The Numis Network is the first network marketing company to offer as its products gold and silver numismatic coins. The company’s aim is to give numismatic coin collectors the opportunity to make reasonable income from their pastime by leveraging their activity on a multi-level marketing arrangement.

Members of this network have access to high-grade Gold and Silver coins from around the world. Numis deals mostly on collectible coins—coins which value are determined by their rarity, condition, and collectors’ demands.

The network company is spanking new, coming on board barely a year ago. But that does not seem to be affecting their popularity as evidenced by the constant demand for info on this unique network marketing company.

This is likely due to the growing interest in coin collection itself. It is therefore pertinent to tell you a few things about numismatics as that will help you appreciate the activities and relevance of the numis network.

In recent times, an industry has emerged that deals solely on the collection and selling of Gold and Silver coins. This is known as the numismatic coin market. It is a global industry which worth is now put at over $100 billion.

Meanwhile the industry continues to grow since silver and gold have real value, and demand for them is ceaseless, which ensures that collectors can easily cash in on their precious metals should they decide to do so.

Numismatic coins often sell at markup prices far in excess of their metal content. In the United States alone, this industry is already worth $10 billion and continues to grow.

So, it is this massive and robust market that the numis network is poised to tap into. Most network marketing companies traditionally peddle juice and other wellness packages. A few others market electronic and assorted household products.

The point must be made however that regardless of the product line, the network marketing industry as a whole is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

And the reason can be summed up this way: this method of marketing goods is very rewarding, and offers the average person the opportunity to run a business from home with minimal start-up capital.

The premise is the same for the numis network. They are promoting a product: precious metals (or money, if you will). The idea of making money selling collectible gold and silver seems to resonate very well with most people.

This explains why numis, though still in its infancy stage is attracting the attention of reputable network marketers, some of who are already building successful teams with the numis network. As at the last count, over 10,500 distributors have signed up with the network.

In my opinion, if you’re looking to learn how to make money from home, why not consider taking a look at this company also? Their compensation plan is designed to reward new members generously while at the same time adequately compensating leaders who build successful teams.

We may all have to wait a while to know for sure just how fast and how deep this network company will grow. But there are positive indices and strong fundamentals to conclude that they should be able to sustain and scale up their current progress.

Should you decide to sign up with this or any other MLM company, remember lead generation will be the key to your financial success.

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