People have heard of Mark victor Hansen From Bangladesh to Birmingham, England, and from Los Angeles to Toronto, Mark Victor Hansen has been delivering keynote messages of possibility, opportunity and action which have brought profound changes to the lives of over 2 million persons in 38 countries.

Mark Hansen was born in January 1948. At the moment, he’s one of America’s most gifted inspirational and motivational speakers. He is also a business trainer and a prolific author. Mark is best known as the founder and co-creator of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book titles.

No doubt, Chicken Soup for the Soul which he co-authored with his business partner Jack Canfield has done more to bring Mark to limelight than anything else he’s been involved in. And yes, the series have turned out to be quite a revolution, Time Magazine calling it “the publishing phenomenon of the decade”.

Chicken Soup for the Soul books are clearly among the most successful publishing franchises in recent times. As at the last count, over 140 million copies have been sold worldwide (some 60 million in North America alone), along with some 100 licensed products.

No one knows for sure the reason behind the “chicken soup” title. But what we do know is that the first chicken soup book, published by Health Communications, Inc., sold over 2 million copies within a very short time. And the subsequent titles have only upped the ante.

But Mark Hansen’s influence goes beyond those awesome series. His lively and enthusiastic speeches traverse various media. He’s severally appeared on Oprah, CNN, Eye To Eye, and The Today Show.

Mark bas Also been featured in The New York Times, Us News and World Report, Time Magazine, and The Entrepreneur Magazine.
Mark Hansen has spent the past 26 years assuring people everywhere that the standard of life they all crave is easily within reach if they can commit themselves to creating it. His talks have been known to produce immediate effects on hearers.

No, it isn’t anything magical: Mark Hansen just happens to have this ability to speak in ways that awaken people’s innermost feelings. He shows listeners how to recognize and rise up to the limitless possibilities that life offers us all.

He shows people how to seize the opportunities that come their way, and points out specific ways to act to ensure that the seminar doesn’t end up being just another “really great speech,” but rather one that will gradually begin to reshape their attitudes and their lives.

Audience members often report that during and after attending Hansen’s seminars, they experience a surge in their desire levels, self-esteem, moral, and inner drive. And this seems to awaken their creative thinking abilities, making them to approach challenging situations from a new perspective. Obviously that is how lasting changes are initiated.

Being a lover of books, Hansen is currently working on a new book due to be released in September. The book will be co-authored with Robert Allen with the title “Cash in a Flash,” which is coming hot on the hills of another New York Times best seller “The One Minute Millionaire.”

Before then, Mark Hansen had co-authored yet another book with Art Linkletter, with the title “How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life.”

Mark Victor Hansen continues to focus his efforts on helping people from all works of life to remake their dreams and visions, firmly believing that a lot is still possible for most persons.

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