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Stephen R. Covey—a Review

He is the author of the world-acclaimed self-help book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” First published in 1989, this chat-topping book has sold over 12 million copies worldwide—and continues to sell.

Mr. Covey is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities in time-management. Scores of organizations everywhere, among them Fortune 500 companies, have adopted his novel techniques on leadership, teamwork, and customer service. “First Things First,” his best-selling book on time management (co-authored with A. Roger & Rebecca Merrill) is one of the most consulted manuals on the subject.

Stephen R. Covey was born in 1932. He has spent most of his career at Brigham Young University, where he was professor of organizational behavior and business management. He holds both MBA and doctorate degrees. In recognition of his continuous service to humanity, Dr. Covey has received the Thomas More College Medallion as well as four honorary doctorate degrees.

But what strikes me most about this guy is not really his academic or professional background, impressive though they are. It is his humility and sheer humanness. He surely qualifies in his own rights to claim authorship of the numerous innovative ideas he has helped bring to our attention.

But he doesn’t. In his “7 habits” book for example, Stephen Convey selflessly states that he’s not the originator of the 7 habits presented in the book, but that he had simply succeeded in coming up with a framework and a suitable language to articulate the time-tested principles embedded in the seven habits.

The 7 habits are to be found, he says, in the teachings of nearly all the world’s major religions. Covey further informs us that the principles themselves are ‘self-evident’, meaning you cannot really argue against the universality of the wisdom and practicality of these principles. Or can you? Well, at least no successful person can claim that he has not utilized any or all of the 7 principles to a greater or lesser degree.

Of course, to Stephen R. Convey, the principles contained in all his works are ‘common knowledge.’ He dislikes the idea of being regarded as some guru, stating that he’s embarrassed each time people talk about the ‘Covey habits.’ But like me, you may want to challenge that thinking.

If the ideas were so common, then everybody ought to know and practice them, and be successful in all that they do! The fact that we ain’t seeing that would suggest that our world still needs more of Stephen R. Covey’s insightful ideas.

The following are some of the thoughts Dr. Stephen R. Covey has helped us to appreciate:

Effective leadership entails putting first things first, while effective management means implementing this order of priority in a disciplined manner. In the final analysis, what we are communicates more eloquently than anything we may verbally claim.

The reason Most people struggle to balance their life is because they haven’t decided what is really important to them. Our character is basically a composite of our habits. Because they form constant and unconscious patterns that daily express our personality.

The key to success in life and in business is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule what your priorities are. In life, only three things are constant: change, choice, and principles. Since we have the option of choice, our life course need not be determined by what happened to us in the past.

Wouldn’t you rather be guided by such wise principles in both private and business life?

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Mark Victor Hansen the Phenomenon—A Review

People have heard of Mark victor Hansen From Bangladesh to Birmingham, England, and from Los Angeles to Toronto, Mark Victor Hansen has been delivering keynote messages of possibility, opportunity and action which have brought profound changes to the lives of over 2 million persons in 38 countries.

Mark Hansen was born in January 1948. At the moment, he’s one of America’s most gifted inspirational and motivational speakers. He is also a business trainer and a prolific author. Mark is best known as the founder and co-creator of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book titles.

No doubt, Chicken Soup for the Soul which he co-authored with his business partner Jack Canfield has done more to bring Mark to limelight than anything else he’s been involved in. And yes, the series have turned out to be quite a revolution, Time Magazine calling it “the publishing phenomenon of the decade”.

Chicken Soup for the Soul books are clearly among the most successful publishing franchises in recent times. As at the last count, over 140 million copies have been sold worldwide (some 60 million in North America alone), along with some 100 licensed products.

No one knows for sure the reason behind the “chicken soup” title. But what we do know is that the first chicken soup book, published by Health Communications, Inc., sold over 2 million copies within a very short time. And the subsequent titles have only upped the ante.

But Mark Hansen’s influence goes beyond those awesome series. His lively and enthusiastic speeches traverse various media. He’s severally appeared on Oprah, CNN, Eye To Eye, and The Today Show.

Mark bas Also been featured in The New York Times, Us News and World Report, Time Magazine, and The Entrepreneur Magazine.
Mark Hansen has spent the past 26 years assuring people everywhere that the standard of life they all crave is easily within reach if they can commit themselves to creating it. His talks have been known to produce immediate effects on hearers.

No, it isn’t anything magical: Mark Hansen just happens to have this ability to speak in ways that awaken people’s innermost feelings. He shows listeners how to recognize and rise up to the limitless possibilities that life offers us all.

He shows people how to seize the opportunities that come their way, and points out specific ways to act to ensure that the seminar doesn’t end up being just another “really great speech,” but rather one that will gradually begin to reshape their attitudes and their lives.

Audience members often report that during and after attending Hansen’s seminars, they experience a surge in their desire levels, self-esteem, moral, and inner drive. And this seems to awaken their creative thinking abilities, making them to approach challenging situations from a new perspective. Obviously that is how lasting changes are initiated.

Being a lover of books, Hansen is currently working on a new book due to be released in September. The book will be co-authored with Robert Allen with the title “Cash in a Flash,” which is coming hot on the hills of another New York Times best seller “The One Minute Millionaire.”

Before then, Mark Hansen had co-authored yet another book with Art Linkletter, with the title “How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life.”

Mark Victor Hansen continues to focus his efforts on helping people from all works of life to remake their dreams and visions, firmly believing that a lot is still possible for most persons.

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Objective Harvey Mackay Review

Meet Harvey MacKay, one of America’s most popular and entertaining business speakers. Toastmasters International once named him one of the top five best speakers in the world.

Mackay is perhaps best known as the author of three business bestsellers, Including “Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty”, “Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive”, “Beware Of The Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt”.

The New York Times lists his books among the top 15 inspirational business books of all time. Harvey’s books have sold a total of more than 10 million copies worldwide. And they have been translated wholly or in part into some 37 languages and are selling in 80 countries around the world.

Harvey Mackay is a nationally syndicated columnist for United Feature Syndicate, whose articles appear in more than 50 national dailies. At the moment, he sits on the board of the Minnesota Orchestra, and he is a former director of Robert Redford’s Sundance Institute, as well as the University Of Minnesota Carlson School Of Management.

He has lectured in some of the nation’s most prestigious universities and business schools, including Harvard, Stanford, Michigan, Cornell, Wharton and Penn State universities.

Harvey Mackay had a very humble beginning. He was born in Saint Paul Minnesota in 1932 to Jack and Myrtle Mackay. The family lived in a modest apartment, and one of their most cherished dreams was to own a house of their own one day. Family income was meager, so little Harvey had to bring in the little he could earn at the tender age of eight.

But he did go to college, finishing from the University of Minnesota with bachelors as well as from Stanford University Graduate School of Business Executive Program. Harvey is a sports enthusiast and was at one time ranked the #1 tennis player in the state of Minnesota.

He ventured into business early in life. In fact at 26 he successfully purchased and resuscitated a failing envelope company. The company, now known as MacKay Mitchell Envelope Company is currently one of America’s major envelope manufacturers, producing nearly 25 million envelopes a day, employing over 600 staff, and doing in excess of $100 million per annum in sales.

One thing very central to Harvey’s business, which every reader of his books will easily notice, is his ability to stay competitive in the modern cut-throat world of business. And as borne out by the title of one of his best sellers, Harvey has also mastered the art of ‘swimming with the sharks without being eaten alive’ that is, without sacrificing personal integrity or hurting others in the process.

He teaches that long term success in business hinges on cordial and mutually beneficial relationship with both customers and employees. And in all his business dealings, he focuses on building strong relationships with these two groups.

Oh, and did I mention that Harvey Mackay is also a master of networking? He says that networking should be a lifelong activity, one that should continually provide us with new ideas, new resources, expanded financial opportunities, as well as the strength of a group.

That’s why he believes it’s a mistake to turn to networking only at the time we need it. Remember the title of one of his books: Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty.

Could that be the secret of his remarkable success? Well, Harvey advises everyone to maintain a great network, stating that the gains are hard to quantify. Considering his pedigree, I think we should trust him on this!

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Be Unstoppable! A Review of Cynthia Kersey

What does it take to become unstoppable? Cynthia kersey must surely know the secret. Why else would company after company want to hire her to speak at their events?

Cynthia has spent the past seven years researching into the life and habits of some of the nation’s greatest achievers. And in her chart-topping book “The Unstoppable” Cynthia kersey reveals what she’s found to be the common thread that runs through nearly all the high fliers.

She then went on to outline these factors in simple terms and processes that any ordinary person can duplicate and make unstoppable achievements in their lives.

What makes Cynthia Kersey’s approach particularly moving is her own personal story. Peering into her “unstoppable” experience gives listeners the impression that they too can overcome all odds to make stellar achievements.

When she started out at Sprint Communications, Cynthia was just an office secretary, but she then rose through the ranks and eventually became a company executive at the firm. And just when you thought the ovation was getting louder for her in corporate America, she quit the corporate world altogether to pursue a long-held dream—that of writing books that encourage and show people how to live unstoppable lives.

She has largely succeeded in her bid to make a mark in the coaching field. At the moment, numerous firms and institutions, some of them fortune 500 companies like Johnson & Johnson, Aetna, and Xerox utilize Cynthia Kersey’s materials and strategies. And in the network marketing circle, this delectable lady has given close to 200 keynote speeches at workshops and seminars.

She has also helped train thousands of independent distributors for companies such as Quixtar, Primerica, Jafra, Home Interiors & Gifts, and Noevir. Cynthia’s messages are couched in a language and style that resonates with the audience. More importantly, her messages equip and empower individuals to build and maintain a successful business and personal life.

Dr. John Shewfelt, a business executive, reported that after inviting Cynthia Kersey to speak at his company’s national conference, he was so impressed with the content of her materials that he persuaded his entire sales team to enroll in Cynthia’s program. The outcome? John reports that in just 60 days, the team’s sales volume skyrocketed by 43%.”

Is it any wonder that renowned authors and respected speakers have staked their reputation on this lady? Brian Tracy for example, after stating that the ability to remain unstoppable is the single most important quality anyone needs to achieve success in any activity, described Cynthia Kersey’s messages as rich in “simple but powerful steps” that anyone can use to build courage, tenacity and resilience that are necessary for success.

Cynthia continues to appear in hundreds of television and radio shows, including the popular Oprah Winfrey Shows. Her materials, especially “The Unstoppable,” have been receiving rave reviews from both ordinary readers and opinion makers.

Scott DeGarmo, the former editor of Success Magazine has described Unstoppable as the modern-day equivalent of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich.”

Cynthia Kersey’s works are testaments to her passion for helping people and giving back to the society that has enabled her to rise from obscurity to stardom. She currently runs a non-profit foundation dedicated to raising funds and creating awareness for issues affecting women around the world.

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It Took Just a Book: Bob Proctor Review

If you’ve ever listened to Bob Proctor speak, you’ll agree that there’s something unique about his lectures. Besides being packed with the information, inspiration and wisdom a person needs to transform their lives, he does something else: unlike most other programs out there which do their best to convince people that they can do anything they set out to do,

Bob Proctor’s programs supply the last piece of the puzzle by explaining what it is we’ll have to do to achieve those goals we so cherish, why we must do it and, more importantly, how we must do it.

Bob proctor is an accomplished author, lecturer, business consultant, counselor, entrepreneur and a preacher—he preaches the gospel of positive thinking, self-motivation, and the maximization of human potential.

He has closely followed in the footsteps of such motivational greats as Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale and Wallace D. Wattles, some of whom he acknowledges as mentors. Bob Proctor’s extraordinary teaching skills have won him worldwide acclaim and have taken this Canadian-born motivator to all corners of the earth. Today, he is as well known in Australia and Malaysia as he is in North America.

Helping firms and employees to grow, improve, and adapt to change, Proctor’s wide ranging teaching efforts with businesses and entrepreneurs go far beyond the usual pep rally syndrome. His approach encompasses working with business entities to help them develop strategies that will help employees at all levels to constantly grow and improve and remain competitive in today’s ever-changing business environment.

Maybe the reason Bob Proctor is so discerning into the factors that limit success among people is traceable to his early experiences in life. For the first 26 years of his life, Bob lived a life lacking in purpose and direction, just drifting along and hoping that somehow luck would see him through.

Born in a little known town in Ontario, Canada, and with a terribly low self-esteem that’s typical of most middle and low class families, Bob performed poorly in school and would drop out before completing high school.

After drifting from one dead-end job to another, Bob Proctor eventually encountered a friend who recognized that there were at least some potential in Bob—which Bob himself probably didn’t even know. Proctor was introduced to Napoleon Hill’s classic, THINK AND GROW RICH.

The book sparked off in him a desire and the drive for personal success and purposeful living. First, Bob Proctor started an office cleaning business which he grew to international scope within just a year of operation. The rest, as they say, is history.

Bob Proctor prefers to describe himself as a teacher of universal laws which would help anyone who applies them to achieve financial success. But he also teaches that wealth isn’t just about money alone, for which reason he shows his students how to better all aspects of their lives. But not one to shy away from his convictions, Proctor insists that everyone who so desires can and should be financially rich!

Despite his lowly beginning, Bob Proctor is today seen as one of the leading lights in the personal development industry. And despite starting out with very little education, Bob has created a multitude of businesses, some of which spans the globe. And it all started with a book: Think and Grow Rich.

What will it take to unlock the huge potential locked within you? Don’t throw in the towel: The discovery just may be nearer than you think!

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Robert Kiyosaki is a widely admired personality. And just in case you have any doubts about his popularity, a simple search in Google will convince you. Born Robert Toru Kiyosaki in Hawaii in 1947, he is a fourth generation Japanese-America.

After his education, Robert joined the elite U.S. Marine Corps and fought in Vietnam as a military pilot. Back in the States after disengaging from the military, he worked briefly with the Xerox Company as a sales executive.

Robert is a successful businessman, investor and author of several books. His most famous book, RICH DAD POOR DAD remained on the New York Times bestseller list for a long time. It is now generally accepted that the book, more than anything else, has projected Mr. Kiyosaki’s image to a worldwide audience. With carefully chosen words and vivid examples, the book highlights why people spend their entire life working to make ends meet but have nothing to show for it.

In the book, Robert unequivocally stated that the way to wealth and financial independence was not to be found in salaries, no matter how large. Robert advises every individual to start a business of their own as that is the only route to financial security.

There are insinuations in some quarters that Robert Kiyosaki exaggerated several aspects of his achievements and early childhood experiences. For example, there are doubts as to whether the Rich Dad in his book is merely a fictional character. There are also allegations that the millions of dollars he obviously grosses in income each year actually come from sales of books as well as from his audio and personal presentations.

Some online gurus and others who read his books further claim that some of the wealth-building recommendations offered by Mr. kiyosaki are impracticable for most persons.

I do not intend to join issues with those who hold these views. Maybe they’re right. And maybe they’re wrong. But so what? Though I do not hold brief for Mr. Kiyosaki, but as someone who has read several of his books and watched some of his presentations, I can only say that wherever they have been applied, the principles he offers do work.

However, he never promises instant wealth to anyone.
Since individual circumstances differ, it is understandable that some persons due to their own unique situations may not be able to implement some of the steps recommended by Robert.

Indeed, he was specific in telling readers and all his fans that when they do decide to start a personal business, this should be done alongside the daytime job, stating that total disengagement from the paid job should only come when the income from the new business equals or surpasses that of your daytime employment. Isn’t that practical enough?

The most important lessons to be learnt from this great mentor is to be found in the way he has helped many individuals to re-appraise the way they view money and the mechanics for building wealth. In a very simple language, he urges everyone who wants to build enduring wealth to focus on increasing income while at same time reducing expenses.

This can be achieved by ensuring that most of your spending is on things that will bring you money with time (Assets) while ensuring that other types of expenses are reduced to the barest minimum. In my opinion, those are valuable lessons in these days of acute job shortages when so many persons are struggling financially.

What I think is that most of those who oppose many of Kiyosaki’s views are already too enamored by personal habits such that they cannot even give the suggestions a try before labeling them impracticable or unrealistic. But again, I’m entitled to my own opinions, just like Robert Kiyosaki’s traducers!


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With all the MLM success stories around us (and yes, most of them are true), it’s all too easy to assume that everyone going into network marketing is assured a lifetime of financial transformation. But is that really the case? Well, from personal experience, I can say that the truth lies somewhere in between.

For sure MLM can make one rich. And it is one of the most popular business options for individuals who desire to earn extra income from home. It is also one of a few businesses that one can start with minimum financial investment and grow it to unbelievable levels within a relatively short time. The opportunity itself is real. And most of the ‘incredible’ success stories you hear and read about are indeed true.

But some myths need to be cleared. One of them is that this brand of business can be run on auto-pilot. Another one like it is that in network marketing, you only need to put in minimum effort and soon you’ll see the dollars roll in. Nothing can be farther from the truth! Unfortunately many people believe this lie and come into MLM with that mindset. It is no wonder statistics show that over 95% of all who venture into network marketing fail in the business or quit within six months.

If you won’t add to those numbers, then let’s show you the only route that leads to MLM success: daily efforts. Yes, the efforts you put in on daily basis are what will determine how you’ll fare in network marketing over time. Seldom do people start a new business, sit around, do very little or nothing, and expect the business to thrive.

Put differently, rarely does anyone plant a tree on thirsty soil, water it only once and expect the tree to flourish. No, the huge corporations we have around us were not built that way. And even if you’re not setting out to build a conglomerate, serious efforts are still required of you.

What this means is that once you’ve made up your mind to own a home business, you’re going to devote time and other resources to nurture the business until it takes off. And even after it has taken off, you’ll still have to keep doing what you are doing, depending on the level of success you desire. But you must make determined efforts to begin with.

In network marketing for example, nothing meaningful can be achieved by a distributor who does not talk to people on a regular basis. Of course there are various ways this can be done—through emails, newsletters, social networks, phone calls, drop cards, seminars, physical contacts, etc.

The list is almost endless. And you the marketer or distributor can choose the combination that suits your personality the most. But one thing is certain: you must promote your business opportunity in some ways on a regular business.

That way, you’ll be able to sell the products, and above all get some who’ll join as downlines. Products and downlines bring in money in the form of various commissions. But only downlines guarantee the future growth and expansion of your MLM business. The more people you’re able to recruit, the faster and bigger your business will grow. That’s why you need to make efforts each day to bring in more people into your team.

Your daily efforts must also include knowledge acquisition. You must stay up to date with happenings in your business segment. This will equip you with the latest methods of promoting the business as well as valuable information to address the needs of your downlines and prospects.

We can go on and on, but the bottom line is that if you want to see your MLM business grow at a deeper level, you must make some efforts everyday.



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Driven by the Health and Wellness sector, network marketing or Multi-Level Marketing has expanded by over $300 billion in the past seven years, while nearly all other industries have been mired in massive contraction.

Meanwhile every index of measurement suggests that the industry is now poised for even greater growth! It is no wonder that the legendary Robert Kiyosaki has described network marketing as the business of the future. If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you position yourself for the growth that has just begun.

The truth is that no diligent marketer has ever regretted coming into this line of business. Levels of success may vary depending on individual talents, motivations and commitment.

But seldom has anyone consistently implemented a well laid out plan of marketing in MLM and not seen a measure of success. And given the flexible work schedule it offers, this business has simply been attracting more and more entrepreneurs every year.

There is no better place to pitch your tent in network marketing than in the health and wellness sector. Demographic figures from around the world suggest that our world is both aging and getting more and more sickly. What this means is that we have more degenerative diseases today than at any other time in human history.

More than that, there is a renewed consciousness toward good health and graceful aging. More and more people are no longer content with what orthodox medication offers: they want something better and safer. Most now prefer nutrition and food supplements that heal the body in a natural way without the debilitating side effects associated with conventional BIG PHARMA products.

Fortunately a whole industry has arisen to cater for this new awakening. There are now hundreds of companies producing food and nutrition supplements. The last Google search I did on natural healthcare products returned over 4 million hits. A similar search I did on direct marketing focusing on health and wellness products equally returned an amazing number of hits.

What all this means is that the health and wellness industry is the rave of the moment. Where else would you rather go? The common marketing formula is that good products + strong demand=huge sales (and financial success!).

Right now the food and nutrition industry grosses over $60 billion in annual income. This figure is expected to more than double in the next five years.

Smart network marketers who realize this trend have moved in to respond to the insatiable demand for health and wellness products. At the moment, there are over 40 million distributors involved in one type of Natural Healthcare MLM or another.

Fortunately this is a market that doesn’t easily get saturated. Remember that health is a global issue. So you have the over 6.5 billion world population as your market! With the advent of internet and other types of online marketing, this claim is not an exaggeration.

So now is the time to act. Focus your attention on reputable nutrition and personal care companies that sell their products through network marketing (and nearly all do). One very interesting reason why the health and wellness industry is good for you is that it enables you to earn good income while at the same time improving your own health and that of others.

So it’s a win-win situation. Additionally, when you market the products in the form of MLM, there is room for everyone to get to the top unlike the traditional corporate world where only one person can get to the top of the company.

So, provided you join a reputable company and work hard to help yourself and others to grow, the health and wellness industry offers you a lifetime opportunity of health and financial freedom.


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5 Keys to Success In MLM Prospecting

Unless you would rather be a consumer rather than a distributor of MLM products, Prospecting is one activity you just cannot overlook. The people who go on to become very successful in network marketing are usually those who have mastered the art of prospecting.

Prospecting creates a steady flow of leads for your MLM business. Leads in turn create customers and downlines, two crucial elements in MLM success. Simply, prospecting is an indicator of how committed you are to your network marketing business. To succeed in MLM, you first have to succeed in prospecting.

Here are Five keys to help you succeed in MLM prospecting

Put The People First: in other words, while advertising your MLM business opportunity to a prospect, try and project more of what the prospect stands to gain if he or she joins.

Highlight how the business will improve their lives, not yours. Everybody wants to have the famous WIIFM question answered before they accept a business proposal (WIIFM=what’s in it for me?).

Be A Leader, Or Act Like A One: most persons coming into network marketing for the first time realize—correctly—that they’ll need someone to guide them on the path to success. Project yourself as such a person. Even if at the moment you have no huge earnings to flaunt, at least you should demonstrate a depth of knowledge of the business.

Let your prospects rest assure that you have answers to any question they may have concerning the MLM company and business opportunity. Be the first person they’ll come to when they need clarifications. When they do make up their minds to join the business, you’ll also be the first person they’ll consider.

Prepare Your Mind For Rejections: it doesn’t matter whether you’re an MLM newcomer or a veteran, some persons will just not accept your proposals. So most times it’s not really your fault. This thought could be very liberating for you as it enables you to focus on your efforts rather than on the responses you’re getting.

Just bear in mind that to some extent, MLM is a game of numbers—averages. Considering that some prospects will turn you down, you should talk to as many persons as possible so that the law of averages will favor you in the end.

Fight Negative Emotions: unless you put your emotions under check, you will not do well in prospecting or any other aspect of network marketing. Keeping your emotions under check involves fighting feelings of discouragement and disillusion.

Yes, success may not come as fast as you expected it. So you need to have strong reasons why you just cannot quit, and keep on promoting your opportunity to as many prospects as your energy can carry you.

Don’t Be Too Pushy: while you have to prospect with conviction and enthusiasm, avoid desperate attempt to win over someone who’s obviously not interested.

The danger is that when you push too much, the prospects conclude that the opportunity will benefit you more than them. That only serves to make them all the more skeptical!

If you go about your prospecting activity with these tips in mind, chances are that you’ll continue to have a steady flow of quality leads that will help your MLM business to grow.




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Why do baby boomers have such a strong influence on the MLM industry, especially the health and wellness sector? Two reasons: their financial clout, and their numbers. In the United States and Canada alone, their population is in excess of 90 million. And according to a CBS news report, this generation accounts for some One Trillion Dollars in annual income.

Understandably the market—every market segment really—responds to their every whim. When they were younger, the baby boomer generation influenced everything that factories produced, from playthings to foods and much more.

More schools were built in their days than at any other time before or after. Several colleges even redefined curriculum for the sake of baby boomers. And in music and fashion, the mark they left still remains. Just listen to most adverts and tell me what time period the music is set in. Such has been the influence of the baby boomer generation on our national life.

At the moment, they are mostly in their fifties and beyond. And you guessed it; they just won’t let go: they won’t grow old without a fight! Now, they are redefining healthcare and nutrition in ways that’s benefiting not only them alone.

The boomer generation has a strong yearning for staying young and healthy. And they are willing and able to spend money to stay strong for much longer—remember we told you they constitute the richest bunch of the national population!

This nationwide trend is good music in the ears of network marketing companies and marketers. They have responded with an array of high quality healthcare and nutrition products mostly targeted at the aging baby boomer population. It is estimated that the diet, personal care and nutrition industries now gross 100 billion dollars per year, thanks mostly to the boomers!

That’s not all. A recent report also shows that baby boomers in their fifties and above account for 500 billion dollars in direct healthcare spending—a figure estimated to more than double in less than two years. This generation also accounts for more than half of all credit cards issued in the United States each year.

But on a negative note, the American Medical Association also reports that in this country, 56 million people over the age of 50 are living with various types of heart diseases, while another 40 million of the same age bracket suffer from arthritis.

Those are chronic health issues, and there are many more like them that the baby boomers have to contend with. Given their strong desire for healthy living, natural healthcare have become a welcome alternative to them since orthodox medication sometimes fail to meet their needs.

A whole industry has sprung up to cater for the needs of the aging baby boomer generation. Unlike the traditional healthcare industry, the food and nutrition industry provide supplements that heal the body from within, naturally.

The success and popularity of these industries owe a lot to the efficacy of their products on the one hand, and the current preference for alternative healthcare championed by the baby boomers on the other.

Thus, the influence of the baby boomer generation on the health and wellness industry is undeniable. But it has largely been a mutually beneficial relationship.

Without the baby boomers, who knows if the food and nutrition supplements would have had the strong foothold they have managed to establish in the healthcare industry. As for the baby boomers, they surely are forever grateful to this new industry that has given them a welcome alternative to synthetic medicines, and a renewed hope for graceful aging.




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