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Robert Kiyosaki is a widely admired personality. And just in case you have any doubts about his popularity, a simple search in Google will convince you. Born Robert Toru Kiyosaki in Hawaii in 1947, he is a fourth generation Japanese-America.

After his education, Robert joined the elite U.S. Marine Corps and fought in Vietnam as a military pilot. Back in the States after disengaging from the military, he worked briefly with the Xerox Company as a sales executive.

Robert is a successful businessman, investor and author of several books. His most famous book, RICH DAD POOR DAD remained on the New York Times bestseller list for a long time. It is now generally accepted that the book, more than anything else, has projected Mr. Kiyosaki’s image to a worldwide audience. With carefully chosen words and vivid examples, the book highlights why people spend their entire life working to make ends meet but have nothing to show for it.

In the book, Robert unequivocally stated that the way to wealth and financial independence was not to be found in salaries, no matter how large. Robert advises every individual to start a business of their own as that is the only route to financial security.

There are insinuations in some quarters that Robert Kiyosaki exaggerated several aspects of his achievements and early childhood experiences. For example, there are doubts as to whether the Rich Dad in his book is merely a fictional character. There are also allegations that the millions of dollars he obviously grosses in income each year actually come from sales of books as well as from his audio and personal presentations.

Some online gurus and others who read his books further claim that some of the wealth-building recommendations offered by Mr. kiyosaki are impracticable for most persons.

I do not intend to join issues with those who hold these views. Maybe they’re right. And maybe they’re wrong. But so what? Though I do not hold brief for Mr. Kiyosaki, but as someone who has read several of his books and watched some of his presentations, I can only say that wherever they have been applied, the principles he offers do work.

However, he never promises instant wealth to anyone.
Since individual circumstances differ, it is understandable that some persons due to their own unique situations may not be able to implement some of the steps recommended by Robert.

Indeed, he was specific in telling readers and all his fans that when they do decide to start a personal business, this should be done alongside the daytime job, stating that total disengagement from the paid job should only come when the income from the new business equals or surpasses that of your daytime employment. Isn’t that practical enough?

The most important lessons to be learnt from this great mentor is to be found in the way he has helped many individuals to re-appraise the way they view money and the mechanics for building wealth. In a very simple language, he urges everyone who wants to build enduring wealth to focus on increasing income while at same time reducing expenses.

This can be achieved by ensuring that most of your spending is on things that will bring you money with time (Assets) while ensuring that other types of expenses are reduced to the barest minimum. In my opinion, those are valuable lessons in these days of acute job shortages when so many persons are struggling financially.

What I think is that most of those who oppose many of Kiyosaki’s views are already too enamored by personal habits such that they cannot even give the suggestions a try before labeling them impracticable or unrealistic. But again, I’m entitled to my own opinions, just like Robert Kiyosaki’s traducers!


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Why do baby boomers have such a strong influence on the MLM industry, especially the health and wellness sector? Two reasons: their financial clout, and their numbers. In the United States and Canada alone, their population is in excess of 90 million. And according to a CBS news report, this generation accounts for some One Trillion Dollars in annual income.

Understandably the market—every market segment really—responds to their every whim. When they were younger, the baby boomer generation influenced everything that factories produced, from playthings to foods and much more.

More schools were built in their days than at any other time before or after. Several colleges even redefined curriculum for the sake of baby boomers. And in music and fashion, the mark they left still remains. Just listen to most adverts and tell me what time period the music is set in. Such has been the influence of the baby boomer generation on our national life.

At the moment, they are mostly in their fifties and beyond. And you guessed it; they just won’t let go: they won’t grow old without a fight! Now, they are redefining healthcare and nutrition in ways that’s benefiting not only them alone.

The boomer generation has a strong yearning for staying young and healthy. And they are willing and able to spend money to stay strong for much longer—remember we told you they constitute the richest bunch of the national population!

This nationwide trend is good music in the ears of network marketing companies and marketers. They have responded with an array of high quality healthcare and nutrition products mostly targeted at the aging baby boomer population. It is estimated that the diet, personal care and nutrition industries now gross 100 billion dollars per year, thanks mostly to the boomers!

That’s not all. A recent report also shows that baby boomers in their fifties and above account for 500 billion dollars in direct healthcare spending—a figure estimated to more than double in less than two years. This generation also accounts for more than half of all credit cards issued in the United States each year.

But on a negative note, the American Medical Association also reports that in this country, 56 million people over the age of 50 are living with various types of heart diseases, while another 40 million of the same age bracket suffer from arthritis.

Those are chronic health issues, and there are many more like them that the baby boomers have to contend with. Given their strong desire for healthy living, natural healthcare have become a welcome alternative to them since orthodox medication sometimes fail to meet their needs.

A whole industry has sprung up to cater for the needs of the aging baby boomer generation. Unlike the traditional healthcare industry, the food and nutrition industry provide supplements that heal the body from within, naturally.

The success and popularity of these industries owe a lot to the efficacy of their products on the one hand, and the current preference for alternative healthcare championed by the baby boomers on the other.

Thus, the influence of the baby boomer generation on the health and wellness industry is undeniable. But it has largely been a mutually beneficial relationship.

Without the baby boomers, who knows if the food and nutrition supplements would have had the strong foothold they have managed to establish in the healthcare industry. As for the baby boomers, they surely are forever grateful to this new industry that has given them a welcome alternative to synthetic medicines, and a renewed hope for graceful aging.




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Many people believe they cannot build a successful Network Marketing or Direct Selling Business due to the present state of the economy. But when you take a look at the performance of most network marketing and direct sales companies, you may see a reason to challenge that mindset.

The truth really is that Network Marketing also called “Direct Selling ” is one of the few recession-proof businesses out there. In reality, network marketing and the economy are not fair-weather friends.

Even in a good economy there always people who are looking for ways to better themselves financially or create more time freedom for themselves and their families. For most of these persons, network marketing has often provided the opportunity.

So this business thrives under all economic conditions. But if anything, network marketing performs even better during economic downturns.

The reason is that when the national economy is in bad shape, people are typically laid off from jobs. For those who do keep their jobs, incomes usually stagnate or are reduced. Needless to say that job opportunities inevitably become very slim.

What all this mean is that individuals are going to look for ways to make ends meet. And network marketing is usually one of the first options. And for good reasons.

One reason this business thrives even in bad economy is that people who are laid off from jobs and those who could not get one would typically want to get into a business of their own in an industry that takes small financial investment as compared with traditional business start ups or franchises.

And since a network marketing business can be run from home without a huge amount of capital, what it means is that an ordinary person can get started in their own business with relatively little money. In addition you can work your own hours, from home.

Again, most persons who wouldn’t pay attention to a network marketer when the economy is good may find themselves giving serious thoughts to MLM proposals in bad economy.

So prospecting becomes easier for a network marketer under a bad economy. That is indeed one reason MLM typically trumps all other business during recession.

In network marketing, many different types of products are sold, meaning you can always find your niche as a marketer. In these days there so many network marketing and direct sales companies to choose from. In recent years, some of the most successful ones are found in the liquid nutritional supplement sector.

This is understandable considering that people are now more interested in health and wellness than ever before. As a result, health and wellness products have become a big part of the MLM industry.

Since the companies themselves offer different compensation and growth paths, you have the option to choose the one whose compensation plan suits you the most.

So yes, network marketing companies are thriving worldwide and making people rich with generous compensations and commissions. Most persons have begun to realize their life dreams as a result of their involvement with network marketing. In turn, their success stories inspire others to give serious thoughts to this type of business.

But is success in this business automatic? That is another matter entirely. But let’s quickly say here that like everything else, success in Network Marketing Requires Knowledge And Dedication. But the rewards are well worth it.

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Baby Boomers Drive the MLM Industry

There’s no denying the influence that the baby-boomer generation is having on the MLM industry. This generation, generally taken to be people born between the years 1946—1964 now number over 90 million in the United States and Canada.

By their sheer numerical and economic strength, they constitute the strongest segment of the North American economy. Expectedly the boomers have continued to have a strong influence on every facet of life in the U.S. Indeed, this group has always dominated the marketplace—even as infants!

When they “boomed” as babies, they supercharged the prepared baby-food industry, which reportedly grew from some 250 million jars per year prior to 1946 to nearly 2 billion jars per annum during the baby boom years of 1946 to 1964.

And when they approached early childhood, the marketplace responded with toys, toys, and more toys! Merchants reaped billions of dollars in sales, thanks to the baby boomers and their market pressure.

It is also widely believed that as teenagers, the baby boomer generation was instrumental in the advent of fast food franchises like McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King, and the like.

These franchises became rich and powerful, again thanks to baby boomers who never seemed to have enough of burgers, soft drinks and French fries. And did I mention their influence on fashion? Let’s not even go there!

Thus from businesses all the way to government legislations, the boomer generation has had more impact on the society than any other group before or after them.

Nor has their influence ended. As the boomer generation enters their fifth decade of life, the aging process has inevitably set in. And trust them; they’re again carving out a niche for themselves in the way they’re responding to the normal challenges of aging.

From their active pursuit of healthier lifestyle to their quest for alternative healthcare, they’re at the moment dictating the pace in our perception of Health and Wellness. In turn, the market has responded to this renewed health consciousness by coming up with diet, nutrition, and personal care industries now estimated in excess of $100 billion dollars per year.

This “Wellness Industry” as it has now come to be known is reckoned to be the fastest growing segment of the economy since the early 90’s. They produce nutrition and other healthcare products specifically targeted at the needs and demands of the now-aging baby boomer generation.

What does all this mean for a network marketer? Simple: ride your marketing horse in the direction of what the market wants!
The focus of the baby boomer generation is now on staying young and healthy.

They want to feel and look younger, they desire more energy and high quality natural healthcare products. And more importantly, they have the financial wherewithal to pay for quality products.

What this means is that a MLM business that targets the health needs of the baby boomers has a ready market. There is now a tremendous opportunity for both businesses and individual marketers who recognize this trend and find ways to capitalize on it.

It is no wonder that majority of network marketing and other direct marketing businesses are all centered around the wellness industry. The companies continue to report steady growths year-on-year despite what’s happening in the national economy.

Distributors are smiling too. If you’re a Multi-Level Marketer, wouldn’t you rather ride with the tide by Finding your own niche in the Health and Wellness Industry?




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Seeing The Potential In Others!

This is a powerful message from
Joel and Victoria Olsteen
And Jim Rohn!

“…Keep each other’s spirits up so that no one falls behind
or drops out”
(Ephesians 6:18, The Message)

TODAY’S WORD from Joel and Victoria

It’s easy to be someone’s friend when they’ve got it all
together,when they’re walking in blessing and prosperity.
Anybody can believe in people after they’re successful,
after they graduate,after they’re promoted, after they get
their big break.

But, people need our support the most before
they get their breakthrough. They need us to look past their
faults and failures and see their potential.

Most times, people in you Business just need a little “push” of encouragement to keep them moving forward. We should always put ourselves in the other person’s shoes and see things from their perspective. You may have some good advice that could save them a lot of heartache and pain. Don’t keep it to yourself.

Pick up the phone. Help them win.

Maybe you excelled in a college course that they’re
struggling in.Don’t sit back and think, “Too bad. They’ve
got to learn it the hard way.”

No, you are the hands and feet of Jesus. When you help
others rise higher, you are fulfilling His mission. Today,
share your love, support and encouragement.
Invest life in others, see their potential, and together,
you’ll rise higher into the blessing
God has for you!


Father God, thank You for giving me influence with the
people in my life. Thank You for equipping me to help others
rise higher. Reveal to me the potential You have deposited
in the people around me and show me ways to help them so we
can win at life together. In Your Name.

Sandra Essex
The Health Diva. Com

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When You Fall Down In Life What Do You Do?







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If You Are Looking To

Be Successful in Life

Personal Growth is Key






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Are you struggling in your Personal and Business Success efforts? ‘Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are,’ so goes the old cliché.

There’s some truth in that old saying. The company we keep not only reveals but also influences our frame of mind, all of which can positively or adversely affect our chances in everything we do. It is not for nothing that the Holy Bible says “iron sharpeneth iron.”

Have you not noticed how the wealthy and affluent people mingle and mix among themselves? No, they’re not being selfish. They are networking, exchanging information, sharing ideas and comparing notes. The business world is tough—any business.

And there’s always the danger of giving in to discouragement and quitting. Mixing with successful people, especially in your line of business helps to encourage and inspire one another.

Not all wealthy people are inheritors. Many arrived in this world dirt-poor but went on to build a fortune for themselves through hard work and mixing with the right company. Success comes through learning and applying success principles.

And there can be no better or faster way to learn than from those who have preceded you, especially those who have already accomplished what you are seeking to accomplish.

Just think about it for a moment: if your goal is to become successful in public speaking, wouldn’t it make sense to hang around renowned public speakers? You’ll need to observe firsthand what they do, how they prepare for speeches. You’ll also need to ask them pertinent questions. Or if your goal is to become an author, you’ll enhance your chances if you spend most of your time with successful authors.

This principle also applies if your goal is to achieve financial success through online network marketing. You’ll need to identify and associate with others who are already achieving substantial success in this activity. What is it they’re doing that’s bringing them success?

Remember that the things you’ll learn from successful people go beyond business strategies. Attitude and individual mindset are also parts of success principles.

Most of the time, unsuccessful people are negative in their mindset. They have a negative mental attitude which influences the way they approach their business and pretty much everything else they do.

Typically such persons have dead-end jobs, they have very little money, their lives have stagnated, and they’re always complaining. They have very little going for them. The problem is that such persons can easily bring such negative atmosphere into the lives of those around them.

So, if you hang around such persons you won’t get any encouragement. You are more likely to slow down in your activities. You don’t need that, do you? Wealthy people on the other hand have mastered the road to success. Typically they enjoy the things they do, and they have used their positive mentality to create an aura of joy and happiness around them.

They have so many things going for them, such that even when a few things don’t quite turn out as expected, it doesn’t materially affect their state of happiness. How can you not be influenced by that kind of atmosphere? More than that, when you surround yourself with successful people, you’ll also learn exactly what it is that’s helping these individuals to succeed in the things they do.

Successful people are successful for a reason, just as unsuccessful people and quitters all have reasons for failing. Surround yourself with successful people so as to enhance your chances of succeeding in your chosen vocation

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Time Management—5 Hot Tips

Time is your most Valuable asset! So time management should be your most important skill mastered. Every business has the potential to be more resourceful if time is better managed. Time management entails more than just keeping a calendar or a “To Do List” or just “Affirmations”.

More importantly, it involves identifying your obligations, carefully organizing them in order of their importance, and then making decisions about how to use your time in attending to these obligations.

Listed below are 5 steps to

help you master time

management better.

Have a To-Do List:

I have just stated above that a to-do list is not enough. But that isn’t to suggest that it is not important. Indeed it is vital that you start your time management efforts by drawing up a list of your daily, weekly, or monthly commitments. The trend these days is to even have multiple to-do lists to take care of the various categories into which our various commitments fall—business, social, family, etc.

A to-do list serves two purposes, namely, it helps to ensure that no important task is forgotten (which is possible given the fallibility of the human mind); and it makes you see at a glance the list of tasks needing your attention.

Set Priorities:

Usually once the list is drawn, the average person soon realizes that there’s more to do than available time would accommodate. Don’t fret or throw your hands in the air. Take a deep breathe! It’s time to prioritize. If you take a second look at your list, you’ll quickly discover that not all the items are equally important.

At least not all must be accomplished at the same time. Some could comfortably be attended to later in the day, or tomorrow, or even later in the week. You are in a position to know the relationship of each task to your overall goal, and hence their importance. Determine that, and then prioritize.

Break Your Tasks Down:

Having decided on what tasks to attend to, there’s need to break them down into smaller components. The importance of this is that the mind tends to get overwhelmed by an unwieldy piece of work.

The tendency is to glance over it and quickly move on to the next item. But what if that large-looking task is of vital importance? Then you’ll agree that continually postponing it will adversely affect your overall goal. The way out is to reduce it into smaller, actionable piece of work that has a clear beginning and an end: In short, something the mind can easily size up.

Set Deadlines:

Set a realistic deadline for the accomplishment of each task. The average person often overestimates how long it would take them to deliver on a piece of work, i.e. how much they can reasonably accomplish within a given time.

That’s why you have to be realistic and probably start early to work on each task. After all, there may also be unforeseen and unavoidable time wasters.

Avoid Avoidable Time Wasters:

I just stated above that some time wasters are unavoidable. Suppose you come under the weather or otherwise become temporarily indisposed. Or maybe there’s a family emergency. Either way, your activity flow will be temporarily interrupted. That’s understandable.

But some interruptions can be avoided, and those are the real time wasters you need to beware of. They include most phone calls, surfing the internet, reading emails, or watching television. Avoid all that, or you won’t achieve much with your time. Let your work time be just that—the time to do your work.

If you allow your activities to be guided by the 5 steps above, you’ll be surprised how much you’ll accomplish in the course of each day, each week, month, or year.

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The Power of Positive Thinking

Not everyone believes in the power of positive thinking. Some say it’s just a lot of hocus pocus, neither here nor there. Even among those who believe that positive thinking has power, a lot do not know how to use it. Still, the subject continues to command a lot of attention in modern discusses.

More books are being written about the subject now than ever before, in addition to lectures and seminars. Positive thinking is no doubt gaining in popularity. It must surely be worth your while to give it serious thoughts.

Positive thinking is a mental outlook that sees good in every situation. The positive thinker only admits to their mind thoughts, words, and mental images that are conducive to growth and personal success.

It is a mental disposition whereby the thinker decidedly expects good and favorable outcome from his endeavors. A positive mind anticipates happiness, good health, successful business dealings, and satisfaction.

The major thing I want to share with you here is that this mental attitude has a way of making any of these expectations to come true for a person. It is an undeniable fact that the way we approach issues largely depends on how we judge the likely outcome of the issue.

A single lady who’s in a relationship that she believes isn’t heading anywhere will naturally handle such a relationship without seriousness. And predictably the relationship will soon wither away. It is often said that what the mind expects, it finds.

There is this story of two young women who applied for a job. We’ll call them Ruth and Ann. They are both equally educated to the level required by the firm. But Ruth suffers from low self-esteem and never sees anything good about herself. And she has a negative attitude toward things generally.

This she carried into the job application. Even before the job interview, she had already concluded that other applicants were better qualified than her, and that there was no way she would get the job.

Her preparation for the job interview reflected this mindset. She woke up late, and then discovered that the dress she planned to wear had stains—the others were not ironed. She wore one of the scruffy dresses and went for the interview anyway.

Again she answered the interview questions with an I-know-you’ve-rejected-me attitude. Expectedly she didn’t get the job. But where did the failure originate? In her mind!
Contrast that with Ann who also is qualified for the job. Gomez believed she stood as much chance as everyone else, and that with a little bit of extra efforts she might even have an edge over the other applicants. And she set out to do just that.

She got her clothes ready the day before the interview, went to bed a little earlier, and visualized the interview questions and her possible answers. She got to the venue before the scheduled time.

She already imagined herself impressing the interview panel. And that she did and got the job. Again, where did the final outcome start? In her mind!

This story should also serve to inform opponents of positive thinking that the concept doesn’t really encourage wishful thinking and daydreaming. Far from it: What positive thinking does is to provide us with mental energy to work in the direction of the positive things we visualize for ourselves.

The opposite is also true if we allow our minds to visualize only negative outcomes. So either way, human thoughts have power.
Which way would you use your mental powers?

Are you willing to change the way you think and allow the power of positive thoughts to shape your life for positive outcomes? That’s a choice we all must make.

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