Why use Article Marketing? Online articles are among the most reliable method of generating FREE targeted traffic these days. In the online community, if you have a reputation for writing good, high quality articles, you are guaranteed more than a decent amount of traffic.

But to maximize the amount of traffic from your articles, you’ll have to submit them to article submission sites. Basically these article websites serve as huge reservoir of online articles of numerous topics, ranging from car racing to child-rearing—pretty much any topic and subject under the sun.

So by submitting your articles to these sites, you’re taking a stand on a worldwide stage! That said, it’s good to note that just like every other business segment, we have both big players, small players, and even fringe players among the article directories.

Ultimately all will publish your articles online and endeavor to get the articles indexed by the various search engines. But how easily these goal is achieved has a lot to do with the article submission website in question.

The most reputable and the largest among them (those I would refer to as “tier one”) get your articles indexed by the search engines faster than the newer and smaller ones. Typically, the tier one directories have page ranking of above 5 on any search engine.

Another benefit of submitting with this category of article websites is that due to their sheer popularity, a lot of times people directly visit them in search of information (i.e. in search of submitted articles that deal with their needs). That is “bonus” traffic, besides the ones coming through the search engines.

From my findings, Ezinearticles.com ranks first among this class of article submission sites. I have been writing and submitting articles to the various directories since mid 2008. But even when I submit similar (not identical) articles to both ezinearticles and a few others, the ones kept at ezinearticles often outperform the ones submitted to other sites both in terms of search engine indexation speed and page ranking.

Besides, reader and other usage statistics are always higher with my articles submitted with them. Whereas I agree that anyone serious about article marketing shouldn’t make use of only one directory, I strongly suggest that ezinearticles.com should be one of the first 3 you should submit to.

Ultimately what will enhance the performance of your articles is the content or quality of the article itself—the usefulness and timeliness of the information therein. That is what will encourage people who encounter them at search engines to read to the end of the article, and to want to come back to your website or blog to see more of your messages.

To become an ezinearticles.com publisher, you first have to register with them at their website. They’ll request for your basic information, following which you’ll be given what I consider provisional membership status. At this time you’ll be asked to submit your set of articles. As a “freshman” your articles will take some days (7 to 10 days) to be reviewed before they’ll either be approved or rejected.

It is only when your set of articles pass their editorial guidelines and are approved that your membership is complete. Following that, you can begin to market your online business with articles for maximum traffic.

That of course entails that you know how to write the sort of articles that pull the most traffic. Like every other activity, article writing is a skill that requires some dedication to become real good at it. Here at LearnArticleMarketing.Info

I have listed virtually every aspect of Article Marketing your MLM business or Online business with ezine articles. I suggest you give your article marketing a boost by checking out this great resource.

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