Article Marketing is a must if you want to make money with your home based business online. Until I started it a little over two years ago, I never imagined how writing simple but well-targeted articles would turbo-charge my network marketing business.

Before then, I had always thought that getting online prospects for my home business was only possible with a couple hundred dollars in purchased traffic. But being an adventurous person, I decided to give article marketing a try. And was I surprised!

If you haven’t tried it yet, I strongly suggest you give it a shot and see what article marketing will do for your online marketing efforts. I bet you’ll also be pleasantly surprised. To ensure you do it right, I’m giving you 5 hot tips that have always worked for me:

Include The Benefits Of The Article In The Title: Give your readers the major reason they should stop and take a look at your article. And put it in bold letters at the very first line on the page: the title. The person coming across your article at the search engines or anywhere else should immediately see what they stand to gain by reading the article.

KISS Your Articles: Your articles are not intended to exhaust every idea on the subject you’re writing on—just basic but helpful info. Whoever enjoys the article and wants further details should and would gladly trace you to your website (that’s the whole idea, really). So Keep It Short and Simple (KISS). And talk directly to your reader. You should also arrange your articles in short paragraphs in which each paragraph says something meaningful.

Give Information, De-Emphasize Your Business: The only reason anybody would want to read your article is to get information about something, not because they are looking for a business to join. So the primary focus of your articles should always be to provide helpful information. The information should be timely too in order to fetch you meaningful traffic.

Choose Quality Over Quantity: You’re probably aware of those so-called expert article marketers who promise to give you hundreds or even thousands of articles for peanuts. If you believe that quantity is all that matters in article marketing, you’ll fall for their gimmicks.

But I advise that you watch it. These mass-producers of cheap articles simply outsource the writing to barely literate “writers” in non-English speaking countries. Unfortunately, because of their very poor command of the English language, these so-called writers deliver loads of “articles” that are quite useless, and which nobody enjoys reading.

Their sheer quantity may get you search engine ranking. But of what use is it if your visitors are highly disappointed with what they find? That will only serve to hurt your credibility in the online marketplace.

A better approach is to stick to quality articles, even if these will cost you a bit more money (or time if you write them yourself). Over time, if you write and post consistently, the quantity will build up, which gives you the best of both worlds!

Make Use of Directories: They already have a large client-base who frequent their websites in search of articles. Among the best are,,, and Articles submitted with these ezines stand a strong chance of being read by people searching for quick guides or information.

Article marketing really works. Employing the tips above, you should be able to write good ezine-standard articles to boost your home business sales.

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Article Marketing Tips-Why Use Article Marketing

If you are an Online Marketer, getting visitors to your website should be your number one priority. Not that it should be your number one headache too. Article Marketing presents you with an excellent opportunity to reach your potential customers without much hassle.

This is a form of advertising in which you write short articles that are related to your business opportunity. These articles are then made available for free distribution and publication in the online marketplace.

Each article would contain a resource box (also known as bio box) which includes references and contact information about the article author and their business.

Online article marketing is a subtle technique for advertising products and services via online article directories. There are quite a number of directories out there on the worldwide web, and most of them receive a high volume of traffic and are often considered as authority sites by Google and other search engines. As a result, your submitted articles are guaranteed to receive substantial traffic, free.

Some internet marketers try to maximize the results of their marketing campaign by submitting their articles to multiple directories. Sometimes this strategy works. Sometimes it does not. The important thing to note is that most article sites frown at this practice.

Moreover, most search engines now have software to filter duplicate content to prevent the same article from appearing multiple times during searches. Yes, some marketers are able to circumvent this filter by creating multiple versions of the same article.

But why go into that? In my opinion, a much better approach, and one which guarantees greater traffic, is to write new, separate articles, even if on the same topic. This way you do not run the risk of violating clearly-stated editorial guidelines. This is also the surest way of getting that much-desired traffic that brings you to article marketing in the first place.

It is also good to point out that article marketing is not purely a web-induced marketing strategy. In its various forms, article marketing is as old as the mass media itself. Prior to the arrival of the internet, articles have been used by both professionals and ordinary business owners to obtain free space in the print media.

This is because the information relating to a local business could provide useful content to a newspaper, at the same time providing local businesses with free contact information in the press. The paper gets rich features, and the small business would get wide and mostly free exposure. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement.

The arrival of the internet has only accelerated the use of this marketing approach, as well as making it easier to employ. Most other forms of Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing require a website, a hosting plan, as well as an advertising budget. The total cost is often beyond the reach of most new online marketers. But article marketing has now leveled the playing field in that regard.

Thus, by using article directories as free hosts, an article marketer is able to get free traffic via organic searches in search engines.
Well-written and rich content articles released for free distribution are known to substantially increase the credibility and popularity of the author and their business, as well as attracting new clients. It is one marketing strategy you do not want to overlook.

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David Wood: Article Marketing Is Supreme!

David Wood has finally answered this question Can one build a successful online business solely relying on low budget marketing techniques, such as article marketing and online videos?

Are expensive online advert campaigns inherently superior to the free or nearly-free alternatives? These are thoughts that constantly occupy the minds of newcomers to online MLM. And there’s no unanimity of opinions on the issue; the answer you get depends on who you ask.

But the achievements of David Wood, an MLM high flyer should help us to decide for ourselves once and for all which is better between paid ad campaigns and free lead generation techniques. This revelation should particularly appeal to those who are either new to Multi-Level Marketing or those who do not want to spend out of pocket money to generate leads for their online business.

David Wood is currently one of the most talked-about figures in MLM circles. The guy has been around in the MLM industry for quite some. First he had risen from grass to grace and then to grass again in network marketing.

At first he had used traditional marketing methods to promote his MLM business—cold calling, town meetings, chasing family and friends, etc. Even then he achieved a measure of success with those methods mainly due to his determination. But his success soon waned and he quit MLM.

When he showed up again in the MLM arena, he instantly dominated online forums. First he had launched a blog which in a matter of a few months had attracted over 25, 000 visitors. What is even more amazing was the fact that the traffic-sucking blog was promoted SOLELY by online articles, and yet it consistently ranked on the first page of a prime search engine—Google.

As a result of this remarkable feat, most online marketers are now re-examining their own attitude towards article marketing.

How does he do it?

David is easily the master of article marketing. And although he occasionally incorporates social media techniques such as YouTube, twitter, and the like, article marketing still remains his primary method of attracting traffic to his website and blog.

He uses well written and unique articles and tidy videos which he submits to various directories and websites for syndication and traffic. These articles and videos are then linked back to his blog or the landing page of his website.

I mustn’t fail to tell you one of the things that make David Wood’s article marketing technique so successful: he incorporates the principles of attraction marketing into his articles. He promotes himself in his article contents!

Yes, if you want your article readers to come look you up, then tell them who you are, what you do and how you can help them with their online business. This is without prejudice to providing your readers with useful information in your articles. These are the best ways to make your website buzz with traffic.

This strategy has worked so well for David Wood. At the moment he generates well over 50 leads per day exclusively using content marketing. No one ever thought this was possible before now. All attention appeared focused on how to generate leads with paid advert campaigns, i.e. purchased leads.But now you know it’s possible for you to get quality leads from free online articles.

So, if you want to build your online business using article marketing strategies that have worked so well for David Wood, you are in the right place just CLICK HERE.

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Article Marketing—Here’s How to Do It Right!

Why all the buzz about Article Marketing? Yes, why write an article about your business niche? The quick answer is this: online articles are the fastest and one of the easiest ways to begin telling people about yourself and what you do. It’s now recognized as one very helpful tool for creating massive awareness for any online activity.

Do you find this hard to comprehend? I give you a vivid example: imagine that you’ve written and posted some articles at some ezine directories.

Now when these are accepted, the directories make your articles visible to millions of their website visitors (besides those directed by search engines as they typed in topics related to what you’ve written about).

Suddenly an article you submitted to just one website is now syndicated in such a way that a worldwide audience has access to it. Let’s say in a month 300 persons read the article. And let’s further assume that out of this number only 30 persons (10%) decided to visit your website or emailed you asking for more information about your business.

Do you know what has just happened? You have successfully created potential affiliates or buyers for your products or services. And if you have a website or a blog, this publicity can potentially increase your page ranking.

And do you know that this feat can be achieved in a matter of days rather than weeks or months? Yes, the moment your articles are accepted by the ezines they (the articles) begin to bring traffic.

Here’s How to Do It: 1. Begin by thinking about a topic that you fully understand. Of course this does mean you ought to be a sort of know-all before you can start. Actually you can obtain additional information or update your knowledge about any topic by researching the topic on the internet.

You could also ask a mentor for ideas concerning a particular topic. The important thing is to provide factual, accurate, and up to the minute information about whatever topic you decide to write about. That is what will make people to want to come back to you the next time they seek information on issues.

2. Check out what’s in the news. Your articles will stand a better chance of being picked up by search engine spiders if the topic covered is currently in the news. Moreover if the topic is hot, you can be sure it will attract potential readers.

Having identified a particular topic that other webmasters are talking about, find a way to contribute meaningfully with your own unique article. Read through a few of what others have already said and say something else; add a fresh insight to the discussion. Most readers will love your article for its uniqueness.

3. Check against errors. Use a good word processor to ensure that your article is free from embarrassing grammatical and other errors. Microsoft word has always served me well in this regard. But that still doesn’t absolve you of the need to proofread the final article BEFORE submitting to ezines.

There are some types of errors that computer software just cannot detect. Just as there may be a few corrections suggested software which you may have to overrule. So proofreading the entire article when you are done writing is crucial.

5. Provide information about yourself. This is often contained in the resource box of the article submission page. Your name, email address and or website are vital information you must provide. You may also want to give a one-liner about your area of expertise in the resource box.

Having taken care of the 5 steps above, submit your articles to prime article directories and watch the viral effects that will follow. Article marketing is one tool no online marketer dare overlook. It is one of the most effective ways to gain massive visibility and traffic for your online business.

If you would like to learn more about how to Master Article Marketing and Make some Real MONEY CLICK HERE!

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If you’re an author, or an article writer by any other description, you are no doubt interested in techniques that will increase your article production. But of even greater importance is how to improve the quality of the articles you write.

There are several quick, simple and easy ways to boost your article writing quality and production. Below are two broad techniques that have proved helpful to both well-known authors and ordinary writers. They should work for you, I believe!

Start Early In the Day: Early birds are still fortunate! I’ve personally discovered that starting my writing early in the day trumps both lunchtime and after-dinner efforts.

I’ve observed that I’m more productive at that time of day, and I guess that shouldn’t be hard to imagine. For one thing, the brain has just rested and is now primed for new challenges.

As a result, creative thinking and imagination are at their peaks just after a good night’s rest. Now those are my thoughts. But I guess I’m not alone. It’s a well documented fact that many successful professional writers and authors get an early start with their writing.

Many start to write as early as 5:00 or 6:00am, with nearly all already at their writing desk by 8:00 am. As I pointed out earlier, an early morning writing time allows your freshly-rested mind to jump-start your writing day with quick ideas.

Starting your writing task early in the day is also important for yet another reason: if you do most of your writing from home whereby quite or private moments are rare, that would be an added reason to begin your writing task early in the day. Such early morning sessions will help you accomplish more long before the hustle and bustle of the family’s day gets underway.

Choose a Distraction-Free Environment: Although a noted author, J.K. Rowling reportedly once wrote at a coffee shop, still your best bet is to imitate most professional writers who often deliberately seek out isolated and quite places to do their writing. Prolific author, Stephen King, for example usually writes at the lonely loft of his home, sometimes for days or even weeks away from public view.

I don’t know how you, a budding writer could do a better job than the masters of the art if you choose to write at the market square! The thing is that writing quality articles is challenging enough in its own right—you don’t want to be dealing with self-sabotage at the same time by exposing yourself to distractions. Imitate successful writers, apply tested techniques.

No matter what you think, it’s near-impossible to produce a tidy, in-depth and authoritative piece of writing of any sort with the phones ringing or message alerts constantly popping up, people chattering and puttering all around you. Personally I write in a quite, private part of the house, away from my wife and kid, and certainly devoid of phones and visitors.

Bottom line is, when you write in a tranquil place, you accomplish more. At the moment, I seriously doubt that J.K. Rowling still writes the continuing editions of Harry Potter and Friends in a coffee shop or any other public place!

If you take these points to heart and apply them in your article writing schedule, you’ll almost certainly see an increase in the quality and depth of your articles. It will also boost your production rate.


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Article marketing is an excellent Free way to generate leads for your MLM business. Have you started marketing your MLM business with articles yet? If not, you have been forsaking a great marketing tool!

It is now generally acknowledged that writing and submitting articles is a proven way to generate massive traffic to your website, which will increase your site exposure and product sales. Article submission is now such an indispensable tool which most top online marketers utilize to full advantage.

But what really is article marketing? It is simply the practice of writing well-focused, unique content articles, and submitting these to article sites. Now these article directories have a fairly wide readership (at least a larger following than your website, for sure), which means your published articles are visible to tens of millions of readers worldwide. If done properly, your articles can serve as “baits” that attract numerous peoples to your website.

Let’s say your home business sells dieting and wellness products. If you post an article on weight loss programs, some readers who later have to blog on weight loss issues may link your article. That way, you gain huge exposure for both your article and ultimately your home business.

Interestingly, most article submission sites will accept your articles for free. And nearly all of them allow you to include your profile information in order to let people know who you are and you can be contacted. The article sites also permit users to include your articles on users’ own website, provided the user cites you as the article author and agrees to retain all links on the article. It is not difficult to see how this can easily explode your website traffic and generate loads of leads for your online business.

If you decide to write your articles yourself, you pay nothing. But you may decide that an expert article writer would do a better job. Or maybe you simply don’t have the time. Either way, having a competent ghost writer do the job for you usually costs only a pittance, very little. Moreover you take the credit for the article content and all! So it’s well worth it.

In order to submit your well-written articles for evaluation and publishing, you’ll first have to sign up with a credible article submission site, such as Ezinearticles or Goarticles. Review their editorial policies and or the conditions under which they’ll publish your articles. It may help to read a few already published articles on the website to get the feel of what general format yours should follow. After that, write and submit original content articles, and ONLY original content articles.

These may take a few days (sometimes up to a week) to review, depending on the number of articles they’re already working on. Your status on the article site also determines how quickly your submitted articles are reviewed.

In the previous paragraph emphasis was placed on submitting ORIGINAL CONTENT, or UNIQUE articles. What we are saying is that article sites seriously frown on situations whereby you either re-submit the same version of a previous article to the same directory, or duplicate version of the same article to various other article submission sites. Some sites treat this the same way as plagiarism, and they may cancel your membership if you’re found doing this.

Don’t even think you can beat them; there are now Duplicate Content Filters on most of the sites which “frisk” your submitted articles for signs of recycling. The surest way to avoid duplicate content penalty is simple: write and submit only original content articles. In the end, fresh articles far outperform exact same articles submitted to different ezines in terms of traffic generation.

And as an online article marketer, you can even increase your article submission and acceptance rates by automating the process. They are called article submission programs or software. These programs help you submit your articles to numerous ezines and directories.

The good ones among them also help you in selecting which category and sub-categories your articles belong. Article submission software is something you surely want to consider if you are an online marketer who engages in article marketing. Just do a search and ensure you get a credible submission program. It could help you get the best result from article marketing.

As a network Marketing Business Builder being able to attract daily targeted MLM leads to your business is the key to your MLM Success. How would you like to attract 50-100 leads to your MLM business daily?

Learning these MLM Marketing Skills will help you build your MLM business. You can visit this website to find out more complete information on Article Marketing tips.

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