With all the MLM success stories around us (and yes, most of them are true), it’s all too easy to assume that everyone going into network marketing is assured a lifetime of financial transformation. But is that really the case? Well, from personal experience, I can say that the truth lies somewhere in between.

For sure MLM can make one rich. And it is one of the most popular business options for individuals who desire to earn extra income from home. It is also one of a few businesses that one can start with minimum financial investment and grow it to unbelievable levels within a relatively short time. The opportunity itself is real. And most of the ‘incredible’ success stories you hear and read about are indeed true.

But some myths need to be cleared. One of them is that this brand of business can be run on auto-pilot. Another one like it is that in network marketing, you only need to put in minimum effort and soon you’ll see the dollars roll in. Nothing can be farther from the truth! Unfortunately many people believe this lie and come into MLM with that mindset. It is no wonder statistics show that over 95% of all who venture into network marketing fail in the business or quit within six months.

If you won’t add to those numbers, then let’s show you the only route that leads to MLM success: daily efforts. Yes, the efforts you put in on daily basis are what will determine how you’ll fare in network marketing over time. Seldom do people start a new business, sit around, do very little or nothing, and expect the business to thrive.

Put differently, rarely does anyone plant a tree on thirsty soil, water it only once and expect the tree to flourish. No, the huge corporations we have around us were not built that way. And even if you’re not setting out to build a conglomerate, serious efforts are still required of you.

What this means is that once you’ve made up your mind to own a home business, you’re going to devote time and other resources to nurture the business until it takes off. And even after it has taken off, you’ll still have to keep doing what you are doing, depending on the level of success you desire. But you must make determined efforts to begin with.

In network marketing for example, nothing meaningful can be achieved by a distributor who does not talk to people on a regular basis. Of course there are various ways this can be done—through emails, newsletters, social networks, phone calls, drop cards, seminars, physical contacts, etc.

The list is almost endless. And you the marketer or distributor can choose the combination that suits your personality the most. But one thing is certain: you must promote your business opportunity in some ways on a regular business.

That way, you’ll be able to sell the products, and above all get some who’ll join as downlines. Products and downlines bring in money in the form of various commissions. But only downlines guarantee the future growth and expansion of your MLM business. The more people you’re able to recruit, the faster and bigger your business will grow. That’s why you need to make efforts each day to bring in more people into your team.

Your daily efforts must also include knowledge acquisition. You must stay up to date with happenings in your business segment. This will equip you with the latest methods of promoting the business as well as valuable information to address the needs of your downlines and prospects.

We can go on and on, but the bottom line is that if you want to see your MLM business grow at a deeper level, you must make some efforts everyday.



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