Who can succeed in MLM is a very hard question to answer. How can you really succeed in MLM is a different task for each person. Fortunately MLM is not one of those money games where others have to lose before you can make money.

Even then, not all persons succeed in MLM. This is a fact we must all accept. MLM after all is a business, and as is true of all other businesses, there are traits and habits that must be cultivated before success can follow.

Now did I hear you say ‘can I do it?’? Well, let me begin by saying that anybody can succeed in any business endeavor, including MLM—provided they are willing to do what it takes to succeed in it.

There are certain habits that are necessary for success in every activity. People who have succeeded in any business did so because they possessed or developed those necessary habits.

Now instead of languishing in self-pity or wallowing in envy, wouldn’t it be better to try and find out what habits successful network marketers had cultivated that helped them succeed, and then try and develop such habits? Fortunately, habits can be learned.

Now, if all successful network marketers were to be assembled under one roof and interviewed, what common thread are we likely to notice in their answers to MLM success? Well, if you ever desired to master MLM success principles, then what you’re reading right now may well be the most important message you’ve ever read.

It turns out that successful marketers DO have things in common—but it’s not what you’d think. No, they were not all born geniuses. Some, like Mike Dillard, one of the industry’s top authorities, confessed that he ‘was NOT a born marketer’ and that when he first started out, his ‘mind would occasionally go blank due to nervousness.’

They also didn’t all have to cut their teeth in the corporate world as a prerequisite for success in MLM—many have actually succeeded in MLM partly thanks to spectacular failures as corporate employees.
Here are traits that the top dogs have in common that you should try and develop.

Determination: You should be determined to succeed even in the face of serious challenges. Have you noticed that in every business many people have failed at the same time many others have succeeded? It all comes down to one factor: determination. determination. determination. No, it’s not a typo.

Look friend, unless you have a strong reason why you cannot possibly quit, any other skill you may possess will come to naught—fast talker, eloquent speaker, great organizer, name it. There will be times when quitting seems like the only reasonable thing to do. These other talents won’t help you if you are not resolutely determined to continue.

Consistency: Do you have a reputation for finishing (or continuing) what you started? If you don’t, develop it, because you’re going to need it if you hope to succeed in MLM. Every business venture, just like a tree, requires time to grow and bear fruit, or profits.

Nothing worthwhile ever starts and grows over night. A measure of efforts and TIME must be invested into it, consistently. This is what guarantees success in MLM, or any other business activity for that matter.

Creativity: Creativity will help you to make inroads where other folks see only obstacles. As an independent representative, you need to be constantly thinking up profitable and problem-solving ideas of your own as well leveraging on those of other successful marketers.

Discipline: View your MLM business as what it is—a business. Yes you’re now working from home. But that’s no reason to adopt a lazy attitude towards the activity. Wake up when you should. Do what should be done and when they ought to be done. Take appointments very seriously—both online and offline appointments.

Without discipline, you cannot follow up on prospects; neither would you be at a training venue when you should. Meanwhile all these are vital to growing and succeeding in MLM. You simply can’t hope to succeed in anything without self-discipline, and MLM is no exception.
Be ready to learn: MLM is a knowledge industry.

Only those who continue to learn and implement new ideas can hope to achieve lasting success here. Lead generation and recruiting, for examples, are two MLM strategies which techniques continue to evolve.

Lead generation or recruiting methods of only a few years ago cannot yield good results today. This calls for continuous learning and fine-tuning of strategies on your part as a marketer. You also need to first love the products or services you intend to market before loving the money.

We can go on and on. But the idea in this article is not to dazzle you with an impressive list of dos and don’ts of MLM success principles. The top earners in network marketing actually have a reputation for keeping things simple. So if you can apply these six success principles in your MLM marketing, be assured that MLM success is within your reach.

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Norbert Orlewicz and Carbon Copy Pro—A Review

Norbert Orlewicz has literally seen it all in MLM—multiple failures, frustrations, scrappy products that were never meant to work, rejections, and dramatic levels of personal success. His is a case of ‘been there, done that.’

So no matter what stage you are at the moment as a network marketer, a review of Norbert Orlewicz’s experience will no doubt benefit you in some ways.

Let me start by asking you how long you think you can endure before abandoning a business opportunity that isn’t giving you desired results—1, 2, 3, or 4 years? Norbert endured SIX long years before he began to realize his MLM dream.

After six years of spending more money than he was making; Six years of despair and rejections. The average person would’ve thrown in the towel long before then, and thus fail to reap the harvest that was sure to come. Norbert Orlewicz has therefore proven once again that network marketing is not a get-rich-quick-scheme.’ In this business, you’ll need to persevere.

But we can learn even more by examining why Norbert had to struggle in MLM for so long. His long road to success can be attributed to just one factor: pressing the wrong buttons. He was relying too much on outdated, ineffective, and laborious strategies to market his MLM—such as pestering friends and family members to join. Sounds familiar? Maybe.

But for as long as Norbert relied on those ‘old-school’ strategies, he witnessed no growth in his MLM. It wasn’t until he discovered and embraced technology-driven marketing strategies, especially attraction marketing principles, before he began to record exponential growth in his network marketing business. The first six weeks of implementing these tested strategies, he made $25, 000. And ever since then, the cash has simply been rolling in.

This is particularly instructive in view of the high failure rate in MLM, and indeed all other personal businesses. As long as you continue to do the same wrong thing (i.e. adopting the same wrong approach), you are not likely to see success.

But the moment you begin to implement tested and trusted strategies in your marketing, then it won’t take long before you’ll see positive results.

Above all, Norbert Orlewicz’s failures and success have equally demonstrated that any network marketing strategy that fails to leverage modern technology, especially internet resources, has no future. 

Norbert is presently one of the most renowned MLM trainers. He is also the co-founder of the number one Attraction Marketing System called MLM Lead System Pro.  And everyone involved with his websites, affiliate programs, and emails are now channeled to his main company. He principally uses this program to train marketers on how to succeed in their MLM.

But there are things anyone considering Norbert Orlewicz’s CCP should bear in mind. Carbon Copy Pro trains you on ways to earn upfront income in a direct sales business. But unlike the traditional MLM opportunity, the training you get here may not help you if you are into Multi-Level Marketing that promises residual incomes.

 That means you should only consider CCP if you’re interested in faster income through direct sales of products. But if you are more interested in long-term residual income, then Norbert Orlewicz’s Carbon Copy Pro may not suit your needs.  Joining CCP is not free. But if you work hard and follow the mentor’s (Norbert Orlewicz’s) recommendations, chances are you’ll reap a rich reward.

Does that make Norbert a fake? Not really. The man himself is highly regarded by all who know him. He is generally considered to be both a successful and an honest businessman; one who has paid his dues and who is now reaping the fruitage of his experience in MLM.

Furthermore, the decision as to whether or not to buy into his primary opportunity, is a personal one that you make only after considering your personal objectives in network marketing.

In the end, Norbert Orlewicz’s experience in MLM can actually help you to approach YOUR OWN network marketing business in ways that should make it easier for you to succeed.

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If you do not want to fail in your MLM opportunity there is certain knowledge and skills that you need to have. Have you ever read an ad that said you’d make more money in a week than you’d made in your entire life.

And that feeling pulled you irresistibly toward your dreams. It was an awesome feeling!  Finally you plunged—bought into the program, believing you’ve found the best thing since electricity was invented!

 And you’ve sacrificed a lot to see the profits you were promised, foregoing time with family, spending money out of family budget, working odd hours. Yes, you methodically worked the business plan as it was laid out. Yet, you couldn’t see any detectable sign of success. And now you’re seriously considering quitting.

If the above scenario describes your experience in network marketing, take heart. Fortunately you are in the majority, if that’s any comfort. Latest figures reveal that each week, some 175,000 persons start one form of MLM or the other. If you got your math right, it translates to 9 million-plus new MLM businesses per year.

 Meanwhile only about 5% of these, a tiny minority, will succeed with their business. The vast majority, about 95%, will fail! Reminds me of the Great Preacher’s words: “Many are called, but few are chosen” (Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible).

Fortunately nobody is destined to belong in the majority class; nobody is destined to fail. It’s all in the way we approach this activity called network marketing. Here are 6 clues on how NOT to fail in your MLM.

 It Takes Time: Sorry if that breaks your heart. Truth is, unless you win a lottery or something, you are never going to make a million dollars overnight. It takes time to create enduring wealth. And if any internet ads are telling you anything different, just move on!

Beware Of Scams: Your success in MLM begins with choosing a credible company to join. Unfortunately most “opportunities” out there are outright scams—they’re simply there to rip us off! So you’d better be careful with your credit card. Before deciding to join a company, research it—on Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, etc. Don’t be shy to ask someone what they know about the company. Ensure there are ways to reach the company on phone and through email. Call them to make enquiries and voice your concerns. And don’t join until you have a good feeling about the company its leaders. 

Stay Focused: A lack of focus is another reason many marketers fail. When you’re just starting out, remain with one MLM Company, and only one company (provided you’ve digested point 2 above). Jumping from one company to another will ensure you won’t ever get off the ground—you’ll keep starting over many times. Forget all the ads that keep telling you about the next best thing. It’s the same as what you have on your hands! So stay focused, stay committed, and fully work the plan you’ve got

Accept Responsibility: It’s like learning to drive a car. No amount of information on paper will prevent you from making a few rookie mistakes the moment you eventually get behind the wheel.

 Are you going to accept those mistakes and learn from them, or are you going to blame your driving teacher? So it goes with network marketing. Some of the most successful ones are those who take responsibility for both their failures and successes. After all you answer only to yourself here, it’s your business. So it’s up to you to make it work and take all the credits.

Have a Mentor: There are those who’ve been doing this before you. You need the successful and honest ones among them to help you out. In most network marketing companies, you’re often sponsored by someone. Observe carefully how your mentor or leader is faring in the business.

 If he sucks, then how can he help you to succeed? But if he is obviously succeeding with the business, you’d better find out how he does it. Don’t be shy to ask questions and seek clarifications.

 Explore the Power of The Internet: This is actually more like a marketing strategy. But it is good to quickly mention it here, because a major reason many fail in their MLM is that they go about marketing as if this is the late 70’s.

Old-school marketing methods won’t take you far in today’s MLM—harassing friends, relatives, and virtually anything that has breath and lives near you! It doesn’t work that way anymore. Remember too, if these ones do join, remembering what it took you to get them will paralyze their marketing drive. So it’s a dead end approach to marketing. Learn the new techniques of marketing your MLM online.

The 6 points above are tested and trusted guidelines or ‘laws,’ which, if carefully followed, will ensure you won’t fail in your MLM business. It goes without say that you’ll have to persevere since this is not a get-rich-quick activity. Yes, only 5% of new entrants into MLM may succeed, but that number can surely accommodate you.  

As a network Marketing Business Builder being able to attract daily targeted MLM leads to your business is the key to your MLM Success. How would you like to attract 50-100 leads to your MLM business daily?

Learning these MLM Marketing Skills will help you Explode your MLM business. You can visit my blog and website to find out more complete information on lead generation tips.


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MLM success stories can be found all over the web, how many times have you landed on a website where a network marketer was telling a story how he or she is making millions and you silently thought to yourself, “Man I wish that was me”.

But you never put any real effort to become one of the MLM success stories that you are always reading about. You’re always wishing but not doing anything about it?

Network marketing is becoming more popular, even though only a chosen few in the industry really know how to achieve this kind financial success.

One important factor for the ordinary person having success is being able to reach the millions of people who are on the internet who can become a potential customer or business partner for you.

Most network marketers really do not understand how to tap into this goldmine, so you can easily become one of the MLM success stories if you follow some of the training that is out there from people who have built a successful business by using the internet.

What is it that you want to do? The first thing that you want to learn is how to apply attraction marketing to your business Do you really enjoy chasing your family and friends with hopes of forcing them to join your business.

Or would you prefer having people chasing you to join your business. By learning and applying attraction marketing to your business you can have a constant flow of targeted excited leads calling you and wanting to know what you can offer them as per your business or product.

Or can you imagine that your MLM success story can happen with you setting up multiple streams of daily income, where everything is automated so that you make money while you sleep 24 hours and 7 days per week how does that sound?

Some people are making huge income from setting up such a system that helps them build their MLM almost on autopilot. The system that they are using is a lead generation system called MLM Lead System Pro. This one tool has helped many people join the ranks in the category of work at home MLM success stories.

You do not have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars buying MLM training course after training course that promises you’ll make millions of dollars overnight.

These are almost always lacking and never help anyone make money except the person that sold the course to you. They usually sell you a glossed over instruction book that never really teach you anything that can make you money.

Now being part of a state of the art lead generation system that is supported by a community of network marketers that come from many different companies but all have one thing in common how to become a MLM successes story can be a great help to you as you learn how to build your business.

In the back office you have complete training on how to build and market yourself and your business by using the internet. You have access to some of the Top Internet Marketers and Top Producers in the MLM industry. With all of this training you can have your own MLM success story if you work hard and apply what you have learned.

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MLM Marketing-Free Or Paid Marketing Which Is Best?

Any online entrepreneur knows that their most important job is to have a high amount of traffic driven to their website on a daily basis. The more traffic that you have coming to your website means the more potential income for you to make. Without daily traffic to your site, you will not be able to make any money.

Since the internet has come into play many people have realized that now there are a lot of different options for getting traffic to your website. Even today, the debate goes on about which one – paid or free methods – work out better for the internet marketing entrepreneur.

When trying to build an online business your major goal is to drive a lot of traffic to your website, you have to make a choice whether to go with developing free traffic route or use paid traffic like Google pay per click (PPC) marketing.

As you know Free traffic will deliver the best ROI (return on your investment) because you will have no out of pocket cost. The problem you find is that in most cases the traffic you bring to your website may not be as targeted as a Keyword Targeted PPC Campaign.

There are many ways to generate free traffic such as articles marketing and using the social networks. If you choose to use the social networks then you would make use of the different social sites that are free.

All you need to do is put in the needed time and learn how to market on these sites. Create good quality content that will help you maximize your traffic driving strategies.

It is important to bring to your attention that simply having a profile on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Startupspace and other types of social networking sites does not guarantee automatic increase in your Web traffic. You need to know how market yourself and position your profile in such a way that attract the people that belong to your niche market.

The challenges that people face with using the free traffic method is that it’s a work-heavy marketing technique. In order to gain a lot of traffic on a daily basis, an internet marketer needs to constantly market their site to get their link exposed to their target market.

If you do not have 3-4 hours per day to put into marketing your website links then, free marketing strategies is not an option that will work for you.

Pay Per Click campaign traffic will cost you money to drive traffic to your site, but if you set up your campaign properly, then your ROI will be much higher and the advertising cost will pay for it’s self. If you’re using Ezine Article directories, you sometimes have to wait over 7 days for approval, but a Google AdWords campaign can be generating targeted leads in minutes.

While your cost will be much higher running a PPC campaign, so is your potential for huge profits. If you don’t know how to set up a good PPC campaign, you will risk losing a lot of money.

Most Adwords campaign such as Google has protection in place to help you monitor your accounts and to prevent any major losses from happening, such as you can set daily limits for your spending. Unfortunately, a lot of internet marketers set their limits far above what they can really stand to loose.

My suggestion for you is to use a paid and free traffic marketing strategy that combines both methods. You might want to set up a PPC campaign for a couple weeks out of the month and at the same create an Article marketing campaign with the Ezine directories – both with the same keywords.

A couple weeks later, you notice your Article is #1 in the Google SERPs. Would you want to continue the PPC campaign? Well that will be what your testing and tracking of conversion rates will answer for you. You might find that the PPC ad linking traffic directly to your capture page has a higher conversion than those who click through to the Article link.

Smart internet marketers understand the need to constantly track and tweak their marketing efforts. Learn and implement new marketing strategies. See what works best for your niche market. Then do not reinvent the wheel repeat your success!

As a Network Marketing Business Builder being able to attract daily targeted MLM leads to your business is the key to your MLM Success. How would you like to attract 50-100 leads to your MLM business daily? Learning these MLM Marketing Skills will help you Explode your MLM business.

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Google PPC marketing can be very scary to the new internet marketer. Many people interested in starting an internet marketing business have stayed far away from Google PPC (pay per click) marketing campaigns because they are afraid of loosing a lot a money there are many horror stories of how people have went bankrupt over PPC.

Therefore, let us take a look at the advantages of a good PPC marketing campaign and not just, on the risks involved. Remember the saying no pain no gain. There will always be risk involved in any business venture but you can make your risk in PPC a calculated risk by putting in certain monitoring and control protections.

What people do not realize is that PPC marketing can bring you more success than financial ruin if you know how to properly plan execute a Google ad campaign.

There are so many more rewards that a good pay per click marketing campaign can offer you in your business building strategies that other forms of online marketing can not offer you.

You may not think so at first but a PPC campaign is really very simple set up. A new Google AdWord account can be set up in minutes and usually you can start your test campaign for under $50.00. Your next step would be enter your campaign keywords and monitor your account daily.

I would suggest instead of sending your leads directly to your product page that you would have a lead capture page in place so that your leads will first go to a page that provides them with information about your product and educates them and then captures their information such as name, e-mail and their phone number.

Then from there you provide a link to your main selling page. No real changes will be needed to your main website page if you are an affiliate because you will be using the company provided website.

If you are getting a lot of traffic daily to your site, but the conversion rate is low, then you might consider redoing your lead capture page.

Thousands of Internet users search the web daily for information on a range of products and topics. If you are not skilled in search engine optimization (SEO) and you do not have the spare time necessary to learn this knowledge, then PPC advertising will be a good option for you because you could still have your business, phrase or keyword on the first page of Google.

By having your ad seen on the first page of Google search results, the chances of driving hundreds of targeted leads daily to your website increases. You ad should begin showing within in 30 minutes from the time you set up your campaign.

If you target the right kind of consumers with your PPC marketing ad campaign, you will be able to locate people who are ready, willing and able to buy your product. Using long phrase keywords will increase your lead results. For example, competing for the term “MLM” might cause people to click through who are looking for MLM lawyer, MLM scam, or MLM books.

If your site offers MLM training, you’ve just paid for those searchers to click through on your ad when they’re not interested in what you’re selling. A better keyword phrase to target would be “MLM Marketing tips,” because then you know you’re targeting a potential person interested in learning how to market their business.

You have no unknown cost to worry about with your PPC campaign. You are only required to pay your bid price when people click on your ads. If your ads produce paying customers, then your profits will help you pay for the PPC ads. Long phrase keywords cost less to bid on than single keywords do.

Google PPC Adwords lets you monitor your ad. If you are not satisfied with your ad results then you can change your ad whenever you like any changes are made in real time. With other types of Internet advertisers, they may not let you make any changes once your ad starts running.

With the control you have over your Google PPC Awords campaign you can also set your budget for your campaign. You can choose your bid amount for each of your selected keywords, control how much you spend each day, and delete, pause or change your daily bid amounts with the click of your computer mouse.

With this much control over the cost of their daily budget internet marketers should not be afraid of PPC marketing. If you would like to learn how to set up a good PPC campaign I would suggest taking a look at Mike Dillard’s PPC Domination Training Course.

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MLM Success really can be within your reach. Some of us assume that successful people either come from comfortable backgrounds or at least possess special skills that we do not have. This thinking is in error.

Truth is that the vast majority of successful people come from nothing but saw something—anything—that they were really passionate about, and which they decided to work on and maximize.

As Norman Vincent Pearle once said “empty pockets never held anyone back from success. But empty heads have”. If you have ever been passionate about something—anything—then your head is not empty.

You have the necessary ingredient to at least start something. But to keep going, you will need something to feed your passion. You can get this in the form of the numerous success stories that abound in every field of human endeavor.

Probably no other society presents a greater proof that people from all circumstances can turn their lives around than the USA entrepreneur culture. Grass to grace and rags to riches stories appear to be this nation’s most defining trademarks.

It is the one feature of our history that transcends both the industrial and the information ages. Meanwhile the successful global penetration of the World Wide Web has ensured that our present era, known as the age of the entrepreneur, is not missing that mark.

In fact, if anything is certain, our generation promises to produce more success stories than any other period in our history.

A recent study said that 10 million new millionaires will emerge in the United States between the 10-year period of 2006 and 2016. The study further revealed that prime candidates would be those involved in direct selling (i.e. network marketers), techies, home-based businesses, product distributors, and those in the wellness field.

Did you notice that a common thread seems to run through that list? It’s mostly made up of people doing their own thing, working for themselves! It’s no accident; the evidence is already here.

The majority of rags-to-riches stories theses days are individuals working for themselves in one form of home-based business or the other. We haven’t said that home-based businesses, multi-level marketing, internet-based businesses, or any other aspect of direct marketing are get-rich-quick opportunities.

Far from it, there’s no point telling you here that success will be instant when all evidence shows that it won’t. For most persons, success in network marketing takes a lot of work—hard work and smart work, dedication and patience.

Yes you’ll be working from home; but you’ll still need to work. You probably will need more discipline and commitment in this activity than if you were working for someone else. It sure takes commitment and concerted effort to continue to “network”, that is, meeting and recruiting useful contacts who themselves will meet and recruit other productive people.

It is the successful implementation of this strategy that guarantees growth and long-term success in network marketing. But when you consider the financial reward and personal freedom that this activity promises, you’ll agree that the initial labor is well worth it.

We’ve said ‘initial labor’ because in network marketing, if you work it right, then the time comes when you won’t need to put in the same level of efforts to generate comparable results. So after the initial period, the amount of efforts you decide to put in will mostly depend on the size of income you envisage for yourself, and how soon you want to retire.

Yes, you can retire and still command sizable income in network marketing or MLM. Doesn’t that appeal to you?
Why not consider how you can benefit from the many lucrative opportunities that network marketing offers?

The main skill you will need to learn is how to master attraction marketing and have a daily stream if leads contacting you about what you have to offer them as per your business or product.

You Can Visit my Lead Generation Tab for more information on MLM Marketing tools.

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Offline MLM marketing strategies are just as important as online marketing when it comes to building your business. If you think the arrival of the internet has consigned ALL traditional methods of Promoting your MLM business to the dust bin, think again.

In fact, if you haven’t been employing certain offline tools in your marketing efforts, then you have been leaving a lot of money on the table.

Yes, the internet is a faster method for reaching your audience—especially if yours is a global audience; it is also generally more cost-effective in terms of advert costs and targeting. So it’s ok for you to maximize the potentials of the World Wide Web.

But don’t be carried away. Consider the following facts In terms of credibility nothing beats a good old face-to-face discussion! Despite all its pluses, the internet remains a faceless entity that still leaves a lot of people apprehensive on the whole.

Scientists have observed that over 90% of communication is non-verbal. Facial expressions, hand gestures, mannerisms, even the way you’re sitting all go a long way in creating an impression.

Try doing any of that online! So for a network marketer especially, impressing and convincing prospects would be a lot easier offline than online. It’s also much more convenient to take up customers questions real-time and provide live answers.

Yes, this can be done through blogging, but you can’t beat the impact of a live discussion. So why not occasionally arrange to meet with some of the people responding to your marketing campaigns—even if this sometimes involves a bit of travel?

Actually, quite a number of online network marketers are realizing that certain offline tools can be effectively utilized to not only generate leads, but most especially to convert leads—recruiting. Consider how you can use the following offline tools to grow your MLM.

Seminars and workshops: Occasionally organize training and orientation courses for newly recruited members or those about to join your MLM opportunity. Invite interested persons to seminars where a member of your upline (or any other MLM expert) would be present to explain things better if you feel that you have not gotten your message across to your prospect.

Phone calls: Randomly call on members of your email list, and then zero in on those who evince appreciable level of interest. Hold meetings: Arrange to meet with interested persons on a one-on-one basis so you could better explain your business opportunity to them and also address their doubts a face to face meeting is always good when possible.

Use Drop cards: This is one huge offline marketing strategy that you can use to generate free leads and build your MLM. Drop cards are unique types of business cards . There’s even a special variety of it that comes in dollar denominations—$1, $2, $20, $50, $100.

They look every bit like the real dollar notes, and they are great attention-getters. These cards are fantastic marketing, sales, and lead generation tools. I suggest you get a wide selection of them and promote your business with them.

Their realistic appearance ensures that they’ll not only attract attention, but whoever gets them is likely to want to keep it and show to friends. How else do you generate leads!

Leave some of them behind after sitting in a public place or while in a crowded area. You can also specifically plan to place a specific number of drop cards around town—10, 20, 50, or 100 in a day. You can safely expect to see messages in your voice mail or inbox soon thereafter.

Are we saying that online tools are worthless? Far from it. They do have their place. For one thing, the internet is an unbeatable tool for pulling a large bulk of traffic (how we wish all these leads can be brought under one roof somewhere around town for a face to face discussion!).

Well, the idea is that your network marketing will be the better for it if you can find a way to supplement your online efforts with certain offline resources.

For more information about how to sponsor more MLM Reps into your business visit the Lead Generation Section.

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P.S.: If Your Upline Does Not Have a Step-By-Step Blueprint For Success, Check This Out (Unless You Already Have Too Many Leads) –

Mike Dillard’s Black Belt Recruiting Course is a MLM entrepreneur dream tool. At the moment, and probably for the foreseeable future, multi-level marketing is the surest way for the common man to break into a high income business. But the business has a dark underbelly called prospecting, or recruiting.

Let’s face it, who wants to have doors slammed in their face, or feel alienated by family and friends, all because you have a story of one “big opportunity” to tell? That’s it. Nobody. And that’s why many people are now scared of this great opportunity called MLM business.

But need we throw the baby away along with the bathwater? No you shouldn’t. MLM businesses have big and real potentials. All we need is a method of introducing this opportunity to prospects in such a way that they literally beg to join your program.

The emphasis in that last sentence is on JOINING your program, becoming ACTUAL distributors. We’re emphasizing that, because the one area so many network marketers are still struggling is recruiting, that is converting leads into actual MLM distributors.

It’s not enough to generate leads or to have a rich e-mail list. Unless you’re able to get these people to join your MLM business, you don’t make any money.

Two network marketing bigwigs, Mike Dillard and Mark Wieser recently introduced a training course intended to fill-in this missing piece of the marketing puzzle: recruiting. It is called Black Belt Recruiting.

It is a video course which among other things points out the three common mistakes most marketers make that keeps them from converting leads to distributors. Since recruiting is a major problem area for most marketers, wouldn’t it be helpful to know just what it is you’ve been doing wrong?

The recordings reveal the effective tactics Mark learned while sponsoring thousands of reps into his own business opportunity. It also features his conversations with some of the world’s highest-paid MLM entrepreneurs. Mark’s knowledge of clinical psychology (how people process information and make decisions) also comes into play in this training course.

In the video, Mark shows the exact steps a marketer needs to take to start sponsoring 10+ reps every month. It is interesting to know that there are “right” and “wrong” ways to contact prospects. How the contact is made has been proven to strongly affect the customer’s response.

In Black Belt Recruiting, you’ll also learn the right ways to talk, sit, and generally comport yourself as a confident MLM entrepreneur. Done correctly, these “simple” tricks can turn reluctant prospects into eager new recruits. It is also interesting to know that your ability to implement the recommendations of this course is not determined by how long you’ve been in the MLM business.

Recruiting is a skill. And like any other skill, any network marketer who is able to learn, practice, and finally master recruiting skills will surely make a lot of money in MLM. So if at the moment you’re not sponsoring at least 10 persons per month, then you need to admit it; you have a recruiting problem. In that case, finding some type of MLM marketing training may do you a lot of good.

In fact, even if you’re a veteran MLM marketer, wouldn’t it be great if this product helps you up your conversion rate? Personally I don’t see any downside to this training course.

he developers are even giving a TWELVE- MONTH 100% money-back guarantee on it, a sort of pointer to their conviction that the product will work. That also suggests that you can at least take a look at Black Belt Recruiting and see how it helps your recruiting problems.

As a network Marketing Business Builder being able to attract daily targeted MLM leads to your business is the key to your MLM Success.

How would you like to attract 50-100 leads to your MLM business daily? Learning these MLM Marketing Skills will help you Explode your MLM business. You can visit my blog lead generation page to find out more complete information on Lead Generation Tools and strategies.

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Online MLM Marketing or Offline MLM Marketing: which should you embrace as an MLM marketer? Actually you need both. I will explain.

Without going into any elaborate academic definition of marketing, we’ll quickly state here that marketing generally involves every customer-related task that a company or an entrepreneur undertakes in order to create awareness, satisfy a customer, or in an attempt to retain a customer or build a downline.

From the way we’ve described marketing above (which is the best way to describe it), it is immediately obvious that marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of running a business.

Consider the huge relevance of the 3 examples we pointed out in our definition: creating awareness; customer satisfaction; and customer retention. Imagine trying to grow your business when people don’t even know you exist (creating awareness)! Or surviving in business without making efforts to keep your customers happy (customer satisfaction). Or surviving and growing as a business entity without deliberate plans to retain your customers or downline. Now you get the point!

Meanwhile the development of the World Wide Web (the internet) has thrown open new marketing avenues. Marketers in both business-to-business and business-to-customer sectors are now increasingly using the internet for online marketing activities such as MLM Lead Generation.

But is it not true that there are both online and offline resources for achieving any and all of the above-stated roles of marketing? And if you can combine both traditional offline marketing tools with a number of web-based marketing resources for maximum effect, shouldn’t you rather do that? If you are in MLM business, your marketing efforts ought to include a sensible mix of both the online and offline tools.

Although you may regularly send out ad campaigns designed to direct prospects to your website, who you may eventually convince to join your MLM business, but consider how you can also Generate Daily MLM Leads through an offline tool: Drop Cards for example.

Imagine the look on someone’s face if after a conversation you reach into your wallet and pull out what appears to be a $100 bill (one of Dropcards’ denominations), telling the prospect something like “this is not all. Actually I can show you how to make at least 10 times that a month in your spare time”. These DROP CARDS can have your phone ringing of the hook.

Do you think that will grab the prospects attention? I think so too. You can literally drop these with numerous persons at a gathering without much introduction. And you can bet that quite a few of them will contact you—online or through phone.

That’s just one example demonstrating how an online marketer can leverage an offline tool for maximum effect. The truth is that a network marketer ought to constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to get a lead. Offline tools afford you specific times to do that (9 to 5 for example), while using Online Resources allows you to market 24 hours a day.

So, online marketing versus offline marketing, if you understand the game, there’s only a thin line dividing these two modes of marketing. One need not supplant the other. The two ought to work side by side, working hand in hand to help you build your MLM home based business. Since we are Network Marketers the key to our success is being able to Sponsor More Reps into out MLM Business.

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P.S.: If Your Upline Does Not Have a Step-By-Step Blueprint For Success, Check This Out (Unless You Already Have Too Many Leads) –

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