Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make money online. Nearly everyone knows that billions of dollars are spent online each day in the purchase of goods and services. But very few realize that they can take a little slice of that amount by simply referring or recommending some of these products and services to people.

Welcome to Affiliate Marketing. It is now generally regarded as the quickest and best way to get started in making money online. One of the greatest appeals of affiliate marketing is that you can hit the ground running even without a website, blog, or even cash itself—although all this can help if one has any of it.

Provided you can find time to carry out research on selected products and thus help potential customers make a wise choice on products they were already interested in, you can become an affiliate marketer and earn decent alternative income. You can even decide to devote more time to it and earn full time income from online efforts.

But it won’t come without efforts. For one thing, you have to convince yourself that this is really what you want to do. Yes, some people feel that “real world” jobs is all they really want to do, especially since the income is more or less guaranteed—once the job is there, anyway.

That strikes me as lazy, though; it’s a case of accepting things the way they are rather than taking on the responsibility for making them a lot better.

But if affiliate marketing is something you’ve made up your mind to do (which I strongly recommend), then I have words of advice for you.
Start by visiting websites that house a wide range of affiliate products that you can promote.

This will make it easy for you to explore numerous products under one “roof” as well as helps you to easily decide on the ones to concentrate on. And you really need to concentrate: the worst way to go about Affiliate Marketing is to attempt to promote multiple, unrelated products at the same time.

Some imagine that such an approach helps to average out their efforts. But it is often counter-productive—the approach lacks focus, and the results are often very minimal.

It is a lot better to deliberately focus on a narrow line of related products. But these products aren’t to be chosen arbitrarily. You must spend some time and really find out which specific groups of people you want to market to.

Which means you should also find out what problems people are searching for online, and then direct them to where they can find solutions—the products you know will meet their needs. This statement you just read in this paragraph has remained the most effective formula for success in affiliate marketing. But when applied, it guarantees regular sales, and creates loyal following for the marketer.

As stated at the onset, this can be done even without a website. Article directories like, and several others allow you to maintain a presence on their website with which you can write and publish an article on virtually any topic.

Once your articles are indexed by search engines, such as Google, you’ll start getting steady traffic to your product page. The amount of traffic you’ll get will depend on some factors, notably the SEO issue. Of course, as your income increases, you may also want to consider other forms of traffic generation, such as Pay Per Click (PPC).

But done correctly and consistently, your online articles are capable of bringing you all the leads you need to make online sales and succeed in affiliate marketing.

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