Can you really make money online? Although the failure rate among online entrepreneurs is extremely high (routinely put at 95%), the fact still remains that everyday, every month and every year, millionaires are created online.

In fact, it’s been estimated that in its various facets, the internet is churning out more millionaires at the moment than any other segment of the global economy. And as the internet continues to open up more and more money-making opportunities each year, experts are of the view that the future holds even greater promises of online wealth creation.

So it is very possible to earn a comfortable supplementary income online. And quite a few internet entrepreneurs have gone on to become extremely wealthy doing various businesses online, especially when these begin to work full time on the web.

At the moment, the list of genuine online businesses is long and constantly growing. In fact, nearly all the economic activities that were hitherto transacted offline are now being offered either partially or exclusively online—banking, insurance, leasing, recruiting processes, marketing, advertising, written correspondences, airline, hotel, and vacation bookings, etc, etc.

In addition, several brand new business opportunities have sprung up purely thanks to the internet—blogs, websites, and the social media, for example. Each of these avenues is being harnessed by both web-savvy and ordinary folks to earn mouth-watering incomes online.

So most time you come across stories of internet geeks and webmasters making tens of millions of dollars from their online efforts, majority of the claims are both true and genuine. Yes, enormous fortunes are made online these days.

But seldom does success come to anyone in any activity without a definite commitment of time, energy, and other resources. The most successful people in any activity are usually those who are good in various aspects of the activity. They are usually good at motivating and convincing others to join them on the road to success.

This is because the internet thrives on joint or team efforts. The most wealth is made in that segment of online business which enables individuals to profit from the activities of others. This is usually in the form of Multi-Level Marketing or network marketing.

Many different types of products are sold these days through network marketing or MLM, liquid nutritional supplements being the most prevalent in recent years. These have become a big part of both MLM and online businesses due to increased interest in health and wellness among the populace.

The most successful distributors in MLM again are those who use online resources to run their business. Using their websites, blogs, emails, facebook, twitter, and other online platforms, they are usually able to locate, relate with, and recruit more new distributors than those strutting their stuff exclusively offline.

And since MLM is a game of numbers, the odds usually favor those who contact the most number of persons.Of course, MLM or network marketing isn’t the only business that brings wealth online. There are numerous other activities you can engage in and still grow rich without having to recruit people all that.

In Cost Per Action (CPA) activities for example, companies pay you specified amounts for each person you’re able to refer to their website and who fills a form with the company. There are also affiliate marketing where you are paid a percentage of every of a company’s product you make a customer purchase.

There are numerous other web-based activities that we can’t cover here. And it’s all making mega bucks for ordinary folks on a daily basis. So the internet is a goldmine which discerning entrepreneurs are currently exploiting to create wealth. Do you want your own share of online fortune? If So CLICK HERE for your FREE DVD ON HOW TO REALLY MAKE MONEY ONLINE!!

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Are you into the buying, selling, or collection of Numis Network Gold and Silver coins? Truth is, even for those who engage in it merely as a hobby, coin collection is a most exciting and fulfilling activity. It is surely one of very few hobbies that pay you to participate in it!

But as with every other activity, dealing on gold or silver coins is not without mistakes. Indeed since the average person still sees coins (especially “ancient” ones) as mere objects of curiosity, fraudsters continue to play on people’s naivety and gullibility.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re buying or selling, if you pay too much for a worthless coin, or charge too little for a rare one, they could become mistakes you’ll live to rue for the rest of your life.

As a treasure hunter, take the next few minutes to learn a few tips that could help you avoid costly mistakes in the buying or selling of coins.

Is It Really Rare? Most novice buyers of gold and silver coins are often deceived about the rarity level and hence the true value of certain coins. The facts are that most of these coins thrown around by some marketers are really commonplace stuffs that are neither rare now nor going to be rare anytime soon.

Unless you have a way to really tell the difference, the only way to avoid this costly mistake is to disregard all those calls inviting you to buy some “ancient” or “rare” coins. Experts are often in the best position to help you determine the true value of most coins.

But you can also begin to educate yourself by attending coin auctions and studying auction catalogs. Keep yourself abreast of happenings in the coin marketplace. And avail yourself of the services of major coin graders.

Are You A Collector Or An Investor? Either way, see your coin collection activity first as an investment. Therefore think about the investment potential of those coins you want to buy. Yes, there are many reasons for buying coins.

And yes, the pleasure of having a rich collection is important. But even as a collector, would you really buy coins whose value or significance you don’t like? So in as much as the beauty and historical significance of a coin can make them attractive, it is the value of the coin that’s most important. In the end, that is what will determine their resale potentials.

Don’t Buy Low-End Coins: The process of coin grading appears complicated for some. But it is one skill you should acquire if you really don’t want to be ripped off. This is because many dealers tend to sell low-end coins at what novice buyers would consider to be big discounts.

These dealers will explain away obvious imperfections noticeable on the coin surfaces. Meanwhile expert graders know that even the minutest scratch on a coin surface determines its place on the grading scale.

In fact, magnifying devices are often used to detect certain dents that may appear invisible to the naked eye! The bottom line is that you must know precisely the category into which the coin you’re buying belongs, and pay not a penny more than it’s worth.

Pay Attention To Storage: The beauty of gold and silver coins is that their value increases with time. But that is only if they’re properly stored. If they are subjected to considerable wear and tear and the devastating effects of the environment, their value will drop substantially.

For starters, do not store your coins in a moist environment, as this will start a chain of chemical reactions that may permanently damage your treasure. Ensure you totally degrease the coins before storage.

Avoid storing in PVC cases or wrapping with cardboard 2x2s. Considering that your gold and silver coins are a part of your investment, you should consider spending some money to provide quality storage for them.

If you adhere closely to these four tips, you’ll be able to buy, sell, and store your silver and gold coins without making costly mistakes along the way.

Buying Gold and Silver Coins right now could be the best decision you ever make during this economic meltdown. There is a huge economic storm that is coming to a breaking point, and people holding on to dollar related assets are going to suffer the loss of financial security. There is a lot of talk out there about a recovery in the economy. Let me just say one thing for sure. There is NO recovery! Just look around you and see the jobless rate.

Gold and Silver coins are what you need to be holding right now, because Gold and Silver are an important hedge against inflation. If you would like to learn more about collecting and buying Gold and Silver Coins CLICK HERE!

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Tracey Walker’s success story in network marketing is as inspirational as it is educative. Here’s a lady whose success has added to what we’ve always been told but which most have refused to accept, namely, to make a real impact in network marketing, you must learn from those who’ve been doing it well. Period. Anything else will only amount to gambling with your money and time.

Like nearly everyone else, Tracey came into MLM after experiencing some financial fluctuations arising from the los of a job. With an MBA in marketing from Florida A&M University in 1999, she was doing pretty well financially until 2002 when she was laid off.

Along with her father, she later set up a real estate firm and moved back to her home state of Illinois. Soon she was doing well again. But the housing slump soon struck, sparing neither large nor small firms. So again, Tracy Walker was struggling financially.

It was at this point that someone first introduced her to network marketing. Her individual personality and background in marketing ordinarily predisposes her for success in network marketing. But it won’t come on a platter of gold.

Starting in 2007, she started investing lots of time and efforts learning and implementing numerous marketing strategies, including making endless presentations all in an attempt to succeed in MLM. But her success was minimal at best.

She was obviously approaching network marketing much the same way she had approached the businesses she practiced before coming into MLM. But this woman is a no-quitter!

Her breakthrough in network marketing finally arrived when she decided to do the only sensible thing: ask the masters for help!
Now throw in Daegan Smith and a few fundamentals of network marketing, and what you get is a complete change in strategy and a fresh look at marketing opportunities that would transform Tracey Walker’s MLM business within a short time!

She was later to be invited by Daegan to co-author a book series on MLM training, called “The Power of Leadership.” That alliance would further establish her name among the most respected and most successful MLM trainers and marketers. Her credibility got a massive boost, and riding on the wings of that success, she has simply been attaining one marketing feat after another.

But it soon became obvious to Tracey that her downlines were not following along. It’s a common problem that thousands of high-flying marketers often face in building their MLM business—the absence of duplication.

This energetic lady was generating numerous leads per day and sponsoring scores of new members into her team. But unless these downlines are doing the same things she herself was doing, her progress and impact would be seriously halted.

If she could find a way to train her downlines to implement at least two-thirds of her strategies, then she would not only set her company on the path of massive growth, she would also have succeeded in putting thousands of network marketers on their way to individual success.

Being a positive and determined person, Tracy set out to address those issues. We can narrow down the lessons from Tracey Walker’s success to 3 factors:

No one knows it all. And unless you are willing and able to learn from those before you, you’ll struggle for long. Perseverance and determination are indispensable attributes in business—any business.

The need to be selfless. Successful marketers are never selfish or self-centered. They realize that this is a people’s business where your success is so often tied to that of the next person. So everyone in the team works for the growth of all team members.

These are among the attributes that have helped Tracey Walker to attain massive success in just three years in network marketing. Are you going to adopt these habits in your MLM business? Then I may well be writing about you in my next Post!

If you want to learn the same Marketing Secrect that helped exploded Tracey Walker business CLICK HERE!

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Article Marketing—Here’s How to Do It Right!

Why all the buzz about Article Marketing? Yes, why write an article about your business niche? The quick answer is this: online articles are the fastest and one of the easiest ways to begin telling people about yourself and what you do. It’s now recognized as one very helpful tool for creating massive awareness for any online activity.

Do you find this hard to comprehend? I give you a vivid example: imagine that you’ve written and posted some articles at some ezine directories.

Now when these are accepted, the directories make your articles visible to millions of their website visitors (besides those directed by search engines as they typed in topics related to what you’ve written about).

Suddenly an article you submitted to just one website is now syndicated in such a way that a worldwide audience has access to it. Let’s say in a month 300 persons read the article. And let’s further assume that out of this number only 30 persons (10%) decided to visit your website or emailed you asking for more information about your business.

Do you know what has just happened? You have successfully created potential affiliates or buyers for your products or services. And if you have a website or a blog, this publicity can potentially increase your page ranking.

And do you know that this feat can be achieved in a matter of days rather than weeks or months? Yes, the moment your articles are accepted by the ezines they (the articles) begin to bring traffic.

Here’s How to Do It: 1. Begin by thinking about a topic that you fully understand. Of course this does mean you ought to be a sort of know-all before you can start. Actually you can obtain additional information or update your knowledge about any topic by researching the topic on the internet.

You could also ask a mentor for ideas concerning a particular topic. The important thing is to provide factual, accurate, and up to the minute information about whatever topic you decide to write about. That is what will make people to want to come back to you the next time they seek information on issues.

2. Check out what’s in the news. Your articles will stand a better chance of being picked up by search engine spiders if the topic covered is currently in the news. Moreover if the topic is hot, you can be sure it will attract potential readers.

Having identified a particular topic that other webmasters are talking about, find a way to contribute meaningfully with your own unique article. Read through a few of what others have already said and say something else; add a fresh insight to the discussion. Most readers will love your article for its uniqueness.

3. Check against errors. Use a good word processor to ensure that your article is free from embarrassing grammatical and other errors. Microsoft word has always served me well in this regard. But that still doesn’t absolve you of the need to proofread the final article BEFORE submitting to ezines.

There are some types of errors that computer software just cannot detect. Just as there may be a few corrections suggested software which you may have to overrule. So proofreading the entire article when you are done writing is crucial.

5. Provide information about yourself. This is often contained in the resource box of the article submission page. Your name, email address and or website are vital information you must provide. You may also want to give a one-liner about your area of expertise in the resource box.

Having taken care of the 5 steps above, submit your articles to prime article directories and watch the viral effects that will follow. Article marketing is one tool no online marketer dare overlook. It is one of the most effective ways to gain massive visibility and traffic for your online business.

If you would like to learn more about how to Master Article Marketing and Make some Real MONEY CLICK HERE!

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Throughout history, people have always engaged in different activities that they consider as pastime. It is interesting to note that the same activities that serve as serious, money-yielding professions for some persons are at the same time approached by others as a form of hobby—with equal zeal and passion!

Thus we have professional football players and those who engage in it as hobbies, same goes for basketball, the playing of musical instruments, golf, etc.

When people see Coin Collecting as a form of hobby, it means that they find that activity pleasurable and they thereby spend their time collecting different kinds of coins. They may occasionally cash in on their past-time, but what it means is that they do not engage in it primarily for financial gains—the monetary value of the coins they are collecting.

When the primary focus of coin collecting is the monetary value of the coins rather than the gratification of an individual’s curiosity, then it is no longer deemed a hobby but an investment.

The History of Coin Collectiing: Collecting and hoarding coins due to their current or anticipated financial value dates back nearly two thousand years. History tells us that the main reason earlier generations collected coins was solely for the value that those coins would someday attain.

But coin collecting as art pieces—hobby—is a much later development. In fact this pastime was originally referred to as “the hobby of kings” because ancient coins were so valuable and rare that only kings were capable of collecting them and keeping them as mere ornaments.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a king (or queen) today to engage in this pastime. Indeed, coin collection is longer limited to people who are relatively well-off. Anyone can now consider coin collecting as their hobby.

As a result, the popularity of coin collection has continued to soar since more and more people now collect coins as hobbies. That is why its tag has now changed from “THE HOBBY OF KINGS” to “THE KING OF HOBBIES”!

Why So Popular? Numismatics (the professional name for coin collecting) is now considered one of the fastest growing hobbies. This is mainly due to the ease of access to coins these days—both old and new.

Imagine what quantities of coins have been made available by the introduction of the EURO over a decade ago. Scores of western and Eastern European currencies literally became candidates for Numismatics—especially the coins.

And since the value attached to coins (financial or otherwise) increases with its age and rarity, you can bet that a few decades or a few millenniums from now (if we live that long) those readily available assortment of coins from different parts of Europe today will one day become priceless articles.

Thats not to say that coin collecting should only target rested currencies. No. Anyone who wants to start coin collection can start at any time, anywhere, and with any currency—new or old. Some people actually start their coin collecting with the very ones in their pockets—their change.

This phase is referred to as the “accumulator” stage since the coin collector tries to accumulate as many coins as they can, starting with the little changes the get when they make minor purchases.

But whether it’s for fun or for the purpose of making money, the collector can always get better at it by visiting coin collecting websites, where valuable tips are available for free. Are you ready to start the hobby? Remember Coin Collecting is the Hobby Of Kings!

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David Wood has been attracting all sorts of attention of late. And for good reasons. To be consistently generating 50 leads per day from content marketing alone is a rare feat. And such an achievement is even rarer for a guy who’s only been around in this business for just a couple of months.

That’s David!

David Wood has had such an impact on MLM that even top leaders in the industry are beginning to pay attention. Most are left wondering how a guy suddenly emerged from nowhere, threw up a mere blog, cast out mere articles and began to consistently rank on the first page of Google.

Then suddenly web traffic began to flow in his direction as if directed by an invisible dam. 25,000 visitors for a 2-and-a-half month old blog? Employing only article marketing? Folks, that’s clearly incredible!

It is no wonder that every online marketer is interested in David Woods Lead Generation Strategies.

But first, who is this guy?

Let’s admit that David Wood is not spanking new in the MLM industry. He has had a checkered career in MLM. First he struggled for years trying to build a successful network marketing business. He engaged in cold calling, chasing his warm market, conducting and attending endless meetings. He did Pretty much all the traditional stuff.

Fortunately those methods eventually worked out for him. And he built a fairly successful MLM business. But unfortunately, by then he had already begun to lose interest in network marketing altogether ( it might be due to the difficulty of using offline methods to promote a business in today’s online world?).

In the end, he abandoned the business that had given him a measure of financial success and moved to Hawaii with his family. Expectedly without constant nurturing and fine-tuning, his business and income quickly nose dived.

It was probably that failure that again jolted David to his senses. He soon re-launched himself into network marketing. But this time, his approach was going to be totally different. No more chasing of friends and family—or anybody for that matter. Instead he would use the principle of attraction marketing to make people chase him.

Is it any wonder that it didn’t take long for him to recover all the “lost ground?” His new approach to network marketing has also made it possible for him to have the time he had always wanted with his family.

What Can David Wood Teach You? Several things. First, David Wood has proven once and for all that paid marketing strategies (like PPC) are not necessarily better than free marketing strategies (such as article marketing, online videos, and social media). This guy is easily the grandmaster of article marketing.

Yes, he occasionally incorporates other low-cost marketing strategies too. But for the most part, David generates most of his traffic through unique, well-written articles and nice videos which he then submits to various directories and websites. These contents are then linked back to the original articles appearing on his blog or the landing page of his website.

The strategy works so well that every online network marketer who desires to utilize article marketing to generate massive volume of traffic would do well to take a closer look at David Wood’s article marketing strategies.

Fortunately David is known to be generous with his marketing techniques. He frequently reveals his exact marketing strategies for free to all who sign up for the tips.

You can find More Article Marketing Secrets By CLICKING HERE

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MLM success is something you have to work really hard at and sometimes it can be a long journey. Here are some MLM success tips that I would like to share with you that might help you find your way.

If you want to build an MLM business by using the internet, you would want to set up your own personal blog. Even if you are just starting out with your MLM this should be one of your main goals. Having a blog in place is a very important step in building your web brand.

Using your blog to build your business is a way to let people get a chance to know you and become familiar with the message you are trying to get out to the masses. Your blog is an important tool that helps you build your valuable list.

Most MLM Top Producers who earn income generated from their blog traffic know that the only way you can make money is by building a list and by getting and keeping the traffic coming to your blog.

There are many of ways of getting traffic and targeted visitors to your site, but your main goal is – how to keep repeat readers coming back to your blog?

If you are not able to catch and hold the attention of your target market then once they have visited your blog most likely they will not return. And to be able to build a relationship with your readers you need repeat visitors

One thing you need to think about is, what is your blog’s main purpose and how can you use your blog to brand yourself. Here are some tips you might find useful to make your blog interesting enough to keep your traffic coming and hopefully help you build a profitable business.

One mistake that new bloggers make is in their blog’s layout. People who are visiting your blog are not only looking for informative information and good content but they would like to have an appealing place to read the content that caught their attention. They also want to be able to navigate and find information on the site easy.

Your blog’s design needs to be simple to them and not to busy. What I mean by busy is that you do not want a lot of flashing banners and distracting music that would be taking their attention away from your message.

For this reason it is important not to have distractions that would cause them to leave your blog site prematurely. It also is important that the font that you use is easy to read. People who can not read your print easily and have to strain will loose concentration and this will cause them to leave your site.

Having animated graphics are ok, but I would only have a few on the main page of my blog. If you want to place graphics on your blog for your advertisements I would create a page on my blog to host all my banner and graphic ads. You do not want anything detracting from your blog’s message.

Another mistake new bloggers make is with their content. Some bloggers rarely update their blog and this is a mistake. If you only post new content on your blog a couple times a month, you will find that your readers will forget about your blog,

You need to have an active blog to be able to keep your target markets interest. When you are just starting out you need to make new post to your blog daily. This will help to keep fresh visitors coming to your site and with your ranking with google.

Blogging techniques are changing daily it was a time when blogs only had text content but now it is recommended that you should also have video on your blog also.

Studies show that if people can hear a message, see a message and read a message you stand a better chance of that person wanting to know more about the topic.

Now as a MLM professional your blogs main purpose should be for your target market to be able to get a chance to know more about you. Remember people do business with other people who they know, like and trust. Provide some interesting pictures, audio files and videos about yourself.

Offer a variety of information about yourself as well as your blog daily content and you will see that your target market will come back day after day to see what new information you are sharing with them..

It is also important that you continue to stay on point of your blog’s niche topic. If you’re blogging about MLM related topics, then all of your posts should be related to that subject area.

Providing daily valuable information to your blog followers about a subject that could help their business will build you a loyal daily following.

MLM success is achieved by winners and winners become leaders and Network marketing leaders have their own MLM blogs. Top Producers know that a blog establishes you as an expert in your field, and is important to establishing your web brand and generating daily leads.

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