Tracey Walker’s success story in network marketing is as inspirational as it is educative. Here’s a lady whose success has added to what we’ve always been told but which most have refused to accept, namely, to make a real impact in network marketing, you must learn from those who’ve been doing it well. Period. Anything else will only amount to gambling with your money and time.

Like nearly everyone else, Tracey came into MLM after experiencing some financial fluctuations arising from the los of a job. With an MBA in marketing from Florida A&M University in 1999, she was doing pretty well financially until 2002 when she was laid off.

Along with her father, she later set up a real estate firm and moved back to her home state of Illinois. Soon she was doing well again. But the housing slump soon struck, sparing neither large nor small firms. So again, Tracy Walker was struggling financially.

It was at this point that someone first introduced her to network marketing. Her individual personality and background in marketing ordinarily predisposes her for success in network marketing. But it won’t come on a platter of gold.

Starting in 2007, she started investing lots of time and efforts learning and implementing numerous marketing strategies, including making endless presentations all in an attempt to succeed in MLM. But her success was minimal at best.

She was obviously approaching network marketing much the same way she had approached the businesses she practiced before coming into MLM. But this woman is a no-quitter!

Her breakthrough in network marketing finally arrived when she decided to do the only sensible thing: ask the masters for help!
Now throw in Daegan Smith and a few fundamentals of network marketing, and what you get is a complete change in strategy and a fresh look at marketing opportunities that would transform Tracey Walker’s MLM business within a short time!

She was later to be invited by Daegan to co-author a book series on MLM training, called “The Power of Leadership.” That alliance would further establish her name among the most respected and most successful MLM trainers and marketers. Her credibility got a massive boost, and riding on the wings of that success, she has simply been attaining one marketing feat after another.

But it soon became obvious to Tracey that her downlines were not following along. It’s a common problem that thousands of high-flying marketers often face in building their MLM business—the absence of duplication.

This energetic lady was generating numerous leads per day and sponsoring scores of new members into her team. But unless these downlines are doing the same things she herself was doing, her progress and impact would be seriously halted.

If she could find a way to train her downlines to implement at least two-thirds of her strategies, then she would not only set her company on the path of massive growth, she would also have succeeded in putting thousands of network marketers on their way to individual success.

Being a positive and determined person, Tracy set out to address those issues. We can narrow down the lessons from Tracey Walker’s success to 3 factors:

No one knows it all. And unless you are willing and able to learn from those before you, you’ll struggle for long. Perseverance and determination are indispensable attributes in business—any business.

The need to be selfless. Successful marketers are never selfish or self-centered. They realize that this is a people’s business where your success is so often tied to that of the next person. So everyone in the team works for the growth of all team members.

These are among the attributes that have helped Tracey Walker to attain massive success in just three years in network marketing. Are you going to adopt these habits in your MLM business? Then I may well be writing about you in my next Post!

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Personal Growth is not something everybody takes very seriously. A lot of us simply accept the hand we’ve been dealt with in life and run with. We’ve all heard that it is insane to be doing the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome.

That suggests that the only way change will come in any activity is when we improve and do things differently. But what do you observe in people generally? They move from one deadline to another, aim at one target after another without ever pausing to fine-tune the system that’s doing all the running around—themselves!

Don’t be like that. The facts are that whether you’re happy at your present job and looking to climb the corporate ladder, or you’re unhappy and looking to change your career path, or perhaps you own a business and hope to make the most of it, none of these can be achieved without personal growth.

As an employee, you’ll need to be better and faster than the best prepared to stand any chance of scaling through that job interview. And as an entrepreneur you’ll have to be better than the competition to win the trust and loyalty of customers. The winners in this world are those who invest in their personal growth.

Look at it this way, when we invest in stocks or property, the money brings rewards by way of interests or dividends, everything being equal. Would there be any expectation of reward when we haven’t even invested in the first place?

Of course not! Similarly, when we work hard and conscientiously at a job, our time and efforts are rewarded with regular salary and other pecks, again, CETERIS PARIBUS (everything being equal!).

This principle is also true when it comes to investing in our personal growth. The more you invest in developing yourself—your abilities and personality—the greater the benefits you’ll reap. Yes some of the rewards will be financial, but really there are several other rewards that result from personal growth and self-improvement.

It could mean better relationships, a more physically fit and healthier you, a better manager of time and other resources, etc. The gains are virtually endless.

Now what are some ways you can invest in your personal growth?
Personal Growth can actually refer to a long list of different aspects of you. The aim should be for you to be aware of your current performance or abilities, and to become determined to work on improving at them over time. View every experience you encounter as an opportunity to improve on what you are.

For example, if you are a network marketer, have you observed that you are naturally shy when approaching a client on phone or when you have to address a large audience? That could affect the growth of your MLM business. So don’t surrender to this weakness. Instead, seek opportunities to speak at parties and other gatherings.

If you do that, the fear and anxiety will be reduced at the next opportunity. If you do that often, you’ll soon conquer your fears and begin to impress friends, colleagues, and clients.

But if you accept your failures and do nothing about it, the weakness will live with you and continue to rob you of business opportunities.
Even unfortunate incidents can be turned into opportunities to reflect and improve ourselves.

Generally you should train your mind to always be alert to opportunities to do things better. And rather than leaving it to chance, you can actually go out of your way to get some specific training and mentoring in the areas you wish to improve.

Books are also great sources of inspiration and lessons. In the same vein, you could also join business associations or take coaching classes.

The efforts you put into developing yourself will pay off handsomely. You’ll become better at whatever you’re doing; you’ll be ahead of the pack. Improving yourself will easily reflect on your general outlook and confidence level, which will attract people to you. And if you’re a network marketer, you know how important this last thought is!

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In MLM, You Must Brand Yourself Online!

It doesn’t matter what products or services you’re promoting; as long as it is done by way of Multi-Level Marketing, and especially if it is marketed online, you must brand yourself as someone who wants to be of help to people. You must be an expert, or at least act like one.

People want to work with those who care about their success. In network marketing, we are basically looking for people who need help so we can offer to help them. This is the only way to approach the business if you hope to attract willing customers.

Network marketing involves getting people, training them to do the things you do well, and helping them achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves. It’s now been proven that it’s not your MLM company, or your products, or even a generous compensation plan that make people want to join you. YOU are the most important element—your marketing methods and your leadership abilities.

Thus your primary aim should not be to make a sale or cajole people to join your business. No. such an attitude is often easy to see through, and it scares people; people don’t like to be sold.

They like to feel that a marketer has successfully identified their need and has a solution to that need. So start by positioning yourself as someone who knows more than most other marketers about a particular subject.

Only when you brand yourself as such a marketer will willing clients come begging you to register them into your business opportunity or to buy your products.

Now, you may not feel like a leader or anything. But if people must come to you, that is, if you are going to generate leads without losing your sleep everyday, then you have to look for ways to showcase what unique qualities or abilities you possess before your online clients.

You have to show your prospects why you are better or at least different from the hordes of other marketers out there in the online marketplace. What things make you to stand out? What solutions can you provide to common problems in MLM?

Branding yourself online need not be such a hard task. It all begins with determining what group of persons you are going to prospect, and identifying the needs of these prospective clients. After that, find ways to relate with these ones.

It could be as simple as commenting on their blogs or sending them useful newsletters. Speak as one genuinely interested in the success of your prospects.

Supply information that fill real needs. It’s been observed that by just knowing and doing a little bit more that most other marketers, this instantly puts you in a position of power and trustworthiness. And if the information you provide always prove useful to readers, they’ll keep coming back for more.

This is the key to generating sizeable leads everyday without really pitching any product or opportunity. And it happens that leads generated in this manner are often more responsive when you eventually decide to introduce a product or service. Such prospects often call you before you call them!

Self-branding is one aspect of your business that surely requires constant attention. It is the best way to prospect, and the easiest way to recruit. Project yourself both as a knowledgeable and a helpful business ally. Give constant value to your prospects. And watch them call you to inquire how they can be a part of what you’re doing.

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How to Prospect Using Attraction Marketing

Are you using Attraction Marketing to build your MLM business? As a network marketer, don’t you wish for a scenario whereby enthusiastic prospects are eagerly calling you to find out more about your business opportunity and to inquire about how they can join your team?

That surely would be an ideal situation. Meanwhile, for masters of attraction marketing, such a scenario is neither a utopia nor a mere wishful thinking.

When people like you as a person and are interested in what you’re doing with your business, they usually keep up to date with all your activities, hoping to learn from you.

Now, what is attraction marketing? Does it work, and or how does it work? In what ways can you incorporate attraction marketing strategies into your network marketing business?

Attraction marketing is primarily concerned with providing valuable contents to your potential customers (and even existing ones), such that they’ll count themselves fortunate to know you.

And as a result of the valuable information you supply them, these prospects in turn are often willing to consider any product or program coming from you or recommended by you.

Attraction marketing is a way of leveraging on trust and goodwill. For that reason, I must warn you early on that the benefits of attraction marketing are usually not reaped instantly, any more than we can make people to trust us from day one.

Therefore if you decide to implement attraction marketing in your MLM business (which I strongly recommend), then know that you are embarking on a long term strategy that will slowly but surely build you a strong customer base and loyal following.

In attraction marketing, you are to shift your focus away from immediate sales or recruiting. The main idea is not to concentrate on sales, but rather to first create a friendly atmosphere that engenders trust.

You should focus on providing resources and training which benefit your PROSPECTS FIRST! Now, that may sound a bit strange to some who have become enamored with traditional prospecting methods.

But to succeed in applying attraction marketing techniques, you must first learn about people’s purchasing philosophy and change your focus. When people patronize your business because they have begun to trust you, your company will grow at a deeper level and at a more accelerated rate.

Does it work? Well, why else is it getting more and more popular in the online marketplace? The fact is, this strategy has always worked for every online marketer willing to go for the long haul.

When fully and patiently implemented, attraction marketing guarantees bigger long term growth and profits for your business. It will keep willing prospects coming to you, eager to get registered.

The basic approach in attraction marketing is rather simple. It revolves around providing valuable information to your prospects. The idea is to demonstrate to them that you truly and fully understand the business you are into, and that you understand it a bit more than the other marketers they might have encountered in the past.

Now, this claim of yours is only proven when the information you give solves practical problems for your prospects. Further, you follow this up by teaching them aspects of their business they may not have thought of.

Of course, this calls for two things on your part: (1) that you have a clear knowledge of what your prospects are trying to achieve with their businesses and (2) that you are knowledgeable enough to comment on ways they can do it better.

Marketers who are perceived as placing a high value on the interests of their clients often have a huge loyal following. That is attraction marketing.

Ever since this marketing concept got crystallized a few years ago, it’s proven to be the most effective method of prospecting for both online and offline customers. And it works in every industry segment.


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Attraction Marketing is a relatively new term in network marketing. Very few marketers can claim to fully understand it, and even fewer are effectively applying it in their online MLM business.

The notion behind attraction marketing is simply that people would rather do business with someone they find attractive. But don’t go just yet. We aren’t discussing physical beauty here.

Perhaps a better way to put it is that customers prefer to patronize someone, a marketer, whose personality and approach they find appealing. Customers are in effect attracted to such a marketer.

Fortunately, virtually all the things that can make you attractive before a customer or prospect are things you can learn. In order words, in attraction marketing, you suffer no disadvantages as a result of some talents you are not born with. Isn’t that great?

That said, the main thing you need to bear in mind concerning this marketing concept is that you need to know those things that attract people to people. Yes, why would a customer prefer to order a product from one online marketer out of the several that have been approaching him?

And why would this customer keep going back to this same marketer each time he needs another of that product or a related product? We can’t quite pin it down to coincidence. It all comes down to a few things that one marketer does differently (and better!) than the other marketers.

Two things are very central in attraction marketing: (1) under normal conditions, people would patronize the marketer who understands his products and business very well. (2) People would choose the marketers who care about the buyers’ feelings.

One thing that will attract clients to you as an online marketer is having a good knowledge of the product you’re selling. How would you perceive a marketer who couldn’t answer your questions concerning a product he’ or she is introducing to you?

If the marketer gave you some mixed-up and incomprehensible information regarding his product or business, are you likely to buy into whatever he or she is promoting? Unlikely.

So don’t be that marketer! A lack of demonstrable knowledge of what you’re promoting repels rather than attracts prospects. It creates doubts in the minds of potential clients.

But if on the other hand you expertly educate a prospect about a product or service, doing so in a manner that teaches the prospect the various ways he can maximize the utility of a product or service, you would have won their trust and confidence!

They’ll come back to you the next time they need information around your niche market. Also, such impressed clients are more likely to consider your recommendations. If you send them newsletters, they’ll be eager to read it.

If you comment on their blog or on their social media page, they’ll look out for your comments first. Why? Because you have established trust. You have positioned yourself as someone who knows a bit more than the others.

So a key factor in practicing attraction marketing is to gain as much knowledge about your business or product as you possibly can. That way, when you say a little, people will want to hear more. They will keep seeking you out as a reliable source of correct information, an authority. That’s free leads for your online MLM business!

To fully maximize the benefits of attraction marketing, you should also give information to your prospects in ways that show you really care about their success and well-being. Do not give the impression that you’re after the money only.

Of course your prospects undoubtedly know you’re in business to earn a living, just like everyone else. But unlike everyone else, give an indication that you can help them earn a living too with their business.
In order words you’re to give the impression that your presence in their lives will benefit both of you.

Such an attitude of caring for prospects’ interests, if shorn of pretentiousness, is in fact the central magnet of attraction marketing. This is the key to effortlessly attracting torrents of free leads to your MLM business on a daily basis.

Nothing else works better and lasts for longer as a means of generating free leads than establishing yourself as someone who always has something of value to give to those who come to you for help with their online business. And if you couple this with a caring personality, then you’ll never need to buy leads for your online MLM business.

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Your MLM products or your Business what do you talk about first? As a network marketer, which should you project: your products or your opportunity? The answer is none. I’ll tell you why.

If you’ve been observing recent trends in network marketing, the major shift has been a departure from the huge emphasis previously placed on products and network opportunity. This shift is not without reason. At the moment, the major emphasis is on you and the prospect.

The thing is that when we start by projecting our product or business opportunity, we often have to talk to so many people before being able to convert one into our business or product. It’s like trying to sow seeds in an unprepared soil. The odds of any of it germinating and flourishing are very slim.

Compare that with sowing your seeds in a well cultivated garden! Now you know what I’m saying. The old-school MLM psyche with its emphasis on product and opportunity may make it sound logical to lead with your product. But wake up, times have changed!

Unless you’ve first warmed yourself into the heart of a prospect, don’t even consider telling them anything about your ‘wonderful product’ or ‘unique compensation plan.’ And if you think that a 5- minute conversation constitutes a relationship, think again.

Quickly introducing a product to a prospect after only a brief discussion gives you away as another self-serving marketer, intent on selling a product to someone who may not even need it.

So, if you want to attract leaders into your network business, don’t start by introducing products to them. Of course no attempt is made here to discount the importance of excellent products or rewarding opportunities.

The point is, people don’t like to be sold. And unless you first build a trusting relationship with someone, all hypes about your products or opportunity will fall on deaf ears.

So then what? Start by projecting what YOU are! A prospect wants to be comfortable with your person first before they can consider what you are doing. You are the first thing a prospect is judging, not your product, not your business opportunity.

It isn’t without reason that network marketing has so often been called a “people business”. Yes, in this business people join people to benefit from what people are doing.

So lead with YOURSELF, not your product, not your opportunity. Get that?

Now what does this involve? Leading with yourself basically means being people-centric, or people oriented. That means always looking for ways to benefit people.

You should concern yourself with trying to understand your prospects, working with them, and training them in some ways. Of course, this pre-supposes that you have something of value that people need. If you don’t, work at developing your expertise in certain areas first.

The aim is to project you as someone who is knowledgeable in several areas of online business. For example, do you know that so many marketers in this day and age still do not know how to effectively use the internet to reach their target market?

There are millions of others who are struggling in network marketing because they do not know the right way to prospect for new clients. Still others are yet to hear what you are hearing now—that leading with products or opportunity is a road to nowhere!

So there are many ways you can come in and project yourself as a compassionate authority to your prospects. As long as you have information that can help their business which they didn’t know previously, they’ll pay attention.

And because you’ve demonstrated your expertise to these prospects, what happens is that the next time they need help in any area of their business, you’ll be the first person they’ll come to.

And if you’re marketing any product they need, they’d rather buy from you than from someone else they neither know nor trust. So wouldn’t you rather lead with YOURSELF?

By giving of yourself generously and without asking anything in return, you’ll be building a long-lasting relationship that will benefit you, you clients, and your business for a lifetime.

As a network Marketing Business Builder being able to attract daily targeted MLM leads to your business is the key to your MLM Success. How would you like to attract 50-100 leads to your MLM business daily?

Learning these MLM Marketing Skills will help you Explode your MLM business. You can visit this website MAKE MONEY ONLINE to find out more complete information on Money Generating Skills.


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MLM is a business that you need to generate a steady flow of MLM leads daily to be successful. Starting a new business may be one of the most exciting experiences anyone can ever have.

Yes, the prospect of setting your own work schedule, working from your own office (or maybe even home), and writing your own checks usually give us that adrenaline rush.

But we all know that very few of those starting new businesses remain excited one year or so afterward. In the case of network marketing, only about 5% will still be smiling one year after launching their MLM.

The vast majority of people who fail in MLM fail because they are unable to generate leads. It’s not that many don’t know that lead generation is the lifeblood of this business. But they go about it the wrong way—pestering friends, relatives and coworkers with their business opportunity.

As long as you continue to pitch your business opportunity to people who are not interested in what you’re saying, you won’t succeed in this business.

You need to know that most persons don’t have any reason to be as excited as you are about your business opportunity.
So how do you generate good, qualified, and sustainable MLM leads?

Attraction marketing is one term that’s fast assuming an iconic status, sort of a buzzword in the network marketing world. And for a lot of very good reasons.

Call it self-branding, magnetic sponsoring, or any other name, attraction marketing is now known to be the most successful, most economical, and the most efficient method of lead generation and recruiting in network marketing business.

The goal is to attract people to yourself, rather than having to hunt them down with cold calls. The key principle of attraction marketing is that people would rather do business with someone they find attractive. And the strategy works—why else is it getting more and more popular!

To implement this strategy, begin your marketing efforts by identifying your prospects’ goals, and solving their problems. Allow your business opportunity to take the backseat for now.

Attraction marketing is all about learning what attracts people—and doing it. Now, almost everybody is attracted to those who they believe they can learn something from.

So naturally you need to be well-informed about both your business opportunity and what you believe your prospects are interested in. Then find ways to show your possible pool of customers just how valuable you can be to them.

Also, if you are up-to-date on all subjects surrounding your business, people will flock to you to learn the latest. They will look up to you as a reliable source of information—an authority.

That is how trust is built. And when people look to you as an authority, they will want to get involved in what you’re doing. Remember to exhibit poise and politeness in your marketing approach. Be open to sharing useful information, and you’ll generate a load of leads.

The sweetest thing about attraction marketing is that you are not going to harass anyone to join your business or buy your product. The strategy is about establishing trust in people. Your prospects feel relaxed and in charge.

They often make the decision themselves that they want to join your business. And if you ever have to introduce your business along the way, you’ll discover that their mind was already made up to follow you!

The truth is that when customers come to you willingly, they’re more open to seeing the benefits of what you are saying. If they feel pressured or hunted, they become suspicious and run away. That is where 95% of the newbies get it wrong and fail in MLM.

By applying attraction marketing strategies, you’ll discover that generating quality and steady MLM leads daily is not as difficult as it seems.

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MLM Success really can be within your reach. Some of us assume that successful people either come from comfortable backgrounds or at least possess special skills that we do not have. This thinking is in error.

Truth is that the vast majority of successful people come from nothing but saw something—anything—that they were really passionate about, and which they decided to work on and maximize.

As Norman Vincent Pearle once said “empty pockets never held anyone back from success. But empty heads have”. If you have ever been passionate about something—anything—then your head is not empty.

You have the necessary ingredient to at least start something. But to keep going, you will need something to feed your passion. You can get this in the form of the numerous success stories that abound in every field of human endeavor.

Probably no other society presents a greater proof that people from all circumstances can turn their lives around than the USA entrepreneur culture. Grass to grace and rags to riches stories appear to be this nation’s most defining trademarks.

It is the one feature of our history that transcends both the industrial and the information ages. Meanwhile the successful global penetration of the World Wide Web has ensured that our present era, known as the age of the entrepreneur, is not missing that mark.

In fact, if anything is certain, our generation promises to produce more success stories than any other period in our history.

A recent study said that 10 million new millionaires will emerge in the United States between the 10-year period of 2006 and 2016. The study further revealed that prime candidates would be those involved in direct selling (i.e. network marketers), techies, home-based businesses, product distributors, and those in the wellness field.

Did you notice that a common thread seems to run through that list? It’s mostly made up of people doing their own thing, working for themselves! It’s no accident; the evidence is already here.

The majority of rags-to-riches stories theses days are individuals working for themselves in one form of home-based business or the other. We haven’t said that home-based businesses, multi-level marketing, internet-based businesses, or any other aspect of direct marketing are get-rich-quick opportunities.

Far from it, there’s no point telling you here that success will be instant when all evidence shows that it won’t. For most persons, success in network marketing takes a lot of work—hard work and smart work, dedication and patience.

Yes you’ll be working from home; but you’ll still need to work. You probably will need more discipline and commitment in this activity than if you were working for someone else. It sure takes commitment and concerted effort to continue to “network”, that is, meeting and recruiting useful contacts who themselves will meet and recruit other productive people.

It is the successful implementation of this strategy that guarantees growth and long-term success in network marketing. But when you consider the financial reward and personal freedom that this activity promises, you’ll agree that the initial labor is well worth it.

We’ve said ‘initial labor’ because in network marketing, if you work it right, then the time comes when you won’t need to put in the same level of efforts to generate comparable results. So after the initial period, the amount of efforts you decide to put in will mostly depend on the size of income you envisage for yourself, and how soon you want to retire.

Yes, you can retire and still command sizable income in network marketing or MLM. Doesn’t that appeal to you?
Why not consider how you can benefit from the many lucrative opportunities that network marketing offers?

The main skill you will need to learn is how to master attraction marketing and have a daily stream if leads contacting you about what you have to offer them as per your business or product.

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