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Why AWeber is the Best Email Marketing Software? Top internet marketers use Aweber to dominate the online marketing industry. In this review, I will explain how AWeber will help you grow your business and become one of the top producers in the industry.

Before I explain the reasons for choosing AWeber over any other autoresponder in the online industry, I will explain why you should have an autoresponder in the first place.

Here are my four biggest reasons why you should use an autoresponder

1. You need a way to educate your prospects
2. By Providing valuable content, it will brand you as a leader
3. You can promote products that will help your prospects with their business
4. It is critical to your success

This is how the top internet marketers do business and it is the basic principal for anyone doing online business. An autoresponder allows you to have more than one stream of income, which is necessary for making money online. I currently have over 20 income streams that my prospects get introduced to while following up with them through my autoresponder. This allows me to make money from my prospects whether or not they join my primary business.

If you want to be the top producer in your company you must continuously be building a list of your own, and not your company’s list. If you get people to opt in to your company’s list, you are helping to build that company’s list. And if that company goes out of business or you get kicked out, you will be without a list since the company owns that list.

There are too many people online who are struggling to make sales from their website visitors because they are not using an autoresponder to follow up with them.

I will now get into why I recommend AWeber over any other Email Marketing Software on the market.

Aweber Email Marketing Software Facts:

1. AWeber’s service fees are pro-rated to suit anyone’s needs
2. You are able to send compelling email newsletters to your subscribers
3. You are able to publish a sign up form to your website
4. You can run unlimited email campaigns
5. High quality email templates are provided with the service
6. They have the best email deliverability in the industry
7. They have live expert customer support to assist you
8. They let you try out the service for 30 days for $1.00

The life blood of your business is your customer contacts, followup and communication. They let you try out AWeber for $1.00 for the first 30 days so that you can see how valuable the service is and how you can use it to grow your online business.

Since they have built positive relationships with most ISPs, AWeber is able deliver your email to your subscribers at more than a 99% rate.

Many AWeber reviews won’t tell you how you can have success using AWeber. For one, there is a learning curve when you first start to use an autoresponder. Just having an autoresponder won’t do wonders for your business. Furthermore you will need to constantly build your subscriber base since people will unsubscribe all the time.

Your Email Marketing Software

So here are some tips that you can use to get started….

You will have better results using your autoresponder by keeping the following facts in mind:

1. The bigger your list is, the more money you will make
2. The real money is made in email marketing
3. Your subscriber list is your gold mine on demand if utilized correctly

By keeping those three key facts in mind while using your Email Marketing Software, you will see results that will take your business to the next level

Aweber Email Marketing Software is easy to use & only $1 to try.

Build Your List and Send Email Newsletters & Autoresponders to your prospects.



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Numis Network—an Objective Review

The Numis Network is the first network marketing company to offer as its products gold and silver numismatic coins. The company’s aim is to give numismatic coin collectors the opportunity to make reasonable income from their pastime by leveraging their activity on a multi-level marketing arrangement.

Members of this network have access to high-grade Gold and Silver coins from around the world. Numis deals mostly on collectible coins—coins which value are determined by their rarity, condition, and collectors’ demands.

The network company is spanking new, coming on board barely a year ago. But that does not seem to be affecting their popularity as evidenced by the constant demand for info on this unique network marketing company.

This is likely due to the growing interest in coin collection itself. It is therefore pertinent to tell you a few things about numismatics as that will help you appreciate the activities and relevance of the numis network.

In recent times, an industry has emerged that deals solely on the collection and selling of Gold and Silver coins. This is known as the numismatic coin market. It is a global industry which worth is now put at over $100 billion.

Meanwhile the industry continues to grow since silver and gold have real value, and demand for them is ceaseless, which ensures that collectors can easily cash in on their precious metals should they decide to do so.

Numismatic coins often sell at markup prices far in excess of their metal content. In the United States alone, this industry is already worth $10 billion and continues to grow.

So, it is this massive and robust market that the numis network is poised to tap into. Most network marketing companies traditionally peddle juice and other wellness packages. A few others market electronic and assorted household products.

The point must be made however that regardless of the product line, the network marketing industry as a whole is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

And the reason can be summed up this way: this method of marketing goods is very rewarding, and offers the average person the opportunity to run a business from home with minimal start-up capital.

The premise is the same for the numis network. They are promoting a product: precious metals (or money, if you will). The idea of making money selling collectible gold and silver seems to resonate very well with most people.

This explains why numis, though still in its infancy stage is attracting the attention of reputable network marketers, some of who are already building successful teams with the numis network. As at the last count, over 10,500 distributors have signed up with the network.

In my opinion, if you’re looking to learn how to make money from home, why not consider taking a look at this company also? Their compensation plan is designed to reward new members generously while at the same time adequately compensating leaders who build successful teams.

We may all have to wait a while to know for sure just how fast and how deep this network company will grow. But there are positive indices and strong fundamentals to conclude that they should be able to sustain and scale up their current progress.

Should you decide to sign up with this or any other MLM company, remember lead generation will be the key to your financial success.

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How to Build a Successful MLM Team- 5 Tips

One common characteristic of successful MLM marketers is their ability to build a thriving team. Meanwhile sponsoring people into your team is the most challenging aspect of network marketing. Those who successfully tackle the challenge invariably go on to become the superstars of network marketing. And those who fail in MLM usually were unable to build successful teams.

But there is more to building a solid, thriving MLM team than simply sponsoring people into your network. You must also be able to keep these new distributors burning with zeal and enthusiasm. Below are five tested ways of doing that:

Be Committed To Your Business Success: this means you should not keep failure as an option. Above all, it means that you will stick to your business through thick and thin. This mindset is necessary because there will surely be dull moments and tough times as you progress in your business.

In fact, it is most likely that you will not see much progress in your MLM business within the first few months—maybe even a year. So you need to resolve beforehand that initial poor results will not make you beat a retreat.

Remember that success in this business comes only after a momentum has been established; meanwhile most newcomers into MLM give up just when that momentum is about to set in! Do not be one of them.

The first few persons you recruited into your team are likely to observe and imitate this trait in you. And you are well on your way to building a solid team!

Be a Leader: it is practically impossible to build a successful team of network marketers if your new guys do not see you as a leader in some ways. For example, how can the new distributors take you and the business seriously if you cannot answer simple questions they may have regarding the network company?

This calls on you to demonstrate leadership qualities. Above all, you should be knowledgeable; learn all you can about the company, the business opportunity, the compensation plan and all. Avail yourself of all resources the company has provided. Watch training and orientation videos.

Get ideas from your upline and other leaders in the company. This will provide you with positive information. Your team members will then see you as a leader and want to imitate you.

Be Motivating: different things motivate different persons. But in network marketing, perhaps nothing is more inspiring than great results.

So share your achievements with your team members. But also make it a point to include obstacles you had to overcome to achieve those results. The later part is even more inspiring than merely telling them what you have achieved.

Mind What You Tell Them! DO NOT ever express your occasional concerns or frustrations about the business to your downline! Your UPLINES are the only persons who should hear such worries. This is very important.

If you waver in your confidence or commitment to the business right before your team members, you are killing their spirit. And they will leave faster than you! Rather, make it a rule to always discuss matters relating to the business in a positive and encouraging manner. And always commend their efforts at building their business.

Empower Your Team with Helpful Tools: besides your personal efforts, endeavor to provide your downlines with other resources that has helped you or other leaders in the business. This could be books, CDs, DVDs, or internet resources. Such materials often help in duplicating success.

Building a successful team is the only way a network marketer can realize their dreams. It starts with your own commitment to your business. Then with you reaching out to your team members in ways that will keep them building with confidence so they will become leaders themselves. When leadership qualities spread in your network of business partners that is how success stories are made in this business!

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Collectable Coins—What Are They?

The history of Paper money dates back only a couple hundreds of years. But for millenniums prior to that, numerous scarce commodities had performed the various roles now played by our banknotes, checks, and coins. And we have not even said anything about the era of batter.

Yes, there is no arguing the fact that our present money system is by far the most flexible ever invented by man. But don’t you also agree that our totally artificial money does not quite elicit the appeal that Silver and Gold posses?

They posses all the properties of money, and more: unlike that paper money in your wallet, the value of silver and gold is intrinsic, in-built, rather than merely bestowed on it by some government. And are those metals appealing to the eyes!

Did I mention that Silver and Gold coins also serve other useful purposes other than medium of exchange? Well, if you think your money is as durable as gold and silver, try throwing your banknotes into the fire for thirty seconds and let us see what happens!

Isn’t it true that we are still filled with nostalgia for that era when Gold and Silver were the medium of exchange? To me, that partly explains the growing preoccupation with collectible coins.

In fact in recent times, an industry has emerged purely devoted to the collection and selling of Gold and Silver coins. It is called The Numismatic Coin Market. And it is a global market now worth 100 billion dollars—and still growing. Let me tell you a little about it.

What Are Numismatic Coins?

No they are not the same as those which price you often hear when commodity prices are read during business news. Those ones are known as Gold or Silver bullion. Collectible coins are defined as the coins whose market value are determined by their rarity, their condition, mint date (i.e. age), and marks.

Their metal content is rarely ever considered when their value is being determined. Another name for them is numismatic coins (or simply numis). In the meantime Gold and Silver collectible coins have natural value as well as a large demand.

These two conditions ensure that as a collector, you are always sure of a fair price for your precious metals whether you want to sell now or much later.

Collectable coins often sell at huge markup prices. I is not unusual for a collector to sell their coin at a price several times that of the metal content of the coin. Gold and Silver bullions on the other hand must sell at prices equal to or slightly higher than the value of their metal content.

If you are a collector of Gold and Silver Coins, you need not worry about how the economy is doing. Isn’t that good news? In fact, Gold and Silver themselves seem to fare better when the economy is down.

This is mainly because these precious metals are globally recognized as a dependable store of value. As a result, people want more of it when other assets appear less secure, such as during recessions. And since the value of numismatic coins cuts across national boundaries, it follows that the fate of a particular country’s economy would not affect the value of your numis coins.

In the final analysis, Gold and Silver are among the few things in the world which value is universal and nearly everlasting. So whether you engage in coin collection as a hobby or as a form of business, the truth remains that what you have in your hands have value that can only appreciate.

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Are You Committed To Your Goals?

How committed are you to your business success? Are you determined to fight all the obstacles that point you in the wrong direction?

Let me tell you what happens when you are truly committed to a goal you have set for yourself. First, commitment provides you with a sense of purpose. That in turn produces inner energy that propels you irresistibly towards the attainment of your goal.

Commitment unlocks the doors of your imagination; it makes you more creative as you then begin to think only in terms of success. Failure and all the things that could cause it are no options to you. Yes, commitment makes you bolder, more decisive and gutsy in your approach to your business.

More than that, commitment helps you to stop dithering for too long; having decided on that business which you know holds some promise, a committed person does not wait for a minute longer before taking action. So if you find yourself wavering on two opinions for too long, just ask yourself “am I resolutely committed to this thing?”

And do you know that both positive and negative attitudes are contagious? Thus as you exhibit a straightforward attitude towards your business success, this will attract resources and persons who have things to contribute to make you succeed.

A lighthearted approach toward your business on the other hand will attract only the sort of persons who will help you abandon your goal in times of doubts.

Now you know the reasons. So how committed are you to your business? Interestingly, most persons would say they are committed to whatever it is they are doing. But are they, really? There is this old joke: five frogs were sitting on a log close to a river when one of them decided to jump off.

Now guess how many frogs were left sitting on that log? Exactly five frogs, deciding to jump does not mean jumping! The lesson is that our commitment to particular goals is only proven when we take definite actions in that direction.

One way to test your level of commitment is to ask yourself is how would you react if friends, family, or circumstances do not support you in the attainment of your business goal.

Yes, there are times in the life of any business, especially a new business, when quitting appears to be the most logical thing to do. So would you quit? Your answer (i.e. your action) at such times tells how committed you are to your success.

Just remember that as an entrepreneur, you alone hold the keys to your business success. So if it is going to be, it is up to you. And there is no easy way around it; you must show commitment.

And also when you are committed to your business, you will keep looking for ways to improve your approach to various aspects of the business. This again is borne out of the determination that failure is not an option for you.

It takes humility to agree to learn new ways of doing things. But committed persons are often willing to humble themselves to learn from others in order to improve their own processes rather than ‘throwing in the towel’ and moving on to another opportunity.

More than just skills and expertise, commitment is one attribute that helps a person to stay a bit longer even when initial results are unpleasant. And most success stories are a result of people staying committed to their course—ask Thomas Edison or Harland David Sanders (of Kentucky Fried Chicken).

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MLM Home Business—Why You Should Start One Today!

If there is ever a perfect time to start a MLM home-based business, it is now. The global economy is still mired in an economic crisis rated to be second only to the Great Depression of the 1930’s. People have been and are still being laid off in record numbers.

Jobs and professions once considered secure no longer offer the security they once did. There is much uncertainty in the air. Even those who have jobs at the moment cannot guarantee that they will stay employed next year and the year after.

As for those already out of job, well, there is little basis for job prospects since at the moment it is much easier to lose a job than get one. Looks like the era of corporate jobs is coming to an end, right?

Nobody will mourn the demise for long though, because there are already alternatives— MLM home based businesses! At the moment, the story over here is much different: while virtually all other sectors of the economy are busy shedding weight, home-based businesses are simply growing in leaps and bounds.

Most persons have now realized that they can achieve more financially if they work for themselves. Indeed, what sense does it make to spend the first 40 years of your life working for someone for an income that seldom stretches between two pay checks?

And if you are fortunate to retire on the job (a rarity these days), do you really fancy living the second stage of your life on one third of an income that you remember was never enough? There is a better alternative, and many have found it. Have you?

Indeed, home-based businesses, particularly network marketing have taken the global economy by storm. As Paul Zane Pilzer stated in one of his recent books, the home based business industry is creating more millionaires now than at any other time. This sector alone (The numismatic Industry) is a billion-dollar-a-year industry world wide and over a 10 billion dollar industry in the U.S.

So this is the perfect time to start your own home-based business and thus position yourself to be part of the massive growth tha is taking place. Hundreds of new millionaires are forecast to emerge in this sector in the next few years.

Another reason why you should get in now is that this is one of very few businesses that thrive under a bad economy such as the one we are facing now. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, as many persons lose their jobs, they are frantically searching for ways to solve their financial problems. And home-based businesses, which guarantee supplementary income at minimal start-up capital often come handy.

Secondly, home-based businesses, especially network marketing has the real potential to make a person rich. And this is true even during economic recessions. Stories abound (and they are mostly true) of individuals, ordinary folks who went into network marketing merely as a way to keep afloat financially, but who within a few years ended up generating monthly incomes far in excess of what they earned per annum in the corporate world.

Surely these are enough reasons for you to want to seriously consider starting a home-based business today. The truth is that most opportunities in the new economy favor the individual entrepreneur. And if you work it right, it’s very possible you will achieve success far beyond your dreams!

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Attention all future Numismatic Coin Collectors do you know that coin collecting is both interesting and rewarding. For one thing, it can easily become a good investment with a great payoff. And for another, even if your motive for collecting coins is not purely monetary, the truth still remains that considering their meticulous and beautiful craftsmanship, Gold and Silver Coins are a joy to own.

Owning one is like owning an interesting piece of culture. So any serious collector of Gold and Silver coins sees it as more than just financial investment.

Regardless of your motive for collecting coins however, there are steps you can take to preserve the value of your precious metals—your collection of Gold and Silver coins:

Even Before Storing, make sure that your coins are clean. Even then, be very choosy of what you use to clean your coins. Experts recommend the use of latex gloves along with solvents such as vinegar or lemon juice. And most importantly, no matter what you use in cleaning, clean less often.

Always Protect Your Coins From Moisture. This can generally be achieved by storing them in a locked box or cabinet to prevent exposure to destructive elements. Sealed plastic cases are best for your most valuable coins as these will prevent them from mistakenly being scratched during storage.

Handle Them Around The Edges. Also bear in mind that Gold and Silver coins require special handling. Even barely detectable dirt or sweat from your skin can gradually damage the fine finishing of your coin over a period of time. So will mistakenly dropping them on surfaces.

So while handling, I is recommended that you place a soft cloth beneath the area you are handling your coins, just in case it drops. This will prevent your coin from being scratched.

Invest In Coin Albums. This is perhaps the best way of protecting your coins from dust as well as from friction. And try and buy the albums made only for coin storage—not just any album. Otherwise the inner surfaces could still leave fine scratches on your gold or silver coins. And over time these friction can constitute significant wear and tear on your collection.

Avoid The Temptation To Constantly Clean Your Coin—as if glitter determines the value. The truth is that despite your best efforts, occasional exposure to air will still cause your precious metals to oxidize, and thus change color (they are metals after all!). Avoid the temptation to rub and clean each time this happens.

Avoid cleaning your coins as much as possible because cleaning will gradually damage the finish. Experience shows that most coin collectors find a coin’s original appearance preferable—even if the color has been altered somewhat.

Even wiping your coins with soft cloth (if done too often) will gradually cause small scratches that may not be visible to the naked eye. So generally, your coin collectible coins actually have greater value if you avoid handling them too frequently.

As a coin collector, maintaining your collectible coins should be a top priority to you. after all, what the purpose of collecting coins if the traits that made them attractive yesterday are gone too soon due to poor handling. Obviously the last thing you want to do is to knowingly or unknowingly devalue your collection. If you are guided by tips discussed here, that may never happen to your coins.

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One excellent way to learn good leaderships skills is to start you own Home Based Business. It is the natural inclination of humans to want to be at the helm of things. People like to lead rather than be led. Whether this is due to the perks and privileges attached to leadership positions is not clear.

It is also unclear whether all those aspiring to positions of leadership fully understand their duties and responsibilities as leaders. One thing we do know, however, is that many persons in positions of authority have failed so miserably that you sometimes wonder how they got there in the first place. So I guess you would agree if I say that not everyone is fit to lead.

Of course, the implication is not that leadership qualities are inborn, whereby you are either born with it or you forget it. No. Leadership abilities can totally be learned and mastered, fortunately. In this article, I will discuss one vital way of developing leadership qualities: being a good follower (or servant) first.

I know that the very idea of serving others may sound repugnant to some persons. But unless you are only interested in having people at your beck and call or to have them scurry for cover at your mere presence, being a good servant is the surest method for grooming yourself as a future leader. After all, as a leader, you are primarily a steward of the financial, material, and most especially human resources of an organization.

Your responsibility is to deploy and utilize these resources in a way that produces the best results for an organization. And it often does not matter whether the organization is yours or that you are managing for others; your task as a leader remains the same.

Some qualities that are so vital for success as leaders are best learnt on the lower-level -patience, humility, self-discipline, empathy, determination, trust, and being long-suffering with others. These are qualities that will help any leader to endure the discouragements, disappointments and hardships associated with growing your business and managing people.

Furthermore, people who have observed firsthand the impact of either good or bad leadership are better placed to tell from experience what works and what does not. For example, has your boss shown you empathy at times when you experienced personal disappointments?

How did that affect your attitude toward him and the job? You know the answer! Also, what usually brings the best out of you; is it when your boss drives you like a task master, or when he guides you towards accomplishing set goals?

Whatever your answer, again you now know what works and what doesn’t. So if tomorrow you find yourself in a position of authority, would it not be true that the experiences from your various bosses will help you manage your subordinates to greater productivity?

Leaders in this category are sometimes referred to as “Servant leaders.” It emphasizes the fact that at heart, such leaders consider themselves as servants first before seeing themselves as leaders.

This reduces a domineering mentality in such leaders, and induces the subordinates to willingly corporate with the seniors. In the end, everyone benefits-the needs of subordinates are so cared for that they are able to reach their full potentials. While your organization benefits because your followers are then able to put in their best. And it creates a strong likelihood that such followers will adopt a similar leadership approach in the future. It’s a win-win method.

So, if it is your desire to be a good leader? Try and be a good servant first. That way you will more easily lead your followers to their financial success, and yours.

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Which do you find more appealing: the excitement that comes from making millions in your own business, or the prospect of getting a raise from an employer?

It is indeed a sobering thought. Evidence from all around us shows that at least since the last 40-50 years, paid employment has proven to be nothing short of economic bondage. And for most workers, there’s usually no light at the end of the tunnel. Meanwhile parents, governments, and the society have continued to give only one advice to the young: go to school, get good grades, and look for a good, secure job.

In other words, we are programmed from childhood to depend on others for our financial future. The widespread financial crises most families are experiencing today is partly a testimony to the faulty nature of this get-a-job mindset!

The world and its economic dynamics have changed drastically, but very few persons have noticed this. Getting a good education or good grades no longer ensures financial success in today’s world. Indeed, the richest people today didn’t get rich because of their education.

Even for those who simply desire to become financially comfortable, working for someone is still a risky route towards achieving that.
In fact, for those fortunate to land the so-called good job after college, their lives often follow a familiar pattern: they work hard, get married, buy a house, and raise a family.

And as the children arrive, they couple work even harder to meet rising demand for cash. Their income may indeed go up; but so do their taxes—income tax, real estate tax, as well as social security taxes.

As a result, each time the couple receives their ‘large’ paycheck, they often discover it’s all gone ever before it gets to them. And they wonder where all the money went.

If they decide to take on additional jobs, the circle simply repeats itself. It’s called “the rat race”—working for the owners of the company for wages, then paying the wages to government in form of various taxes, and to banks to clear off mortgages and credit cards.

It’s been calculated that the average salary earner spends close to 5 months wages each year on taxes. In case you didn’t know, taxes are a person’s greatest expense.

But that is when the paid job is even available. In recent times, due to a combination of various economic factors, it’s becoming increasingly easier to lose a job than get one. There’s no such thing as job security anymore. So why design your life to perpetually depend on the good fortune of any company owned by someone else?

And more importantly, why teach your children to play by that same old rule of “study hard and get a good job”? Times have changed, and only those who put their financial future in their own hands can realistically hope to meet the even greater economic changes that lay ahead.

Working for someone else only provides us with the pay and benefits which cater for our immediate needs. But this is often disastrous in the long run. On the other hand, starting something of your own puts you on the path of financial independence. Neither outsourcing nor downsizing will put you out of job.

How to get started? In one of his books, Robert Kiyosaki, a renowned author and investor, specifically recommended joining a network marketing company as one way of taking control of one’s financial future. I invite you to find out how to stop waiting for the bi-weekly checks.

As a network Marketing Business Builder being able to attract daily targeted MLM leads to your business is the key to your MLM Success. How would you like to attract 50-100 leads to your MLM business everyday…
Learning how to use these Marketing Secrets can help you Explode your MLM or Online business.

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How To Grow Your Home Business—5 Tips

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in MLM just for a few couple of dollars every now and then to help with expenses or you’re in it for the long haul; there are basic techniques you must follow before you can make consistent gains in network marketing. The more you implement these techniques the greater your level of growth and success.

Here are 5 tips on how to grow your Home Based Business MLM Business:

You Must Learn The Basics Of Sales:

Contrary to widespread belief, nobody is born a salesperson, any more than one is born a journalist or a doctor. Remember Sales is a profession. And to be successful in any profession, one must begin by learning and applying the basic techniques.

Like in every other profession, success in sales makes use of all the abilities one is born with, plus all those others that are acquired through training and practice, i.e. experience.

So whether you intend to make a career or you simply want extra income to help out with family budget, MLM offers you the opportunity to meet either of these dreams. But you must give yourself time to learn the techniques of sales.

A medical student who refuses to subject himself to the rigors of training required of him may never qualify as a doctor. This is the same for a lawyer. Problem is that most persons who come into MLM assume they’ll grow and succeed without having to master any specific skills. That assumption partly explains why MLM has more than its fair share of dropouts.

Set Specific Goals For Your Business: Little is ever accomplished in life without definite goals. So what do you want to accomplish with your home business? Is it to save up for yours or your children’s college education? A new car, home, or a new set of furniture?

Write these down and set tentative dates when you would want to have achieved them. Then determine what heights your business must attain before you can afford these things. If you want them hard enough, these goals will serve as fuels that will fire you on in your business efforts. On the other hand, without any clear goal, you’ll simply drift along in your business, lacking real motivation.

Make A List: Form the habit of making a list each evening, detailing the things you want to get done the following day. That helps you to approach each day in an organized manner, rather than going about the day ‘as the spirit directs.’

As each task is finished, strike it off your list. You’ll be amazed how much you’ll accomplish each day and how fast your home business will grow when you follow a things-to-do list.

You should also have a separate note where you list all appointments, business prospects, repeat clients, and leads. Keep this with you wherever you go, continuously adding to and updating it.

Be Positive And Enthusiastic: Success in MLM and indeed all other activities in life is 90 percent attitude. Everything else accounts for just 10 percent. Aren’t we often amazed at certain achievements of very ordinary folks?

It’s thanks to their attitude rather than innate abilities. We must all work at developing habits of constructive thinking, focusing on ways to make things work rather than reasons why it can’t work. You must be enthusiastic too in your outlook. This generates its own mental energy that both spurs you on and attracts people to you.

Schedule Your Time: Every salesperson must have a schedule. It’s like a roadmap that guides you in your sales efforts. A schedule helps you make the most of available time and takes frustrations out of your day. Regardless of outcome at end of each day, you’ll have the satisfaction of having done what ought to be done. It ensures that you’re both planning your work as well as working the plan.

Handle Money Wisely: In a typical nine-to-five job, there’s the assurance that a paycheck will arrive at the end of the second week. But as a MLM representative, you’ll handle money more frequently than that. But bear in mind that most of it are business funds. You therefore have to devise efficient means of handling these monies.

Especially since some of it may indeed be clients’ funds.
PROMPTLY deposit every penny collected from clients into a bank account which is set up solely for your business. This will serve the dual purpose of curbing the temptation to use the money for personal purposes, as well as helping you with record management. Indeed all business funds, except perhaps a few “petty cash” for contingencies, should be lodged in the bank.

This also means that you should resist the temptation to quickly use up new profits coming into the business. Remember that money saved regularly and at interest soon develops a second income in addition to itself. With discipline on your part, this could soon become a large pool of fund.

This is how the rich are able to retire and live off the interest earned on their savings! It should be your goal too. If you follow these tips, your home-based business will soon grow beyond your initial expectations.

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