Robert Kiyosaki in his book called “The Cashflow Quadrant” says, that the schools system is training your kids to become good employees – they’re not designed to groom innovators, problem-solvers, or future entrepreneurs.

So if you want your kids to be in a position go beyond the paycheck mentality, you’re going to need to teach them something the schools rarely mention to them—entrepreneurship. Simply put, your goal is to raise kids who understand money, business, and wealth creation.

In today’s rapidly-changing world economy, a long-term, secure employment has gone the way of ancient civilizations. And that’s to say nothing about the combined effects of inflation and taxation on earnings when you do get the job. It is really sad that school systems and most parents all over the world are still training people for an environment that no longer exists.

As a parent, you surely don’t want to raise kids who are going to have to wait to be given a job. The only way to have financial security in our modern world is to equip oneself with the knowledge and skills that enables one to continually create opportunities of one’s own.

So the task before all parents really is to teach their kids to think like entrepreneurs, to be on the lookout for opportunities. And opportunities do abound.

For a start, as a parent, impress it on your kids that the world is full of opportunities and abundance. Do not for a moment leave them with the general notion that everything—especially money—is scarce and must be competed for.

Let them know that competition arises only if a person chooses to go with the crowd, i.e. searching for jobs. Teach them entrepreneurship instead. How can you do this?

First, let your children know that with determination and proper planning, they can achieve whatever they desire to achieve in life. Never stop to point out that how well they do in life depends largely on their own efforts – they should assume full responsibility for their success in life, rather than surrendering this responsibility to governments or corporations.

Tell them not to count on a job keeping them secure, but to be constantly developing their abilities in ways that make them creative, problem-solvers. Success in any endeavor is really about identifying an opportunity or need and then filling that need.

The scale of the need often determines the size of your success. And entrepreneurs often create needs where none previously existed. That’s why entrepreneurs are often very creative people.

Also, teach your children the habit of putting some money aside each time they are given some money—savings. Since you cover most of their needs, have them save no less than 50% of any money they come by.

This savings can eventually help with their college education or help them start a business in their late teens. The important thing at this point is to teach them the power of saving and investing.

Occasionally take them to local entrepreneurs in your community, especially one run by a youthful owner. This could be local restaurants, Community Supported Agricultural farms, local shops, etc.

Explain how the mister or miss was able to build the business that your family is now patronizing. Such settings often inspire young minds more than stories about the early beginning of General Motors.

Above all else, teach your children to keep their eye out for opportunities. That’s what entrepreneurs do. They are able to spot opportunities from miles away, and take it. Further, always encourage them (your kids) when they do things that show creativity and individual initiative. These are all traits of entrepreneurship.

The present world is full of people who are looking up to governments and corporations to fill their needs. Raise your kids to become a solution to this problem, not an addition to it: teach them to become entrepreneurs.

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