Not everyone believes in the power of positive thinking. Some say it’s just a lot of hocus pocus, neither here nor there. Even among those who believe that positive thinking has power, a lot do not know how to use it. Still, the subject continues to command a lot of attention in modern discusses.

More books are being written about the subject now than ever before, in addition to lectures and seminars. Positive thinking is no doubt gaining in popularity. It must surely be worth your while to give it serious thoughts.

Positive thinking is a mental outlook that sees good in every situation. The positive thinker only admits to their mind thoughts, words, and mental images that are conducive to growth and personal success.

It is a mental disposition whereby the thinker decidedly expects good and favorable outcome from his endeavors. A positive mind anticipates happiness, good health, successful business dealings, and satisfaction.

The major thing I want to share with you here is that this mental attitude has a way of making any of these expectations to come true for a person. It is an undeniable fact that the way we approach issues largely depends on how we judge the likely outcome of the issue.

A single lady who’s in a relationship that she believes isn’t heading anywhere will naturally handle such a relationship without seriousness. And predictably the relationship will soon wither away. It is often said that what the mind expects, it finds.

There is this story of two young women who applied for a job. We’ll call them Ruth and Ann. They are both equally educated to the level required by the firm. But Ruth suffers from low self-esteem and never sees anything good about herself. And she has a negative attitude toward things generally.

This she carried into the job application. Even before the job interview, she had already concluded that other applicants were better qualified than her, and that there was no way she would get the job.

Her preparation for the job interview reflected this mindset. She woke up late, and then discovered that the dress she planned to wear had stains—the others were not ironed. She wore one of the scruffy dresses and went for the interview anyway.

Again she answered the interview questions with an I-know-you’ve-rejected-me attitude. Expectedly she didn’t get the job. But where did the failure originate? In her mind!
Contrast that with Ann who also is qualified for the job. Gomez believed she stood as much chance as everyone else, and that with a little bit of extra efforts she might even have an edge over the other applicants. And she set out to do just that.

She got her clothes ready the day before the interview, went to bed a little earlier, and visualized the interview questions and her possible answers. She got to the venue before the scheduled time.

She already imagined herself impressing the interview panel. And that she did and got the job. Again, where did the final outcome start? In her mind!

This story should also serve to inform opponents of positive thinking that the concept doesn’t really encourage wishful thinking and daydreaming. Far from it: What positive thinking does is to provide us with mental energy to work in the direction of the positive things we visualize for ourselves.

The opposite is also true if we allow our minds to visualize only negative outcomes. So either way, human thoughts have power.
Which way would you use your mental powers?

Are you willing to change the way you think and allow the power of positive thoughts to shape your life for positive outcomes? That’s a choice we all must make.

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