If you’ve ever listened to Bob Proctor speak, you’ll agree that there’s something unique about his lectures. Besides being packed with the information, inspiration and wisdom a person needs to transform their lives, he does something else: unlike most other programs out there which do their best to convince people that they can do anything they set out to do,

Bob Proctor’s programs supply the last piece of the puzzle by explaining what it is we’ll have to do to achieve those goals we so cherish, why we must do it and, more importantly, how we must do it.

Bob proctor is an accomplished author, lecturer, business consultant, counselor, entrepreneur and a preacher—he preaches the gospel of positive thinking, self-motivation, and the maximization of human potential.

He has closely followed in the footsteps of such motivational greats as Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale and Wallace D. Wattles, some of whom he acknowledges as mentors. Bob Proctor’s extraordinary teaching skills have won him worldwide acclaim and have taken this Canadian-born motivator to all corners of the earth. Today, he is as well known in Australia and Malaysia as he is in North America.

Helping firms and employees to grow, improve, and adapt to change, Proctor’s wide ranging teaching efforts with businesses and entrepreneurs go far beyond the usual pep rally syndrome. His approach encompasses working with business entities to help them develop strategies that will help employees at all levels to constantly grow and improve and remain competitive in today’s ever-changing business environment.

Maybe the reason Bob Proctor is so discerning into the factors that limit success among people is traceable to his early experiences in life. For the first 26 years of his life, Bob lived a life lacking in purpose and direction, just drifting along and hoping that somehow luck would see him through.

Born in a little known town in Ontario, Canada, and with a terribly low self-esteem that’s typical of most middle and low class families, Bob performed poorly in school and would drop out before completing high school.

After drifting from one dead-end job to another, Bob Proctor eventually encountered a friend who recognized that there were at least some potential in Bob—which Bob himself probably didn’t even know. Proctor was introduced to Napoleon Hill’s classic, THINK AND GROW RICH.

The book sparked off in him a desire and the drive for personal success and purposeful living. First, Bob Proctor started an office cleaning business which he grew to international scope within just a year of operation. The rest, as they say, is history.

Bob Proctor prefers to describe himself as a teacher of universal laws which would help anyone who applies them to achieve financial success. But he also teaches that wealth isn’t just about money alone, for which reason he shows his students how to better all aspects of their lives. But not one to shy away from his convictions, Proctor insists that everyone who so desires can and should be financially rich!

Despite his lowly beginning, Bob Proctor is today seen as one of the leading lights in the personal development industry. And despite starting out with very little education, Bob has created a multitude of businesses, some of which spans the globe. And it all started with a book: Think and Grow Rich.

What will it take to unlock the huge potential locked within you? Don’t throw in the towel: The discovery just may be nearer than you think!

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