As far as the personal development industry is concerned, Darren Hardy is one of the better known names. A product of the success principles that he teaches, Darren has been engaging and inspiring audiences with his messages of personal achievement for close to two decades. Darren was still in his teens when he became a businessman. And by age 27 he was already a self-made millionaire.

Ever since then, he has not looked back. Over the years, he has led several business ventures, including two television networks devoted to personal development—The People’s Network (TPN), and The Success Training Network (TSTN)—which together have produced and launched more than 1,000 television shows, live events, products and programs with some of the world’s famous experts.

Darren Hardy is the force behind Success magazine—he’s both the Publisher and Editorial Director. He is also an accomplished businessman, author, keynote speaker, private equity investor, corporate advisor and a mentor to some of the world’s top athletes.

As a respected figure in the personal development industry, Mr. Hardy has often had to wine and dine with leading experts in human performance and achievement. He also regularly interacts with many of today’s top CEOs, innovative entrepreneurs,MLM Networkers celebrity athletes, entertainers and Olympic champions. His aim: to gain an insight into the secrets of their extraordinary success.

Is it any wonder that today Darren Hardy’s expert knowledge cuts across many fields? The reason is simple: success principles apply in every field of human endeavor. They work wherever they are conscientiously applied. This is perhaps one of the most important lessons we can learn from Darren Hardy. Success does not discriminate. Once you follow the principles of success, your life will attract success like a magnate.

Darren also teaches his audience to think of ways to make positive impact in the lives of those around them. Truth is that we are constantly making an impact on those around us through the things we do or do not do.

So shouldn’t we try and make the impact a positive one? As Darren Hardy puts it, both Adolf Hitler and Abraham Lincoln made a difference to their world. And both men are equally remembered today, one for the problems he created and the other for the problems he solved.

So, what are you known for at the moment? And how would the world or your family or friends remember you years after you’re gone? You don’t have to be a world leader or a famous person to make a difference. Regardless of status in life, we are all capable of adding something to the world—let’s make it a positive one!

Darren Hardy’s unique method of teaching helps his students to adopt a benevolent approach in their pursuit of wealth and individual success. Indeed he teaches that success means much more than money.

Darren’s passion for personal development and for touching lives is at the heart of his business and personal philosophy. He is committed to helping others realize their potential so they can live richer and more fulfilling lives.

Each month on the pages of Success Magazine, his blog and elsewhere, Darren regularly distills some of the best information on personal development and success principles and strategies, mixing them with his own street-tested principles of success. Why not take advantage of his wealth of experience? Always remember: success principles don’t discriminate.

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