As motivational speakers go, Brian Tracy is simply a force to reckon with. Born in 1944 in Canada, Tracy has traveled and worked in over 80 countries across six continents. He speaks four languages.

But the one he speaks most fluently is the ‘language’ of motivation and self-development! He has 40 books and over 300 video and audio programs to his name. Each year, he addresses an audience of more than 300,000. But he hasn’t always been this fortunate.

Tracy is a wonderful example that you can take yourself far beyond where family circumstances or the accident of birth left you. He was born to a family that struggled financially, and he had to drop out of high school as a teenager. Following that, he worked several physically demanding jobs just to get by and also to support his family’s meager resources.

But in the midst of those daunting circumstances, Brian had noble dreams, including a desire to travel the world over! And he was determined that nothing, not even poverty was going to kill that dream.

When he turned twenty, he started to seek ways to actualize the dream. First, he drove across the border to the United States where he got a ship that took him to England. Next, he arrived France, cycled to Spain, and on to Gibraltar. Again he drove across the dangerous Sahara desert in Africa before eventually settling down in Johannesburg, South Africa where he lived and worked for two years. In the next couple of years, Tracy travelled across dozens of other countries in Europe and Asia.

You could say that he’s a very adventurous person. And you could be right. But isn’t that common with most successful persons? There is no doubt that the 8 years of extensive travel has helped transform Tracy’s life in ways we may not fully appreciate. The various cultures he encountered, the numerous persons he’d had to work with, and the unique environments and circumstances he’d had to live through in those sojourns must surely have added to the wealth of experience so evident in his speeches and writings.

When he got back to school, he eventually earned a masters degree in business from the university of Alberta in Canada, following which he went on to have a very successful sales and marketing career. He was once a Chief Operating Officer of a firm doing over $75 million in annual sales.

At the moment, he is the chairman of Brian Tracy international, a human development company based in San Diego, California, with affiliate companies throughout the country and 31 other countries. He addresses hundreds of thousands each year including company executives on the subject of personal and professional development.

Brian Tracy is a passionate reader in all areas of management, psychology, economics, history, as well as metaphysics. As a result, he often brings a unique perspective and approach to his talks.

Tracy has an amazing ability to capture and hold audience attention, which he often achieves through a quick-moving combination of stories, examples, experiences, humor and practical, demonstrable ideas that yield quick results.

One of his best quotes states that “through learning and application of what you learn, you can solve any problem, overcome any obstacle, and achieve any goal that you can set for yourself.” Tracy himself is a living proof of this statement. My own experience also leads me to agree with him. What about yours?

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