For both the young and the not-so-young, blogging has now fully established itself as a modern means of self-expression and information-sharing. And as I write this, more and more blogs and bloggers are being added at a rate that suggests that the phenomenon is here to stay.

Part of the reason blogs have become so popular is that information are a lot easier to pick in a blog than having to wade through a maze of data at a website.

Even then, opinions still vary as to why people blog. But all bloggers are in agreement that it provides them a veritable avenue to make themselves heard without having to conform to any rigid writing rule. Some new bloggers also blog for the fun of it.

Isn’t it interesting to be able to relate very easily with people on a much broader scale—from all around the world— rather than just a few people that you work or live with? Yes, blogging is a great way for people to share their thoughts, feelings, activities; pretty much anything that catches their fancy with other people from all over the world.

A few also blog as a way to educate others and be educated themselves. Yes, there are some who came into blogging purely out of frustration from not finding the information they needed at one point in time.

As a result, they did extensive search on the web and got answers, then decided to share the info with others, since there’s a fair chance that other folks might be facing the same problem of not finding quick answers to their web inquiries.

Others take this information-sharing a step further: they share the info in such a way that it makes them stand out. The motivation then becomes a desire to be recognized as an authority on their own subject, which in turn will garner more opportunities for them with like-minded individuals.

And this could all be done in ways that brings joy to all. That’s the thing about blogs; they often take the formality out of everyday conversations.

Then there’s the financial angle to it; the monetizing of blogs. Yes it happens. But although money seems like a fairly strong motivation for some bloggers nowadays, the fun that comes from sharing information with like-minded people almost always supersedes the financial considerations.

Indeed even some who blog for the money do admit it is the fun of being a part of lively conversations that has kept them going in their blogging endeavors, rather than the money, which often times isn’t much.

I think anyone who says he blogs purely for the money isn’t being totally honest with himself. After all, there are several easier ways to make a lot of money online, such as affiliate marketing.

At best I think making money from blogs is mostly a case of happy-go-lucky; Blogging gives you the freedom to make money doing something you ordinarily enjoy doing.

In your own case, can you say precisely why you got into blogging and why you still blog? Could it also be that blogging helps clear your thoughts? Or is it the money? Or the joy of being able to educate others?

Why not take the time this week to do some soul-searching on why you blog? This will help to clean the mind and focus it on your blogging purpose. And the more you blog with a specific purpose in mind, the better your blogging experience will become.

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