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When Should You Start Saving For Retirement?

The answer is simple: as soon as you can.

Some people wait until their thirties or forties to start saving for retirement.
If that’s the case for you, it’s time to start saving for retirement immediately.

Ideally, you should start saving in your 20s, when you first leave school and begin earning paychecks. That’s because the sooner you begin saving, the more time your money has to grow. Each year’s gains can generate their own gains the next year – a powerful wealth-building phenomenon known as compounding.


Here’s an example of what a big difference starting young can make. Say you start at age 25, and put aside $3,000 a year in a tax-deferred retirement account for 10 years – and then you stop saving – completely. By the time you reach 65, your $30,000 investment will have grown to more than $472,000, (assuming an 8% annual return), even though you didn’t contribute a dime beyond age 35.

Now let’s say you put off saving until you turn 35, and then save $3,000 a year for 30 years. By the time you reach 65, you will have set aside $90,000 of your own money, but it will grow to only about $367,000, assuming the same 8% annual return. That’s a huge difference.

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Why AWeber is the Best Email Marketing Software? Top internet marketers use Aweber to dominate the online marketing industry. In this review, I will explain how AWeber will help you grow your business and become one of the top producers in the industry.

Before I explain the reasons for choosing AWeber over any other autoresponder in the online industry, I will explain why you should have an autoresponder in the first place.

Here are my four biggest reasons why you should use an autoresponder

1. You need a way to educate your prospects
2. By Providing valuable content, it will brand you as a leader
3. You can promote products that will help your prospects with their business
4. It is critical to your success

This is how the top internet marketers do business and it is the basic principal for anyone doing online business. An autoresponder allows you to have more than one stream of income, which is necessary for making money online. I currently have over 20 income streams that my prospects get introduced to while following up with them through my autoresponder. This allows me to make money from my prospects whether or not they join my primary business.

If you want to be the top producer in your company you must continuously be building a list of your own, and not your company’s list. If you get people to opt in to your company’s list, you are helping to build that company’s list. And if that company goes out of business or you get kicked out, you will be without a list since the company owns that list.

There are too many people online who are struggling to make sales from their website visitors because they are not using an autoresponder to follow up with them.

I will now get into why I recommend AWeber over any other Email Marketing Software on the market.

Aweber Email Marketing Software Facts:

1. AWeber’s service fees are pro-rated to suit anyone’s needs
2. You are able to send compelling email newsletters to your subscribers
3. You are able to publish a sign up form to your website
4. You can run unlimited email campaigns
5. High quality email templates are provided with the service
6. They have the best email deliverability in the industry
7. They have live expert customer support to assist you
8. They let you try out the service for 30 days for $1.00

The life blood of your business is your customer contacts, followup and communication. They let you try out AWeber for $1.00 for the first 30 days so that you can see how valuable the service is and how you can use it to grow your online business.

Since they have built positive relationships with most ISPs, AWeber is able deliver your email to your subscribers at more than a 99% rate.

Many AWeber reviews won’t tell you how you can have success using AWeber. For one, there is a learning curve when you first start to use an autoresponder. Just having an autoresponder won’t do wonders for your business. Furthermore you will need to constantly build your subscriber base since people will unsubscribe all the time.

Your Email Marketing Software

So here are some tips that you can use to get started….

You will have better results using your autoresponder by keeping the following facts in mind:

1. The bigger your list is, the more money you will make
2. The real money is made in email marketing
3. Your subscriber list is your gold mine on demand if utilized correctly

By keeping those three key facts in mind while using your Email Marketing Software, you will see results that will take your business to the next level

Aweber Email Marketing Software is easy to use & only $1 to try.

Build Your List and Send Email Newsletters & Autoresponders to your prospects.



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How To Make Money With Blogs – Blog Samuria Secrets

How To Make Money With Blogs? I am going to try to boil this down to the essentials. There are a lot of books written on this subject, so I am not going to try to cover everything here. If you are looking for a good book about blogging for beginners, I suggest reading Darren Rowse’s Problogger. But for a quick, bottom-line version keep reading…

What is a Blog?
A blog is short for “weblog”. Basically, it is just a website that has entries listed in reverse chronological order. The original idea behind it was to be a online journal or diary that was updated daily (or as frequently as the writer chose).

Over the last decade many software programs and blogging platforms have been created to make the process VERY EASY. As the blog writer, depending on which platform you use, you can just type your entry, press submit and it shows up on your blog for the world to see.

Most bloggers don’t know any programming languages and are not “techies.” Starting a blog is one of the easiest ways out there to start a website. If you haven’t started one yet, why not try it? It can be very quick to set up and can be completely free.

Is it easy to start a Blog?

It is very easy. Even if there are steps along the way that are confusing, there are plenty of resources to get the help you need. There are over 20 million blogs in existence, so it can’t be that difficult.

How much does it cost to Blog?

There are many services that allow you to start a blog for free (see below). I suggest using one of the free services to get a basic feel for blogging and “get your feet wet.” Once you decide you want to stick with it and that you want to make money with your blog, I suggest moving up to a self-hosted blog (see below).

Anyone who is really trying to make money with a blog will probably be more successful with a self-hosted blog. Getting a self-hosted blog may not be free, but still can be VERY inexpensive. You will need to pay for nothing more than a domain name ($10) and web-hosting (as cheap as a few bucks a month).

Getting a Blogging platform

All 4 of the options listed are free. The first 3 options are the easiest, but they are also limited on features. If you are just trying to make an extra few hundred dollars from your blog, these options could work. But if you are really serious about trying to make good money from your blog, I recommend self-hosting your blog (which we talk about in the next section…). – This is probably the simplest blogging platform to use, but it also is the probably the least customizeable. So, it might be something good to start with, but it would be more difficult to build an income-generating website with it. – Blogger is also very good, easy to set up, owned by Google, you can customize the theme, and the domain name includes “” (in some people’s opinion a little less professional). Blogger continues to become more customizeable and currently has a lot more options than they did a few years ago. – I like they are completely free, easy to set up, you can customize the theme, but other customizations are limited, domain name includes “”. – Wait, what is the difference between and To put it simply is where you will go to set up a basic, easy blog with limited features. is where you will go to get a self-hosted blog. If you get to the point where you are serious about blogging and really want to make some money with it, you need to self-host your blog.

How to setup a self-hosted blog

If you are serious about blogging and are looking for the best way to customize your blog’s look and other features, then getting a self-hosted blog from is probably the best way to go. It is currently the top choice for most bloggers.

It does require more work up front and does have small costs associated with it: buying a domain name ($10/year) and hosting your blog about ($10/month).

One of the big advantages is that you can use your own domain name (i.e. While this might not seem like a big deal, it is a lot easier for people to remember rather than which is what you will be given if you use Blogger. I will warn you, being a non-techie like myself, this took me some time figuring out how to get my self-hosted site set up. has a great step-by-step guide for getting you set up. While it is more work on the front end, I am really glad I got good advice and did this at the beginning, than having to do it now.

Pick a Domain Name

1. You should start by purchasing a domain name. is a great tool to see what names are still available. I would suggest going to for a .com rather than a .info or .us or anything else for that matter. It is just too easy for people to get confused. A .com is always going to hold more value than any other extension.

2. Once you get it picked out, you need to find somewhere to purchase it. I buy my Domain Names at But there are other places to purchase Domain names. Go Daddy is about one of the biggest names out there.

Pick a host for your Blog

The webhost is the company that you pay to store all of your files for your blog. There are also a million web hosting companies out there. I don’t suggest just looking for the cheapest one, because a lot of these companies are not very reliable and your site might be down quite a bit.

I like to go with the bigger companies who have a longer track record and are more established. They may cost a dollar or two more a month when you are starting out and it is well worth it.

I have hosted my websites with HOST GATOR from the beginning, mostly because I knew a lot of people using them and I got a hosting package for under $10.00 a month. I have found them to be a very good host. With Great Customer Service.


As a new person starting out, all this might seem a little over your head. GOOD NEWS! There is a great new tool at there that can make it very easy to make money with a blog you can visit:
MAKE MONEY WITH BLOGS to learn more.

Warnings for those starting


Don’t Quit Your Day-Job

Even if you know a lot about making money with a blog (which just be reading this Blog post, you have a tremendous advantage over me when I started) it is going to take a while. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it is more of a work-for-free-for-a-long-time-and-then-reap-your-reward type plan.

The beautiful thing is that I can now say that it does work if you are diligent and open to learning from your mistakes. But either way, convention wisdom says, build your blog part-time and when you start making more from it than your day-job then consider making it a full-time deal.

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Why Exactly Do People Blog?

For both the young and the not-so-young, blogging has now fully established itself as a modern means of self-expression and information-sharing. And as I write this, more and more blogs and bloggers are being added at a rate that suggests that the phenomenon is here to stay.

Part of the reason blogs have become so popular is that information are a lot easier to pick in a blog than having to wade through a maze of data at a website.

Even then, opinions still vary as to why people blog. But all bloggers are in agreement that it provides them a veritable avenue to make themselves heard without having to conform to any rigid writing rule. Some new bloggers also blog for the fun of it.

Isn’t it interesting to be able to relate very easily with people on a much broader scale—from all around the world— rather than just a few people that you work or live with? Yes, blogging is a great way for people to share their thoughts, feelings, activities; pretty much anything that catches their fancy with other people from all over the world.

A few also blog as a way to educate others and be educated themselves. Yes, there are some who came into blogging purely out of frustration from not finding the information they needed at one point in time.

As a result, they did extensive search on the web and got answers, then decided to share the info with others, since there’s a fair chance that other folks might be facing the same problem of not finding quick answers to their web inquiries.

Others take this information-sharing a step further: they share the info in such a way that it makes them stand out. The motivation then becomes a desire to be recognized as an authority on their own subject, which in turn will garner more opportunities for them with like-minded individuals.

And this could all be done in ways that brings joy to all. That’s the thing about blogs; they often take the formality out of everyday conversations.

Then there’s the financial angle to it; the monetizing of blogs. Yes it happens. But although money seems like a fairly strong motivation for some bloggers nowadays, the fun that comes from sharing information with like-minded people almost always supersedes the financial considerations.

Indeed even some who blog for the money do admit it is the fun of being a part of lively conversations that has kept them going in their blogging endeavors, rather than the money, which often times isn’t much.

I think anyone who says he blogs purely for the money isn’t being totally honest with himself. After all, there are several easier ways to make a lot of money online, such as affiliate marketing.

At best I think making money from blogs is mostly a case of happy-go-lucky; Blogging gives you the freedom to make money doing something you ordinarily enjoy doing.

In your own case, can you say precisely why you got into blogging and why you still blog? Could it also be that blogging helps clear your thoughts? Or is it the money? Or the joy of being able to educate others?

Why not take the time this week to do some soul-searching on why you blog? This will help to clean the mind and focus it on your blogging purpose. And the more you blog with a specific purpose in mind, the better your blogging experience will become.

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Article Marketing is a must if you want to make money with your home based business online. Until I started it a little over two years ago, I never imagined how writing simple but well-targeted articles would turbo-charge my network marketing business.

Before then, I had always thought that getting online prospects for my home business was only possible with a couple hundred dollars in purchased traffic. But being an adventurous person, I decided to give article marketing a try. And was I surprised!

If you haven’t tried it yet, I strongly suggest you give it a shot and see what article marketing will do for your online marketing efforts. I bet you’ll also be pleasantly surprised. To ensure you do it right, I’m giving you 5 hot tips that have always worked for me:

Include The Benefits Of The Article In The Title: Give your readers the major reason they should stop and take a look at your article. And put it in bold letters at the very first line on the page: the title. The person coming across your article at the search engines or anywhere else should immediately see what they stand to gain by reading the article.

KISS Your Articles: Your articles are not intended to exhaust every idea on the subject you’re writing on—just basic but helpful info. Whoever enjoys the article and wants further details should and would gladly trace you to your website (that’s the whole idea, really). So Keep It Short and Simple (KISS). And talk directly to your reader. You should also arrange your articles in short paragraphs in which each paragraph says something meaningful.

Give Information, De-Emphasize Your Business: The only reason anybody would want to read your article is to get information about something, not because they are looking for a business to join. So the primary focus of your articles should always be to provide helpful information. The information should be timely too in order to fetch you meaningful traffic.

Choose Quality Over Quantity: You’re probably aware of those so-called expert article marketers who promise to give you hundreds or even thousands of articles for peanuts. If you believe that quantity is all that matters in article marketing, you’ll fall for their gimmicks.

But I advise that you watch it. These mass-producers of cheap articles simply outsource the writing to barely literate “writers” in non-English speaking countries. Unfortunately, because of their very poor command of the English language, these so-called writers deliver loads of “articles” that are quite useless, and which nobody enjoys reading.

Their sheer quantity may get you search engine ranking. But of what use is it if your visitors are highly disappointed with what they find? That will only serve to hurt your credibility in the online marketplace.

A better approach is to stick to quality articles, even if these will cost you a bit more money (or time if you write them yourself). Over time, if you write and post consistently, the quantity will build up, which gives you the best of both worlds!

Make Use of Directories: They already have a large client-base who frequent their websites in search of articles. Among the best are,,, and Articles submitted with these ezines stand a strong chance of being read by people searching for quick guides or information.

Article marketing really works. Employing the tips above, you should be able to write good ezine-standard articles to boost your home business sales.

I Am a TOP Producing Internet Marketer. I enjoy helping new people learn how to Build Their MLM Or Online Business by using Article Marketing. If you are tired of failing in your present Company then you need to learn these skills! Visit this website for more Article Marketing Secrets. Learn how to get your Articles on the First Page of Google Fast.

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Article Marketing

Secrets Like

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When you are using Article Marketing Keyword Density is very important—it is a reference to how many times a keyword or search phrase appears in an article.

The placement of keywords within your online article is a crucial factor in search engine optimization. It is these keywords or phrases that determine the ease with which search engines will index your web articles. They also determine the page ranking of your article whenever people search for information related to your article at a search engine.

Choosing the right keyword density is the easiest way to gain high rankings on search engines, and this is what will increase the amount of web traffic you will get. And the greater your online traffic (which literally means visitors to your website or blog) the greater your online sales, and ultimately the greater the financial rewards for your efforts.

So keyword density is no doubt an interesting topic for all online article writers and marketers. But is it fairly straightforward? That’s another matter altogether.

The truth is that in the name of ensuring that their articles are noticed by search engines, a lot of the article marketers end up stuffing every sentence with a keyword. This can be too much of a good thing, if you ask me.

You the reader, how does it feel when your search for information takes you to a web article which title and topic may seem sweet, but as you attempt to read the article, you discover that there’s a word that appears several times in every sentence? Do you find that pleasant? I doubt.

Keyword density is something you really need to give yourself some room for trial and error so that you can determine what should be the right level of density of keywords or search phrases for your articles.

You should constantly monitor how your articles are doing at the search engines. Are you gradually rising in the ranking of search engines, thus increasing your web visitors and online sales?

If so, just know that your articles’ keyword density is OK. After that, simply focus on delivering excellent value—quality content— to your website visitors. In the end, that is what will keep visitors coming.

Do not make the grave mistake that many article marketers do: they act as if page ranking is an end in itself; as if the moment people visit their website, their purpose for being online is met. For that, they lace their articles with over-repetition of keywords and phrases.

When people do this, two things can happen: the first, as I stated earlier is that such websites lose credibility in the eyes of online visitors. Then, secondly, over stuffing articles with keywords can actually prove counter-productive.

What happens is that excessive use of key phrases in an article triggers an alert to a search engine. Search engine software often interprets these over-repetitions as an attempt to gain “false popularity”.

It is known as “keyword stuffing” which could deceive the search engine to give you high page ranking if undetected. But once detected, the search engine could go on to penalize you for over-concentration of keywords. Subsequently, this could adversely affect your website’s ranking. But you can avoid all that.

The bottom line is to consciously maintain a good balance when placing keywords or search phrases in your online articles. The percentage method is the easiest way to determine the number of times a keyword should appear in any article.

For the article title, upwards of 75% of it could be keywords. No problems there. But for the article body, the general recommendation is often in the region of 2.5% to a maximum of 5%.

Make no mistake, keywords are important. But you have to do it right in order to enjoy the benefits and avoid the pitfalls. The recommendations above should help you.

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In this post, I’m going to show you a couple reasons why having your “GRAVATAR” can be really good for marketing you and your business online. This strategy can play a key role in helping you grow your Online Business through using Social Media.

You might be asking yourself what is a Gravatar ?

Well here is the definition from A Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. Gravatars otherwise known as your Personal Photo can help identify your posts on blogs and web forums.

In The Above Video I am Going To Show You The Steps Of Setting Up A FREE GRAVATAR ACCOUNT.

Many Marketers interested in building a brand through online advertising and marketing techniques build their strong customer relationships through using the FREE Gravatar tool.

The Gravatar is associated with the brand identity of you and serves as an effective verbal and visual formula that brings credibility and recognition to you and your business on the overcrowded internet.

Learning about the attributes of a Gravatar is a crash course, in creating a unique identity on the internet. When the audience recognizes the identity of a Person, it is easier to get the message across to your target audience.

The Gravatar is the channel for creating a strong, consistent and relevant face value on the internet. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the Gravatar represents the company in every way that can be recognized at a glance. The right usage of a Gravatar not only creates a unique identity on the internet, but also hits home with you consumer market.

What Does A Gravatar Have To Do With Growing Your Business?
In my opinion, it matters for a 2 primary reasons:

1. Branding
Who do you think of when you see these Golden Arches?
You are right Mcdonalds!!

2. Building Relationships:
By having a Gravatar, you’ll be able to show people who you are and your valuable comments/contribution can position you as someone people might want to listen to. The perception in people’s mind will be changed when they get to put a face with a comment.

It’s kind of like putting a face with a voice. Think about how it makes you feel if you’ve been speaking to someone over the phone, but never had the opportunity to see them in person. Usually the first thing out of your mouth or their mouth when you finally get to meet is, “It’s FINALLY nice to put a face with a voice”.

The reason for that is because when you talk on the phone or over the computer your mind subconsciously tries to create an image based upon their voice or how their writing tone might come across.

Once you finally get to see them, you might be right on…or way off!
However, the point I’m trying to get across to you is that people do business with other people who THEY KNOW,WHO THEY LIKE AND WHO THEY TRUST and all that starts with first seeing your FACE.


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When Blogging first arrived or better yet MLM blogging, it seemed like one of those fads that would quickly fade away. But thanks to its queer characteristics—more like the absence of any real characteristic—blogs have simply come to stay.

Unlike websites and most other web resources, a blog has no particular requirements in terms of features or capabilities. There is nothing special about it. And although some may appear more sizzling than others, there is no one out there vetting and determining if something qualifies as a blog or not. Again that is all part of its appeal—the absence of a one-size-fits-all approach.

Defying both age and educational boundaries, blogging has fully established itself today as the principal means of self-expression. And the rate at which blogs and bloggers are increasing these days is simply dizzying.

Opinions vary slightly from one blogger to another as to why they blog. But there seems to be one common thread that runs through all bloggers: they want to be heard, too! Yes, blogging is a tremendously easy way for people to share their thoughts, feelings, pictures—or anything else that catches the blogger’s fancy—with people from all over the world.

It is true that some people do it to earn money (and by the way, there is nothing wrong with that), but how easy it is these days to forget that most people blog simply for the fun of it, and will happily post dozens of stuff about everyday things, including what they are doing each day that they think others might enjoy reading about!

The truth is that some of the most popular blogs on the internet fall within that category—ordinary people doing everyday things but doing these in such a way that other people want to log in every day to read them.

This can often have a viral effect, bringing in hundreds or maybe even thousands of people who are interested in what a person is doing.

Yes, the desire to pass on information, to state one’s opinion or contribute to a discussion no matter how small, were the factors that gave rise to blogging. And although there are some really smart bloggers out there who provide interesting perspectives on current news, sports, their MLM or online business, and politics, the fact still remains that the vast majority of bloggers are ordinary people who just want to have a voice, and who would not otherwise be heard in the conventional media.

That said, it is also interesting to observe what most people are ‘voicing’ with their blogs, and on other people’s blogs. It may not have been the original intention of the inventors of this medium of information-sharing, but in recent years, blogs have become an extraordinarily effective marketing tool. And that is all very nice when carefully utilized. As an Internet Marketer, it’s easy to see the vast potentials that a good blog can have for you.

The good thing, and perhaps the most important thing to remember about a blog, is that it’s just a tool. And like most other tools, the use to which it is put is up to the user.

What about you, why do you blog? Using your Blog as a MLM information hub is one of the hottest trends online right now to build your MLM business.

Your MLM resource Blog can be put together in an effort to provide the MLM and Network Marketing community with much needed information on the benefits of your specific MLM Company or Product line and on how it can benefit the average or superstar MLM or Network Marketer or just Valuable information about our industry.

Just remember that the key thing is determining early-on why you want to set up a blog, and what sort of audience you are targeting. This is often the difference between getting hundreds of responses to your blog-post and receiving no comment at all from anyone.

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Article Marketing remains one of the surest and cheapest ways to draw your target audience to your website or blog. It is also a great way to promote a product. The name says it all—you are marketing with articles.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re marketing yourself or your business opportunity (indeed you ought to promote both), articles are a great way to attract a lot of attention. Best of all, it’s easy to do. You don’t quite agree? You will if you spare four minutes to read this article.

Here are the steps I follow to create the sort of articles which always pass ezine directories and constantly attract the attention of readers:

The Topic: What is it you want to write about? This is the first question you must answer ever before putting pen to paper, or your fingers to the keyboard. You must not choose your topics arbitrarily.

In as much as you should write within topics that you fully understand, it is to your business’ interest to write on topics that are hot; things people want to read about.

And this is not hard to find out if you regularly visit online forums, search engines, and other peoples’ blogs. Once you pick out things that are hot in the online community, identify which one of these topics will relate to your business opportunity.

The Title: It is often the boldest part of every article—and not without reason. The title of your article must be attractive—it must make someone want to wait a minute. If your article title isn’t capable of attracting readers, then it doesn’t matter how well you go on to discuss this topic. More than that, your title must clearly describe the purpose of the article, telling the prospective reader what to expect from the article.

It follows that the body of your article must also discuss the title so stated. Remember too that most article directories have rules governing the format of article titles—ezinearticles for example requires that the first letter of every word in the headline be capitalized, but disallows capitalizing the entire topic (compare: How to Write Good Articles and HOW TO WRITE GOOD ARTICLES). These are little details you have to bear in mind.

The Body: Since your articles are for online distribution, it’s important that you follow the rules for online articles. First, remember that it is here at the body that you deliver on your promise—you discuss what your title said you would discuss. But in doing that, state the most important points first, keep your sentences and paragraphs short, and use subheadings where necessary.

And if your title promises to give, say 7 tips, ensure that’s what you provide in the body. Each tip or main idea should be contained in a separate (but short) paragraph. Don’t make the discussion too elaborate. If indeed you have quite a load of info on that TOPIC, no problems; discuss them under DIFFERENT TITLES in a series of DIFFERENT ARTICLES.

The Summary: Here you distill the high point of what the article has discussed into 2 to 5 sentences. If you’re lost for words, simply restate the first few words of your first paragraph. The idea is to use this place to point out what the article is all about. Then you’re ready to submit. Well, almost.

The resource box: This is where you sell your product or service. You must provide your name and web address here. Also, you’re allowed to include a few sentences that tell your readers the most important things they need to know about you and your expertise. Those few words are also meant to encourage the reader to visit your website and sign up for your offer. It’s like a call to action.

Next, proofread thoroughly and submit to prime ezine directories. There are many out there, but at the moment,,, and articlebase are among the best.

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Learn From Kevin Jones—a Third Party MLM Review

Welcome to Kevin Jones website. This is simply one of the most beautifully designed websites I’ve visited in recent times. Its aesthetic beauty persuades you to stop over, while the web content makes you want to stay. It is basically a site for anyone interested in home-based business, especially network marketing or Multi-Level Marketing.

The site contains numerous resources for network marketers, such as reviews of MLM companies and MLM personalities, training tools, articles on network marketing strategies and related miscellaneous topics.

Kevin is a former veteran of the music industry. At age 21 he had made a name as a recording artist, song writer and composer. He had worked with such renowned artists in the industry such as Taylor Dayne, Nayobe, Liz Hughes, Crystal Waters, Colonel Abrams, etc. Kevin had also had some minor roles in several of Spike Lee movies.

Kevin Jones embraced online marketing in the mid 90’s. But at the time, network marketing wasn’t his fort. It was his iTunes radio station, the “Nu Soul Radio” that defined his online success in 2007. The station played R&B and house music jams all the way from the 1960’s to the present in a uniquely remixed pattern. At the same time, Kevin was also into web hosting and web design. He personally designed and built Turbo Host USA, his own company.

He soon retired from web hosting business and went into network marketing proper. His foray into network marketing has not been without its pains. In his own words he hit “every roadblock imaginable” as he tried to implement what his sponsors had told him would bring success. But Kevin Jones is no stranger to pain. He had earlier battled cancer for 15 years, and won!

His turning point occurred when he came across MLSP (MLM Lead system Pro). It became obvious to him that he could turn his personality into an asset in MLM. It’s called self branding. At his website too he relates how learning from the gurus has helped him to overcome his initial obstacles in network marketing.

Kevin now devotes most of his website resources towards helping people to succeed with their online businesses, no matter what line of business.

As stated earlier, his website features reviews of top players in the MLM industry. At the time I visited, the personality profile featured a woman generally regarded as the “Queen Of Article Marketing,” Sandra Essex.

The website described Mrs. Essex as a household name in online article marketing, challenging readers to do a search on Google to convince oneself. I did, and the search returned many results.

Sandra Essex, the featured personality, also maintains a presence at both Facebook and Twitter. Her new eBook, “the 90-day Article Marketers’ Guide to Financial Freedom” is described at Kevin Jones’s website as containing everything a marketer would need to build a network marketing business based on the techniques that have worked so well for Sandra.

Kevin Jones has no doubt come a long way in network marketing. Rising from the early days of learning the ropes to the days of rookie mistakes, he has seen it all. By learning from his mistakes, learning from successful marketers, and also by simply refusing to give up, he has now attained the level of success that surely qualifies him to be called a top MLM trainer and marketer, even a leader.

I suggest you take a look at his website for free tips on how you can build your own online business

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P.S.: If Your Upline Does Not Have a Step-By-Step Blueprint For Success, Check This Out (Unless You Already Have Too Many Leads) –

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