The idea of building your own MLM or Online business will not stop being attractive to people. Unfortunately only a few of those striking it out on their own by way of starting an MLM business will ever see the results they dreamed of.

It is a well documented fact that over 90 percent of people who start a home business will either fail or quit within six months. The vast majority of these numbers are those who actually quit rather than failed.

In this article, I’ll point out the most common reasons people quit their MLM business. My hope is that by pointing out where people fall through the cracks, you’ll be helped to see the areas where you’ll need to work harder in order not to increase the number of quitters.

Many Expect Too Much Too Soon: It is uncommon to see new members who earn back their investment and begin to make substantial money within a few months. This is not the norm; the average new member will not earn anything meaningful within the first six months of joining.

Meanwhile most people after attending a seminar and hearing about the huge earnings of certain distributors, they get registered with the hope of making mega bucks in a matter of weeks. And when this unrealistic expectation doesn’t happen, they quit.

Bad Mentorship: there are those whose failure in MLM is traceable to what they were taught (or not taught) by their uplines. Suppose a person is told that all he needed to do was get registered and recruit their first set of downlines who will do same thing and so on.

What happens when, as it often happens, these first set of downlines are not truly committed to building a home business? We both know the answer. In the end, the person gets discouraged and quits.

They Let Rejection Get to Them: not everyone you talk to will want to join your business opportunity. Indeed many will actually ridicule your efforts at starting a business. But that need not deter you. A tennis player doesn’t necessarily have to win every set to win the game.

You can still succeed in MLM even if many who you talk to reject the idea. At least a few will accept to join you if you continue to prospect. And the numbers will eventually add up. Those who expect only favorable responses often get discouraged when many reject their proposal. Then they quit.

The Absence of an Overriding Objective or Goal: why do you want to start a home business in the first place? Anybody who can not give an enthusiastic answer to this question will not last long in MLM.

The thing is that your determination to continue will be stronger if you have a specific reason and a burning desire for starting a home business.

Employee Mentality: what most people don’t realize is that to succeed in MLM you’ll have to begin to think like an entrepreneur. This involves learning how to market products and how to relate with people.

It also involves a willingness to make sacrifices for the sake of your business—working odd hours and investing money into the business rather than spending it on personal comfort. But many come into MLM with all their employee baggage intact. Then the business fails to click. And then they quit.

Sure we can identify a few more reasons why people quit their MLM. But the aim here is not to impress you with a long list of dos and don’ts. Just work on the 5 most crucial areas identified in this article, and I assure you that you will be able nurture your MLM business to prosperity.

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