Make Money with Clickbank – The Best Way to Promote With Clickbank
Have you thought about making money with Clickbank? The technique for making money with Clickbank isn’t materially different from what you need to make money with any other affiliate-based marketing model. But it’s good to narrow our discussion down to Clickbank.

They happen to be one of the most popular internet-based affiliate marketing platforms. Moreover, when you have no products of your own to promote, Clickbank is about the best place to go to.

A lot of marketers currently make a lifetime income promoting products with Clickbank. A lot of these people work from home, choose the hours that suit their lifestyle and personal schedule, and make more money working 15 or so hours each week than most who toil 60 hours per week on “real world” jobs.

The idea of working less and earning more surely appeals to everyone. And many folks who hear about Clickbank and similar platforms quickly rush home, hurriedly read through some recommended stuff and begin to give this business model a shot.

But so very often, the vast majority of people forget the idea almost as hurriedly as they had embraced it. If truth be told, many never really understood the techniques of making money with Clickbank let alone follow these techniques.

If you truly want to make money with Clickbank or any other affiliate arrangement, there are tried and tested approach to it that guarantees success—IF STRICTLY FOLLOWED! Are you determined to learn and abide by this strategy? Then come along!

Let’s begin with what you should avoid, namely, one-off sales. Resist the temptation to make quick, one-time sales. Another name for this approach is the “hit-and-run” strategy.

Marketers who employ this method simply select one or two affiliate products to promote, spend massive cash on advertising (mostly PPC/PPV) to send floods of traffic to landing pages, then make quick sales, take some profit and repeat the process all over again.

The problem with this approach is that it does not guarantee long-term success in affiliate marketing. For one thing, you can bet that there won’t always be sufficient funds to constantly pay for expensive adverts on Google PPC.

In fact, Google themselves may sooner or later slam the door on your landing page due to low quality of traffic (yes, purchased traffic has lower rating than organic traffic). Stiff competition in that online advert segment may also drive up keyword bids to the point where you cannot profitably purchase traffic and still make a profit from the resulting sales.

All this suggests that you should explore a more stable and more reliable method of promoting your affiliate products on Clickbank.

Below is my tested and proven composite method of winning with Clickbank: Choose a few products on the Clickbank platform. The products should preferably fall within the same market niche.

Create a landing page, and offer free e-books about your chosen niche. Send traffic to this landing page. But use a variety of ways to generate your traffic: lots of article marketing, a bit of pay per click, etc. Capture the leads that are flowing into your landing page (if you prefer, use email auto-responders to maximize the process of lead capturing). Finally, market your affiliate products to this warm list, and watch your Clickbank sales and profits rack up!

The major difference between this approach and the one we described earlier is that you now have (and will continue to generate!) a large list of customers you can continue to market to for months or even years to come! Isn’t that how businesses grow?

Repeat patronage—that’s basically the model I’m teaching you to adopt. Yes, this method may require more work from you. It may also take longer to perfect. But it is the only method that guarantees long-term success in affiliate marketing, especially with Clickbank.
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