Driven by the Health and Wellness sector, network marketing or Multi-Level Marketing has expanded by over $300 billion in the past seven years, while nearly all other industries have been mired in massive contraction.

Meanwhile every index of measurement suggests that the industry is now poised for even greater growth! It is no wonder that the legendary Robert Kiyosaki has described network marketing as the business of the future. If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you position yourself for the growth that has just begun.

The truth is that no diligent marketer has ever regretted coming into this line of business. Levels of success may vary depending on individual talents, motivations and commitment.

But seldom has anyone consistently implemented a well laid out plan of marketing in MLM and not seen a measure of success. And given the flexible work schedule it offers, this business has simply been attracting more and more entrepreneurs every year.

There is no better place to pitch your tent in network marketing than in the health and wellness sector. Demographic figures from around the world suggest that our world is both aging and getting more and more sickly. What this means is that we have more degenerative diseases today than at any other time in human history.

More than that, there is a renewed consciousness toward good health and graceful aging. More and more people are no longer content with what orthodox medication offers: they want something better and safer. Most now prefer nutrition and food supplements that heal the body in a natural way without the debilitating side effects associated with conventional BIG PHARMA products.

Fortunately a whole industry has arisen to cater for this new awakening. There are now hundreds of companies producing food and nutrition supplements. The last Google search I did on natural healthcare products returned over 4 million hits. A similar search I did on direct marketing focusing on health and wellness products equally returned an amazing number of hits.

What all this means is that the health and wellness industry is the rave of the moment. Where else would you rather go? The common marketing formula is that good products + strong demand=huge sales (and financial success!).

Right now the food and nutrition industry grosses over $60 billion in annual income. This figure is expected to more than double in the next five years.

Smart network marketers who realize this trend have moved in to respond to the insatiable demand for health and wellness products. At the moment, there are over 40 million distributors involved in one type of Natural Healthcare MLM or another.

Fortunately this is a market that doesn’t easily get saturated. Remember that health is a global issue. So you have the over 6.5 billion world population as your market! With the advent of internet and other types of online marketing, this claim is not an exaggeration.

So now is the time to act. Focus your attention on reputable nutrition and personal care companies that sell their products through network marketing (and nearly all do). One very interesting reason why the health and wellness industry is good for you is that it enables you to earn good income while at the same time improving your own health and that of others.

So it’s a win-win situation. Additionally, when you market the products in the form of MLM, there is room for everyone to get to the top unlike the traditional corporate world where only one person can get to the top of the company.

So, provided you join a reputable company and work hard to help yourself and others to grow, the health and wellness industry offers you a lifetime opportunity of health and financial freedom.


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