5 Keys to Success In MLM Prospecting

Unless you would rather be a consumer rather than a distributor of MLM products, Prospecting is one activity you just cannot overlook. The people who go on to become very successful in network marketing are usually those who have mastered the art of prospecting.

Prospecting creates a steady flow of leads for your MLM business. Leads in turn create customers and downlines, two crucial elements in MLM success. Simply, prospecting is an indicator of how committed you are to your network marketing business. To succeed in MLM, you first have to succeed in prospecting.

Here are Five keys to help you succeed in MLM prospecting

Put The People First: in other words, while advertising your MLM business opportunity to a prospect, try and project more of what the prospect stands to gain if he or she joins.

Highlight how the business will improve their lives, not yours. Everybody wants to have the famous WIIFM question answered before they accept a business proposal (WIIFM=what’s in it for me?).

Be A Leader, Or Act Like A One: most persons coming into network marketing for the first time realize—correctly—that they’ll need someone to guide them on the path to success. Project yourself as such a person. Even if at the moment you have no huge earnings to flaunt, at least you should demonstrate a depth of knowledge of the business.

Let your prospects rest assure that you have answers to any question they may have concerning the MLM company and business opportunity. Be the first person they’ll come to when they need clarifications. When they do make up their minds to join the business, you’ll also be the first person they’ll consider.

Prepare Your Mind For Rejections: it doesn’t matter whether you’re an MLM newcomer or a veteran, some persons will just not accept your proposals. So most times it’s not really your fault. This thought could be very liberating for you as it enables you to focus on your efforts rather than on the responses you’re getting.

Just bear in mind that to some extent, MLM is a game of numbers—averages. Considering that some prospects will turn you down, you should talk to as many persons as possible so that the law of averages will favor you in the end.

Fight Negative Emotions: unless you put your emotions under check, you will not do well in prospecting or any other aspect of network marketing. Keeping your emotions under check involves fighting feelings of discouragement and disillusion.

Yes, success may not come as fast as you expected it. So you need to have strong reasons why you just cannot quit, and keep on promoting your opportunity to as many prospects as your energy can carry you.

Don’t Be Too Pushy: while you have to prospect with conviction and enthusiasm, avoid desperate attempt to win over someone who’s obviously not interested.

The danger is that when you push too much, the prospects conclude that the opportunity will benefit you more than them. That only serves to make them all the more skeptical!

If you go about your prospecting activity with these tips in mind, chances are that you’ll continue to have a steady flow of quality leads that will help your MLM business to grow.




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When you are using Article Marketing Keyword Density is very important—it is a reference to how many times a keyword or search phrase appears in an article.

The placement of keywords within your online article is a crucial factor in search engine optimization. It is these keywords or phrases that determine the ease with which search engines will index your web articles. They also determine the page ranking of your article whenever people search for information related to your article at a search engine.

Choosing the right keyword density is the easiest way to gain high rankings on search engines, and this is what will increase the amount of web traffic you will get. And the greater your online traffic (which literally means visitors to your website or blog) the greater your online sales, and ultimately the greater the financial rewards for your efforts.

So keyword density is no doubt an interesting topic for all online article writers and marketers. But is it fairly straightforward? That’s another matter altogether.

The truth is that in the name of ensuring that their articles are noticed by search engines, a lot of the article marketers end up stuffing every sentence with a keyword. This can be too much of a good thing, if you ask me.

You the reader, how does it feel when your search for information takes you to a web article which title and topic may seem sweet, but as you attempt to read the article, you discover that there’s a word that appears several times in every sentence? Do you find that pleasant? I doubt.

Keyword density is something you really need to give yourself some room for trial and error so that you can determine what should be the right level of density of keywords or search phrases for your articles.

You should constantly monitor how your articles are doing at the search engines. Are you gradually rising in the ranking of search engines, thus increasing your web visitors and online sales?

If so, just know that your articles’ keyword density is OK. After that, simply focus on delivering excellent value—quality content— to your website visitors. In the end, that is what will keep visitors coming.

Do not make the grave mistake that many article marketers do: they act as if page ranking is an end in itself; as if the moment people visit their website, their purpose for being online is met. For that, they lace their articles with over-repetition of keywords and phrases.

When people do this, two things can happen: the first, as I stated earlier is that such websites lose credibility in the eyes of online visitors. Then, secondly, over stuffing articles with keywords can actually prove counter-productive.

What happens is that excessive use of key phrases in an article triggers an alert to a search engine. Search engine software often interprets these over-repetitions as an attempt to gain “false popularity”.

It is known as “keyword stuffing” which could deceive the search engine to give you high page ranking if undetected. But once detected, the search engine could go on to penalize you for over-concentration of keywords. Subsequently, this could adversely affect your website’s ranking. But you can avoid all that.

The bottom line is to consciously maintain a good balance when placing keywords or search phrases in your online articles. The percentage method is the easiest way to determine the number of times a keyword should appear in any article.

For the article title, upwards of 75% of it could be keywords. No problems there. But for the article body, the general recommendation is often in the region of 2.5% to a maximum of 5%.

Make no mistake, keywords are important. But you have to do it right in order to enjoy the benefits and avoid the pitfalls. The recommendations above should help you.

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Article Marketing Tips-Why Use Article Marketing

If you are an Online Marketer, getting visitors to your website should be your number one priority. Not that it should be your number one headache too. Article Marketing presents you with an excellent opportunity to reach your potential customers without much hassle.

This is a form of advertising in which you write short articles that are related to your business opportunity. These articles are then made available for free distribution and publication in the online marketplace.

Each article would contain a resource box (also known as bio box) which includes references and contact information about the article author and their business.

Online article marketing is a subtle technique for advertising products and services via online article directories. There are quite a number of directories out there on the worldwide web, and most of them receive a high volume of traffic and are often considered as authority sites by Google and other search engines. As a result, your submitted articles are guaranteed to receive substantial traffic, free.

Some internet marketers try to maximize the results of their marketing campaign by submitting their articles to multiple directories. Sometimes this strategy works. Sometimes it does not. The important thing to note is that most article sites frown at this practice.

Moreover, most search engines now have software to filter duplicate content to prevent the same article from appearing multiple times during searches. Yes, some marketers are able to circumvent this filter by creating multiple versions of the same article.

But why go into that? In my opinion, a much better approach, and one which guarantees greater traffic, is to write new, separate articles, even if on the same topic. This way you do not run the risk of violating clearly-stated editorial guidelines. This is also the surest way of getting that much-desired traffic that brings you to article marketing in the first place.

It is also good to point out that article marketing is not purely a web-induced marketing strategy. In its various forms, article marketing is as old as the mass media itself. Prior to the arrival of the internet, articles have been used by both professionals and ordinary business owners to obtain free space in the print media.

This is because the information relating to a local business could provide useful content to a newspaper, at the same time providing local businesses with free contact information in the press. The paper gets rich features, and the small business would get wide and mostly free exposure. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement.

The arrival of the internet has only accelerated the use of this marketing approach, as well as making it easier to employ. Most other forms of Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing require a website, a hosting plan, as well as an advertising budget. The total cost is often beyond the reach of most new online marketers. But article marketing has now leveled the playing field in that regard.

Thus, by using article directories as free hosts, an article marketer is able to get free traffic via organic searches in search engines.
Well-written and rich content articles released for free distribution are known to substantially increase the credibility and popularity of the author and their business, as well as attracting new clients. It is one marketing strategy you do not want to overlook.

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The desire to be lucky is as old as the history of mankind. It is just as strong now in this our jet age as it was five thousand or more years ago when men dwelt in caves.

Everywhere and during all ages, people have often hoped to be favored by the fabled goddess of good luck. Or have there not been times when even you yourself looked at someone and reasoned ‘lucky her ’or‘ I wish I was like him’?

So I guess I am in good company if I ask the question: What percentage of life’s success stories can truly be attributed to luck, and which to hard work? It is one of those questions whereby the answer you get depends on who you ask. So I decided not to ask anyone but myself. In search of answers, I read countless personal development books and autobiographies.

My finding and the conclusion I have drawn from my inquiries into this matter is what I have decided to share with you in this article.

Perhaps the most interesting book I read on the subject was “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George S. Clason. In the book, Clason described mother luck as ‘an impatient and fickle-minded goddess who does not waste her time on anybody who is not prepared.’

That sort of sums up everything else I discovered in my examination of successful people. Forget the lottery winners. Forget also the wealthy inheritors. If luck must favor you, there is something you must do: work hard at whatever it is you are doing.

Throughout life, opportunities will keep presenting themselves to all men in every profession. Some grasp the opportunities by taking quick and consistent action. And they go on to achieve their life’s desires. But the vast majority of people often hesitate, procrastinate, and needlessly delay taking prompt and decisive action. Or when they do, their commitment is feeble and so they soon give up. And what happens? You guessed it; they fail and consider themselves unlucky!

But the main idea I am sharing with you here is that a person’s “luck” is enhanced when they prepare themselves very well and take advantage of opportunities. This is opposed to the idea that luck is merely a desirable outcome that happens to a person without any real effort on their part.

Listen, luck can be attracted! When a person is determined to succeed in life, he takes advantage of all available opportunities; he works hard, learns more about his trade, and seeks ways to overcome obstacles. Luck can not ignore such a person for long. In fact, luck finds him out!

Yes, I know there are a few persons who became wealthy through sheer luck; such as those who won jackpots. But don’t you agree that as far as financial success stories are concerned, these are the exceptions? It isn’t the rule. Trust me on this, playing the game of life on the basis of blind chance is extremely risky.

We can further sum things up this way; the chances of succeeding in life through sheer luck is so remote that anyone who goes about life counting solely on luck to see them through may well end up a failure.

On the other hand, there doesn’t exist anybody who diligently worked at an activity and who did not achieve a measure of success. Yes, levels of success may vary, but all who put their heart to what they do eventually see good results.

So get luckier by working your MLM business harder and smarter! Recognize and take advantage of opportunities that regularly present themselves. That way, when luck comes knocking, you will be prepared for her bounties!

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Attention all future Numismatic Coin Collectors do you know that coin collecting is both interesting and rewarding. For one thing, it can easily become a good investment with a great payoff. And for another, even if your motive for collecting coins is not purely monetary, the truth still remains that considering their meticulous and beautiful craftsmanship, Gold and Silver Coins are a joy to own.

Owning one is like owning an interesting piece of culture. So any serious collector of Gold and Silver coins sees it as more than just financial investment.

Regardless of your motive for collecting coins however, there are steps you can take to preserve the value of your precious metals—your collection of Gold and Silver coins:

Even Before Storing, make sure that your coins are clean. Even then, be very choosy of what you use to clean your coins. Experts recommend the use of latex gloves along with solvents such as vinegar or lemon juice. And most importantly, no matter what you use in cleaning, clean less often.

Always Protect Your Coins From Moisture. This can generally be achieved by storing them in a locked box or cabinet to prevent exposure to destructive elements. Sealed plastic cases are best for your most valuable coins as these will prevent them from mistakenly being scratched during storage.

Handle Them Around The Edges. Also bear in mind that Gold and Silver coins require special handling. Even barely detectable dirt or sweat from your skin can gradually damage the fine finishing of your coin over a period of time. So will mistakenly dropping them on surfaces.

So while handling, I is recommended that you place a soft cloth beneath the area you are handling your coins, just in case it drops. This will prevent your coin from being scratched.

Invest In Coin Albums. This is perhaps the best way of protecting your coins from dust as well as from friction. And try and buy the albums made only for coin storage—not just any album. Otherwise the inner surfaces could still leave fine scratches on your gold or silver coins. And over time these friction can constitute significant wear and tear on your collection.

Avoid The Temptation To Constantly Clean Your Coin—as if glitter determines the value. The truth is that despite your best efforts, occasional exposure to air will still cause your precious metals to oxidize, and thus change color (they are metals after all!). Avoid the temptation to rub and clean each time this happens.

Avoid cleaning your coins as much as possible because cleaning will gradually damage the finish. Experience shows that most coin collectors find a coin’s original appearance preferable—even if the color has been altered somewhat.

Even wiping your coins with soft cloth (if done too often) will gradually cause small scratches that may not be visible to the naked eye. So generally, your coin collectible coins actually have greater value if you avoid handling them too frequently.

As a coin collector, maintaining your collectible coins should be a top priority to you. after all, what the purpose of collecting coins if the traits that made them attractive yesterday are gone too soon due to poor handling. Obviously the last thing you want to do is to knowingly or unknowingly devalue your collection. If you are guided by tips discussed here, that may never happen to your coins.

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Article Marketing remains one of the surest and cheapest ways to draw your target audience to your website or blog. It is also a great way to promote a product. The name says it all—you are marketing with articles.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re marketing yourself or your business opportunity (indeed you ought to promote both), articles are a great way to attract a lot of attention. Best of all, it’s easy to do. You don’t quite agree? You will if you spare four minutes to read this article.

Here are the steps I follow to create the sort of articles which always pass ezine directories and constantly attract the attention of readers:

The Topic: What is it you want to write about? This is the first question you must answer ever before putting pen to paper, or your fingers to the keyboard. You must not choose your topics arbitrarily.

In as much as you should write within topics that you fully understand, it is to your business’ interest to write on topics that are hot; things people want to read about.

And this is not hard to find out if you regularly visit online forums, search engines, and other peoples’ blogs. Once you pick out things that are hot in the online community, identify which one of these topics will relate to your business opportunity.

The Title: It is often the boldest part of every article—and not without reason. The title of your article must be attractive—it must make someone want to wait a minute. If your article title isn’t capable of attracting readers, then it doesn’t matter how well you go on to discuss this topic. More than that, your title must clearly describe the purpose of the article, telling the prospective reader what to expect from the article.

It follows that the body of your article must also discuss the title so stated. Remember too that most article directories have rules governing the format of article titles—ezinearticles for example requires that the first letter of every word in the headline be capitalized, but disallows capitalizing the entire topic (compare: How to Write Good Articles and HOW TO WRITE GOOD ARTICLES). These are little details you have to bear in mind.

The Body: Since your articles are for online distribution, it’s important that you follow the rules for online articles. First, remember that it is here at the body that you deliver on your promise—you discuss what your title said you would discuss. But in doing that, state the most important points first, keep your sentences and paragraphs short, and use subheadings where necessary.

And if your title promises to give, say 7 tips, ensure that’s what you provide in the body. Each tip or main idea should be contained in a separate (but short) paragraph. Don’t make the discussion too elaborate. If indeed you have quite a load of info on that TOPIC, no problems; discuss them under DIFFERENT TITLES in a series of DIFFERENT ARTICLES.

The Summary: Here you distill the high point of what the article has discussed into 2 to 5 sentences. If you’re lost for words, simply restate the first few words of your first paragraph. The idea is to use this place to point out what the article is all about. Then you’re ready to submit. Well, almost.

The resource box: This is where you sell your product or service. You must provide your name and web address here. Also, you’re allowed to include a few sentences that tell your readers the most important things they need to know about you and your expertise. Those few words are also meant to encourage the reader to visit your website and sign up for your offer. It’s like a call to action.

Next, proofread thoroughly and submit to prime ezine directories. There are many out there, but at the moment, ezinearticles.com, goarticles.com, and articlebase are among the best.

You’ve no doubt heard that Article Marketing is one of the best ways to advertise your business online. Now you’ve learned how to leverage this marketing tool to increase your search engine ranking, bring customers to your website, and increase your conversion rate.

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Which do you find more appealing: the excitement that comes from making millions in your own business, or the prospect of getting a raise from an employer?

It is indeed a sobering thought. Evidence from all around us shows that at least since the last 40-50 years, paid employment has proven to be nothing short of economic bondage. And for most workers, there’s usually no light at the end of the tunnel. Meanwhile parents, governments, and the society have continued to give only one advice to the young: go to school, get good grades, and look for a good, secure job.

In other words, we are programmed from childhood to depend on others for our financial future. The widespread financial crises most families are experiencing today is partly a testimony to the faulty nature of this get-a-job mindset!

The world and its economic dynamics have changed drastically, but very few persons have noticed this. Getting a good education or good grades no longer ensures financial success in today’s world. Indeed, the richest people today didn’t get rich because of their education.

Even for those who simply desire to become financially comfortable, working for someone is still a risky route towards achieving that.
In fact, for those fortunate to land the so-called good job after college, their lives often follow a familiar pattern: they work hard, get married, buy a house, and raise a family.

And as the children arrive, they couple work even harder to meet rising demand for cash. Their income may indeed go up; but so do their taxes—income tax, real estate tax, as well as social security taxes.

As a result, each time the couple receives their ‘large’ paycheck, they often discover it’s all gone ever before it gets to them. And they wonder where all the money went.

If they decide to take on additional jobs, the circle simply repeats itself. It’s called “the rat race”—working for the owners of the company for wages, then paying the wages to government in form of various taxes, and to banks to clear off mortgages and credit cards.

It’s been calculated that the average salary earner spends close to 5 months wages each year on taxes. In case you didn’t know, taxes are a person’s greatest expense.

But that is when the paid job is even available. In recent times, due to a combination of various economic factors, it’s becoming increasingly easier to lose a job than get one. There’s no such thing as job security anymore. So why design your life to perpetually depend on the good fortune of any company owned by someone else?

And more importantly, why teach your children to play by that same old rule of “study hard and get a good job”? Times have changed, and only those who put their financial future in their own hands can realistically hope to meet the even greater economic changes that lay ahead.

Working for someone else only provides us with the pay and benefits which cater for our immediate needs. But this is often disastrous in the long run. On the other hand, starting something of your own puts you on the path of financial independence. Neither outsourcing nor downsizing will put you out of job.

How to get started? In one of his books, Robert Kiyosaki, a renowned author and investor, specifically recommended joining a network marketing company as one way of taking control of one’s financial future. I invite you to find out how to stop waiting for the bi-weekly checks.

As a network Marketing Business Builder being able to attract daily targeted MLM leads to your business is the key to your MLM Success. How would you like to attract 50-100 leads to your MLM business everyday…
Learning how to use these Marketing Secrets can help you Explode your MLM or Online business.

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Silver And Gold Coins: Why Invest In Them?

Every discerning investor has cause to worry about what they see in the world today: recurring international and domestic strife, the declining value of the US dollar, terrorism and other factors are all combining to eat away at people’s nest eggs and their future. At the same time, stock, bond, and the real estate markets appear chronically overvalued.

Add the ever present threat of inflation, deflation, recession and depression, and it all means that the times ahead may be tougher that most imagine.

Amidst such uncertain economic environment, it is only natural that people should look for investment alternatives that can both preserve and increase their wealth over the long haul.

Therein lies the first reason why you should invest in gold and silver coins—they are a dependable store of value. For thousands of years, and in both good and bad times, precious metals like gold and silver have offered investors a tangible way to hold and protect wealth for the long term—and with relative ease.

Unlike paper-denominated investments—stocks, bonds, and currencies—which have so often become worthless overnight, precious metals have intrinsic or natural value that’s timeless. They’ve always been and will always be valuable.

Indeed, investment experts have often recommended that at least 20% of an investor’s portfolio should be in tangible assets such as gold, silver, and bullion coins. That’s a far-sighted investment diversification strategy any time.

And what is more, precious metals have also recently proven to be outstanding instruments for short-term trades, enabling traders to reap outstanding profits as prices fluctuate dramatically on world markets.

Our uncertain world of the 21st century has simply made changes too frequent, and not always for the better. We now live in a world where the whims and caprices of a few individuals or nations can quickly alter the economic balance that some of us take for granted.

It therefore behooves every individual to be prepared for economic changes, recognize them, and be in position to make the most of rather than suffer from these changes.

For those who still ask for it, I give you two strong reasons why every person should consider investing in precious metals such as Gold and Silver coins now:

They Are A Solid Hedge Against The Declining Dollar:

The US dollar has lost over 40% of its value against other major world currencies such as the British Pound, the Euro, and the Japanese Yen in the period since 2001. I don’t want to go into the details of factors responsible for this loss of value.

But suffice it to say that most of the factors are protracted and as yet ongoing; which means that investments pegged to the US dollar may yet lose even more value.

Gold, Silver, and other precious metals on the other hand are held and traded worldwide, having value that’s not dependent on the fortunes of the green back. Indeed, as demonstrated during 2003 and 2004, the value or prices of silver and gold can and actually do go up at times when the value of the US dollar is taking a dip.

Gold And Silver Offer Great Price Appreciation And Profit Potential: Twice during the past decade (2000 and 2007-2009), stock market and other financial crises literally wiped out trillions of dollars of investors’ equities.

And although the first signs of recovery are beginning to appear, no major stock index is anywhere near their previous high levels. Meanwhile how did precious metals fare during the same period?

Prices of Silver and Gold have appreciated by over 50% within the same period! Which means while returns from stock and stuff were evaporating, precious metals were posting impressive returns on their investments. And many financial experts are forecasting that this trend will continue for quite some time.

For these reasons and many more that the scope of this article won’t allow us to cover, the gold and silver market surely present an outstanding investment opportunity. Investing in Silver and Gold coins is something you surely want to give serious look into.

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How Are Numismatic Coins Graded?

Grading coins is one skill that every collector must possess. It doesn’t matter whether you want to appraise those U.S. coins you’ve just collected, or you want to buy ancient coins from a dealer, understanding how coins are graded is essential.

More than anything else, the condition of a coin is what determines its value. In turn, coin values are primarily determined by their grades. This suggests that when you’re considering buying a coin, you should know how to accurately grade it, to ensure that the price you’re getting from a dealer is a fair one for the coin grade and issue.

This consideration also applies when you are selling; knowing your coin grade helps you tell if the dealer is offering a fair price for your coin.

Coin grading is the process of determining the condition of a coin, its state of preservation or the amount of wear and tear the coin has undergone.

There are three main areas that are often considered when grading a coin: (1) The quality of coin die and any striking characteristics (2) Condition and characteristics of the coin Amount and type of wear and damage (if any), (3) and the overall eye appeal of the coin.

For most circulated coins, however, the third item above is often the primary focus of coin grading efforts—i.e. how much wear the coin has experienced and the type of damage it has suffered, such as scrapes, dents, and dings.

Meanwhile the most frequently used scale for coin grading in recent times is called the SHELDON SCALE. It comprises of a points-scale which ranges from 1 to 70. In addition, this grading method includes an adjective (often abbreviated) which is appended to each scale for clarity.

Thus, combining both features (numeric figures and descriptive terms), it’s common to see coin grades stated as VF-20, which stands for “Very Fine 20”, or EF-45, meaning “Extremely Fine 45”, also MS-60, for “Mint state 60”.

But to successfully use this, or for that matter, any other scale, you must also understand how the grading scales work. This happens to be the most frequently misunderstood aspect of coin grading. But it need not be. Simply think of ALL your collected coins as belonging to either of three “buckets,” or categories.

The first “bucket” is for coins that have fully circulated (denoted as C). The second bucket is for those coins that are categorized as About Uncirculated (denoted as AU). Then the third bucket is for coins that are absolutely Uncirculated, still in their mint state, and appropriately denoted by the initials MS (meaning Mint State). The MS coins are on a separate scale, which ranges from MS-60 to MS-70, 60 being the bottom grade.

Similarly, the AU coins (About Uncirculated) starts at 50 and runs through 59. Bear in mind though that AU coins might never have actually been used in real commercial transactions. But because they’ve acquired some marks and a few rough edges as a result of repeated runs at coin-counting machines and similar handlings, they are no longer considered as mint state coins.

Therefore, one of the most important tasks before you as you set out to grade your coins is to determine, first, which bucket the coins belong: is it Mint State (MS), About Uncirculated (AU), or the fully circulated (C) category? Your ability to determine that will give you a fair idea about what your coins are truly worth.

Are you into coin collecting? If so then you should take the time to learn the essentials of coin grading. It’s not all that difficult, really. More importantly, it could protect you against fraud.

Buying Gold and Silver Coins right now could be the best decision you ever make during this economic meltdown. There is a huge economic storm that is coming to a breaking point, and people holding on to dollar related assets are going to suffer the loss of financial security.

There is a lot of talk out there about a recovery in the economy. Let me just say one thing for sure. There is NO recovery! Just look around you and see the jobless rate.

In my opinion Gold and Silver coins are what you need to be holding right now, because Gold and Silver are an important hedge against inflation. If you would like to learn more about collecting and buying Gold and Silver Coins CLICK HERE!

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David Wood: Article Marketing Is Supreme!

David Wood has finally answered this question Can one build a successful online business solely relying on low budget marketing techniques, such as article marketing and online videos?

Are expensive online advert campaigns inherently superior to the free or nearly-free alternatives? These are thoughts that constantly occupy the minds of newcomers to online MLM. And there’s no unanimity of opinions on the issue; the answer you get depends on who you ask.

But the achievements of David Wood, an MLM high flyer should help us to decide for ourselves once and for all which is better between paid ad campaigns and free lead generation techniques. This revelation should particularly appeal to those who are either new to Multi-Level Marketing or those who do not want to spend out of pocket money to generate leads for their online business.

David Wood is currently one of the most talked-about figures in MLM circles. The guy has been around in the MLM industry for quite some. First he had risen from grass to grace and then to grass again in network marketing.

At first he had used traditional marketing methods to promote his MLM business—cold calling, town meetings, chasing family and friends, etc. Even then he achieved a measure of success with those methods mainly due to his determination. But his success soon waned and he quit MLM.

When he showed up again in the MLM arena, he instantly dominated online forums. First he had launched a blog which in a matter of a few months had attracted over 25, 000 visitors. What is even more amazing was the fact that the traffic-sucking blog was promoted SOLELY by online articles, and yet it consistently ranked on the first page of a prime search engine—Google.

As a result of this remarkable feat, most online marketers are now re-examining their own attitude towards article marketing.

How does he do it?

David is easily the master of article marketing. And although he occasionally incorporates social media techniques such as YouTube, twitter, and the like, article marketing still remains his primary method of attracting traffic to his website and blog.

He uses well written and unique articles and tidy videos which he submits to various directories and websites for syndication and traffic. These articles and videos are then linked back to his blog or the landing page of his website.

I mustn’t fail to tell you one of the things that make David Wood’s article marketing technique so successful: he incorporates the principles of attraction marketing into his articles. He promotes himself in his article contents!

Yes, if you want your article readers to come look you up, then tell them who you are, what you do and how you can help them with their online business. This is without prejudice to providing your readers with useful information in your articles. These are the best ways to make your website buzz with traffic.

This strategy has worked so well for David Wood. At the moment he generates well over 50 leads per day exclusively using content marketing. No one ever thought this was possible before now. All attention appeared focused on how to generate leads with paid advert campaigns, i.e. purchased leads.But now you know it’s possible for you to get quality leads from free online articles.

So, if you want to build your online business using article marketing strategies that have worked so well for David Wood, you are in the right place just CLICK HERE.

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