A real Network Marketing team is a group of people working together for a common goal, whereby each individual member brings forth their skills or talents in a coordinated manner which enhances and ensures the attainment of a set goal.

The members might not have chosen themselves, but having become a part of the team, each has no choice than to contribute their all toward the attainment of the common objective.

Whether in the family or in the workplace, the importance of teamwork can never be overemphasized. It’s long been proven that even the most talented person achieves more when working as part of a team.

And for the average performer, their performance or output often increases several folds when their efforts are integrated into that of a team. It is not for nothing that the word T.E.A.M. has been interpreted to mean Together Everyone Achieves More.

But to get the most from a team, they must necessarily work together. Unselfishness and clarity of purpose is the backbone of a successful team. The moment the team fails to work as a cohesive unit, or if the real objective is not clear to all team members, then you may end up having a mere collection of individuals whose personal skills and contributions do not add up.

If you are a part of a team or have responsibility to coordinate the activities of a team, here are things to watch out for in order to get the best from your team:

1. Are all members of the team agreed on the common goal towards which everybody is striving?

2. Does each team member know exactly what their role should be?

3. Do members consider themselves as a team or as individuals? It ought to be the former.

4. Therefore, listening to each member speak, do their statements contain more of “we” or “I”? Again, it should contain more of the former.

5. Is there mutual respect among the players on the one hand, and between players and the coaching staff on the other?

6. Do team members encourage and support one another?

7. Are members more interested in individual glory than the collective success of the team? The former should be discouraged.

8. Notwithstanding the common goal, are individual efforts, sacrifices, and contributions of each player recognized—no matter how little?

9. Do members discuss group performance, and are they committed to continuous improvement?

Teamwork is extremely important and should be accorded high priority by team leaders as well as the team players themselves. The most important task for the MLM team leader is to assemble a team that shares common goals and a common vision. There should also be a culture of mutual recognition, whereby the contribution of all is applauded by all.

Team members should be helped to realize that everyone is accountable to the team. They should also know that great accomplishments are only possible when each player complements the efforts of other players.

Similarly, each player needs to know that their success as individuals is tied to the success of the entire team. The importance of dedication and unselfishness should also be emphasized.

Perhaps the greatest benefits of working as a team are that it helps us to learn how to share risks and to work for the general good of all. Teamwork also enhances job satisfaction and helps us to see the bigger picture. That is in addition to the increased output that good teamwork brings.

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