long term success in business hinges on cordial and mutually beneficial relationship with both customers and employees. And in all his business dealings, he focuses on building strong relationships with these two groups.

Oh, and did I mention that Harvey Mackay is also a master of networking? He says that networking should be a lifelong activity, one that should continually provide us with new ideas, new resources, expanded financial opportunities, as well as the strength of a group.

That’s why he believes it’s a mistake to turn to networking only at the time we need it. Remember the title of one of his books: Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty.

Could that be the secret of his remarkable success? Well, Harvey advises everyone to maintain a great network, stating that the gains are hard to quantify. Considering his pedigree, I think we should trust him on this!

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It Took Just a Book: Bob Proctor Review

If you’ve ever listened to Bob Proctor speak, you’ll agree that there’s something unique about his lectures. Besides being packed with the information, inspiration and wisdom a person needs to transform their lives, he does something else: unlike most other programs out there which do their best to convince people that they can do anything they set out to do,

Bob Proctor’s programs supply the last piece of the puzzle by explaining what it is we’ll have to do to achieve those goals we so cherish, why we must do it and, more importantly, how we must do it.

Bob proctor is an accomplished author, lecturer, business consultant, counselor, entrepreneur and a preacher—he preaches the gospel of positive thinking, self-motivation, and the maximization of human potential.

He has closely followed in the footsteps of such motivational greats as Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale and Wallace D. Wattles, some of whom he acknowledges as mentors. Bob Proctor’s extraordinary teaching skills have won him worldwide acclaim and have taken this Canadian-born motivator to all corners of the earth. Today, he is as well known in Australia and Malaysia as he is in North America.

Helping firms and employees to grow, improve, and adapt to change, Proctor’s wide ranging teaching efforts with businesses and entrepreneurs go far beyond the usual pep rally syndrome. His approach encompasses working with business entities to help them develop strategies that will help employees at all levels to constantly grow and improve and remain competitive in today’s ever-changing business environment.

Maybe the reason Bob Proctor is so discerning into the factors that limit success among people is traceable to his early experiences in life. For the first 26 years of his life, Bob lived a life lacking in purpose and direction, just drifting along and hoping that somehow luck would see him through.

Born in a little known town in Ontario, Canada, and with a terribly low self-esteem that’s typical of most middle and low class families, Bob performed poorly in school and would drop out before completing high school.

After drifting from one dead-end job to another, Bob Proctor eventually encountered a friend who recognized that there were at least some potential in Bob—which Bob himself probably didn’t even know. Proctor was introduced to Napoleon Hill’s classic, THINK AND GROW RICH.

The book sparked off in him a desire and the drive for personal success and purposeful living. First, Bob Proctor started an office cleaning business which he grew to international scope within just a year of operation. The rest, as they say, is history.

Bob Proctor prefers to describe himself as a teacher of universal laws which would help anyone who applies them to achieve financial success. But he also teaches that wealth isn’t just about money alone, for which reason he shows his students how to better all aspects of their lives. But not one to shy away from his convictions, Proctor insists that everyone who so desires can and should be financially rich!

Despite his lowly beginning, Bob Proctor is today seen as one of the leading lights in the personal development industry. And despite starting out with very little education, Bob has created a multitude of businesses, some of which spans the globe. And it all started with a book: Think and Grow Rich.

What will it take to unlock the huge potential locked within you? Don’t throw in the towel: The discovery just may be nearer than you think!

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