Are Personal and Business Success mutually exclusive, an “either or” relationship? I don’t think so. But a lot of people do, and as a result, many sacrifice one in pursuit of the other.

You need not look far to see proof of this. Just take a look at some of the biggest names in the world of sports, or showbiz, or even the corporate world they know the power of focus.

There you’ll find “superstars” or high achievers whose personal lives make you wonder if you’re not luckier with your lower profile life. Most have terrible family lives, spouses and children who curse the day the person attained stardom status.

And for the individuals themselves, the high suicide rates and mental breakdown is all the proof we need that not all success is success. Yes indeed, some of what many regard as success is actually failure by another name!

But business and personal success are wholly achievable. You only need to approach the matter in ways that are capable of getting you the outcome you crave. For one thing, you’ll have to define from the onset what success means to you—both personal and individual success.

I’m saying this because lots of folks out there define success in terms of attaining heights comparable to what someone else has attained. To them, a person is only successful if they equal or break someone else’s record. Right? Wrong!

Success ought to be idiosyncratic, a very personal thing. Success should mean achieving one’s goals which were set bearing in mind one’s desires, values, goals, potentials and peculiar circumstances. No, this is not self-limiting. It rather helps a person to know where to draw the line in the pursuit of success and happiness.

It doesn’t matter whether it is business or personal success, the moment you define what it is you want to achieve—your goals— and tailor them to your individual abilities, you are half way to achieving them. Also, you are more likely to experience satisfaction rather than emptiness at the attainment of these objectives.

Of course, goal attainment calls for its own set of rules, which include being disciplined, being a good manager of time, being passionate about your mission, having a never-say-die attitude, as well as constantly learning and updating your knowledge in your chosen line of business.

You should also not underestimate the impact that good mentors can have on your efforts. In either personal or business goal, it pays to learn from those who are ahead of you. Find out what it is that’s helping them succeed where others have failed.

For example, if you’re a relatively young couple who’re having serious issues with your marriage, wouldn’t it be wise to confide in a couple who’s weathered the storm for a few decades?

Similarly, if you’re having a hard time keeping your home business going—or maybe you’re right now seriously considering quitting—wouldn’t it be the course of wisdom to have a heart-to –heart with someone who’s been through a similar experience and has now succeeded?

Ultimately, you alone can and should decide what success means to you. But in no way does that preclude the need to learn a thing or two from others. But be sure to evaluate what you learn; tailor it to your individual aspirations. Only then will you attain the sort of Personal and Business Success that brings satisfaction.


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