Do you need to build your self- confidence? How self-confident do you consider yourself to be? Are you comfortable with yourself and who you are? Do you have a strong belief in your own abilities? Or do you sometimes wish you were more self-confident than you presently are?

Regardless of where you are at the moment, self confidence is one quality every person must have. It is vital to both happiness and success in life. A substantial level of self-confidence helps a person to confront and overcome challenges, whereas a lack of it makes a person to easily give up in the face of obstacles.

This is because a self-confident person believes they have what it takes to achieve whatever goal they have set for themselves. Whereas one lacking in it doubts their own abilities—they’re not sure they’re quite good at anything. Thus in the face of even minor challenges, they snap.

Fortunately, self-confidence is one quality that can be developed, even if a person has none to begin with. But it won’t happen overnight, anymore than self-doubt happened overnight. Series of events and series of interpretations of those events and happenings in a person’s life often combine to make a person have doubts in their abilities and individual worth.

Similarly, series of reverse steps will be required to rebuild (or maybe even build from scratch) a person’s confidence level. From my findings, the three steps below are among the most effective processes of building self-confidence:

From Today Onward, Be Positive: Do not pity yourself anymore. And do not court the pity and sympathy of others. Don’t let anyone make you feel inferior or worthless. The way to avoid this is to never hate or belittle yourself before onlookers.

Instead try and speak positively about yourself, about your future and about your accomplishments (there must surely have been a few things you did well in the past!). And do not be afraid to project whatever talents or abilities God has blessed you with. When you act in this way, your subconscious mind takes note of this mindset and works in a way that reinforces your positive growth.

Identify Your Fears, And Accept Them: Try and identify exactly what it is about you that you do not like. No, not all of it can be erased or wished away completely.

But again that’s not even necessary. Your purpose for picking out the main cause of your self-doubt is to look at them and tell yourself that they’re not enough to hold you down.

Accept yourself the way you are. Accept your past and believe you can successfully work to improve your present circumstances and shape your future.

Be Kind To Yourself: Remember that nobody has it all. Even the most confident person you can imagine has their worries, their insecurities. But they have learnt to de-emphasize those ugly spots. Do the same thing with your faults. Play down those areas in which you’re lacking. Put your best foot forward—harp on your strengths, and your confidence level will shoot up.

Appreciate Your Successes: Every person is good at something. Take pride in those things in which you excel. Also find ways to further develop those abilities. Even if at present you can’t name any activity in which you truly excel, then take the time to learn those things others do which you admire and wish you could do.

But it must be something you truly love doing. Meanwhile, gracefully accept sincere compliments each time you are commended for something you did well, even if you didn’t think you’d done anything fantastic.

The process of building your self confidence will take time. But it is achievable. Maybe this next thought won’t help you much, but I must also tell you that the whole world isn’t watching you, as if to take note of when you go wrong or fail. Far from it.

They all have their own worries to care about. This should feel liberating because feelings of self-doubt and insecurity are sometimes caused by an unjustifiable belief that people everywhere are watching to see us fail. Knowing that this isn’t so should free you to focus on the task of building your self confidence.

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