When you are using Article Marketing Keyword Density is very important—it is a reference to how many times a keyword or search phrase appears in an article.

The placement of keywords within your online article is a crucial factor in search engine optimization. It is these keywords or phrases that determine the ease with which search engines will index your web articles. They also determine the page ranking of your article whenever people search for information related to your article at a search engine.

Choosing the right keyword density is the easiest way to gain high rankings on search engines, and this is what will increase the amount of web traffic you will get. And the greater your online traffic (which literally means visitors to your website or blog) the greater your online sales, and ultimately the greater the financial rewards for your efforts.

So keyword density is no doubt an interesting topic for all online article writers and marketers. But is it fairly straightforward? That’s another matter altogether.

The truth is that in the name of ensuring that their articles are noticed by search engines, a lot of the article marketers end up stuffing every sentence with a keyword. This can be too much of a good thing, if you ask me.

You the reader, how does it feel when your search for information takes you to a web article which title and topic may seem sweet, but as you attempt to read the article, you discover that there’s a word that appears several times in every sentence? Do you find that pleasant? I doubt.

Keyword density is something you really need to give yourself some room for trial and error so that you can determine what should be the right level of density of keywords or search phrases for your articles.

You should constantly monitor how your articles are doing at the search engines. Are you gradually rising in the ranking of search engines, thus increasing your web visitors and online sales?

If so, just know that your articles’ keyword density is OK. After that, simply focus on delivering excellent value—quality content— to your website visitors. In the end, that is what will keep visitors coming.

Do not make the grave mistake that many article marketers do: they act as if page ranking is an end in itself; as if the moment people visit their website, their purpose for being online is met. For that, they lace their articles with over-repetition of keywords and phrases.

When people do this, two things can happen: the first, as I stated earlier is that such websites lose credibility in the eyes of online visitors. Then, secondly, over stuffing articles with keywords can actually prove counter-productive.

What happens is that excessive use of key phrases in an article triggers an alert to a search engine. Search engine software often interprets these over-repetitions as an attempt to gain “false popularity”.

It is known as “keyword stuffing” which could deceive the search engine to give you high page ranking if undetected. But once detected, the search engine could go on to penalize you for over-concentration of keywords. Subsequently, this could adversely affect your website’s ranking. But you can avoid all that.

The bottom line is to consciously maintain a good balance when placing keywords or search phrases in your online articles. The percentage method is the easiest way to determine the number of times a keyword should appear in any article.

For the article title, upwards of 75% of it could be keywords. No problems there. But for the article body, the general recommendation is often in the region of 2.5% to a maximum of 5%.

Make no mistake, keywords are important. But you have to do it right in order to enjoy the benefits and avoid the pitfalls. The recommendations above should help you.

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