Tracey Walker’s success story in network marketing is as inspirational as it is educative. Here’s a lady whose success has added to what we’ve always been told but which most have refused to accept, namely, to make a real impact in network marketing, you must learn from those who’ve been doing it well. Period. Anything else will only amount to gambling with your money and time.

Like nearly everyone else, Tracey came into MLM after experiencing some financial fluctuations arising from the los of a job. With an MBA in marketing from Florida A&M University in 1999, she was doing pretty well financially until 2002 when she was laid off.

Along with her father, she later set up a real estate firm and moved back to her home state of Illinois. Soon she was doing well again. But the housing slump soon struck, sparing neither large nor small firms. So again, Tracy Walker was struggling financially.

It was at this point that someone first introduced her to network marketing. Her individual personality and background in marketing ordinarily predisposes her for success in network marketing. But it won’t come on a platter of gold.

Starting in 2007, she started investing lots of time and efforts learning and implementing numerous marketing strategies, including making endless presentations all in an attempt to succeed in MLM. But her success was minimal at best.

She was obviously approaching network marketing much the same way she had approached the businesses she practiced before coming into MLM. But this woman is a no-quitter!

Her breakthrough in network marketing finally arrived when she decided to do the only sensible thing: ask the masters for help!
Now throw in Daegan Smith and a few fundamentals of network marketing, and what you get is a complete change in strategy and a fresh look at marketing opportunities that would transform Tracey Walker’s MLM business within a short time!

She was later to be invited by Daegan to co-author a book series on MLM training, called “The Power of Leadership.” That alliance would further establish her name among the most respected and most successful MLM trainers and marketers. Her credibility got a massive boost, and riding on the wings of that success, she has simply been attaining one marketing feat after another.

But it soon became obvious to Tracey that her downlines were not following along. It’s a common problem that thousands of high-flying marketers often face in building their MLM business—the absence of duplication.

This energetic lady was generating numerous leads per day and sponsoring scores of new members into her team. But unless these downlines are doing the same things she herself was doing, her progress and impact would be seriously halted.

If she could find a way to train her downlines to implement at least two-thirds of her strategies, then she would not only set her company on the path of massive growth, she would also have succeeded in putting thousands of network marketers on their way to individual success.

Being a positive and determined person, Tracy set out to address those issues. We can narrow down the lessons from Tracey Walker’s success to 3 factors:

No one knows it all. And unless you are willing and able to learn from those before you, you’ll struggle for long. Perseverance and determination are indispensable attributes in business—any business.

The need to be selfless. Successful marketers are never selfish or self-centered. They realize that this is a people’s business where your success is so often tied to that of the next person. So everyone in the team works for the growth of all team members.

These are among the attributes that have helped Tracey Walker to attain massive success in just three years in network marketing. Are you going to adopt these habits in your MLM business? Then I may well be writing about you in my next Post!

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Is it really worth it to spend your money on coaching and mentoring? Why don’t you just go to the library or do a Google search on anything you need to know concerning your MLM business?

In these days of the internet it could surely be tempting to think that we don’t really need anyone to sit us down and explain the best ways to approach our business.

There’s this prevailing but deceptive notion that virtually anything we need to know to succeed in any activity is just a few clicks of the mouse away. Oh yea? So how many persons have leaned how to play golf, drive a car, or fly a plane by reading a magazine? Wake up folks, we DO need mentors!

Have you ever paused to think about what life would be like without teachers—I mean the very first teachers in our academic life? Don’t you agree it would have been so difficult getting to learn the alphabet all by ourselves?

We would probably have begun to learn the basics of ABC and some arithmetic in our late teens! Thank God for teachers and mentors.
They help point us in the right direction, guiding and teaching us things we need to know in order for us to succeed in our various endeavors.

But for them, the only other option would’ve been to grope in the dark for long periods trying to figure things out through trial and error. The problem with that approach is, it would take far more time to know what works compared with having a mentor who already knows the ‘road map.’

So unless we are plain egotistical, it has to be admitted that having a business mentor provides us with numerous benefits. First, mentors are far more experienced than we are. They have probably been in the same industry you’re now just venturing into.

So they have gained a wide range of experiences and insights that could considerably help cut your learning curve. Additionally, they have made their own share of mistakes in trying to implement certain aspects of the business, which means they can help us take the better path and avoid committing mistakes that they have already made.

Simply put, they are in a position to tell you what works and what doesn’t. It is only the course of wisdom to leverage on such foreknowledge rather than insisting on making and learning from your own blunders.

Remember you may not be alive long enough and or be patient long enough to make all your mistakes in business! Many do give up out of frustration.

There’s yet another reason why mentors are worth having: due to their wealth of experience, length of time and accomplishments in the business, they will most likely have a wide network of people whose interests and industry experience you could further tap into.

You surely need a wide network of people if your MLM business must grow. Some of these people may become your target clients, or others who could be in a position to help spread your marketing messages to others who may be interested in your line of business.

Not to be overlooked too is the role that mentors play in motivating us. They can help you to keep things in perspective, by helping you make sense of some things that might probably have overwhelmed you.

Mentors also inspire their students, helping them to stay on track and achieve what some students never thought they were capable of achieving.

Yes, in the end, how far you succeed in your MLM business will owe a lot to your own Personal Growth efforts, especially your determination and self-discipline. But mentors provide valuable guidance that can make your path smoother.

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Cedrick Harris is the man in internet marketing. How would you define a true business leader? If you are anything like most network marketers, you would agree that a major attribute of a good leader is their willingness to give of themselves and their resources to prospects ever before hoping to receive anything in return.

That’s probably the best way to start describing Cedrick Harris. Those encountering him on the phone for the first time are usually amazed by just how personable and helpful he is. It’s not enough how much a person knows.

How much of it is he able and willing to impart to others? That’s the crucial thing.

Meet Cedrick Harris, a top authority in attraction marketing, and a prolific recruiter. Cedrick’s forte is lead generation and phone prospecting. In addition, he is a Top Internet Marketer who knows how to generate leads both online and offline.

No wonder he is both a top earner in MLM Lead system Pro (MLSP), as well as a reference point in prospecting and closing sales over the phone.

Cedrick is indeed one of the most dynamic and influential leaders you’ll ever meet in the MLM industry. Without hiding behind the computer, he enthusiastically tells you all you’ll need to know to build a solid MLM business.

His attraction marketing system course (a CD course) covers in detail the online and offline marketing techniques that he uses in his business. As is usual with him, the CD is a fluff-free practical training stuff. As a network marketer, the things you can learn from Cedrick Harris come down to the following:

To succeed in MLM, you need some form of backing from someone who himself has succeeded. Not only will this drastically cut your learning curve, it will also save you precious dollars that would otherwise go into buying needless or useless programs.

To attract people to your business, you need to present yourself well. That surely is the idea of attraction marketing. It is based on the known fact that people join people before joining their business opportunity.

So how “attractive” are you to the people you are marketing to? It usually follows this format:

First you have to attain some level of success. Then you exhibit and talk about your success. Next you cite how people are achieving success through your coaching. And finally you find a way to convert these eager listeners to customers.

The above steps may appear to present a chicken-and-Egg dilemma. In order words, between success and attractiveness, which comes first?

Actually the principles of attraction marketing reveals that no matter what stage you are in your business, there’s always a way to make yourself attractive so that people will come to you. But this piece is not purely about attraction marketing as a strategy.

Meanwhile, from Cedrick Harris we also learn that it is Ok to give everything you can to prospects who deserve it. But have nothing to do with those who are simply wasting your time, even if these time-wasters have bought a product or two from you.

At his website, Cedrick actually describes how you may tactfully terminate a telephone discussion that’s heading nowhere.

So, can Cedrick Harris marketing techniques help you build your network marketing business? It most definitely can. And if you would like to learn more about these techniques you can get access to my FREE 5 Day Lead Generation course based on my Personal Trainer Mr. Cedrick Harris Lead Generation Techniques.

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Offline MLM marketing strategies are just as important as online marketing when it comes to building your business. If you think the arrival of the internet has consigned ALL traditional methods of Promoting your MLM business to the dust bin, think again.

In fact, if you haven’t been employing certain offline tools in your marketing efforts, then you have been leaving a lot of money on the table.

Yes, the internet is a faster method for reaching your audience—especially if yours is a global audience; it is also generally more cost-effective in terms of advert costs and targeting. So it’s ok for you to maximize the potentials of the World Wide Web.

But don’t be carried away. Consider the following facts In terms of credibility nothing beats a good old face-to-face discussion! Despite all its pluses, the internet remains a faceless entity that still leaves a lot of people apprehensive on the whole.

Scientists have observed that over 90% of communication is non-verbal. Facial expressions, hand gestures, mannerisms, even the way you’re sitting all go a long way in creating an impression.

Try doing any of that online! So for a network marketer especially, impressing and convincing prospects would be a lot easier offline than online. It’s also much more convenient to take up customers questions real-time and provide live answers.

Yes, this can be done through blogging, but you can’t beat the impact of a live discussion. So why not occasionally arrange to meet with some of the people responding to your marketing campaigns—even if this sometimes involves a bit of travel?

Actually, quite a number of online network marketers are realizing that certain offline tools can be effectively utilized to not only generate leads, but most especially to convert leads—recruiting. Consider how you can use the following offline tools to grow your MLM.

Seminars and workshops: Occasionally organize training and orientation courses for newly recruited members or those about to join your MLM opportunity. Invite interested persons to seminars where a member of your upline (or any other MLM expert) would be present to explain things better if you feel that you have not gotten your message across to your prospect.

Phone calls: Randomly call on members of your email list, and then zero in on those who evince appreciable level of interest. Hold meetings: Arrange to meet with interested persons on a one-on-one basis so you could better explain your business opportunity to them and also address their doubts a face to face meeting is always good when possible.

Use Drop cards: This is one huge offline marketing strategy that you can use to generate free leads and build your MLM. Drop cards are unique types of business cards . There’s even a special variety of it that comes in dollar denominations—$1, $2, $20, $50, $100.

They look every bit like the real dollar notes, and they are great attention-getters. These cards are fantastic marketing, sales, and lead generation tools. I suggest you get a wide selection of them and promote your business with them.

Their realistic appearance ensures that they’ll not only attract attention, but whoever gets them is likely to want to keep it and show to friends. How else do you generate leads!

Leave some of them behind after sitting in a public place or while in a crowded area. You can also specifically plan to place a specific number of drop cards around town—10, 20, 50, or 100 in a day. You can safely expect to see messages in your voice mail or inbox soon thereafter.

Are we saying that online tools are worthless? Far from it. They do have their place. For one thing, the internet is an unbeatable tool for pulling a large bulk of traffic (how we wish all these leads can be brought under one roof somewhere around town for a face to face discussion!).

Well, the idea is that your network marketing will be the better for it if you can find a way to supplement your online efforts with certain offline resources.

For more information about how to sponsor more MLM Reps into your business visit the Lead Generation Section.

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