Looks like Robert Dean Jr. is always on the move. Just when you want to settle down and calculate the level of success he’s brought to one network marketing firm, he’s already teamed up with another.

But considering that every one of Robert Dean’s previous moves had always resulted in record-setting success stories, it would be naïve to criticize the man and his moves!

Has he not taken Tahitian Noni to enviable heights within a space of just a few years? Did he not achieve even massive success when he joined Tahiti Noni, an upstart network marketing company which he took from nowhere and transformed it to one of the most profitable network marketing company? That was in 2001.

And Robert broke all sales and earnings record at Tahiti Noni within a 12 month period. In late 2009 Robert Dean was on the move again, this time to a company called Monavie. And within a few months, he had attained Black Diamond Manager at Monavie.

So now that Robert Dean has moved yet again, this time joining a company known as Evolv Water, do we have any reason to doubt that another record-breaking performance is in the offing? Not in my opinion.

There are two things Robert Dean has going for him: a passion for new conquests, and an unwavering passion to help his team members succeed. Back at Tahiti Noni, he created 12 millionaires before he left.

Those millionaires along with Robert Dean himself then formed a club known as The Top Gun International which was designed to help other team members achieve financial independence within a short time. Many achieved it.

And it is due to this focus on group success that Robert Dean so easily pulls his army of distributors along with him whenever he switches company. Will they follow him yet again? We can only wait and see.

But at the moment, it’s good to take a brief look at Robert’s ‘new love,’ the Evolv Water. They are a company bringing a unique twist to both the energy drink and bottled water market. Theirs is a brand of bottled water fortified with Achaea Active ingredients which increases oxygenation at the cellular level, resulting in increased energy levels.

Now that is a departure from conventional energy drinks which are all laden with sugar, caffeine, preservatives, and lots of calories.
It is therefore speculated at the moment that most energy drink enthusiasts may easily take a look at these products. It is based on these permutations that I conclude that Robert Dean Jr. has made a wise move.

And if you factor in his marketing prowess, as well as the army of distributors he commands, then you will also agree with me that another record-breaking sales and earnings figures are about to be seen.

Robert Dean Jr. has proved to be a blessing wherever he goes. He is above all a true team leader. The way he pulls distributors is a living proof that indeed people join people in network marketing, not companies. His marketing and recruiting techniques will long remain a subject of close examination by all network marketers.

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